Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!


  1. Loukas Papps

    Loukas PappsHace 58 minutos

    The movie was disappointing, especially the actor who played Jafar. First of all, the actor did not sing at all and secondly he did not manage at all to be "The Jafar". The only thing i liked in this movie was Will Smith and the new song Speechless. Until now the only live action movie i liked was and it is Cinderella. I hope Mulan won't be disappointing too.

  2. Dewayne Allen

    Dewayne AllenHace 2 horas

    I don't think this one lived up to the original. Arabian nights and Prince Ali were as good as the original songs, but the rest seemed flat. I think Will Smith did good as the genie, but just didn't bring the energy Robin Williams brought. The acting was ok. I did like the new characters they added, which added some new laughs. Overall it was a fun and descent movie. If you are a fan of the original, I think it will fall short.

  3. 강우현

    강우현Hace 5 horas

    Aladdin is the best Disney movie I've ever seen before. Naomi scott, who acted 'jasimin', was so beautiful and her voice was amazing. Through Aladdin, I became will smith's big fan. he acted 'aladdin',and his acting ability was unbelievable. I love every song of movie, especially speechless. I love everything of this movie. lf you didn't watch this movie... you should go theater right now and watch!!

  4. kai xin

    kai xinHace 7 horas

    thank you disney for casting actual people that look indian/arabian

  5. Potatodogs119

    Potatodogs119Hace 8 horas

    I watched the movie and it’s AMAZING🥰😁

  6. ARR Channel

    ARR ChannelHace 12 horas

    Aladin movie in description my channel

  7. azkiya maulida

    azkiya maulidaHace 15 horas

    agrabah itu apa ya

  8. Ethan Reuter

    Ethan ReuterHace 18 horas

    0:53-This would be a great role for an Aladdin play. I could play The Genie, and sing Friend Like Me like Will Smith does in the 2019 live-action remake. 🧞‍♂️

  9. Buck

    BuckHace 20 horas

    Wtf were you thinking when you decided to cast Kenzari for Jafar? Doesn't look old or sinister enough, like at all.

  10. italo jacob oliveira

    italo jacob oliveiraHace 21 un hora

    alguem sabe nome da musica

  11. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    Hadassah Metatron AvigailHace 21 un hora


  12. Zeneb Al Salem

    Zeneb Al SalemHace un día

    I went into cinema not expecting that Aladdin live action will become my favourite movie of all time. Wow it was brilliant, already watched it 3 times. I love it.

  13. Two crazy boys

    Two crazy boysHace un día

    Saw the movie yesterday what I genuinely felt was will Smith as genie was good naomi Scott as Jasmine was legit beautiful good nice entertaining movie but jafar was not that intimidating as a actor he was good he felt miserably as jafar I bet his stick was more furious then his voice overall 4 points out of five.

  14. yehet ohorat

    yehet ohoratHace un día

    damn so good



    I saw it today with my class

  16. zoee eyaa

    zoee eyaaHace un día

    The movies is awsome 😍

  17. Рафис Хакимов

    Рафис ХакимовHace un día

    Принцесса стремная какая то

  18. Gek Hana

    Gek HanaHace un día

    I expect Jasmin should be tanner than her.

  19. Pug lover Pleb potato

    Pug lover Pleb potatoHace un día


  20. Alif Nanda05

    Alif Nanda05Hace un día

    Alangke bagus nyo film ini ni jok

  21. layla juarez

    layla juarezHace un día

    and her name is jasmine

  22. layla juarez

    layla juarezHace un día

    my little broth i may 24 and mine is may 5

  23. noneya bizness

    noneya biznessHace un día

    ohhhhhhhhh the nostalgia!!!! I was about 15 yo when the animated film came out....

  24. HS Fútbol

    HS FútbolHace 2 días

    Am i the only one who watched Aladdin twice at the cinema ?😂

  25. caesar fizer

    caesar fizerHace 2 días

    It was really good!

  26. Areeba Javaid

    Areeba JavaidHace 2 días

    Omg super movie love from Pakistan bro🌍🇵🇰

  27. Whiplash

    WhiplashHace 2 días


  28. HerlinShortyUnicorn 145

    HerlinShortyUnicorn 145Hace 2 días

    I’m inlove with this movie already! I’ve watched it yesterday now i love it!❤️

  29. Y&M Elbehery

    Y&M ElbeheryHace 2 días

    مين فرحان ان بطل الفلم مصري او عربي عمتا ☺️☺️😊😊

  30. Harish S

    Harish SHace 2 días

    It is wonderful and the 4D version is spectacular. In my opinion, One should watch only such movies in 4D; the songs, dance, action and most importantly the magic. Smith, Naomi, Messoud and Kenzari acting is good. Disney has brought the magic live and keeps its standards up high.I just loved it.👌👌👌👏👏

  31. Chudhary M.Ahmad

    Chudhary M.AhmadHace 2 días

    Wow Nice movie....Great ❤❤

  32. Nitheesh Chacko

    Nitheesh ChackoHace 2 días

    Watched in 3D.. it's just awesome..

