Dr. Lee Removes The Messiest Lipoma Ever! | Dr. Pimple Popper


  1. Angus Gibson

    Angus GibsonHace un día

    *Messiest lipoma ever* Me: Oh god........ *click*

  2. p.c.g Nino

    p.c.g NinoHace 2 días

    now for her next trick she fixes his teeth

  3. Chris Henderson

    Chris HendersonHace 2 días


  4. SqueeZ Gaming

    SqueeZ GamingHace 3 días


  5. Cassie Leona

    Cassie LeonaHace 3 días

    I am lyrical

  6. Leah

    LeahHace 3 días

    How much did it weigh???! 🤮

  7. Katarina Alic

    Katarina AlicHace 3 días


  8. Robert Desamone

    Robert DesamoneHace 4 días

    Dr.pimple popper is awesome!!!

  9. Evilyn Lorraine Manuel

    Evilyn Lorraine ManuelHace 5 días


  10. Mary Kathleen Sapp

    Mary Kathleen SappHace 5 días

    ❤ Dr Lee changes lives!!

  11. Frances Annette

    Frances AnnetteHace 6 días

    I hope this man looses some weight after this. Start jogging 🤢🤮 drink a lot of vegetables juices please 🥤🍹

  12. whitmoe112

    whitmoe112Hace 6 días

    I will be so descusted for days

  13. joebaby1975

    joebaby1975Hace 7 días

    I think I might know this guy. I wonder if he delivers out of Indiana?

  14. wakeywarrior

    wakeywarriorHace 7 días

    I just remembered- steak tartare for dinner.

  15. Arianna Ramnauth

    Arianna RamnauthHace 8 días

    But look at your hands

  16. Flame The furry

    Flame The furryHace 9 días

    How has she not died doing this I shour would

  17. Sophiatube You tube

    Sophiatube You tubeHace 10 días


  18. Random_content_for_ you

    Random_content_for_ youHace 10 días

    It looks like scrambled eggs with tomato sauce

  19. Jocelyn Cowen

    Jocelyn CowenHace 10 días


  20. Jack Lemon head 1.

    Jack Lemon head 1.Hace 10 días

    If that fella grew up swearing and theiving.Even robbing banks and mugging old ladies,he would never have had this grow on him.Its all the badness he hasn't got rid of growing up that collects all the shite in his body.Ill bet he's never even been cheeky at someone or just the smaller things that we all do daily. That's the reason.All the little bits of shite he's never released has collected in him and had to come out some way. That's why a little bit of swearing or lying from your kids won't do them any harm. I'm sitting here on a fat arse that last weighed 54 stone.Help the old lady cross the road to church then help her do the flowers she said.Do not help old people kids,let her do it on her own.

  21. Zannette Stewart

    Zannette StewartHace 10 días

    it's really nasty but super satisfying🤢😍

  22. nancy bento

    nancy bentoHace 11 días

    Drs should give hope to people. Dr. Lee you are amazing love you dear.

  23. Loe Siff

    Loe SiffHace 11 días

    This is great but why they gotta add the stupid slurping sound effects.

  24. Tewie

    TewieHace 11 días

    Yuks 🤢

  25. RainbowSwirl

    RainbowSwirlHace 11 días

    Well that will definitely curb your appetite

  26. Lara Cox

    Lara CoxHace 11 días

    It disgusting fun to watch but just telling you

  27. pyro pizza

    pyro pizzaHace 12 días

    I had to watch to watch this in mute the sound affects were to disturbing

  28. Tayla Bendall Spence

    Tayla Bendall SpenceHace 12 días

    Èeeeww its disgusting

  29. Charlene Quimpo

    Charlene QuimpoHace 13 días

    How to people let these things grow like this

  30. Isabel Mendoza

    Isabel MendozaHace 14 días

    Eww but cool

  31. Michael De Santa

    Michael De SantaHace 14 días

    And she must shower a lot A LOT

  32. Michael De Santa

    Michael De SantaHace 14 días

    When she started digging around in it I said 😫🤭🤭🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  33. super challenger gaming

    super challenger gamingHace 14 días

    That has to smell alot

  34. Heartland Sadie

    Heartland SadieHace 15 días

    Me: I really need to start eating better. *watches this video * 😦😦😦 Me: Cool, well, I'll never crave lasagna ever again.

  35. Alice Palmer

    Alice PalmerHace 15 días

    How do people get cysts and lipomas

  36. Positivity

    PositivityHace 16 días

    I nearly vomited during this

  37. Brian Lopez Garcia

    Brian Lopez GarciaHace 16 días

    I am sick

  38. Thomas Moatti

    Thomas MoattiHace 16 días

    Next step: appointment to the dentist

  39. Alex timm

    Alex timmHace 16 días

    It's gross, but fun to watch

  40. Maria Vera

    Maria VeraHace 16 días


  41. Kemya Bailey

    Kemya BaileyHace 16 días

    Its so disgusting but interesting at the same time like if u agree

  42. EmbraceDa Vodka101

    EmbraceDa Vodka101Hace 16 días

    that’s one way to spill the beans hehehe

  43. siss y

    siss yHace 17 días

    Do any of you know how to take the age restrictions off? I'm a grown adult but cant watch anything, still!!!

  44. Dania Rodriguez

    Dania RodriguezHace 17 días

    It's really weird watching this and I don't want it to happen to mebut like at the same time it's nasty and like gross and that's tough but then it's satisfying 😂😂

  45. Kylie DeVoe

    Kylie DeVoeHace 17 días

    At the end when he said she maid my heart smile that made me emotional

  46. 【! just kermit !】

    【! just kermit !】Hace 17 días

    Who tf is there sound effect artist? 😭😭

  47. Jenny Loertscher

    Jenny LoertscherHace 17 días

    "I got a smile on my heart also"

  48. Jasmine Chi

    Jasmine ChiHace 18 días

    The new version of this app has been good

  49. Christy Bachman

    Christy BachmanHace 18 días

    I love how sweet she is to her patients! 💞

  50. Somar Somar

    Somar SomarHace 18 días

    Lord this man’s teeth!! So they have no dentists where he’s from?!

  51. tamstan77

    tamstan77Hace 18 días

    Oh that’s nasty

  52. sebastian mnaphi

    sebastian mnaphiHace 19 días

    They got to chill with the sound

  53. MrFitznicely

    MrFitznicelyHace 20 días

    Next stop: the dentist

  54. Carrie Locker

    Carrie LockerHace 20 días

    Good but verry weird to whatch

  55. JhautyGame Confidential

    JhautyGame ConfidentialHace 20 días

    Why did they add more disgusting sound if it's already disgusting. But that's fun to watch

  56. Saisha lee

    Saisha leeHace 20 días

    It's disgusting 😱😱😱😱



    I want his green eyes


    I MURK YEW YTHace 20 días

    Omg that looks like a brain holy phuck

  59. Kyle Weston

    Kyle WestonHace 20 días

    Imagine just scooping that stuff into ur mouth

  60. Nancy Stewart

    Nancy StewartHace 20 días

    Who Elsa love her