Downton Abbey - Official Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD


  1. Heidi chan

    Heidi chanHace 10 horas


  2. Chris Lever Piano

    Chris Lever PianoHace 15 horas

    I guess I should start watching the series so I can watch the movie - everyone seems to love it! Heard the theme years ago though and love it... speaking of which, I've just done a cover of it ;-)

  3. captain Jack

    captain JackHace un día

    A movie on Butlers huh ...ok

  4. Adrian Osler

    Adrian OslerHace un día

    and these types of programs are the reason why the uk is behind everyone else in the world cause all we make is stuff set 100 yrs ago

  5. BigJT

    BigJTHace 2 días

    I was waiting for like a murder or something then I remember what show this is from.

  6. Redrose Abd

    Redrose AbdHace 3 días

    I've watched this trailer about 5 times now

  7. dr. Strangelove

    dr. StrangeloveHace 3 días


  8. Snuffy Smif

    Snuffy SmifHace un hora

    Well, I guess there always has to be one killjoy in 100. Makes life more interesting... NOT!!

  9. Lucy Smith

    Lucy SmithHace 3 días

    Loving the fact that they use my name without my consent😂😂

  10. luzi farida

    luzi faridaHace 3 días

    Seemingly McGonnagall and Umbridge still don’t get along well 😂

  11. Poppy Is The Poppy

    Poppy Is The PoppyHace 4 días

    Tht movie is so good, I recommend everyone reading this to watch it.

  12. Sally Ann Loveday

    Sally Ann LovedayHace 4 días

    I've just seen it.. IT IS STUPENDOUS... Love it, love it.. I want to go and watch it again... #downtonabbeyisawesome We all watched, loved it and applauded at the end.. :D

  13. SignalHillHiker

    SignalHillHikerHace 4 días

    So glad that in the trailer they confirm the royals actually show up. I'd hate for this to be a movie where they get all set up and then HA HA change of plans.

  14. Mary Edland

    Mary EdlandHace 4 días

    Love this ❤

  15. Kristina Toliušienė

    Kristina ToliušienėHace 4 días

    Is it worth seeing if I havent seen the series?

  16. BiSoN

    BiSoNHace 5 días


  17. daydreamer

    daydreamerHace 5 días

    Oscar for Dame Maggie! I have never before laughed and cried this much during a night at the cinema ❤️

  18. Steven Charles

    Steven CharlesHace 5 días

    Great photography, great scenery and great acting. No special effects! Only boring millennials would fail to love this movie.

  19. Marshmellow& Chocolate

    Marshmellow& ChocolateHace 5 días

    Just came back from movie, was a wonderful continuation. Maggie Smith was amazing as usual.

  20. Suzie Shark

    Suzie SharkHace 6 días

    Absolutely loved the movie!

  21. Red Squirrel

    Red SquirrelHace 6 días

    The Brits do brilliant period drama.

  22. Hedda

    HeddaHace 7 días


  23. lee Lewis

    lee LewisHace 7 días

    Hahaha I never argue I explain, omg I've so missed this, well overdue, hope this will. Be awesome,

  24. lee Lewis

    lee LewisHace 7 días

    And the ending, can I help you, someone must or I'll. Never rise again hahaha awesome, hope they've not put too much of Maggie Smiths good comebacks in this trailer, I've so missed Downton a by, I hope they're be either another film or finalie series, like a precuale, it's just this is what us Brits do best, don't get me wrong I love American TV and films, but Americans do copy us with everything, but our series are shorter but with quality writing, I wish that we did do longer series like Americans but that's our way, little but quality. And ends on a high nite, hope this film is everything and better like the series, I know. Maggie Smith is getting on, I love her acting a legend, she found the series tiring, hope she'll be here in 2040 still going strong. Awesome I know the Americans loved the series and the series became loved the world over. Proud sometimes to be be A Brit, even though this class system is still kidda here, I'm glad these. Times are over, people are seen as equals now, these were hard times for the lower classes, the British Isles Wales, England, Scotland and Island are changing so fast, especally the capitals, its good but to see a multicoloured society but some certain group shall we say need to come here and leave their predadices behind them and contribute to ritish society and stop trying to attack our way of life, the best Brits are the Indians and Chinese, they've contributed emenselly,. My uncles I dian a. Bloody hard worker in his life and a pain in my bum hahaha, I was talking to my mother yesterday and she said "Lee I want you to marry a black girl, they're so homely, because I'm Welsh we're darker skinned and related to the basques very closely, my father looks like a red Indian,. I call. Him chief, and my mother had white. Blonde hair with the eyes that change from green to purple Elizabeth tailer had remarkable eyes but I've never seen eyes like hers before, I'm. Biased, I live my parents very much, both my friends since we've got older, and my mother when she starts rules the roost, Welsh women are very homely, and very strong yet kind women, added note, just be kind, loyal, never talk about others or be jealous, (song I recommend for you to listen to on ESreporter, sunscreen 99, listen to the word and get back to me on what you think) you win a prize if you've read through this post by the way, I'll. Be interested who answers back and from where you live and how many years this post stays up, all the best you fantastic person ❤️

  25. Lady Tee

    Lady TeeHace 8 días

    Peaky Blinders the movies please! Thank you! "Get yourself a decent haircut, man. We’re going to the movies!"

  26. WildwoodClaire1

    WildwoodClaire1Hace 8 días

    Another treacly fantasy about 1920s inbred, manor-house gits implausibly aware that those people below stairs are something more than servile, compliant automatons whose sole concern is providing for the gits' every need.

  27. acechadwick

    acechadwickHace 9 días

    Mr Molesley ? :))

  28. Ahmar Saeed

    Ahmar SaeedHace 9 días

    Oh how I've missed the extraordinary dramas over petty little issues! Downton, you lovely thing you!

