Dora and the Lost City of Gold - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures


  1. reeeEeeEEE

    reeeEeeEEEHace 57 minutos

    This movie looks like a video lele pons would make

  2. Hannah Royle

    Hannah RoyleHace 57 minutos

    Omg WTAF!

  3. Amanda Petroski

    Amanda PetroskiHace 57 minutos

    I have no idea what I think of this to be honest😂

  4. Mohit Gangrade

    Mohit GangradeHace 57 minutos

    Since when did Dora go all brilliant?

  5. MisterLucca

    MisterLuccaHace 58 minutos

    Oh yes, it was Dora, and Diego... and Swiper

  6. kermit da frog

    kermit da frogHace 58 minutos

    And they say Hollywood is out of ideas. HAH.

  7. Thwip Kid

    Thwip KidHace 58 minutos

    Pitch for this movie: imagine uncharted but it’s a pre pubescent girl, who’s 5”8 120lbs and has the intellect of a high schooler. Executives: sounds like a great idea. Me: WTF????

  8. Kelly Martinez

    Kelly MartinezHace 58 minutos

    They ruining our childhood 👀🤦🏽‍♀️😐😐😐


    KAYLA LOPEZHace 58 minutos

    If Dora was a bad ass

  10. YuRe 00

    YuRe 00Hace 58 minutos

    It’s literally in theaters on my birth wow

  11. ßabę

    ßabęHace 58 minutos

    kim possible and now dora?holy shit

  12. Daraku Tenshi

    Daraku TenshiHace 58 minutos

    This is going to be a really big meme.

  13. Oh yeah Leader

    Oh yeah LeaderHace 58 minutos

    WHY IS SO HARD TO GET LIKES One like is one less child dying 👇🏽

  14. Eckerbirb

    EckerbirbHace 58 minutos

    dora has been upgraded

  15. ZeroXz

    ZeroXzHace 58 minutos

    This looks terrible.

  16. YEET! WEET!

    YEET! WEET!Hace 58 minutos

    Ok this is awesome but also wtf at the same time.

  17. apeski

    apeskiHace 58 minutos

    Dora lookin mad cute

  18. Booty Bandit

    Booty BanditHace 58 minutos

    boots gonna clap doras cheeks

  19. Elijah Hudson

    Elijah HudsonHace 58 minutos

    There really doing this

  20. MrzPear

    MrzPearHace 58 minutos

    Is her dad from master chef?

  21. Mohey Saleh

    Mohey SalehHace 58 minutos

    I just saw the entire movie!

  22. john schnieder

    john schniederHace 58 minutos

    I can’t express how sad this makes me.

  23. Messiah Gray

    Messiah GrayHace 58 minutos

    I really cannot believe this Shit

  24. Ken Carew

    Ken CarewHace 58 minutos


  25. Neobot21

    Neobot21Hace 58 minutos

    Dora the Explorer and The Road to El Dorado: Tomb Raider

  26. Betty Prieto

    Betty PrietoHace 58 minutos

    he is supposed to be a adventurer to

  27. The1000waterfists

    The1000waterfistsHace 58 minutos

    I'm just waiting for the X rated version to come out.

  28. Данил Кука

    Данил КукаHace 58 minutos


  29. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jesus GonzalezHace 58 minutos

    Did Dora foreal just bring a knife on a fucking FIELD TRIP 😂.

  30. Ennalou Studious

    Ennalou StudiousHace 58 minutos

    Please no

  31. Josephine Davis

    Josephine DavisHace 58 minutos

    this can’t be real

  32. IMakeStuff

    IMakeStuffHace 58 minutos

    Well Bois Dis Is Dora In 2019 Lol That Monkey Tho

  33. excuse me

    excuse meHace 58 minutos

    Why are there more likes tho.

  34. Hideo Kenta

    Hideo KentaHace 58 minutos

    Is this for real? Why? Was Dora being 5 not enough for them?

