Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!


  1. maharany baratama

    maharany baratamaHace un hora

    Semoga tayang di indonesia, film yg di tunggu2

  2. Cozmic Firefly

    Cozmic FireflyHace un hora

    I am Persian, and Jasmine is my favorite princess, and I had a crush on Aladdin, so it would have been nice to see them played by Persian actors. I would have LOVED for Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx to have played Jasmine. But, I'm still super excited!!!

  3. Kendri: Tráiler de películas

    Kendri: Tráiler de películasHace 3 horas

    espectacular trailer yo tambien subi trailer pero como este no guaoooooo que espactacular me gusta tengo un canal para que la persona que les gusta el cine lo vean

  4. : Kímúrā :

    : Kímúrā :Hace 3 horas

    When the Trailer Ends..... IT’S REWIND TIME!

  5. sanji A

    sanji AHace 3 horas

    cant wait

  6. Katherine McBean

    Katherine McBeanHace 3 horas

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like her voice? 🙃

  7. Gam3Streamer23

    Gam3Streamer23Hace 5 horas


  8. Annika Boman

    Annika BomanHace 5 horas


  9. ArmyBea kyalo

    ArmyBea kyaloHace 5 horas

    If the parrot doesn't talk or give out funny comebacks am going to be very upset

  10. Mihir Gandhi

    Mihir GandhiHace 5 horas

    I'm going to watch this movie just for Will Smith

  11. I hate that I love you so much

    I hate that I love you so muchHace 6 horas

    Better than t series

  12. Thefollower Gamer

    Thefollower GamerHace 6 horas

    So wonderfull. I wanna see it.

  13. lola brini

    lola briniHace 6 horas

    why disney cartoon princes always look better tho? Order of hotness: #1 ariel guy #2 pocahontas one #3 all the rest

  14. nabila -momo

    nabila -momoHace 7 horas

    I'm sorry but he looks 'nothing' like an arab 😕

  15. Mayasheikh Ali.asghar

    Mayasheikh Ali.asgharHace 7 horas

    Its looks like an indian version of aladdin Btw trailer was more than awesome♥ anxiously waiting for this movie Song wassss just more than i expect...just love it♥♥

  16. Tanvir Bhatti

    Tanvir BhattiHace 7 horas

    Even Disney's name couldn't hide from Thanos snap 1:37

  17. 3dssolidsnake

    3dssolidsnakeHace 8 horas

    Arabia sure does look funny this time around...

  18. Police Channel

    Police ChannelHace 9 horas


  19. Police Channel

    Police ChannelHace 9 horas

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  20. Police Channel

    Police ChannelHace 9 horas

    Mọi người đăng ký sub minh voi

  21. Lindsay Ballif

    Lindsay BallifHace 9 horas

    I would rather see starkid’s twisted a thousand times more, because we all know Jafar is just misunderstood.

  22. Ramesh Chandra

    Ramesh ChandraHace 9 horas

    Aladdin naam toh suna hoga

  23. Lunar

    LunarHace 9 horas

    I’m preforming Aladdin at the walnut street theater

  24. Roxy Palomino

    Roxy PalominoHace 10 horas

    Bien bien lleno mis expetativas no como kim posible lo unico que falto mejor traje jazmin porque parece disfraz no un traje gala.


    MOVIE FUNHace 10 horas

    Yes 😃😃😃😃😃👏👍

  26. rajan khare

    rajan khareHace 10 horas

    hindi trailor????

  27. rajan khare

    rajan khareHace 10 horas

    hindi traler kb milega

  28. Cai

    CaiHace 10 horas

    We didn’t need a sequel to the Prince of Bel-Aire

  29. Lê Trọng Linh

    Lê Trọng LinhHace 11 horas

    Can you help me Sub Channel ... I promise to fully Sub for you guys Thanks very much ....!!!

  30. Lord DuckingTon

    Lord DuckingTonHace 11 horas

    *Why the fuck is everyone so damn young?!*

  31. anime senpai

    anime senpaiHace 11 horas

    Okay not gonna lie, I want Zayn Malik as Aladdin and Selena Gomez as Princess Jasmine. They're both singers, bonus eh?

