Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less


  1. Anthony

    AnthonyHace 3 horas

    I don't think Pam is gonna be too happy to know Jim got some silent hoe, pregnant.....

  2. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneHace 4 horas

    If people know they hunt by sound then why couldn't the smartest people in the world come together and figure out how to stop them or make really loud noise in a stadium or something then blow it up

  3. Phonso Troupe

    Phonso TroupeHace 4 horas

    I assume that's racist 😂😂

  4. Carter Reid

    Carter ReidHace 6 horas

    The mattress was smart, soundproof

  5. Kim Tae V

    Kim Tae VHace 7 horas

    So all the people died beside them or what?I mean sure is there are many soundproof room out there in the world and you are telling that they are no survivor?

  6. Frickin Hooligan

    Frickin HooliganHace 8 horas

    Jim Harpert

  7. Joseph Muir

    Joseph MuirHace 8 horas

    Everything wrong with Annihilation.

  8. Hyper Z

    Hyper ZHace 9 horas

    Stop ranting! (It’s funny how he rants about how the family has electricity and it’s highly likely that it’s powered by a generator when at one scene when the dad is pouring sand at the corn fields in the back ground is there house. And guess what, THE ROOF OF THE HOUSE HAS 3 SOLAR PANELS!!!!!!) That’s right, I’M SINNING CINEMASINS CinemaSin’s Sin Counter: 450

  9. Mcplayz Games

    Mcplayz GamesHace 9 horas

    Also why the heck does only on come at a time if there 3of the cretures

  10. Joshua Gamer

    Joshua GamerHace 9 horas

    Okay, but wouldn't creatures constantly be at the waterfall because it's loud enough to cover up a kid screaming at the top of his lungs?

  11. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneHace 4 horas

    And if people know the creatures hunt by sound why can't they make a plan like leading them to a stadium or something and blowing it up

  12. Jose Hidalgo

    Jose HidalgoHace 10 horas

    I thought the office was a quiet place

  13. Deep Blue

    Deep BlueHace 11 horas

    These things wouldn't last 3 seconds at a Skrillex concert.

  14. M4trixGaming 346

    M4trixGaming 346Hace 12 horas

    no. 20 got me😂😂😂

  15. Denny Cahyalie

    Denny CahyalieHace 13 horas

    The 40th and 41th sin have me laughing so hard

  16. Angel Perez

    Angel PerezHace 14 horas

    Dear lord baby Jesus.

  17. Stock Watsonn u

    Stock Watsonn uHace 14 horas

    Since they never actually gave name for the monsters I decided to call them shrieks . Cause that’s the noise they make when they attack. What do you guys think?

  18. Clip Tube

    Clip TubeHace 14 horas

    Yea but they would eventually just get overrun when they inevitably have to reload

  19. qp_Uniz

    qp_UnizHace 14 horas

    If I wanna watch a move I come to this channel and just watch a movie in like 20 minutes

  20. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan FlowersHace 14 horas

    This was a great movie. It was so intense.

  21. Trever Mitchell

    Trever MitchellHace 15 horas

    I think you might have might have misunderstood some of the movie’s plots. For instance, in the scene 9:00 the creatures aren’t suppose to hear anything within radius of that waterfall that’s in their reach, not all sounds overall. So they would be able to here all other sounds around them outside of the waterfall radius. As the waterfall would mask all sounds around it.

  22. K Comm

    K CommHace 15 horas

    Whatever, this was a pretty damn good flick.

  23. Megan Dominy

    Megan DominyHace 16 horas

    actually i popped my kiddo out less than 3 mins after my water broke 🤷

  24. _Maddie_ Rose_

    _Maddie_ Rose_Hace 16 horas

    Is that the demogorgan? (This is a joke)

  25. gordon ram ram

    gordon ram ramHace 16 horas

    but... Matt Damon! LMAO💀

  26. Nutellalover433

    Nutellalover433Hace 17 horas

    At the end when all the creatures were coming to the bunker hideout thing I would be like “hey, umm u mind if I borrow that shotgun for a sec?”

  27. oh my gosh becky its genny

    oh my gosh becky its gennyHace 17 horas

    😂😂😂😂 “I assume that’s racist “ *DING* I love this fucking guy.

  28. Priya Padayachee

    Priya PadayacheeHace 17 horas

    Why would they choose to have a baby, if it cries, screams? Like why they know they will die if they make noise

  29. gbdeck200

    gbdeck200Hace 17 horas

    Lol Matt Damon cameo That would be gold, so random

  30. Matthew Derrick

    Matthew DerrickHace 18 horas

    Is the killer corn true

  31. Pax Americana 2003

    Pax Americana 2003Hace 18 horas

    10:39 he did try and he did succeed in hitting it, but a newspaper clipping said that the creature’s armor was impenetrable. I could tell because I heard the sound of metal grinding against something, which I’m guessing was the armor. If anything you should give a sin for him trying to kill it even when he knew he couldn’t.

