El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie - Movie Review


  1. D Mer

    D MerHace 3 horas


  2. MasterStepz9 •

    MasterStepz9 •Hace 11 horas

    By the end of this movie, I legit had a smile on my face. This movie gave me closure and I was satisfied because there was nothing more to tell.

  3. Gabriel Couto

    Gabriel CoutoHace 22 horas

    After binge watching BB with my gf just so we could watch this movie... The movie sucks. It really is two extra BB epilogue episodes... Where they the starring characters for the episodes (Jesse and Todd) feel somewhat different from the rest of the series(and I'm not talking about age and weight). The trailers made it seem so much more. We are disappointed.

  4. Danny Schoe

    Danny SchoeHace 3 días

    I liked the movie... but to me to many bouncing back and fourth storyline.. but arron Paul should be nominated for oscar if Netflix can get those

  5. bruh

    bruhHace 4 días

    I wish the movie was a theatrical release so Aaron Paul could get the Oscar nomination he deserves

  6. Ramim Bin Azam

    Ramim Bin AzamHace 5 días

    for me the movie just ended very quickly, i wanted more to it.... nevertheless it was great

  7. Fuck Google

    Fuck GoogleHace 10 días

    The movie was alright, at best. There was zero need for this, and it seemed like lazy fan service. I think it would have been better if it was shot as a frantic get away, and thriller, instead of what they gave us. Sometimes mystery to a story is good, and let's people come up with their own conclusions.

  8. Anika Sherick

    Anika SherickHace 10 días

    Jesse was my absolute favorite character in Breaking Bad and it was really nice to see what happened to him after. I was fine with the "he got out" ending the show had but I didn't realize how bad I needed this movie to really see "fuck yes, he's out."

  9. D-Skull Gaming

    D-Skull GamingHace 11 días

    Skinny pete is the real MVP

  10. Markus Zussner

    Markus ZussnerHace 12 días

    Skinny Pete was always one of my favourite minor characters in BB. In El CAMINO. He just cracked me up. The computer game dialogue? Precious! And also, you know who your friends are.

  11. James C

    James CHace 12 días

    What’s everyone’s favorite quote from breaking bad.... mine: “YEAH BITCH! MAGNETS!”

  12. Alex Garrett

    Alex GarrettHace 12 días

    Was not impressed. Too little, too late

  13. pourri pourri

    pourri pourriHace 12 días

    are you Italian mate?

  14. Enigma Unresolved

    Enigma UnresolvedHace 13 días

    It was a good movie but could have been better. I felt the final act didn't feel like a final act.

  15. DawnOfTheOzz

    DawnOfTheOzzHace 13 días

    El Camino gave us something that Breaking Bad never really had; a happy ending. No one got out clean or happy at the end of that show. Everyone was worse off when they started, but here we at least got something nice for once. No bullshit, no fake out, just a simple-ish happy ending for Jesse.

  16. |Jake|C|

    |Jake|C|Hace 15 días

    Sponsorship before the rating... not a fan.

  17. Sean Kilburn

    Sean KilburnHace 15 días

    I found it a satisfying ending tbh. This was needed.

  18. M J

    M JHace 15 días

    Hopefully The Walking Dead movie is this good. Both AMC shows

  19. wildreams

    wildreamsHace 16 días

    I cried when Jesse said "You did your best."

  20. Dr. Larry Mitchell

    Dr. Larry MitchellHace 17 días

    I just had to rage-quit this mumbly piece of shit. If Vince Gilligan doesn't want me to hear or understand his dialogue, then why the fuck should I be bothered trying to watch the shit?

  21. Sky Blaze21

    Sky Blaze21Hace 18 días

    I thought it was dissapointing honestly

  22. RetroGamerVX

    RetroGamerVXHace 18 días

    This movie was a bit shite. Just about Jessie getting money to cross the border, boring. Nothing really new, no real character development. They even forgot to complete the most interesting storyline that was going on in the movie.

  23. Kainoa Fonseca

    Kainoa FonsecaHace 19 días

    Is the hangout day he is talking about about hiding the body

  24. M Stephens

    M StephensHace 20 días

    Felt way too rushed. I’m still confused regarding the scene in the diner near the end. Is that a flashback or current? You know what I mean!?!? Help!

  25. Greg Fonti

    Greg FontiHace 21 un día

    Didn’t like it: obviously Jane was a memory; but why the hell was Walt alive, and free?

  26. Ron M

    Ron MHace 22 días

    The movie sucks cumdick. Seriously a shootout? Lame ass shit.

  27. Michelle Hernandez

    Michelle HernandezHace 22 días

    I am so excited and can’t wait to watch El Camino after seeing your review!!! Since I subscribed to your channel you have been on point with your opinions on the movies and shows that look interesting to me 😁Thanks Jeremy😘

  28. David Davidson

    David DavidsonHace 22 días

    Heh... I was really bored watching El Camino.

  29. Crowga 88

    Crowga 88Hace 23 días

    I loved it. 9.9/10. My only complaint was Todd being fat in the flashbacks... did that bug no one??

  30. Terry Hardin Jr

    Terry Hardin JrHace 23 días

    Late to the party, but I really feel like this did a good job of rounding everything off and really showing Jesse have a resolved happy ending, but also it feels kind of unnecessary since it ends the same way as the show, with Jesse happy and driving to an unknown future. Like yeah, he's got this new life, but we don't see what becomes of it, so ultimately it's Jesse riding off into the sunset again, just in a much more grounded mental place than the immediate jailbreak mental state from the show ending. Overall really really good film, but I don't think it was absolutely necessary to the show either

  31. jaytok7

    jaytok7Hace 23 días

    the movie was pointless, boring, not necessary and quite frankly was a money grab by netflix and all those involved. And this comes from a massive breaking bad fan.