  32. shuaib Shaikh

    shuaib ShaikhHace 11 horas

    greate beutifull aladdin I like! so nice! super!

  33. Hammad Malik

    Hammad MalikHace 11 horas

    Funny ghost.....

  34. Yes! i'm disgusting!

    Yes! i'm disgusting!Hace 11 horas

    I want to watch it actually I dont judge by the trailers so im gonna watch it on cinemas if the movie really is interesting

  35. Fareeha Irfan

    Fareeha IrfanHace 11 horas

    No One: JK Rowling: The Genie Will Smith is actually Green Shrek

  36. Always New

    Always NewHace 12 horas

    After mogli this is another..!! Proud to be Indian.

  37. Ninja ScruffTuna

    Ninja ScruffTunaHace 13 horas

    Happy to see the carpet back in action

  38. Aastha Singh

    Aastha SinghHace 14 horas

    Looked like a Bollywood movie in the start LMAO

  39. I Love Evie

    I Love EvieHace 14 horas

    Wow ❤️❤️

  40. Raze Stigma

    Raze StigmaHace 15 horas

    Most cast looks like from India not middle east

  41. Swag BRUH

    Swag BRUHHace 15 horas

    Am i the only one who is expecting for some *Fresh* New will smith meme?

  42. Arnold Teras

    Arnold TerasHace 15 horas

    I know this movie had lots of hard work....but I don't personally think this looks anything like what ancient Arabia really looked like, historically. It looks more like ancient India in Bollywood films, maybe.

  43. poonam sharma

    poonam sharmaHace 17 horas

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  44. Queeney baby

    Queeney babyHace 17 horas

    Mena Massoud's voice is so captivating/sexy....just like Leonardo's in Titanic 😘

  45. Maria Jose Hernandez Gonzalez

    Maria Jose Hernandez GonzalezHace 17 horas

    Assassin's Creed looks pretty good in the beginning

  46. Nebula Jumper

    Nebula JumperHace 18 horas

    Is this a big budget Bollywood movie?

  47. Sarah Kim

    Sarah KimHace 18 horas

    Ahhhahhah that's hot

  48. awesomebob77

    awesomebob77Hace 18 horas

    Won't really be a "whole new world," since it's the same exact world from the original

  49. angela ghoul

    angela ghoulHace 18 horas

    whoa this looks epiccccc

  50. Happy to Help

    Happy to HelpHace 18 horas

    The Evergreen Story of Arabian Night

  51. Sagar Sahu

    Sagar SahuHace 19 horas


  52. Swarlok Samadder

    Swarlok SamadderHace 19 horas

    Doesn't it look like a Bollywood film?

  53. WaterlemonTheArtist

    WaterlemonTheArtistHace 19 horas

    Ok I gotta admit, it doesn't look quite as bad anymore.

  54. Moose726

    Moose726Hace 19 horas

    Need a new jafar. Needs to have a deeper evil'ish voice

  55. Charlie and friends

    Charlie and friendsHace 20 horas

    2:07 Disney's Aladdin logo

  56. fatalaxis 93

    fatalaxis 93Hace 20 horas

    Ahhhh! Thats not... Hot

  57. fatalaxis 93

    fatalaxis 93Hace 20 horas

    Robin williams can only be the genie! Point blank, disney should have left this film in cartoon

  58. Spocaps Rollnum

    Spocaps RollnumHace 21 un hora


  59. Quang Quach

    Quang QuachHace 21 un hora

    The trailer starts at 1:37

  60. Sara Schertzberg

    Sara SchertzbergHace 21 un hora


  61. Jeff Newton

    Jeff NewtonHace 21 un hora

    0:53 yeah it's rewind time

  62. Clarisse Gemrose

    Clarisse GemroseHace 21 un hora

    Ahhhh goose bumps when they started singing

  63. Razz Razz

    Razz RazzHace 22 horas

    Robin William's RIP, you still the best. On the other hand. Yassss, will watch 💯

  64. 向你祖母問好

    向你祖母問好Hace 22 horas

    Are we going to find out Aladdin was gay all along ?