  32. Tatenda Nyashanu

    Tatenda NyashanuHace 18 horas

    51sec mark. i assume thats racist. Absolutely killed me

  33. Tatenda Nyashanu

    Tatenda NyashanuHace 18 horas

    51sec mark. i assume thats racist. Absolutely killed me

  34. codafett

    codafettHace 19 horas

    You are so full of yourself

  35. Alexandre Ramos

    Alexandre RamosHace 19 horas


  36. kingscott

    kingscottHace 19 horas

    If you compare the cinemasins version to the cinemaWINS you’d see which is way better, of course people aren’t going to take the nuts and sweets because their packages will make too much noise, you’re just nitpicking actually good design

  37. Braedon Kurimski

    Braedon KurimskiHace 22 horas

    Well they left candy and nuts and drugs because they would be to loud but I can’t tell if it’s sarcasm or not lol

  38. Jessica Ford

    Jessica FordHace 23 horas

    Buy a dog whistle...no more monsters

  39. Coca Cola Zero

    Coca Cola ZeroHace 23 horas

    Dude the girl is deaf

  40. rahul L

    rahul LHace un día

    why don't these people the noise device and goto some dangerous place and throw it in there like a cliff the thing would make noise all the way down there and the monsters would still come

  41. CharlotteSIKE BLUB BLUB

    CharlotteSIKE BLUB BLUBHace un día

    Why is everyone against A Quiet Place??? 😂

  42. Jan Raymond Julian

    Jan Raymond JulianHace un día

    You forgot putting a sin about the truck sliding down making a lot of noise!!

  43. Madness`s Sanford

    Madness`s SanfordHace un día

    Cinema sins u sounded like Kermit the frog at the beginning XD

  44. Tooth Less

    Tooth LessHace un día

    Right right hahahaha

  45. Dyers88

    Dyers88Hace un día

    Fucking movie sucked ass

  46. 아스피

    아스피Hace un día

    The monster looks like demogordon

  47. Esac 7

    Esac 7Hace un día

    It’s kinda bs how the first time the deaf girl encounters the monster in the corn field it just runs away but later when it comes into contact with her and the feedback irritates it tries to go for her. Granted the second time she kind of figured out it’s weakness but still it should’ve attacked her in the field. If this movie was rated R most if not the whole family would’ve died imo Also it was weird hearing the characters names since I don’t think they say any of them in the film (shocking)

  48. The Weeaboi

    The WeeaboiHace un día

    Boi OF COURSE THERE IS CANDY AND NUTS STIILL THERE, those foods make noise

  49. Ironclaw XII

    Ironclaw XIIHace un día

    This film is just straight up retarded and doesn't deserve all the praise. It Comes At Night was much better.

  50. Pixle King

    Pixle KingHace un día

    I did not like the movie, it was an hour of silence and the most exited I was was when the kid got scooped at the beginning

  51. Xxxpronoscopergamerxxx George

    Xxxpronoscopergamerxxx GeorgeHace un día

    Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica

  52. Alex Lee

    Alex LeeHace un día


  53. Wynn Brown

    Wynn BrownHace un día

    This is a funny video

  54. Rich Martel

    Rich MartelHace un día

    Almost a year and a half after son dies...They have some how planted and grown Hundreds of acres of corn! Two adults and two children somehow planted HUNDREDS of ACRES of corn with out machinery and without making noise???? How did you miss this HUGE Sin? :D

  55. Alycia Pilcher

    Alycia PilcherHace un día

    You said wouldn’t the creature come after the raccoons made noise, they did. The raccoons made noise and walked off and got killed, it’s literally the scene directly after but you didn’t show it

  56. Angel Maldonado

    Angel MaldonadoHace un día

    Everything wrong with your channel do that😼😼😼

  57. Ethan Ruiz

    Ethan RuizHace un día

    Full on **** you mode 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  58. DarkBeast76 PS4

    DarkBeast76 PS4Hace un día

    The bed on the opening is for sound proofing idk how to spell

  59. B White

    B WhiteHace un día

    "full on fuck you mode" lmaooo this guy is hilarious

  60. Conundrum

    ConundrumHace un día

    So inconsistent. It's like they're magic.

  61. gears gamer

    gears gamerHace un día

    I really want someone to make a cinemesins of cinemasins and he could be 1000000

  62. Nick Mcmillan

    Nick McmillanHace un día

    The aliens are liberals and everything they hear is racist and should be killed(banned)

  63. Kuchi Kopi

    Kuchi KopiHace un día

    I guess they are going for that "strong/ edgy female thing that's en vogue atm" but Emily Blunt looked cringey as all fuck in that ending, I would have laughed if I saw that junk in the cinema....

  64. YouTube leaderboard glasses

    YouTube leaderboard glassesHace un día

    Son of a bitch

  65. acheron16

    acheron16Hace un día

    I find it silly that creatures that hunt humans in specific using sounds would be this effective. I mean, just go out into the woods, plenty of sound there. These fuckers would be so dazed and confused that the military would take them out with big ass weapons in no time.

