Extreme Weather Golf Battle | Dude Perfect


  1. DragoFloo

    DragoFlooHace un hora

    5:04 - When the teacher picks you to do a presentation first

  2. Judah Mleschnitza

    Judah MleschnitzaHace 12 horas

    He Has Got to do it.

  3. nhigel Pascua

    nhigel PascuaHace 14 horas


  4. Sebastian Castillo

    Sebastian CastilloHace 14 horas


  5. Brendan Homier

    Brendan HomierHace 17 horas


  6. louise kendall

    louise kendallHace 21 un hora

    No please no

  7. Jake 88

    Jake 88Hace un día

    My name is Tyler Tyler is scared of needles So am I 🤯🤯🤯

  8. nihar brown

    nihar brownHace un día

    Do it do it do it do it

  9. Julie Mielke

    Julie MielkeHace un día

    Do it

  10. Justin Bookman

    Justin BookmanHace un día

    Yes ty should do it

  11. Adam Haukaas

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  12. Burt Wan

    Burt WanHace un día

    That wasn’t funny. That was incredibly dangerous and they could’ve spazzed out their muscles

  13. Owen Benson

    Owen BensonHace 17 horas

    ur just a wimp

  14. Burt Wan

    Burt WanHace 17 horas

    XxGinger NinjaxX I’m not hating on them I love dude perfect it’s just that shocking somebody’s leg is very dangerous

  15. XxGinger NinjaxX

    XxGinger NinjaxXHace 17 horas

    Burt Wan just shut up

  16. Eric L

    Eric LHace un día

    Buzzkill, hate people like that

  17. MacKenna Wilhelm

    MacKenna WilhelmHace un día


  18. Cole Covington

    Cole CovingtonHace un día

    Extreme Weather Golf Battle 2 Please :)

  19. Rumi Y

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  20. Matthew Jones

    Matthew JonesHace 2 días

    Tie is the men

  21. Tracy Merchant

    Tracy MerchantHace 2 días

    a bating cage

  22. DAN DN 2016-some year

    DAN DN 2016-some yearHace 2 días

    2:14 Garret is turning into mr excuses

  23. maryam shafiq

    maryam shafiqHace 3 días

    Do it ty plźzzzz

  24. Modjazz

    ModjazzHace 3 días

    Can you do hotel sterotypes

  25. Rakesh Gupta

    Rakesh GuptaHace 3 días

    Tyler vs Cory is such an intriguing finale battle

  26. Sylveon

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  27. Maria Mennillo

    Maria MennilloHace 3 días

    Go Tyler

  28. Travispugisy

    TravispugisyHace 3 días

    Sorry ty

  29. Travispugisy

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  31. Bob Milk

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  32. Bob Milk

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  33. Linda Farah

    Linda FarahHace 4 días

    Am having a real Hurricane! In la New Orleans

  34. Kid sports Action

    Kid sports ActionHace 4 días

    do it

  35. Homie bear T

    Homie bear THace 4 días


  36. The Pablo Squad2

    The Pablo Squad2Hace 4 días

    Who’s here at 32,000,090?

  37. Kathryn Sanseviro

    Kathryn SanseviroHace 4 días

    i want a second one

  38. Tanja Zanol

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  39. Isaac Stoeckle

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  40. William The Conquer

    William The ConquerHace 4 días

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  41. Chris

    ChrisHace 4 días

    Laughed super hard watching this video

  42. tommy duterte

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  43. Moni Roy

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  44. Charm Sou

    Charm SouHace 5 días

    Hahah ty is got shoke

  45. Chandler Westbrook

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  46. Tanja Zanol

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  47. Liam Gold

    Liam GoldHace 5 días

    The should have them do the whole course simulated for 2

  48. The 5 PAK

    The 5 PAKHace 5 días

    This is how many times coby nodded in the outro😂 👇🏼

  49. PRICE_NOBLE_6 LILpeep

    PRICE_NOBLE_6 LILpeepHace 5 días

    Ty is still scared to this day

  50. hallocks Roblox

    hallocks RobloxHace 5 días

    Like for ty

  51. hallocks Roblox

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  54. Rawen Handren

    Rawen HandrenHace 6 días

    Geart job Cory I am happy