Don't Drop the ANVIL on Your Family's Expensive Items Challenge!!


  1. Fullicelunive :

    Fullicelunive :Hace 18 horas

    Sarah is hot

  2. Banana Studs

    Banana StudsHace 19 horas

    Joey got the genes that don’t look similar to the parents even the salty gene

  3. CR Zone

    CR ZoneHace 22 horas

    omg what if they brought a puppy and the anvil fell on it

  4. Sarah N

    Sarah NHace un día

    My name is also Sarah

  5. Alexis Wuis

    Alexis WuisHace un día

    You guys are the best and the funniest in the universe

  6. Amari Johnson

    Amari JohnsonHace un día

    Most people put there stuff in the same spot as the last person but nana survived and got a new tv 👏🏽☺️😊

  7. ReTro clan!!! -Fortnite

    ReTro clan!!! -FortniteHace 2 días

    That’s Mathias

  8. JC Barudesu

    JC BarudesuHace 2 días

    13:33 Lil' Babs Jokes 🤣🤣🤣

  9. NateDa Artist

    NateDa ArtistHace 2 días

    Lol! J-Fred and Matt resembles and acts just like their father! Matt mostly acts like his dad

  10. Melissa Williams

    Melissa WilliamsHace 2 días

    So Bryan is married to Joey & Mathias' sister and somehow bobby is a cousin?

  11. Gibs Lewiston

    Gibs LewistonHace 2 días

    This is obviously staged they always chose it to go on the right

  12. Hussein Alwaely

    Hussein AlwaelyHace 2 días

    j freds dad sounds like, looks like and thinks like matt its amazing

  13. Tasty Apple Gaming

    Tasty Apple GamingHace 2 días

    iM goNNa sMAsh iT >:0

  14. sanchez97

    sanchez97Hace 2 días

    Bryan’s wife looks sooooo much like Matthias

  15. Cason Holman

    Cason HolmanHace 2 días

    Sub to mr beast

  16. LittleLeagueGaming

    LittleLeagueGamingHace 3 días

    Kevin looks like marvin

  17. Kim Lewellen

    Kim LewellenHace 4 días

    Sarah face looks exactly like her brothers matthis

  18. Megan Roderick

    Megan RoderickHace 4 días

    That’s the second time Kevin went in for a hug and got stuff on him😂

  19. corin noob

    corin noobHace 4 días

    She looks like clean shaven mithius with boobs.

  20. Ally Hogan

    Ally HoganHace 5 días

    Couldn’t the person smashing look through the hole at the ground


    JASON LIANGHace 5 días


  22. Levi and Jaxson

    Levi and JaxsonHace 5 días

    Hammer toenail

  23. Maya Torres

    Maya TorresHace 5 días

    Matt looks like his dad



    It would’ve been sad if Kevin’s prize was a puppy and it would get smashed there would be blood everywhere

  25. TutifrutiJ _ R

    TutifrutiJ _ RHace 6 días

    Loll “choose far”