  65. gamestory

    gamestoryHace 23 horas

    I like how they've done the genie. His original form, but also making him mask himself as human, in order to obviously not stand out. Looking forward to this, might watch it with my wife.

  66. Penny Lane

    Penny LaneHace un día

    1:49 😍😍😮epic

  67. John

    JohnHace un día

    1:23 Spirit of Robin Williams *Look how they massacred my boy*

  68. Baru Curry

    Baru CurryHace un día

    He should of been white Alladdin was white.

  69. Astronaut Singh

    Astronaut SinghHace un día

    0:05 Casino Royale

  70. Aji Nt3awdo

    Aji Nt3awdoHace un día


  71. Daria Drou

    Daria DrouHace un día

    From 1:45 i began to feel that I'm excited to see the movie, before that NOT AT ALL

  72. Penny Lane

    Penny LaneHace un día

    Who is this guy he is so handsome, I can’t believe they went the extra mile to make this so legit😍 I love Disney

  73. King Candy

    King CandyHace un día

    What the hell is wrong with abu's face!!!!

  74. zohar the king

    zohar the kingHace un día

    1:48 Is it just me or does this sound like hollaback girl?


    [WUT]WOOMY MCHace un día


  76. Scott Fitzgerald

    Scott FitzgeraldHace un día

    At 1:07 when the Genie circles around Aladdin, I can see a facial silhouette of the original animated genie.

  77. Αλέξανδρος Παναγιωτίδης

    Αλέξανδρος ΠαναγιωτίδηςHace un día

    That is one big Bird

  78. O

    OHace un día

    Fati Jamali : a moroccan actress and miss arab beauty would've been the perfect jasmine !

  79. Firos Khan

    Firos KhanHace un día

    ഇത് പൊളിക്കും

  80. Warren305

    Warren305Hace un día

    Don't you dare close your gdamn eyes

  81. Micah Dean

    Micah DeanHace un día

    Is Jafar trying to sound like he’s selling essential oils?

  82. blue mochi

    blue mochiHace un día

    Gonna be epic!

  83. marcus alexander

    marcus alexanderHace un día

    We all know we have this movie on bluray already lol esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-NE5v5zpPKVU.html

  84. Dendi Handian

    Dendi HandianHace un día

    sacha baron cohen's aladeen is more arabic than this alaadin

  85. Japra Barkah

    Japra BarkahHace un día

    Where is theme song a whole new world i am ready to play ?

  86. AnimaLover

    AnimaLoverHace un día

    I love her voice in “a whole new world”

  87. Elvis Van

    Elvis VanHace un día

    _🌆9PM Mar 25 2019~_

  88. Panipai

    PanipaiHace un día

    *worried about the quality of jafar though*

  89. Hello World

    Hello WorldHace un día

    Indian version of Aladdin.

  90. keithrig

    keithrigHace un día

    I wonder if this will be similar to Disney's California Adventure "Aladdin Musical", which was fantastic.

  91. Ezen Tv

    Ezen TvHace un día

    Looks amazing

  92. Saddam leo

    Saddam leoHace un día


  93. Mr Potato

    Mr PotatoHace un día

    What made the OG stand out.... Robin williams as Genie and Lea salonga and Brad kane's A whole new world....and back in those times where jafar Sounded Scary

  94. David Adinuba

    David AdinubaHace un día

    Wait... isn’t that Mel from Lemonade Mouth playing Jasmine

  95. A KEI

    A KEIHace un día

    Arabic-Indian mixed Aladdin lol The Male side Arabic with costumes styles etc...female side Indian lol.. Were they trying to show Scott's Indian blood with it. Not cool lol It's pretty, but Jasmine for the 100th time is not Indian... Even dance lol And again LOL I surely will watch this to see in full colors.

  96. Death and Doohickey’s

    Death and Doohickey’sHace un día

    Hey Disney you cooking memes again? They smell good.



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  98. lulu

    luluHace un día

    so this is what mo gets up to when lemonade mouth isn’t on tour

  99. lulu

    luluHace un día

    i still can’t believe will smith is genie

  100. sajid Abdul

    sajid AbdulHace un día

    Now finally American realised jinnie is not white😌😌