Dr. Sandra Lee Inspects Ginormous Mass On Man's Finger | Dr. Pimple Popper


  1. Slmyy Rose

    Slmyy RoseHace 10 horas

    Bruh my entire was aching from watching this

  2. Maji Robinson

    Maji RobinsonHace 2 días

    That's nasty I thought you was playing with his ball

  3. Joseph Chung

    Joseph ChungHace 2 días

    Never seen a ballsack grow out of someone's finger

  4. daeron Lewis

    daeron LewisHace 4 días

    i can never eat strawberry jam ever again thanks to 3:49

  5. guaysonify

    guaysonifyHace 5 días

    God blessed this Doctors,, more like this in the world please !!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. I dont Know

    I dont KnowHace 9 días

    If they failed I guess at least he can’t stick the middle finger

  7. captainsmackahoe G

    captainsmackahoe GHace 10 días

    Gerald’s like, man i can finally hold this blunt on my hand😐

  8. ana lilia diaz Rosales

    ana lilia diaz RosalesHace 11 días

    Maravillosos médicos dios les bendiga

  9. Estela KaL-EL

    Estela KaL-ELHace 15 días

    Nice surgeon

  10. Xori Quarles

    Xori QuarlesHace 17 días

    so cool dr.Lee

  11. Juan José Rivas García

    Juan José Rivas GarcíaHace 18 días

    I am pretty sure Dr. Lee realized she want to be a Doctor the day she accepted she enjoys to handle big gross Masses

  12. weather isbad

    weather isbadHace 22 días

    Doctor Lily 😂 This was Really awsome

  13. Kimberly Corbett

    Kimberly CorbettHace 22 días

    It's like a testicle grown on a finger like ears are grown on rats.

  14. Jon Does It Matter

    Jon Does It MatterHace 23 días

    this goes out to every doctor ...nurse...etc thank you so much for doing what you do

  15. kiyeom

    kiyeomHace 23 días

    i really love dr. sanda comparing tumors, lipomas, cysts to food.

  16. Eddy Viggers

    Eddy ViggersHace 24 días

    That's what hsppens for...molesting yourself 💃

  17. 1superduck

    1superduckHace 24 días

    Dr Lilley performed an emergency surgery on my arm when I had a work accident.....I owe this man my right arm.....Thank you Dr Lilley

  18. micaela correa

    micaela correaHace 25 días

    These people are the Real héroe, not the celebrities in Hollywood

  19. Tank Barkley

    Tank BarkleyHace 26 días


  20. Jordyn Lashmet

    Jordyn LashmetHace 27 días

    Kinda looks like a potato...

  21. Sandra Gonçalves Ribeiro

    Sandra Gonçalves RibeiroHace 28 días

    Fantástico!!!👏👏👏 Achei os vídeos da Dr Lee,pelo sorriso esse camarada ficou mt feliz,q bom🙏🙏

  22. Lakeisha Nelson

    Lakeisha NelsonHace 29 días


  23. Lakeisha Nelson

    Lakeisha NelsonHace 29 días

    I am so happy he is fiss

  24. Jameela Harris

    Jameela HarrisHace un mes

    Anyone else realize that the hand surgeons name is literally Harry Potters parents’ names 😆

  25. Aderson de Sousa França

    Aderson de Sousa FrançaHace un mes

    Coisa de louco.

  26. maria de lourdes santos

    maria de lourdes santosHace un mes

    You is un angel Dra.!!!

  27. Nature girl 2008

    Nature girl 2008Hace un mes

    He giving me the bird the hole vid🤣

  28. Chenoa Clark

    Chenoa ClarkHace un mes

    That was so cool

  29. The Nurse

    The NurseHace un mes

    I love it. You made him feel normal

  30. JLPerryTV

    JLPerryTVHace un mes

    It looked like a keloid

  31. laughs 4days

    laughs 4daysHace un mes

    How did something that big come off a finger

  32. Vilma Velez

    Vilma VelezHace un mes

    Sorry im late,but i heard YOU SAY GROSS!??!

  33. Alexander Williams

    Alexander WilliamsHace un mes

    When the video makes you agree to disturbing images you know its about to be a good one

  34. Kookie - Lan

    Kookie - LanHace un mes

    This is just scary for me now... I have a small lump on my middle finger... 😰

  35. Carla Estrada

    Carla EstradaHace un mes

    No entiendo

  36. Michael Lazo

    Michael LazoHace un mes

    looks like a ballsack

  37. Barbara Macias

    Barbara MaciasHace un mes

    It's really impresssive

  38. Diogo Henrique Freitas

    Diogo Henrique FreitasHace un mes


  39. estela ochoa

    estela ochoaHace un mes

    Excelente me alegro por él, lo merecía 👏🏻👏🏻

  40. Estella F

    Estella FHace un mes

    I’d really like her to stop with the food analogies. She just ruined portobellos and strawberry jam for me in less than 5 seconds.

  41. Rochelle Cochran

    Rochelle CochranHace un mes

    Wowzers come on down to South Park let little South Park do its thanggg🤒

  42. Marisela García

    Marisela GarcíaHace un mes

    Y que era al final esa bola?

  43. Abhinav M

    Abhinav MHace un mes


  44. Amy Figueroa

    Amy FigueroaHace un mes

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  45. Willow Matthews

    Willow MatthewsHace un mes

    Them: the skin is going bye bye. Me: CUT THE END OF THE FINGER OFF >:3

  46. lamar rital elbakry

    lamar rital elbakryHace un mes

    But I hate you so much it goes over 100,000 kilograms I just kind of useless and stupid stupid doctors

  47. lamar rital elbakry

    lamar rital elbakryHace un mes

    I don't care if you're real doctors all I care about that you guys are stupid other people they can do a number on you. Mix your house has offered to take that up you're stupid doctorthey don't need your help you just caught other people's body and then blood started coming out just kill them or they can just doing their own like they can just get something really safety is like safety pins or anyting and then they can do on their own you cut it with a knifestupid doctor that's why I call you stupid doctors and yeah they'll cut over 100,000 kilograms because you guys are cutting them that's why you guys are stupid you guys are stupid doctor chipettes over 100,000 kilograms becausebecause I you you guys are coming from but are you doing it like this so ridiculous I hate you guys you're stupid like you

  48. Elzbieta Nowak

    Elzbieta NowakHace un mes


  49. Chippo unruly

    Chippo unrulyHace un mes


  50. DAVID M.

    DAVID M.Hace 2 meses

    it's like a huge black man's testicle

  51. solarZ eclipse

    solarZ eclipseHace 2 meses

    That could be nerve-recking lol

  52. Sandra Furniss

    Sandra FurnissHace 2 meses

    Feel 🤒 sic 👎

  53. kerry Davis

    kerry DavisHace 2 meses

    Love how she gets told off for referencing food lol

  54. The best channel EVER

    The best channel EVERHace 2 meses

    Thought this guy was Lukaku



    Parece un coco

  56. Karen Ruddy

    Karen RuddyHace 2 meses

    The sound, .. makes me wanna puke

  57. peyton hawkins

    peyton hawkinsHace 2 meses

    Be careful

  58. Mary Sanchis

    Mary SanchisHace 2 meses

    Sólo puedo mirar! No entiendo inglés

  59. Winnie Eu

    Winnie EuHace 2 meses

    Thank god I’ve never liked strawberry jam HELL NAW

  60. Milca Balicoco

    Milca BalicocoHace 2 meses

    He can lOoSe HiS MiDdLe FiNgEr