1. Steak Sauce

    Steak SauceHace 14 horas


  2. Buller Mand

    Buller MandHace 19 horas

    this was on my bday

  3. Dino_

    Dino_Hace un día

    “Thats my dead family, they died” *HMM YES, THE FLOOR HERE IS MADE OUT OF FLOOR.*

  4. Karl Speth

    Karl SpethHace un día

    1:02 he got trolled trololo!

  5. Bi- Han

    Bi- HanHace 2 días


  6. Awesomeboss 6

    Awesomeboss 6Hace 3 días

    Sad Halloween :p

  7. Head-Shot-Hero07 From PS4

    Head-Shot-Hero07 From PS4Hace 4 días

    5:55 horray they brought him back

  8. Martha Ottow

    Martha OttowHace 4 días

    Gus Gus Gus Gus

  9. Reese Smallman

    Reese SmallmanHace 4 días

    he has a Dustin hat from stranger things like if you love Stranger Things

  10. gaming with aidan degnan

    gaming with aidan degnanHace 4 días

    0:48 trash

  11. Keep calm, Im a gamer

    Keep calm, Im a gamerHace 4 días

    This was released the day after my birthday

  12. Karen McKittrick

    Karen McKittrickHace 4 días

    Who is watching in October 2019? Like if U are

  13. Lily Nadeau

    Lily NadeauHace 5 días

    I had two uncels that just dyed

  14. Excuse My ego

    Excuse My egoHace 5 días

    0:00 Did anyone else just realize that is the jacket shayne wore for his sassy leg infantry bit???

  15. Lilly Banta

    Lilly BantaHace 9 días

    u r amazing

  16. Dead MC

    Dead MCHace 9 días

    Έχουμε έλληνες;

  17. thousandcello

    thousandcelloHace 10 días

    Gus is here XDDD

  18. Kevin Flynn

    Kevin FlynnHace 11 días

    At 3:11 you can see the. vintage shirts from every target ever

  19. Vincentgaming 48

    Vincentgaming 48Hace 11 días

    4:16 I feel so sad right now...

  20. Caleb Zeiher

    Caleb ZeiherHace 11 días

    4:55 how shane walked got me lol

  21. tHaT gAcha gUrl :3

    tHaT gAcha gUrl :3Hace 11 días

    5:04 omg shane face is priceless xD

  22. Devan Kolen

    Devan KolenHace 12 días

    6:01 what 200 year old is that built

  23. Doodle James

    Doodle JamesHace 14 días

    sad halloween 2019!

  24. Super Murderer

    Super MurdererHace 16 días

    0:01 Can I please do that to you Courtney?

  25. Icky Lio

    Icky LioHace 16 días


  26. Emma Wilson

    Emma WilsonHace 16 días

    That was the same day my birth day Plz like to make me happy ⬇️

  27. vine_ava

    vine_avaHace 16 días

    3:58 🥺🥺🥺aww i feel bad tbh

  28. Brxce

    BrxceHace 17 días

    1:37 well it’s October now So I guess it’s time to cry

  29. liam miller

    liam millerHace 17 días

    um did anyone notice that the picture ian has a third ear because his face is taped on the picture

  30. Luis Maldonado

    Luis MaldonadoHace 17 días

    See a person behind a counter with a register and ask if they work thier

  31. Shadow 2017

    Shadow 2017Hace 18 días

    SAD HALLOWEEN 2019!!!!!

  32. Christopher Pike

    Christopher PikeHace 18 días

    This is awful.

  33. Omar Ibarra

    Omar IbarraHace 18 días

    warhorse is actually a good movie

  34. Kelsey Toczek

    Kelsey ToczekHace 18 días

    HA - tom & jerry cups.

  35. AshesToDust

    AshesToDustHace 18 días

    Is that the sassy leg infantry dress?

  36. Scotch Corner

    Scotch CornerHace 18 días


  37. Some guy A

    Some guy AHace 19 días

    Sad Halloween 2019!!

  38. Carnage Death

    Carnage DeathHace 20 días

    Nobody: 0:38 Me: *he’s wearing Dustin’s hat from stranger things*

  39. Glen Coco

    Glen CocoHace 21 un día

    To be honest why did Olivia's sad Halloween 2019 costume kind a look nice

  40. mechadoggy

    mechadoggyHace 16 días


  41. Foxae

    FoxaeHace 24 días

    5:11 Why did I find Ian saying the Lost City of Atlanta as funny as I did? Maybe it's because I'm from nearby, dunno. 🍑

  42. Maia McWilliam

    Maia McWilliamHace 25 días

    Shane’s old person voice is GOLD!

  43. Maia McWilliam

    Maia McWilliamHace 25 días

    Why is Noah so skinny!?

  44. life purposes

    life purposesHace 25 días

    oh I love me a sad Halloween 2019 1:38

  45. SharkDark Gaming

    SharkDark GamingHace 26 días

    3:15 you can see the vintage shirt from an older vid I forget Which one can’t be bothered to find out

  46. Jessy Lafreniere

    Jessy LafreniereHace 26 días

    Shayne : I'm 200 years old Me :hmmmm but he has abs

  47. Fun Lord56

    Fun Lord56Hace 26 días

    Was 1:43 a reference to the thrift store new 2 you?

  48. kroftie

    kroftieHace 28 días

    ok i thought ian's family was dead because he killed them and he was gonna kill courtney and shane

  49. Time Zone

    Time ZoneHace un mes

    God damn

  50. Snacking Beauty

    Snacking BeautyHace un mes

    The ST family is on fire 😜

  51. Luis Ramirez

    Luis RamirezHace un mes

    love smosh so much

  52. Clara Verastek

    Clara VerastekHace un mes

    You guys should do an every Dairy Queen ever video

  53. Michael Sweeney

    Michael SweeneyHace un mes

    Dumpster wizard!!!

  54. Lůna Wølfìe5o5

    Lůna Wølfìe5o5Hace un mes

    Here in England we call thrift stores charity shops The more ya know 👍😉

  55. SO YAN JUN -

    SO YAN JUN -Hace un mes

    Is that dude perfect!

  56. TrashMouthTozierHereFloatingForReddie

    TrashMouthTozierHereFloatingForReddieHace un mes

    0:52 Dustin’s Hat....?

  57. skeppleYT

    skeppleYTHace un mes

    Gus Chiggins' reinvented as a 200yr old man hhaa nice nod

  58. Krystal Roberts

    Krystal RobertsHace un mes

    Food battle Only true fans will remember that

  59. No

    NoHace un mes

    You never shame anyone for ramen spending And that's final

  60. Ashwin Saechueng

    Ashwin SaechuengHace un mes

    At 2:10 he shouldve said that there were no price tag

  61. Julian Graziano

    Julian GrazianoHace un mes

    5:13-5:16 look at Shane’s face on the left in the front