  35. plz stop no plz plz stop

    plz stop no plz plz stopHace 59 minutos

  36. Jah N

    Jah NHace 59 minutos

    College humor

  37. excuse me

    excuse meHace 59 minutos

    I better hear lots of Spanish in this movie.

  38. Betty Prieto

    Betty PrietoHace 59 minutos

    The fuck Diego looks like a Mexican crip

  39. iJabs

    iJabsHace 59 minutos

    Where is our live action Ben-10 smh

  40. Akriti Sharma

    Akriti SharmaHace 59 minutos

    Do you see the bridge??

  41. Wooli e

    Wooli eHace 59 minutos

    Why tho

  42. Fernadad

    FernadadHace 59 minutos


  43. spideychick99

    spideychick99Hace 59 minutos

    Dora is so pretty!!

  44. Music Box

    Music BoxHace 59 minutos

    Can’t tell if this is genius or trolling...

  45. 1dogissky

    1dogisskyHace 59 minutos

    Wtf? Dora never went to school

  46. Jay

    JayHace 59 minutos

    OMG I'm so excited to see this movie! Said no one...

  47. Lil Jimmy

    Lil JimmyHace 59 minutos

    Boots is one thicc bitch

  48. Honestly

    HonestlyHace 59 minutos

    I went to trending and accidentally pressed this..... *i am s h o o k*

  49. Martha Martinez

    Martha MartinezHace 59 minutos

    Waiting for GO Diego GO NOW

  50. Murray Jones

    Murray JonesHace 59 minutos

    Well this looks awful

  51. Felipe Cudina

    Felipe CudinaHace 59 minutos

    go diego go

  52. Shoals gang Gang

    Shoals gang GangHace 59 minutos

    I wonder what the fucking map looks like 😂

  53. Advertiser Friendly Memes

    Advertiser Friendly MemesHace 59 minutos

    Dora's true love is Pink Guy

  54. Kristal Ragbir

    Kristal RagbirHace 59 minutos

    WTF!! Give the freaking movie a chance.. I've seen worse haven't U guys??🙉

  55. Jeffrey X

    Jeffrey XHace 59 minutos

    Where's the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie trailer at Paramount?

  56. Isaiah Freeman

    Isaiah FreemanHace 59 minutos

    Just looking at all the adults being critical of a children’s movie like it was made for them smh.. to me looks like a movie my daughter will enjoy with a couple of laughs for me thrown in..

  57. Nicholas Meyer

    Nicholas MeyerHace un hora

    We want Dora the Destroyer...

  58. Areguil

    AreguilHace un hora

    This can't be real The hell were they thinking?

  59. sussy jay

    sussy jayHace un hora

    If this gets 1k likes and I get 1k subs I’ll actually watch it And I’ll do a review on the movie...

  60. Gerrago the Allidile

    Gerrago the AllidileHace un hora

    Oh my God...

  61. Zedd

    ZeddHace un hora

    so spy kids 4: Dora edition?

  62. Jaguar blog

    Jaguar blogHace un hora

    Va a haber partes en inglés como antes :v?

  63. Shahnaj Pervin

    Shahnaj PervinHace un hora

    Where the fuck is swiper? SWIPER NO SWIPING

  64. Shinny Doughnut

    Shinny DoughnutHace un hora

    Were tf is the talking map at?

  65. MJ 7

    MJ 7Hace un hora

    Diego looks like James McAvoy from split

  66. Pratham Bali

    Pratham BaliHace un hora

    Is this a joke ?

  67. Khalil T stevens

    Khalil T stevensHace un hora

    Oooo I can't wait for the new Inspiring dog live action movie called CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG

  68. Cool Products

    Cool ProductsHace un hora

    It's like Paramount watched that live action Dora the Explorer trailer that CollegeHumor made, but somehow didn't catch onto the fact that it was a joke.

  69. Rinky Dink

    Rinky DinkHace un hora

    "This is highschool, this is life or death" It's sad how this isn't even hyperbole

  70. Thanos , The Mad Titan

    Thanos , The Mad TitanHace un hora

    what about SWIPER

  71. LekAz

    LekAzHace un hora

    Где жулик пидарасы

  72. Данил Кука

    Данил КукаHace 59 minutos



    DEATHPENALTY392Hace un hora

    Anyone remember when College Humor did a parody about this?