  29. swaino 69

    swaino 69Hace 9 días

    Who would want to watch this dog shit film it is 100 yrs old who would watch this in 2019

  30. Blue -eyed

    Blue -eyedHace 9 días

    The series where something special but this movie seems like a charicature ridiculing itself. But maybe its for the older generation.

  31. Armando Sanchez

    Armando SanchezHace 9 días

    Princess KING . 10c

  32. Robert Trepagnier

    Robert TrepagnierHace 10 días

    Would not want the staff plotting against me.

  33. The Guds Production

    The Guds ProductionHace 10 días

    Can't wait for the schedule in Indonesia!!

  34. Irene

    IreneHace 10 días


  35. M A

    M AHace 11 días

    *When will this film be released in Japan?!?! I can't wait!!!!*

  36. Sarantis T.

    Sarantis T.Hace 11 días

    Here am I, liking every single comment in this section

  37. DeJemig

    DeJemigHace 12 días

    Anyone knows the music in the second part of the trailer? From 1:27, it reminds me of another film

  38. DeJemig

    DeJemigHace 12 días

    Found it, Leaving the nest by Audiomachine

  39. Robert

    RobertHace 12 días

    I'll rewatch last season, to get into Downton Abbey mode again , I 've missed them all .



    I want to live in Downton Abbey

  41. Jordanhole Maxime

    Jordanhole MaximeHace 13 días

    Few more days to go! 😬 Can't wait

  42. ellechim liag

    ellechim liagHace 13 días

    "I never argue, I explain." Oh yes the Dowager Countess of Grantham is back!! I'm so freaking out!! I could literally cry with the excitement. Love this soo much.

  43. Emy C

    Emy CHace 14 días

    Re-watching the show at last as the film is near. I just could not bear the loss of Sybil and Matthew all over again. Just went through both today and my oh my how I have sobbed... BUT I am soooo excited for Downton Abbey to bless us all again😍😍🤗🤗💜💜!! So grateful!

  44. moviegoerdude

    moviegoerdudeHace 15 días

    omg this looks GREAT, can't wait. such great cinematography.

  45. Kez

    KezHace 15 días

    Downton Scabbey

  46. Snobby Politics

    Snobby PoliticsHace 15 días


  47. Becky Hatfield

    Becky HatfieldHace 16 días

    There are only 3 things I want to happen in this movie- #1- For Thomas to finally get some happiness #2- For Edith to finally admit to her whole family that Marigold is her daughter #3- For Dame Maggie Smith to be as awesome as she was in the series.

  48. Mihai Avram

    Mihai AvramHace 16 días

    Why do British people like this ... Even they should know what is boring

  49. Red Squirrel

    Red SquirrelHace 6 días

    Downtown is much more popular outside the UK than in it A bit like John Bercow.

  50. JΛMΛ

    JΛMΛHace 13 días

    They don't, it's only the old women in love with it

  51. Tiff

    TiffHace 17 días

    Where’s Edith’s husband? I always suspected marigolds dad is alive

  52. vahi37

    vahi37Hace 17 días

    Can't Wait!!

  53. Monogtra Etregmen

    Monogtra EtregmenHace 17 días

    Guys, do I need to see the series to enjoy this film?

  54. BooksterRambler

    BooksterRamblerHace 17 días

    King : "Can I help you ?" Dowager Countess "Someone must Sir, or I may never rise again.." hahah

  55. Christopher Cappella

    Christopher CappellaHace 17 días

    If Mr Barrows is not in the line up he must have had an argument with the palace flunkies...

  56. Kris

    KrisHace 18 días

    Lord Grantham: I hope your week was rather satisfactory, Your Majesty? Queen: Yes, I've just signed a Parliament prorogation document, leading to the greatest constitutional crisis since 1600s, in the midst of even greater economic one. Ahah. Ahahah. Ahahahahah! Lord Grantham: 😶

  57. Gareth Watts

    Gareth WattsHace 19 días

    What is the literal point of this movie. I'd rather watch paint dry

  58. Snuffy Smif

    Snuffy SmifHace un hora

    It's so well done as to be akin to a time machine.

  59. MARTIN A1

    MARTIN A1Hace 19 días

    will there be a 4D version?

  60. Drew Hendley

    Drew HendleyHace 20 días

    In Vino Veritas 🥂

  61. kirby superstar

    kirby superstarHace 21 un día

    I can't believe it took them until now to make this

  62. Malalasoa Claire RASOAMBOLOLOMANANA

    Malalasoa Claire RASOAMBOLOLOMANANAHace 21 un día

    Yeaah, can't wait to discover this **Downtown Abbey** !!! ** **

  63. StargazerNorth1

    StargazerNorth1Hace 22 días

    Here we go...

  64. Paul Hopkin

    Paul HopkinHace 23 días

    Due to Brexit and her pension cut the queen has had to sell her home on purple bricks. and move into Downton abbey

  65. Kris

    KrisHace 18 días

    Hope she freaking does, playing evil games with British public job and life securities whilst being taken care of.

  66. fictionforlife

    fictionforlifeHace 25 días

    Please let Thomas find love and be happy

  67. dontbeadrone

    dontbeadroneHace 25 días

    What a disappointment! The rumor was that this would be a prequel to the television series.

  68. Snuffy Smif

    Snuffy SmifHace 47 minutos

    @dontbeadrone: No... The rumor, turned reality, is that Sir Fellowes is making a new Downton Abbey prequel series called "The Gilded Age", about the early days of Robert and Cora's courtship in America, during that period. The series was initially greenlit by NBC, but was then picked up by HBO to give it more realistic creative license. It's set to premiere sometime in fall, 2019.