DON'T KNOCK TWICE (2016) Ending Explained


  1. Satou Kazuma

    Satou KazumaHace 15 horas

    Who the hell knock twice I always knock 2 and a half times

  2. Tavi T

    Tavi THace un día

    Her not using the door: Me: you smart im loyal.. im grateful

  3. Jeff Olsen

    Jeff OlsenHace 2 días

    Stop yelling!

  4. AnimeAddict

    AnimeAddictHace 3 días

    fun fact : baba yaga is actually the name of a witch in Russian children's stories so have fun with that information if you didn't already know that

  5. ClutchKarma2

    ClutchKarma2Hace 3 días

    Why even reference Baba Yaga if none of Baba Yaga's traditional lore is mentioned (hut with chicken legs, flying in a mortar and pestle, fence made from the spiked skulls of her victims, etc.)

  6. Cameron Tyrrell

    Cameron TyrrellHace 6 días

    Only thing I don't get. Why Kill Ben? He never knocked.

  7. abbie riley

    abbie rileyHace 7 días

    I knocked twice

  8. Cory Brown

    Cory BrownHace 8 días

    i’m watching the movie right now and i can’t tell if they’re just frequently using shaky cam or if i’m just super drunk lol

  9. XXX BloxAay

    XXX BloxAayHace 11 días

    Who is also bingewatching His video's and didnt even watch movie

  10. Isaiah Matedne

    Isaiah MatedneHace 9 días


  11. Isaac Wheeler

    Isaac WheelerHace 11 días

    Its only ding dong ginger in London most call it knock and run

  12. Leo Morgan

    Leo MorganHace 14 días

    Mon the hoops lol

  13. Keeper

    KeeperHace 15 días

    Imagine the premise of your movie being "lmao these idiots decide to ding dong ditch a haunted house"

  14. Galactic Bacon

    Galactic BaconHace 15 días

    Babayaga killed John wick's dog

  15. Rando Wiratama

    Rando WiratamaHace 15 días

    better send john wick

  16. The Ultimate Oh-No

    The Ultimate Oh-NoHace 15 días

    Jess is thicc as fuckkkk. I'd love to smack that, and Chloe is cute also.

  17. Molly Grace

    Molly GraceHace 16 días

    I’m confused as to why you call her Trina and tira when in fact her name is just tira

  18. PongoXBongo

    PongoXBongoHace 17 días

    So, the kids got their comeuppance for knocking, eh? I see no problem here. Pranksters bring it upon themselves.

  19. i like dank memes

    i like dank memesHace 17 días

    What happens if u wake her?

  20. OnyxMG

    OnyxMGHace 18 días


  21. Matthew Chaisuwan

    Matthew ChaisuwanHace 18 días

    But why did Treena had to kill Ben though? I don't get it

  22. Daniel Rowland

    Daniel RowlandHace 18 días

    In the uk it has many different names, where I live it’s knock a door run

  23. Wood Woo

    Wood WooHace 19 días

    Raise your hand if you’ve heard any English person call it ‘Knock Down Ginger’ *cricket noises* P.S. I’m English and we call it Knock-a-door Run

  24. Ben P

    Ben PHace 20 días

    So tired of these movies with mixed-species relationships. We look the way we do for a reason. Natural selection has given me white skin and green eyes for a reason. Mixing destroys hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection and replaces all of these features with a single one: brown. Fucking abhorrent. Have some love for yourself and your race. Do I even need to say who's behind this? The J word.

  25. Dawud AbdYAHU Bn-YasharAL

    Dawud AbdYAHU Bn-YasharALHace 20 días

    i Love FoundFlix! (you can watch a 2 hour movie in 20-30 minutes) saves a LOT of time!

  26. Rahman Khan

    Rahman KhanHace 21 un día

    Who's say bogeyman Mr wick is here Just give me the address and sleep well Madame. Now john is wick bogeyman because he killed him.

  27. Marc Sarpei

    Marc SarpeiHace 21 un día

    Dont knock twice? Good, i do the Sheldon Cooper and knock three times

  28. PlannedWolf 4002

    PlannedWolf 4002Hace 21 un día

    I remember watching this with my cousin in our camping trailer in the middle of East Texas woods at like 1. It was pitch black and I heard a knock on the side of the camper. I freaked out and looked out and it was just a stray dog. What makes it worse it our door doesnt close, we used a wire to keep the door closed.