  74. Lovlyn Varadarajan

    Lovlyn VaradarajanHace un hora

    Boots is without his red boots and my four year old is going to be disappointed if there's no swiper in the movie.. He loves yelling swiper no swiping..

  75. Quita Trice

    Quita TriceHace un hora

    I call bullshit.

  76. Данил Кука

    Данил КукаHace un hora

    ГДЕ ЖУЛИК??????ё!!!! ПИДОРЫ

  77. julian tovar

    julian tovarHace un hora

    No mames que asco

  78. SPOT ,The artist.

    SPOT ,The artist.Hace un hora

    Dora: can you find the dislike button?? Me: yes!! Below the video. Dora: where could it be?? Me: fuckin’ argh!!! (Hand clicks on dislike button) Dora: great job!!

  79. TheBlue_Marshmello GACHA

    TheBlue_Marshmello GACHAHace un hora

    Welp... Let’s get ready for Peppa Pig, The movie live action

  80. DarkenHeaven

    DarkenHeavenHace un hora

    Bruh even dora ok I need a Tom and Jerry Live movie next and a ED EDD N EDDY movie

  81. I'm Sorry

    I'm SorryHace un hora

    Maybe she's going to get a GPS of some sort and realise that it can "speak". Most of all I want boots to speak. And maybe a fox appears and steals something from them? Swiper. I have to remember that this isn't Marvel or Disney. So I'll wonder how they'll introduce such iconic things into the film. And if they don't play a cool orchestral remix of the theme song during the movie and full blast it at the end then I don't know. I wonder what the OST looks like. Shakira ft. Cardi B - No Swiping Followed by a new viral dance move. Though we all know that whatever the case may be, one thing is guaranteed -memes.

  82. melvv.

    melvv.Hace un hora

    Even though it’s a Dora film, it actually looks ok..

  83. alan fabian

    alan fabianHace un hora

    Oh my God! What's next? It's even low-key racist? ikd

  84. StoneBoy 007

    StoneBoy 007Hace un hora


  85. MrzPear

    MrzPearHace un hora

    Why is Dora thicc?

  86. Joel Maejor

    Joel MaejorHace un hora

    Why. Why why .

  87. 666 subs without a video

    666 subs without a videoHace un hora

    *Seems like Diego is a pedophile*

  88. * E n d e r *

    * E n d e r *Hace un hora

    Aish, first Detective Pikachu then we’re informed about a Sonic movie, now a Dora one what the heckity heck is next PAW PATROL?

  89. Lina Kermad

    Lina KermadHace un hora

    I'm going to pretend like i've never seen this...

  90. Rebel gaming

    Rebel gamingHace un hora

    Why wasn't this sooner

  91. Julius Lopez

    Julius LopezHace un hora

    Yeah, I would’ve watched this 10 years ago, when I was 4 years old. 😄

  92. FU President

    FU PresidentHace un hora

    She’s hot

  93. IX Scxrpio

    IX ScxrpioHace un hora


  94. RaGeBeast

    RaGeBeastHace un hora

    i rather kermit suicide

  95. Eser

    EserHace un hora

    They released this a week too early.

  96. Edward Lepire

    Edward LepireHace un hora

    But why tho?

  97. xx_MelodyGacha_xx

    xx_MelodyGacha_xxHace un hora

    if they don't have the we did It song I'm going to be very disappointed.

  98. Jamie

    JamieHace un hora

    This should be called *Dora takes on the real world*

  99. Derpy neon Dinosaur

    Derpy neon DinosaurHace un hora

    oooh, i can already see the memes happening. soon my friends.. soon >:)

  100. Evan Willson

    Evan WillsonHace un hora

    that fall in the beginning definitely would’ve killed her


    TANGYBERHace un hora

    Boots is the only good part