Driving Stereotypes ft. Dale Jr


  1. That 1 scoot kid

    That 1 scoot kidHace 16 minutos

    The last one 😂

  2. Camden Norman

    Camden NormanHace un hora

    I miss dale driving nascar


    SIR CHARLIEHace 2 horas

    What was the last girl song?

  4. Anna Florman

    Anna FlormanHace 3 horas

    3:20 Reminds me of MrBeast

  5. Masey C

    Masey CHace 5 horas

    I dare you to do a double backflip in your pool

  6. Bryan Mercado

    Bryan MercadoHace 5 horas

    Nationwide Dale is on Tyler’s side

  7. egulbinas

    egulbinasHace 5 horas

    Why on earth does tyler always destroy everything in steriotypes

  8. Paul Gauntt

    Paul GaunttHace 8 horas

    hi dude perfect i am a big fan my name is luci i love your girl jams

  9. Ionut Tutuianu

    Ionut TutuianuHace 9 horas

    3:04 mr beast summary

  10. Ginger_beast_boi

    Ginger_beast_boiHace 10 horas

    2:09 u can see ty in the back

  11. Joane Rigaud

    Joane RigaudHace 10 horas

    Ty is a savage

  12. 조인우

    조인우Hace 12 horas

    are you okay?

  13. Visla 11

    Visla 11Hace 13 horas

    RIP the old guy

  14. Art Tree

    Art TreeHace 14 horas

    Poor car

  15. Dr. Hikmat

    Dr. HikmatHace 16 horas

    What did u do that to car police will arrest u

  16. Dr. Hikmat

    Dr. HikmatHace 16 horas

    Tyler ur crazy

  17. Jeff Marlow

    Jeff MarlowHace 17 horas

    1:25 me dropping my coins I also like to tell my fam that if they drop some thing in there it doesn’t come back

  18. Joel Vergara

    Joel VergaraHace 23 horas

    3:02 when you wait all year to let all your anger out

  19. Abomb33 !!,!!,!

    Abomb33 !!,!!,!Hace un día

    2:09 Tyler and the cameraman in the background

  20. Logan Dang

    Logan DangHace un día

    1:35 what do you see

  21. Lynn Benson

    Lynn BensonHace un día

    Garret needs his sunscreen!!!

  22. theng m.

    theng m.Hace un día

    /\ / \ | | | \ \ / | | | \ / \/

  23. Bellah Petersen

    Bellah PetersenHace un día

    My family is the racer

  24. Carolyn Devlin

    Carolyn DevlinHace un día

    Dudes I am the backseat driver definitely

  25. The Dark Side :P

    The Dark Side :PHace un día

    It's Impossible to Sleep While Driving - Idk, I'm just assuming, tell me if I'm wrong :|

  26. Allen Reichert

    Allen ReichertHace un día

    At 2:30pm you driveing and you see a battle bus above you At 2:35pm you still driveing and an enemy dives into a front seat window seat without you knowing he,s is they At 2:40pm You parked your car and get out At 2:40 PM the enemy sneaks into the driver seat and set cruise mode on to 5 mph 4:48 mark 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  27. Darien Cortez

    Darien CortezHace un día

    You 1

  28. Lucas Harrison-King

    Lucas Harrison-KingHace un día

    Monster I mean

  29. Lucas Harrison-King

    Lucas Harrison-KingHace un día

    3:00 Really? Oh oh yeah yeah you are a rage mondter

  30. Lucas Harrison-King

    Lucas Harrison-KingHace un día

    Monster I mean

  31. jacob

    jacobHace 2 días

    5:48 when u win in fortnite

  32. ชัดเจน อุซี

    ชัดเจน อุซีHace 2 días


  33. regular dude

    regular dudeHace 2 días

    1:50 thats my mom

  34. Nicko Lynch

    Nicko LynchHace 2 días


  35. dropthebase_ 21

    dropthebase_ 21Hace 2 días

    Did anyone notice that ty drives with the seatbelt under his arm and not on his shoulder

  36. Wert Gamer

    Wert GamerHace un día

    No not me

  37. Melita Osojnicki

    Melita OsojnickiHace 2 días

    The rage monster hahahahahahahahahahahaha lol

  38. Toy Land

    Toy LandHace 2 días

    wait is Lincoln on the penny?

  39. Andrew Marshall

    Andrew MarshallHace 2 días

    I’m still backing the Dad inspector

  40. Jay Surge

    Jay SurgeHace 2 días

    The rage monster was two obviously rage monster and it was the unapologetic mess maker

  41. Rhys Campbell

    Rhys CampbellHace 2 días

    They didn’t let the handle go until they through it out of the car1:44

  42. Im Outtie

    Im OuttieHace 2 días

    "I am inevitable" *"I AM THE RAGE MONSTER"*

  43. game broers

    game broersHace 2 días

    Drive wicht two hands Tyler

  44. Tony Spanu

    Tony SpanuHace 3 días

    When your mom chooses the music 1:05

  45. Sayer Firth

    Sayer FirthHace 3 días

    "YoU nEvEr NoW wHeN yOu GoTtA sIzZlE a PaTtY"

  46. Jennifer Hawkins

    Jennifer HawkinsHace 3 días

    I hate Cody

  47. Bailie Semmel

    Bailie SemmelHace 3 días

    What American did you grow up in??

  48. StAnLeY CuRaMeNg

    StAnLeY CuRaMeNgHace 3 días

    Did anyone notice when the guy pulled the stuff out in the truck at 0:30

  49. Brian Anshen

    Brian AnshenHace 3 días

    What about the guy who hits every apex of every turn like he is on a racetrack

  50. Bardia Radji

    Bardia RadjiHace 3 días

    I like how ty is the rage monster in ever videothey make

  51. NathanPlayz

    NathanPlayzHace 3 días

    4:45 worst parking ever am I right 😂

  52. ZeroCool f2p

    ZeroCool f2pHace 3 días

    Just realised at 1:28 they're just driving in circles lol