  32. T. Stamp

    T. StampHace 24 días

    Breaking Bad DLC

  33. PotterAndMatrixFan

    PotterAndMatrixFanHace 24 días

    I think the movie was alright, I just got confused when Walter showed up out of nowhere, only to realize it was a flashback... damn.

  34. Nicholas Gillespie

    Nicholas GillespieHace 24 días

    Spoiler talk?

  35. D B

    D BHace 24 días

    This is the shittiest review i have ever watched, dude you spent 70% of the time talking about breaking bad and NOT talking about the actual movie (which was like a casual breaking bad episode)

  36. 007 420

    007 420Hace 24 días

    You look like you kiss boys

  37. Jacob

    JacobHace 25 días

    3/5. Four huge mistakes this movie had. So, I was unsatisfied... I was hoping for better.

  38. Richard Pearce

    Richard PearceHace 25 días

    It was slooooow. And nothing really happened, for 2 hours. There are far better characters to focus a movie on than Jesse. 5/10.

  39. DΛZ

    DΛZHace 25 días

    The movie was terrible. It took more than it gave and it rose more questions than it answered. There was no special story and no plot, just a pathetic cash grab.

  40. IambecomeZ

    IambecomeZHace 25 días

    It was a real snoozer

  41. Craig Phelps

    Craig PhelpsHace 25 días

    Maybe they will make a Badger movie

  42. William Schlass

    William SchlassHace 25 días

    Am i the only one who thought it was kind of underwhelming?

  43. Charles Sandomenico

    Charles SandomenicoHace 25 días

    Thought it was perfect way to wrap up Jesse story. Bitch lol.

  44. Miles Jackson

    Miles JacksonHace 26 días

    It's really the epilogue of Breaking Bad.

  45. Wigglyruffs

    WigglyruffsHace 26 días

    Spoiler talk please!!!

  46. Mats Jensen

    Mats JensenHace 26 días

    Jessie just wasnt able to carry this movie by himself. Im sorry. I wanted to love it sooo much. It didnt even feel like a movie...It actually felt like an extended midseason avrage, maybe even one of the worse episode...Fuck man. The best moment of the movie was when walt was with him

  47. Dylan Smith

    Dylan SmithHace 26 días

    If there’s one thing I learned from El Camino it’s that we all need friends like skinny Pete and badger

  48. adegiare

    adegiareHace 26 días

    Annoying bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, SHUT UP

  49. megamovieman101

    megamovieman101Hace 26 días

    I wish people would stop making fun of Jesse Plemons, the guy has a health condition. That's why he gained weight. It's not like it breaks continuity, it was months and months that Jesse was with the Neo-Nazis. I can fully believe that Todd gained weight and lost weight again. It's not that hard to come to that conclusion.

  50. Vincenzo Lotito

    Vincenzo LotitoHace 27 días

    I think they had to work a little more on this film. I wanted them to show you what life was like in the white house, where Goodman ended up and don't dwell too much on Jessie. Of course, a really nice film to end the story but they could have done something more, for example when Jessie lacked the money to disappear completely in Alaska she could scrape together cooking meth which is the symbol of the entire series. I wanted police chases, more twists and not Jessie, who is desperately looking for money in a messy house. The ending could end where a cabin was bought in the middle of Alaska and show that it was beginning its life anew. This is my opinion.✌🏻

  51. Hmm Thinking

    Hmm ThinkingHace 27 días

    They should not have made this film! Breaking Bad set the bar so high that unless you're going to create something at least very close to that level, don't create it at all. Story was as simple as an 80s revenge film. Nothing 'edge of your seats'. No twists or turns. Jesse is now a stone cold hitman type because of his tormented recent past. Really? We loved him because he was a complex and clumsy idiot who was in way over his head, made stupid mistakes and you felt like they were going to get caught. In BB the heat just kept getting turned up and up and up. With this ridiculous movie, the water doesn't even hit lukewarm! Soooo disappointing.

  52. haroon miah

    haroon miahHace 27 días

    I guess brock didn’t get the letter

  53. Ali Alegaili

    Ali AlegailiHace 27 días

    Just finished watching it... it was TRULY beautiful

  54. Simon Quintana

    Simon QuintanaHace 28 días

    El Camino was a great movie. Was better. Than the ending of tv show. It was neat seeing the ususual suspects. & Robert forester

  55. Xlike a beast

    Xlike a beastHace 28 días

    Fantastic movie. Absolutely a story that needed to be told

  56. Mr. Mr.

    Mr. Mr.Hace 29 días

    I felt like there wasn't enough substance in the movie itself, it started off great, but as it progressed, it just seemed like everything was kind of like "uh alright then" like the way the events played out didn't seem to hold as much ground as things did in the show.

  57. Jack brue

    Jack brueHace 29 días

    Jesse: "takes bowl of pineapple" Jesse: "yeah biatch!!" That had me rolling for it randomness !!!

  58. Ruben Torres

    Ruben TorresHace 29 días

    I feel about El Camino the same way I feel about Toy Story 4. We didn't really NEED it. But it is there and does have something to offer and it is well done. I had a good time watching it.

  59. Olaposi Odumosu

    Olaposi OdumosuHace 29 días

    Half of this “review” isn’t reviewing the movie at all

  60. Mariana Pérez

    Mariana PérezHace 29 días

    Can we talk about how fat Todd was