Ed Sheeran - South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B) [Official Video]


  1. Ifenjika Okafor

    Ifenjika OkaforHace 36 minutos

    Everybody proud sings awesomeness greetings dearly gratefulness greatness and everyone families goodness everything amazing dare!!

  2. Chege Kago

    Chege KagoHace 38 minutos

    I love it cardi b how you say it tell him

  3. sabbineni sai jyotsna vaishnavi

    sabbineni sai jyotsna vaishnaviHace un hora

    Just in love with this song

  4. xLarissa

    xLarissaHace un hora

    999k likes aaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Carly mendes

    Carly mendesHace un hora

    I never though ed sheeran and Camila cabello would be friends because edsheeran and Shawn mended are friends and Shawn and Camila are dating but ed and Shawn can't make a music together I'm confused 🤔🤔

  6. Lamar Zamzami

    Lamar ZamzamiHace un hora

    This is good mix 😂😂❤️❤️❤️😍

  7. param naik

    param naikHace un hora

    This is how many people are here before it gets 1M likes. 👇🏻

  8. Robin Schermer

    Robin SchermerHace un hora

    cadi is the fucking best In this video

  9. Camren Larry

    Camren LarryHace un hora

    Green eyes is Lauren

  10. one love music

    one love musicHace 2 horas

    Come south of the border with me .. 🥂🌹💯

  11. Ryohei

    RyoheiHace 2 horas


  12. Nancy Kimetu

    Nancy KimetuHace 3 horas

    This one is funny how can Paul karmiryan drop Camilla Cabello and go Alexis ren

  13. Ardemizz

    ArdemizzHace 3 horas

    cardi just ruined everything

  14. Cher Ry

    Cher RyHace 3 horas

    This MV is same a movie.

  15. The Chicken Ninja

    The Chicken NinjaHace 4 horas

    Who else needs an explenation of the video but just dont give a f*ck

  16. King Adi.

    King Adi.Hace 4 horas

    Nice song, but Cardi is just cancer

  17. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMYHace 4 horas

    How many of u actually googled that green eyed guy after this video?😅😅

  18. oswin Alex

    oswin AlexHace 4 horas

    When is your new song comming

  19. desmonetização

    desmonetizaçãoHace 4 horas

    Entendi foi nada

  20. Totally•Tubular

    Totally•TubularHace 5 horas

    Ed Sheeran: *had mcfallen and can't get back up* Camilla: *extra punch* Cardi B: sup asshole-

  21. We R Doomed

    We R DoomedHace 6 horas

    and then Cardi B spoils the whole song

  22. Tuhin Ranjan Chakraborty

    Tuhin Ranjan ChakrabortyHace 6 horas

    My favourite female singers are Camila, Selena, and Ariana. Female rapper Cardi B Camila and Cardi B collaboration ---- South of the Border Selena and Cardi B collaboration ---- Taki Taki Waiting for Selena and Camila collaboration

  23. Kullanıcı İyi insan

    Kullanıcı İyi insanHace 6 horas

    Underrated 😑

  24. Jaxon Iley

    Jaxon IleyHace 6 horas

    is cardi b good this music video wierd

  25. drogon, the last surviving dragon

    drogon, the last surviving dragonHace 6 horas

    Why is no one talking about cardi B looking BOMB AF here

  26. Lau

    LauHace 7 horas


  27. black pink

    black pinkHace 8 horas

    Camila find her boyfriend in ever music video

  28. Fox God

    Fox GodHace 8 horas

    Can I delete cardi b from this song

  29. Elclipsie

    ElclipsieHace 8 horas

    HOW DID I BARELY DISCOVER THIS GEM also I love cardi 😂

  30. Caroline Craft

    Caroline CraftHace 9 horas

    Quién vino por Alexis??

  31. kloudie

    kloudieHace 9 horas

    Part 2 North of the ocean

  32. kyle pardassie

    kyle pardassieHace 9 horas

    isnt that the same necklace from camila cabello liar?

  33. Mobile legend newbie

    Mobile legend newbieHace 10 horas

    Camila's eyes r killing me 😉

  34. lissa bean

    lissa beanHace 11 horas

    brown eyes man😍

  35. john doe

    john doeHace 11 horas

    does anyone feel dumbed down when that cardi b chick speaks at the end

  36. Ryan

    RyanHace 11 horas


  37. Jeromie Cook

    Jeromie CookHace 12 horas

    YoU tHoUgHt yOu WeRe sMaRt bUt YoU aNiT tHo omg cardi killed me

  38. Itz_Mia

    Itz_MiaHace 12 horas

    y'all be talkin about the red dress and im still trying to figure out what cardi said at 4:15

  39. ii_Cringley

    ii_CringleyHace 12 horas

    Ed: Teddy Fingers Camila: The Mariposa Alexis: Scarlet Jones Paul: Agent X Cardi B: *Cardi B*

  40. Ty siaa

    Ty siaaHace 13 horas

    the very beginning beat reminds me of a song from step up 1, anyone else?

  41. Things Stranger

    Things StrangerHace 14 horas

    Haha haha the ending

  42. Glory Oladipo Omoyemwense

    Glory Oladipo OmoyemwenseHace 14 horas

    Weird but I think cardio rapping is beautiful???umm??

  43. صلاح الحاسي

    صلاح الحاسيHace 14 horas

    If i could give amilion likes😍😍

  44. Maya_peachxx

    Maya_peachxxHace 15 horas

    Us shawnmila shippers are dead oof

  45. FlyinOrange

    FlyinOrangeHace 15 horas

    Tbh I think Cardi B ruins EVERY single song she features in

  46. Jackee Edwards

    Jackee EdwardsHace 15 horas


  47. Konstantin Chernenko

    Konstantin ChernenkoHace 16 horas

    Camila is singing with a phlegm voice.

  48. Hi There

    Hi ThereHace 16 horas

    "Cardi B as Cardi B"

  49. Andrew Australian

    Andrew AustralianHace 16 horas

    Knight and sir made by Princess of UK drawed Blood ......ED Knight of UK realm for distribution of titles illegally is treasonous

  50. Ron

    RonHace 16 horas

    Personally I think this is his best song since shape of you.

  51. whydidyoudothat

    whydidyoudothatHace 16 horas

    why does she sound like ryley from boondocks??

  52. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristHace 17 horas

    Why Cardi B? She has no talent😂

  53. AntonioB

    AntonioBHace 17 horas

    if you want to see me sniffing some of my friends butts subscribe

  54. Aesthetic Nostalgia

    Aesthetic NostalgiaHace 17 horas

    Aesthetic Nostalgic Music Sucks Ass lmao you should listen just to dislike it ;(

  55. Fast Swimmer

    Fast SwimmerHace 18 horas

    omg that look tho 1:57-2:01

  56. hey

    heyHace 18 horas

    1:54 did she just lick a knife

  57. Priya R

    Priya RHace 18 horas

    that green eyed guy just assassinated me with his hotness❤️❤️

  58. k l

    k lHace 18 horas

    Alguém do Brasil

  59. Shyrie G

    Shyrie GHace 18 horas

    Is it just me or is thelat necklace the same one from the liar video

  60. Nancy Kimetu

    Nancy KimetuHace 19 horas

    I love carbi b she is so Crazy you wrong that part is my favourite