Every Way to Cook a Potato (63 Methods) | Bon Appétit


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    The Martian (2015)

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    No Perogies?

  3. Arda Deralla

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    Waiter:How many potatos do you want sir? *YES*

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    I wanted to see pickled french fries

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    I can hear Peta smiling

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    That rollie looks constipated..

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    season you potatoes or be prepared for an angry mob

  8. Yusuf Arslan

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    63 ways to waste a potato

  9. james behan

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    4:03 scallop bake potatoes.... next time I would use more safer method then your hand going very fast over a very sharp blade or the next method will be hospital cooked potatoes 🥔 .

  10. Tinnitus Sex Cures

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    He has a tendency to put more effort into the fancier recipes, but if it’s as simple as “put it in the microwave”, “roast it in the oven”, or “boil it”, he whines about how flavorless it is or purposely botches it as a self-fulfilling prophecy. And he does it with all of these videos. I get why he just uses salt and olive oil for this video - cost effective for 63 recipes in one video, but... cheese, spices, sour cream, garlic, ketchup, even worctershire sauce does a huge amount for it. It’s not exactly a flavorful vegetable on its own. You can change it up each time. Another thing: Eating a raw potato and drinking its juices is one thing. To complain about using the dehydrator, air fryer, etc. when you can use the recipes suggested in the comments and eschew the other methods is another. Try that instead.

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    Me: potatoes are just.. bland. Bon appetit: hold my potatos

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    why am i here ._.

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    like how the title says "Every Way to Cook a Potato" when literally almost every culture in the world eats potatos

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    Uhm I didn’t see solar baked or, solar flare burnt or, body warmth boiled

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    "so maybe a waste of salt" he concludes after using an entire gallon of salt for one potato

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    12:14 am i the only one he noticed he put 4 minutes and one second? True savage

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    I could be more than wrong but I feel like the electrocution method might have worked if he wrapped the potato in foil... but at the same time it might've exploded.

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    Where is the potetball/raspeball/Komle way it is a traditional way of making a potato-ball, it is often with a side of meat or got a meat chunk inside

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    So, my family now makes snacks with our dinners/lunches with the packaged "smoked" potato bits. Great call on the onions btw.

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    A cast iron is for melting metal....

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    0:00 Hi, I’m A Male’s Tonic

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    You know, Amiel, I love your videos but the gaudy jewelry you wear makes me half expect an insurance sales pitch at the end of the video

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    The potato planks might be better if they were soaked in saltwater overnight?

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    LMAOOOO the Rollie was the best part!!!!

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    I love potatoes :D

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    Sad that you didn't make mashed potatoes mashed with a hammer.

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    This is how many times he said potato I V

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    Every way to cook a potato! Number ONE: Raw Potato.

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    Video: Every way to cook a potato Me: *Laughs in communism*

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    Waiter:And how do you want your potatoes? Me: *juiced.*

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    Nobody: ESreporter Recommendations: *EvErY wAy To CoOk A pOtAtO*

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    our mass porato you are mising the milk!

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    You should do every way to cook bread

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    hasselback is easier if you use a wafer thin saw, which also allows you to slot herbs into it as well. Set the tater down between a couple cutting boards or dowels to keep from over-cutting. Very few people have truly thin super sharp knives in their kitchen.

  35. Ash Angel

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    Ok so this reminded me of something! At school we had mash potatoes, and the mash potatoes were disgusting! If you put some on your tray, they would move on their own. If you turned your tray upside down, the mash potatoes would fall off. ;-;

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    Claire: We're gonna make gourmet Oreos! Brad: WE'RE GOING TO HAWAII! Chris: I'm going to blind taste a weird Jamie Oliver burger and nail it. Alex: PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!! Amiel: Let's cook some potats!

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    *that's our sweet baked potato boy*

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    y’all mind if i WaAaSHhH mY pOtAtOeEeS

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    I'm hungry but its 2:39 am and I dont wanna get up

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    Similar to the pan fried smashed potato, get small potatoes cooked in their skins that have cooled. Squash flat on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper, then bake for 20 minutes on maximum oven temperature, et voila! Roadkill potatoes!

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    That rollie device is mainly used to roll doinks and not necessarily food as advertised....

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    Anyone else hear something out of the ordinary at 19:15?

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    30:22 No one: Me cooking my potatoes: mmmmmMmmmwwwWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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    Best potato dish 15:30 . Thank me later

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    Botch job gratan

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    First, I like eating raw potato but you don't eat it like an apple. I peel them, cut them in slender discs, and lightly season them. It can be a kind of refreshing snack. Second, a lot of people like their mashed potato to have some small chunks of potato in them. It gives a nice contrast in textures. Most of my family likes them that way. Also a hand mixer is better than a stand mixer because you are closely monitoring the process and can avoid overworking the potato. I combine a masher with a hand mixer.

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    I'm juging my self from 30 minutes ago about an Frankenstein potato

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    What am I doing with my life?

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    On more potato The loaded potato -baked potato -bacon bits -sour cream -cheese -butter

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    you should peel potato in some methods