  66. Joakim

    JoakimHace un día

    They use solar pannels not generator

  67. DEV GRU

    DEV GRUHace un día

    Everything was wrong with this movie

  68. Horse Lover

    Horse LoverHace un día

    0:43 they didn’t take them because they will make noise

  69. mi rob

    mi robHace un día

    This movie is straight up garbage

  70. Exotic Nicko

    Exotic NickoHace 2 días

    Also if the animal screeches to show how creepy it is yet doesn’t help it’s self hunt ,seeing as how they they need to hear to hunt

  71. Grim Soul

    Grim SoulHace 2 días

    This is why I hate this movie and I hate that the guy got all this credit for this dumbass movie. Hollywood is just a bunch of white dude sucking each other's dicks. First of all the movie with me 30 seconds. If these aliens go by sound and these guys are walking on dead leaves their dead. They're breathing makes the sound. They're dead. I refuse to watch this movie. I love horror movies. I love B horror movies. Because you know what you're getting in a b horror movie. But this movie try to be a little bit more than that. I remember seeing the guy on The View. And everybody sucking up to him. Like he just invented something brand as move. No sir. We've been doing this video games for decades. Don't make a sound. Now they're doing it's making damn sounds. I hate this movie. You're an insult horror movies. You made what could have been some badass aliens look like assholes. Cuz I should have ate you guys a long-ass time ago.

  72. HeyIt'sMeMisterTurner ImDrivingWithMyFeet!

    HeyIt'sMeMisterTurner ImDrivingWithMyFeet!Hace 2 días

    Me hiding from my mom because i didn't go to school

  73. HasHasDre

    HasHasDreHace 2 días

    7:08 Mattresses Reduce Noise

  74. Uncle

    UncleHace 2 días

    The dude just sinned the movie for showing that one of the characters needs a hearing aid. I’m done, this is just funny

  75. Sachin Dalvi

    Sachin DalviHace 2 días

    Why u watching movie with logic? Than watch discovery channel or watch documentry

  76. Call Me Astaire

    Call Me AstaireHace 2 días

    Why is it in the ending no shell came out when she racked the shotgun?

  77. Misty Ndutire

    Misty NdutireHace 2 días

    Can't survive in the quite place

  78. Olafism YT

    Olafism YTHace 2 días

    Imagine eating chipotle there lmao

  79. Jim deVera

    Jim deVeraHace 2 días

    duh...of course they tested out the sound at the waterfall. how do you think she got pregnant without either being too loud?

  80. Shayne McCory

    Shayne McCoryHace 2 días

    At the movie theater I was already thinking about this channel 😁

  81. Mr. Avi

    Mr. AviHace 2 días

    just watched it...was epic the kids were annoying asf true

  82. AntacidFish

    AntacidFishHace 2 días


  83. Al Rocky

    Al RockyHace un día

    After they figure that out it's too late to build a house there.

  84. The Drizzle 404

    The Drizzle 404Hace 2 días

    Why didn't they set up their house near the waterfall?

  85. Vulter 44

    Vulter 44Hace 2 días

    I like how he is giving non necessary sin counters like how the kid did sign language and he said thats probably racist so he gave it a sin.

  86. Cooldude Cool

    Cooldude CoolHace 2 días

    M. P, :I I ,p. P , p. Lpppppphnnn Mom jjjjjjjjmjjjjjjjjjjjj just jjjjjjjjjjjjJersey ijjj0jjjj Jjjpjjjjj0jp)00)))0)))))0)0)0)jk,p,pj p pjpnppj p n P ,n n

  87. La Rue Beharry

    La Rue BeharryHace 2 días

    This was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, so ashamed of Jim

  88. Melody Jayne

    Melody JayneHace 2 días

    Why couldn’t they just live behind the waterfall!!!????!!!!

  89. Philosophy Man

    Philosophy ManHace 2 días

    Am ithe only one who absolutely hated this movie?

  90. Rhys Williams

    Rhys WilliamsHace 2 días

    Best ending to any movie hands down

  91. Nightmear Wolf

    Nightmear WolfHace 2 días

    "No dare Disturb the sound of silence" Ayy, I see what you did there. _Noice_

  92. fcukugimmeausername

    fcukugimmeausernameHace 2 días

    This might have been the stupidest movie I watched all year.

  93. Lonely Chicken

    Lonely ChickenHace 2 días

    Wanna what's wrong about your channel? Your fast ass speaking, like seriously fix it. You talk so fast that people can barely even understand what your saying

  94. Random Stuff Guy

    Random Stuff GuyHace 2 días


  95. Matthew Santamaria

    Matthew SantamariaHace 2 días

    ay if it was her 4th kid, it would just slip right out

  96. Michael Avanzato

    Michael AvanzatoHace 2 días

    matt damon emerges from the corn😂

  97. The Unown

    The UnownHace 2 días

    9:26 i was hoping he would pull out the alien

  98. Peter Trast

    Peter TrastHace 2 días

    Bruh. I think that only the place where they live has been overrun


    FUZZZBUZZZ GMDHace 2 días

    This movie was terrible. I hated this so much

  100. Baylie Dell

    Baylie DellHace 2 días

    Not a hearing aid lol

  101. katherine7444

    katherine7444Hace 2 días

    You missed the part where the candy and cans were taken because it’s too loud to open

  102. HappyFrog Day

    HappyFrog DayHace 2 días

    Do a sin for A Quiet Place 2