DON'T KNOCK TWICE (2016) Ending Explained


  1. Johnny Truong

    Johnny TruongHace 26 minutos

    Knocking gets my dogs all crazy so people coming over to my place better TEXT ME when they're outside!

  2. John Smith

    John SmithHace 13 horas

    lol the black guy is immediately killed.

  3. Will McNamara

    Will McNamaraHace 13 horas

    The mom is butt ugly, holy shit she is gross looking

  4. Niggleblade

    NigglebladeHace 17 horas

    No no no, it’s not knock down ginger in the UK 🙈 for sombody that goes so deep in the research, you don’t seem to do that much on us brits 😂. Other than that, great vid as usual 👌🏾

  5. gordon thomas

    gordon thomasHace 2 días

    “Of the plethora of horror movies out there-THIS is one of them”. Awesome

  6. LiL Troll

    LiL TrollHace 2 días

    Could I knock 3 times tho?

  7. PascalFreak

    PascalFreakHace 3 días

    Hello 👋 I’m hiding in the comments

  8. Michael Park

    Michael ParkHace 3 días

    Please do pans laborinth

  9. Bayview Ave

    Bayview AveHace 5 días

    so no one is gonna talk about how the guys laptop says BITCH on it? alright then

  10. Ann Mane

    Ann ManeHace 5 días

    But.. But.. baba yaga is not a demon. She is a witch

  11. Juan Burciaga

    Juan BurciagaHace 7 días

    "Jess is obviously starting to have a HANDLE on how this thing operates" I don't think he knows that he made a pun

  12. Good Crusader Bear

    Good Crusader BearHace 8 días

    I shall knock thrice!

  13. hisyam amiruddin

    hisyam amiruddinHace 8 días

    What happen if i knock thrice?

  14. Holden Rowe (Student)

    Holden Rowe (Student)Hace 8 días

    Buy a two car seater, live in it at night Boom You beat the demon

  15. Ki Kitsune

    Ki KitsuneHace 9 días

    Some thing was bugging me about the title of the movie. For those who have watch Markiplier and others, this was also made into a first person horror game a year later (as in the game was made in 2017).

  16. Zero

    ZeroHace 10 días

    *UNO Revers card* activated

  17. Lil Icy696

    Lil Icy696Hace 11 días

    Omggg you got the movie Society and your background I love that movie so much

  18. Bailey Barr

    Bailey BarrHace 12 días

    its not called knock down ginger its knock knock ginger lol but your not from the uk so i understand lol

  19. jennifer jones

    jennifer jonesHace 12 días

    Why was the husband killed ?

  20. Than Doan

    Than DoanHace 12 días

    i knock the door like 20 to 40 times

  21. Mantha Marie

    Mantha MarieHace 12 días

    the nails getting stuck in her foot gave me a flashback when I got a shard of glass stuck in my foot, there was a lot of blood..

  22. Anime Rink

    Anime RinkHace 13 días

    Don't knock on anyone's door ever

  23. Holly silverwood

    Holly silverwoodHace 13 días

    How did Trina become a slave???

  24. Mr Nice Guy

    Mr Nice GuyHace 14 días

    1. Go up to haunted house 2. Ring the doorbell Profit!!!

  25. Judas Iscariot

    Judas IscariotHace 14 días

    "This is one I honestly hadn't heard of until doing the video but I've had a lot of people consistently asking for it for quite some time." Makes sense.

  26. RedHoodedKnight

    RedHoodedKnightHace 14 días

    To defeat this thing, just hire John Wick. He is the one who you send to kill the fucking boogie man, after all.

  27. darman khan

    darman khanHace 14 días

    Guys I know how to beat the witch rules it’s simple knock 3 times 🤣

  28. matthew elliott

    matthew elliottHace 14 días

    Knock down ginger 😂 pretty sure we call it knock door run or ding dong ditch here in the UK 🇬🇧

  29. SpanielLadGaming

    SpanielLadGamingHace 14 días

    It's called chappy chappy in Britain not "knock down ginger"

  30. A.M.C Bradex

    A.M.C BradexHace 14 días

    It's called knock a door run in UK

  31. Chris Kline

    Chris KlineHace 14 días

    It's rock solid dude.....

  32. v.g. Caro

    v.g. CaroHace 15 días

    Its not the moms fault that the daughter did drugs. It makes no sense how the daughter would be mad aat her mother for betraying her trust by doing drugs

  33. Roselle Cortes

    Roselle CortesHace 15 días

    Tell this to Sheldon. Haha

  34. William Pickett

    William PickettHace 15 días

    I thought it was called Nikki nine doors

  35. Wesley Feickert

    Wesley FeickertHace 15 días

    Just knock three times

  36. CaYlYa

    CaYlYaHace 15 días

    They got Baba Yaga like John wick

  37. Krishna Patel

    Krishna PatelHace 16 días

    I love your channel!!!😁

  38. Alvi Mehmeti

    Alvi MehmetiHace 16 días

    Anyone who watched Ant-man and the Wasp are going to start laughing at the screen in 8:19😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  39. Alvi Mehmeti

    Alvi MehmetiHace 10 días

    @Thiago Zattar have you seen Ant-man and tge wasp

  40. Thiago Zattar

    Thiago ZattarHace 10 días

    Alvi Mehmeti wat ?