  33. Ali Jarri

    Ali JarriHace 2 días

    Genie's son and daughter: dad tell us a story. Genie: *ahh it rewind time*

  34. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    Hadassah Metatron AvigailHace 2 días

    Proverbios 6 31

  35. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    Hadassah Metatron AvigailHace 2 días

    Proverbios 6 31

  36. MS 1997

    MS 1997Hace 2 días

    Many Arabs boycotted this movie cuz it was indian wash

  37. Aku Kamu

    Aku KamuHace 2 días

    Watch esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-m6D-Er7v908.html

  38. Silver Doe

    Silver DoeHace 2 días

    10/10 the trailer didn't do it justice at all

  39. Reycheal Cadua

    Reycheal CaduaHace 2 días

    Loved the film!

  40. Crystal Marie

    Crystal MarieHace 2 días


  41. TheDarkCreed86

    TheDarkCreed86Hace 2 días

    Now I gotta go buy a jar of seedless jam.

  42. freemancarl

    freemancarlHace 2 días

    @ 1:45

  43. Laksh Kaur

    Laksh KaurHace 3 días

    This movie is phenomenal...The trailer doesn’t justify how breathtaking the movie really is and the film critics have done the film dirty, hands down the best Disney remake.

  44. JoeSatelite

    JoeSateliteHace 3 días

    Is this a shot for shot CGI filled jank fest remake? Disney... please stop!

  45. Na Bila

    Na BilaHace 3 días

    Seruuuuubgtt I love mena massoud my husband❤️❤️❤️

  46. Young Warlord

    Young WarlordHace 3 días

    Prince Ali 👑

  47. NCS

    NCSHace 3 días

    Cho mình mượn video nhé. Mình cảm ơn

  48. Indra Wan

    Indra WanHace 3 días


  49. M.A Aslam Hirai

    M.A Aslam HiraiHace 3 días

    Alladeen aur Jadoo ka Chiragh ❤🌼 علا دین اور جادو کا چراغ ۔ Fantabulous Movie. Just watched it in Cinema. My favourite childhood Story turned into marvellous Movie. So Nostalgic 🤩

  50. Wiri bener ya tvri jgn php in kami 2017

    Wiri bener ya tvri jgn php in kami 2017Hace 3 días

    Saya sdh nonton

  51. Joseph007

    Joseph007Hace 3 días

    LIKE for the Princess... the first shot of her made me......i can't explain actually!!!

  52. Sameer Sheikh

    Sameer SheikhHace 3 días

    This is such a beautiful movie . I can’t get over it 😍😍😍😍😍💕💕🙈

  53. Blake Dickerson

    Blake DickersonHace 3 días

    39,758 don't know what they talkin bout

  54. Captain M

    Captain MHace 3 días

    And they said will smith is a terrible actor for genie. He was amaaazing 💯

  55. Mys tic

    Mys ticHace 3 días

    Smith! so cool

  56. nri hynd

    nri hyndHace 3 días


  57. All in one

    All in oneHace 3 días

    just came after watching in 3d amazing experience

  58. harsha vardhan

    harsha vardhanHace 3 días

    The actors gave life to the characters that makes awesome and remembered me my childhood

  59. Amanda Vasquez

    Amanda VasquezHace 3 días

    Like I like jasmine but idk I just thought they would use a Arabic girl

  60. Anonymous Sender

    Anonymous SenderHace 3 días

    Man is Aladdin even an Arab in this film, and Will Smith was a poor choice for the Genie, If you can't one up Robbin Williams then you shouldn't even be making Aladdin.

  61. Usha Naagar

    Usha NaagarHace 3 días

    Nice move 😗😗🥰🥰🌹💖

  62. Oh Wow Gaming

    Oh Wow GamingHace 3 días

    He kinda reminds me of Claude from Mobile Legends😂 a thief and has a pet name dexter😂

  63. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    Hadassah Metatron AvigailHace 3 días

    Proverbios 6 31

  64. Queen M

    Queen MHace 3 días

    I really want to watch this pray my dad takes me but i swear if my dad fucking complains about this movie now like how he thought end game was shit, I'm out 😂😂 this movie is not shit i know for a fact.

  65. Roberto Droguett Inarejo

    Roberto Droguett InarejoHace 3 días


  66. Rosemary Martinez

    Rosemary MartinezHace 3 días

    Saw Aladdin -- excellent. Loved it.

  67. Evelyn208

    Evelyn208Hace 4 días

    If you liked the original it is worth the watch for nostalgia reasons. However it doesnt stand up on it's own. I would recommend the watch but dont expect too much.

  68. Nancy Hernandez

    Nancy HernandezHace 4 días

    Love this

  69. Mary R. Fordham 2

    Mary R. Fordham 2Hace 4 días

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  70. SONIC

    SONICHace 4 días

    Hi Claudee

  71. Zingerbeard

    ZingerbeardHace 4 días

    A whole new world carried out this movie

  72. Принцип работы

    Принцип работыHace 4 días

    Good film?