  29. Dynamic Dogs

    Dynamic DogsHace 21 un día

    *knocks dos times*

  30. SeMperfi Patriot

    SeMperfi PatriotHace 23 días

    ding dong ditch from New England, it's known as knock knock zoom zoom which I kinda like sound that better

  31. Tracey O'Brien

    Tracey O'BrienHace 25 días

    So I watched this to see if you explained why she killed the guy at the end. Still none the wiser 😕

  32. NotReallyABlessing

    NotReallyABlessingHace 25 días

    Ending explained? You summarize the entire movie needlessly and spend little time on the actual topic suggested in your title.

  33. Ella Forlin

    Ella ForlinHace 22 días

    NotReallyABlessing whatever. It’s still a good video, and explaining the entire movie helps to explain the ending.

  34. Horny

    HornyHace 25 días

    What if I knock 3 times?

  35. A walrus from space baba

    A walrus from space babaHace 22 días

    Idk man

  36. Creeper

    CreeperHace 25 días

    13:36 is when I see pizza

  37. Om Abdulla

    Om AbdullaHace 25 días

    جني حشى

  38. nightlash shovnadze

    nightlash shovnadzeHace 26 días

    its comming ;D


    SCP-500 [DATA EXPUNGED]Hace 26 días

    5:23 Nice computer brand there.

  40. ZaphGaming

    ZaphGamingHace 28 días

    wow all that just for them to get fked in the end......

  41. ZaphGaming

    ZaphGamingHace 28 días

    wait, that's the wife from Oculus....

  42. crystalblue

    crystalblueHace 28 días

    So how is there a recording of the interrogation of mary if the camera is set up on a tripod within the shot of that recording? I guess 2 camers, but why would that be and why was it facing boardman? Also how did tia or what ever her name was get ahold of that recording....

  43. TreyTrey22

    TreyTrey22Hace 28 días

    Literally explained the movie and still confused on the ending left with more questions.

  44. John wick

    John wickHace un mes

    I mean me

  45. John wick

    John wickHace un mes

    I agree John will kill the fake fucking boogeyman

  46. John wick

    John wickHace un mes

    Hahaha he's laptop says bitch

  47. AssassinWolf Gaming

    AssassinWolf GamingHace un mes


  48. Ya Boi Tom

    Ya Boi TomHace un mes

    What if you knock three times?

  49. X treme

    X tremeHace un mes

    Me whisper: the fbi...

  50. Hi-TechGaming23

    Hi-TechGaming23Hace un mes

    Woulda beat that things ass into the ground

  51. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur MorganHace un mes

    Knock knock who's der knock knock *DON'T KNOCK TWICE*

  52. Dakuu75

    Dakuu75Hace un mes

    9:06 "Whata ya mean mom? I found it on the internet, it's rock-solid dude!" lol

  53. Erick Chavez

    Erick ChavezHace un mes

    Have you done el hijo oh the boy on Netflix?

  54. HamHamSky

    HamHamSkyHace un mes

    Who the fuck in the UK is saying "knock down ginger" ?? We called it "Knock On Door, Run" 'cause we're kids we suck at naming things

  55. Mr Bystander

    Mr BystanderHace un mes

    5:22 what’s that computer brand 🤣🤣🤣

  56. Dead Rose

    Dead RoseHace un mes

    I love the Aliens shirt. I need to get one. Good movie series.

  57. Jinx Herron

    Jinx HerronHace un mes

    his computer brand is literally called “bitch”

  58. Colin Moran

    Colin MoranHace un mes

    I don’t even watch these movies. I just find these videos intertaining

  59. Sitano Moto

    Sitano MotoHace un mes

    ESreporter game me a happy ad before this video. Thank you, ESreporter.

  60. warhol1992

    warhol1992Hace un mes

    Your channel popped up on my Recommend and ive been binging on your channel ever sense.

  61. ellcap Campaign

    ellcap CampaignHace un mes

    Teenager these days..

  62. ellcap Campaign

    ellcap CampaignHace un mes

    Smh, and y'all dumbass gone knock anyways

  63. Dexter

    DexterHace un mes

    Wouldn't the mother have been chosen anyway? Seems like they both ended up facing the same demon.