  26. HM28 Gaming

    HM28 GamingHace 6 días

    Bro j freds dad is the mix of Joey and matt

  27. can we hit this video with 10,000 likez

    can we hit this video with 10,000 likezHace 6 días

    Bryan and j fred look the same

  28. Tristian Reynolds

    Tristian ReynoldsHace 6 días

    Brian's wife looks oddly like Matthias

  29. Ramy Elfaggal

    Ramy ElfaggalHace 7 días

    J-fred screaming "smash it" had me dying😂😂

  30. MexicanRobinHood

    MexicanRobinHoodHace 7 días

    am i the only one who thinks these videos are fake and scripted

  31. Kermit

    KermitHace 7 días

    Why does blondie look like mat

  32. Koadie Holder

    Koadie HolderHace 7 días

    J- Fred’s dad looks just like Mathias

  33. Shadow Ninja

    Shadow NinjaHace 8 días

    Lo key looks like j freds bother

  34. wyattpk

    wyattpkHace 8 días

    they are all a big family

  35. 420jaidyn

    420jaidynHace 8 días

    Dude I can't stop laughing 1:56

  36. Brobro 5560

    Brobro 5560Hace 8 días

    Sara looks like Matt

  37. Keaton Trent

    Keaton TrentHace 9 días

    Joey's dad looks like Mathias

  38. Gina Sntiago

    Gina SntiagoHace 9 días

    Matthias looks so much like his dad

  39. IzabelleLiam Gaskarth

    IzabelleLiam GaskarthHace 9 días


  40. IzabelleLiam Gaskarth

    IzabelleLiam GaskarthHace 9 días

    J-fred looks likes fat

  41. buddy6584

    buddy6584Hace 9 días

    J-Fred: "I am gonna destory everything you love" His dad: 😀

  42. Alcase

    AlcaseHace 10 días

    you aint getting a high powered PC for $500 XD

  43. Chris Bratten

    Chris BrattenHace 11 días

    Cool j Fred good gay and Bobby good gay and Byran good gay 🤖🤖🤖👻👻👻💣💣💣

  44. - VULGAR ?¿?

    - VULGAR ?¿?Hace 11 días

    i died when it popped on jfred

  45. Robbie Rotten

    Robbie RottenHace 11 días

    Wait…So Technically They Are All Related?

  46. Kaylee Kennedy

    Kaylee KennedyHace 11 días

    Wait so Bobby and Jfred are cousins Bryan and Joey are brothers in law and Matthias and Jfred are brothers they are all basically a family

  47. Kaden Chapa

    Kaden ChapaHace 11 días

    Billy is Bobby with a beard

  48. Meme Kids9

    Meme Kids9Hace 11 días

    I haven’t watched Team Edgein FOREVER

  49. Hanky plays Games

    Hanky plays GamesHace 12 días

    I got a dyson ad on this vid

  50. Jr. Mac

    Jr. MacHace 12 días

    The Needy The Speedy Awkward silence* The Diabetes Eyyyy!!!!

  51. Crybaby 116

    Crybaby 116Hace 12 días

    Oml joes dad is so funny

  52. Molly Gibbons

    Molly GibbonsHace 12 días

    J-fred and Matthias's father looks almost exactly like Matthias

  53. Polaroid TXX

    Polaroid TXXHace 12 días

    *WE'RE GONNA SMASH IT* !!!!!!!

  54. Jaz Tlatelpa

    Jaz TlatelpaHace 12 días

    I'm so surprised... How does j Fred have the same trunks I have

  55. Killa The gamer

    Killa The gamerHace 12 días

    Bryan’s wife looks like Mathias

  56. Memes and funny videos

    Memes and funny videosHace 12 días

    Only OGs remember the weird intro with Bryan, Joey, and Matt

  57. kamcnew

    kamcnewHace 13 días

    And 2015 i was here

  58. kamcnew

    kamcnewHace 13 días

    I have been here since like 2016 or 2017 with u guys when they were first starting i love them so much

  59. Hannah Christian

    Hannah ChristianHace 13 días

    I love nana

  60. Mackers 4897

    Mackers 4897Hace 13 días

    Joey, Sarah and Matt's dad looks just like Matt! And partially talks like him too

  61. Mackers 4897

    Mackers 4897Hace 13 días

    1:12 Joey is the best brother; *throws a paper towel roll at her* *becomes Satan two seconds after*

  62. TARDISfan AJ

    TARDISfan AJHace 13 días

    For those who don't know Sarah is J-Fred and Matt's sister.

  63. Person Person

    Person PersonHace 14 días

    Joes dad AKA Mat in 15 years

  64. Moonlight Sunshine

    Moonlight SunshineHace 14 días

    SOOO..... J-Fred Matt is his brother Sarah is their sister Bobby is Matt, j-Fred and Sarah’s cousin billy is his brother Brian is Matt’s and j-Fred’s husband in law Sarah is his wife Wooowwwww tell me if I got something wrong

  65. Abdaal Zeb

    Abdaal ZebHace 15 días

    If you look at the roop of the anvil you know which anvil is going to fall like if you noticed

  66. Babe Baseball

    Babe BaseballHace 15 días

    5:00 Mattias??? Ik for a fact his dad did not looked like that

  67. Bizarre Reality Buckets

    Bizarre Reality BucketsHace 15 días

    Anyone: ...... J-Fred : that’s too much He’ll never make it Lollll 12:43

  68. Ani y Mimi

    Ani y MimiHace 16 días


  69. Sarah Smalls

    Sarah SmallsHace 16 días

    " I don't speak sign language" - Bryan, yeah none of us do but I can sign it and understand it ;)