  73. Sheena Bennett

    Sheena BennettHace 4 días

    Snoop Dogg should have played Jafar. I always thought they had the same sneaky smile...

  74. Принцип работы

    Принцип работыHace 4 días

    Will smith

  75. Nicholas Mardis

    Nicholas MardisHace 4 días

    Going to go see it today ,but its kinds of odd to find that they would cast Will Smith as the genie,an this movie is based on the 1992 animated version but they made it into a live action film that is very similar to the 1992 cartoon version.

  76. PI J

    PI JHace 4 días

    Elephant is not native to middle East.

  77. Ackemi Ishisaki

    Ackemi IshisakiHace 4 días

    Pessoal sou brasileiro, e tenho uma grande dúvida e creio que ninguém percebeu isso! O macaco do Aladdin Abu e a Arara Vermelha Iago são animais na vida real que deu origem aos personagens! Qual é espécies desses animais ? E de onde são originários de que continente e país? Fiz uma pesquisa! Macaco-Prego, Sapajus é um gênero de primatas da América do Sul que inclui as espécies de macaco-prego, também chamados micos-de-topete.[1] Os macacos do Novo Mundo do gênero Sapajus pertencem à família Cebidae, subfamíia Cebinae, e são uns dos mais comuns primatas da América do Sul. A arara-vermelha (Ara chloropterus), também chamada arara-verde, araracanga, aracanga, arara-macau, ararapiranga e macau,[2] é uma ave psitaciforme, nativa das florestas do Panamá, Brasil, Paraguai e Argentina. Fonte: Wikipedia.com Se estou errado alguém me corrige! Grato! Uma grande dúvida!

  78. hsnxbas

    hsnxbasHace 4 días

    I listened with earphones at the beginning of this minute 1.45, I CRINGE !!!

  79. ayaan

    ayaanHace 4 días

    Definitely an amazing movie 🍿

  80. Gie Rollan

    Gie RollanHace 4 días

    Going to watch this movie monday day yahooooo can’t wait 😊

  81. Royal mkf

    Royal mkfHace 4 días

    jaffar is more cute than alladin😙😙

  82. Принцип работы

    Принцип работыHace 4 días

    Will smith

  83. Pony Zilla Prince of the Pony Monsters

    Pony Zilla Prince of the Pony MonstersHace 4 días

    1:21, Mushu!!!🐲🐲🐲

  84. Edz Mej

    Edz MejHace 4 días

    came back here just to say.... one of THE BEST MOVIE OF WHOLE TIME!!! and i'm hooked at it.. love naomi and mena.. shipping them like urrgggghhhh.. heheh!

  85. Emily Aranas

    Emily AranasHace 4 días

    May 24 2020

  86. Robert Merth

    Robert MerthHace 4 días

    Fuck Disney dude. Original ideas? Nah.

  87. Aimée Roisin

    Aimée RoisinHace 4 días

    Disney have confused what was suppose to be an Arabic inspired film with Indian/Bollywood influences? Disappointed☹️

  88. Pennywisethedancing Clown

    Pennywisethedancing ClownHace 4 días

    I can show you the world too.... If u like this comment :)

  89. Hadassah Metatron Avigail

    Hadassah Metatron AvigailHace 4 días

    I bind Disney,I deserve Proverbs 6 31 in Jesus Name.

  90. liteonmx

    liteonmxHace 5 días

    I need the trailer version of A whole new World... please!

  91. Smart Sam

    Smart SamHace 5 días

    The worst trailer ever I will message Donald Trump right now to sue you guys for creating such a boring humorless trailer.

  92. Ginger Breadsy

    Ginger BreadsyHace 5 días

    Just watched the movie ARGHHHHH I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS MOVIE ❤️❤️amazeballs!

  93. Sanre k

    Sanre kHace 5 días

    This movie is good 👍 But they just spoiled all the thrill in the Book.🙄 Which ignites your imagination.

  94. Swėėtner D!amønd

    Swėėtner D!amøndHace 5 días

    Disney need more subs or just me like they the best thing in THE UNIVERSE every-time I go Disney world it’s like my happy place

  95. Khalid sultana

    Khalid sultanaHace 5 días

    One of biggest movie of 2019

  96. VIU212

    VIU212Hace 5 días

    Nice, if you want watc film aladdin visited my chanel :)

  97. Top5 SavageDude

    Top5 SavageDudeHace 5 días

    I watched it yesterday in the cinema😉

  98. shane sprouse

    shane sprouseHace 5 días

    the best live action disney film i promise you won't regret watching it !!!

  99. Khalid sultana

    Khalid sultanaHace 5 días

    We want part 2

  100. amna alshehhi

    amna alshehhiHace 5 días


  101. ziaulquamar siddiqui

    ziaulquamar siddiquiHace 5 días

    , 👌👌

  102. wehavetowhisper TM

    wehavetowhisper TMHace 5 días

    amazing movie, 5/5