Extreme Weather Golf Battle | Dude Perfect


  1. Adan Mubarak

    Adan MubarakHace un hora

    You have the most expensive battles...

  2. BrettJo Heenan

    BrettJo HeenanHace 10 horas

    I feel sad for ty

  3. Jennifer Stone Hodge

    Jennifer Stone HodgeHace 11 horas


  4. Tdabomb 12

    Tdabomb 12Hace 20 horas

    I want ty to do it

  5. Mathias Mjåland

    Mathias MjålandHace 23 horas

    4:39 Cory is a little bit sweaty

  6. Steve Cooper

    Steve CooperHace un día


  7. Ron Richard

    Ron RichardHace un día

    yes he shoud

  8. Ali Haider

    Ali HaiderHace 2 días


  9. Ali Haider

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  10. Calum McCrae

    Calum McCraeHace 2 días

    yous do really cool stuff

  11. Moises Trujillo

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  12. Andrew Miller

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  13. Rockabilly Channel

    Rockabilly ChannelHace 2 días

    Hey dude perfect I would like you to do a trick shot video with the song ready Teddy by little Richard or buddy holly or Elvis Presley one of those versions like so dude perfect could do this

  14. Maybe game

    Maybe gameHace 3 días

    Any one watching in 2019 and nearly 2020

  15. Maybe game

    Maybe gameHace un día


  16. Jamie Ward

    Jamie WardHace un día

    How nearly

  17. Fabrizio Diaz

    Fabrizio DiazHace 3 días

    Ty reminds me of Goku strong and tough yet gets nervous when seeing needles

  18. The Thicc BELT

    The Thicc BELTHace 4 días


  19. Diamond Eagle

    Diamond EagleHace 4 días

    If he does not want to he doesn’t have to

  20. Jackson Hackney

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  21. Ana Vieyra

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  22. rosalie johnson

    rosalie johnsonHace 4 días

    NOT .

  23. The Giffins

    The GiffinsHace 4 días

    the golf simulator is probably wondering why they are so horrible at golf

  24. Jose Llaurador

    Jose LlauradorHace 4 días

    You didn’t use tree from your competition what would happen if you use that one

  25. Cheroke Daniels

    Cheroke DanielsHace 5 días

    How did the ball go inside the thing

  26. Mason M

    Mason MHace 5 días

    It doesn't it bounces off

  27. Jeff Resler

    Jeff ReslerHace 5 días

    Brave golfers

  28. Sidhartha jain

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  29. Brady Wilcox

    Brady WilcoxHace 5 días



    BACKFLIP BROHace 5 días


  31. Mason M

    Mason MHace 5 días

    It's the third row 9 in

  32. Kristin Heeren

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  33. Jeff Resler

    Jeff ReslerHace 6 días

    2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

  34. Bryan Rogers

    Bryan RogersHace 6 días


  35. Mason M

    Mason MHace 5 días

    No you

  36. Christopher Nivar

    Christopher NivarHace 6 días

    Ty do it

  37. Jaycob Kelly

    Jaycob KellyHace 6 días

    they shpuld make more extreme weather vids

  38. Matt Lampe

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  41. goodbyekelly

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  42. Naman Pattanaik

    Naman PattanaikHace 6 días

    I never knew ty was a big scarey poke

  43. Anisha Jain

    Anisha JainHace 7 días

    Hey yes

  44. Lisbeth Rider

    Lisbeth RiderHace 7 días

    Love you like subscribe on every single video well there is last of them

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  49. Easton Eskridge

    Easton EskridgeHace 8 días

    Ty do it

  50. Josh Parker

    Josh ParkerHace 9 días

    He should do it

  51. Reed Prentice

    Reed PrenticeHace 9 días

    Noooooo ty dont

  52. Junghwa Kim

    Junghwa KimHace 10 días

    Who else is sad they didn’t do tree

  53. Junghwa Kim

    Junghwa KimHace 8 días

    Wait my comment was highlighted for like one sec

  54. Junghwa Kim

    Junghwa KimHace 8 días

    Whoever liked this should have a great day

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  56. Huck Hollingsworth

    Huck HollingsworthHace 10 días

    I have all a’s in school

  57. The Dino Gamer

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  58. Oliver Friedman

    Oliver FriedmanHace 11 días

    Do it!!!!!!

  59. Eye Site Bluffton

    Eye Site BlufftonHace 11 días

    JK ty you are the best

  60. Vanessa Gomez

    Vanessa GomezHace 11 días

    ty do it

  61. Oscar Qvarnström

    Oscar QvarnströmHace 11 días

    More golf

  62. Raymond Breeden

    Raymond BreedenHace 12 días

    yes ty should do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Newfiepenguin 709

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  64. FaDe cjdc

    FaDe cjdcHace 12 días

    Extreme weather golf 2

  65. random YT channel

    random YT channelHace 12 días

    I kinda feel bad for Ty idk why (at the finale)

  66. Stunt Bros

    Stunt BrosHace 12 días

    6:58 When your grades come

  67. Isaac Hawkins

    Isaac HawkinsHace 12 días