  70. L'il Gray Wolf Gatcha

    L'il Gray Wolf GatchaHace 16 días

    You know what the sad thing is Joey's dad looks and sounds like mattias I'm so confused ????????????? Is everybody in team edge related

  71. Äŷšhå Æ

    Äŷšhå ÆHace 15 días

    Yeah that’s because Matthias and Joey are brothers meaning Joey’s dad is also Matthias’s dad

  72. Unfairkibbles3

    Unfairkibbles3Hace 16 días

    Sarah is a thicc Mathias

  73. Nikolas Zepeda

    Nikolas ZepedaHace 16 días

    Billy/ speedy/diabetes looks exactly like Bobby with facial hair

  74. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur MorganHace 17 días

    This is rigged for veiws

  75. neoski jones

    neoski jonesHace 17 días

    Diamonds are worthless anyways lol if you think they have any value past construction then your a sheep to the great diamond scam at the begging of the 1900 lol you can actualy go to Africa and walk out of a diamond mine with a handful of uncut small diamonds

  76. Andre gaming142006

    Andre gaming142006Hace 17 días

    Pause your video and look at Bryans wife she looks like Matt or Matthias if that's how you spell it or write it.

  77. FaZe Sharkx23

    FaZe Sharkx23Hace 17 días

    I feel bad for j Fred’s dad

  78. __Son_Goku__

    __Son_Goku__Hace 18 días

    Matthias and his dad look like twins

  79. Lee Nathan V. Dela Cruz

    Lee Nathan V. Dela CruzHace 18 días

    The funny part is brayan talking to us he said ''the speedy the nide bobby said the diabeaty Billy

  80. Paradox Gaming

    Paradox GamingHace 18 días


  81. Avoumen

    AvoumenHace 19 días

    Wtf is this challenge?

  82. victor_killers11

    victor_killers11Hace 19 días

    It smell like rich in there

  83. Perfect Masters

    Perfect MastersHace 19 días

    Who misses matt

  84. brandi munger

    brandi mungerHace 19 días

    Omg Matthias looks sooo much like his dad

  85. Alexander Patt

    Alexander PattHace 19 días

    karma is a bi**ch

  86. Kahlis M.

    Kahlis M.Hace 19 días

    Mathias looks just like his dad Edit: Matt dad looks like Matt in the future.

  87. Horse Lover

    Horse LoverHace 19 días

    Sarah, I would make Bryan or force him to buy you a new bracelet. ( I hope Bryan reads this)

  88. Gacha Cookies

    Gacha CookiesHace 20 días

    3:14 is me when I see food

  89. HyperPengu

    HyperPenguHace 20 días

    i might be wrong but isn't kevin the security guard at hi-5 studio? i might be wrong but im pretty sure he is :/ im confused now

  90. Illiana Arterburn

    Illiana ArterburnHace 20 días

    joeys dad looks like old mathiath

  91. S & S

    S & SHace 20 días

    How many brothers does Brian have?

  92. BlueGum Gamer

    BlueGum GamerHace 20 días


  93. Shaun Hamilton

    Shaun HamiltonHace 20 días

    did no one catch the part where jfred said at 12:10 Fan-cy XDXDXD

  94. fawkmee

    fawkmeeHace 20 días

    Bryan:Can some1 git me a ladder? Me:I don’t know can I?!

  95. Blaze Wolf

    Blaze WolfHace 20 días

    J-Fred’s dad looks like Mathias

  96. Ravenclaw Home channel

    Ravenclaw Home channelHace 21 un día

    Where’s Matthias

  97. Brandon Flores

    Brandon FloresHace 21 un día

    sara is thicc like if u agree

  98. Americus Squibb

    Americus SquibbHace 21 un día


  99. Kodez_Gaming 42

    Kodez_Gaming 42Hace 21 un día

    Im definitely like Joey... IM GONNA SMASH IT

  100. Pitty Man

    Pitty ManHace 21 un día

    How does Brian have a wife.

  101. Pitty Man

    Pitty ManHace 21 un día


  102. El Drago Meme lord

    El Drago Meme lordHace 21 un día

    I can see Matthias In your dad thay look identical