  41. Jack Morley

    Jack MorleyHace 17 días

    I see a awesome crossover with the babadook

  42. NoLuckManNoLuck

    NoLuckManNoLuckHace 17 días

    Why did Trina kill Vin? It didn't make sense to me.

  43. Jabez 115

    Jabez 115Hace 17 días

    “Knock down ginger” never heard it being referred to as that being from the uk. Me and my mates called it knock a door run

  44. hi hi

    hi hiHace 18 días

    Cringe 100

  45. Aidy-B97

    Aidy-B97Hace 18 días

    Knock down ginger in the uk well that’s the first I’ve heard of it. We call it knock a door run

  46. Anthony Salazar

    Anthony SalazarHace 19 días

    What if you knock three times ?

  47. Villaboy54321

    Villaboy54321Hace 19 días

    In the UK it's called knock door run never even heard of the ginger ditch you were on about

  48. Dizzy Booth

    Dizzy BoothHace 19 días

    Poor Micheal. He survived all that time only to get nommed anyway.

  49. Skatzi

    SkatziHace 20 días

    *WAIT* ok go

  50. Thomas Filius

    Thomas FiliusHace 21 un día

    bro the cover skin or whatever that is had me dying........... me at 3am going into my parents room because i had a nightmare

  51. Kinoko Miyagisuki

    Kinoko MiyagisukiHace 22 días

    Logged in just to say I love your shirt.

  52. Jay Suma

    Jay SumaHace 22 días

    I’d love it if Sheldon cooper was the protagonist😂😂

  53. Ryan Cornwell

    Ryan CornwellHace 22 días

    It sounds like enchantress

  54. Popovici Filip

    Popovici FilipHace 23 días

    2:15 Jefree star is that you?

  55. First Responder Jones

    First Responder JonesHace 25 días

    anyone notice the weird figure at the railing during the sculpting scene?

  56. derpy Boi

    derpy BoiHace 26 días

    Witch: I bet you won't survive if you knock twice on my door. *John Wick has joined the chat.* *Witch has left the chat*

  57. ThiccBoy Exotic

    ThiccBoy ExoticHace 26 días

    Knocks 3 times

  58. Beetle Juice

    Beetle JuiceHace 27 días

    Called nick nacks

  59. CompanionBlox

    CompanionBloxHace un mes

    Just Find The House Knock Then Go To Diffrent Continent, She Will Never Find You, She Would Have To Search The Whole Earth, How Can She Without Getting Spotted?

  60. Captain Ghillie

    Captain GhillieHace un mes

    What if you keep knocking?

  61. That Some Guy JA

    That Some Guy JAHace un mes

    Good thing I knock at least 3 times

  62. Raeanne Bedard

    Raeanne BedardHace un mes

    I knock seven times as I go to the tune of “shave and a hair cut two bits”

  63. glitchon

    glitchonHace un mes

    baba yaga opens the door! IT'S ME! NOPE baba yaga opens the door! *WICK* ED GOOD! NOPE

  64. Jaskirat

    JaskiratHace un mes

    So we completely ignored 5:29 laptop name being BITCH 😂

  65. UltimateShadowwolf

    UltimateShadowwolfHace un mes

    What do I think will happen if baba yaga's slave doesn't give a sacrifice?

  66. Mysterious Reading

    Mysterious ReadingHace un mes

    okay but why did ben die? the husband

  67. SADmicro

    SADmicroHace un mes

    > switching tabs > zone out and stare at screen 5:44 > scream > beaten by parents

  68. stinky wizzleteats

    stinky wizzleteatsHace un mes

    But it’s rude not to knock and if you knock once they might not hear it

  69. ??? Unknown

    ??? UnknownHace un mes

    I wish hair would melt instead of burning

  70. DABOSS_Fadez

    DABOSS_FadezHace un mes

    Oml 1 ad 😂

  71. illuminae __

    illuminae __Hace un mes

    imagine instead of knocking they call fbi and report a rapist in the house and then 20 swat with assult rifles charge into the house

  72. Efim Maiboroda

    Efim MaiborodaHace un mes

    This movie is nooot accurate about the baba yaga myth

  73. Mortal SNO

    Mortal SNOHace un mes

    5:44 tHaT iS rAcIsT

  74. Kenny Yung

    Kenny YungHace un mes

    plz do The VVitch, that movie confused me so bad

  75. Iva Koleva

    Iva KolevaHace un mes

    For those not wondering, 'baba' actually means grandma

  76. adrian

    adrianHace un mes

    I knock 3 times 2 is just psycho

  77. Adam Poniatowski

    Adam PoniatowskiHace un mes

    in case someone is wondering what Mary said in polish... she says "sorry" or "I apologize" before slitting her own throat

  78. 1,000,000subscriber challenge

    1,000,000subscriber challengeHace un mes

    Cars have doors too-

  79. Gherman the First Hunter

    Gherman the First HunterHace un mes

    Why she pose like that

  80. dantdm is a burger

    dantdm is a burgerHace un mes

    Howe dose he watch all the movies

  81. DebatingOrange

    DebatingOrangeHace un mes

    “Knock down ginger” boi it’s KNOCK KNOCK GINGER😂

  82. tekryn

    tekrynHace un mes

    I always called it. Knock a Door and Run. Or shorter Knockerdorun .

  83. A Really long Peen

    A Really long PeenHace un mes

    Who only knocks twice? Everybody knocks like 10 times to get the owner's attention.