Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 37 Years Mercedes 280 SL


  1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

    Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark IIHace un hora

    What a great video, I rewatch this a lot....

  2. CoupeAudi1990

    CoupeAudi1990Hace 4 horas

    What a sexy car!

  3. 09F430_19Grndsprt_09s/cViper_17stg3ecobst_imbroke

    09F430_19Grndsprt_09s/cViper_17stg3ecobst_imbrokeHace 12 horas

    Still commuting to the bronx from long island at 83 and working when this lazy ass generation complains at 18

  4. Dinesh Karthik

    Dinesh KarthikHace un día

    What abt car engine side its working or not

  5. IleX_St4k __

    IleX_St4k __Hace un día

    17:02 uuuuh rip man ... u didnt got a fist-bomb :(

  6. Mouse Vision

    Mouse VisionHace 2 días

    Is your dad stupid? Or why did he do that in the first place?

  7. ЧУДО ЭлЕкТрИкИ

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  8. ceetheninja1

    ceetheninja1Hace 2 días

    Madonna and the Flock of Seagulls must feel old.

  9. Jamal Wirasutha

    Jamal WirasuthaHace 3 días

    I don’t know, i feel happy 😇

  10. Murad Balaxaev

    Murad BalaxaevHace 3 días

    great job guys

  11. Amrendra Pratap Singh

    Amrendra Pratap SinghHace 3 días

    Brilliant 👍👍👍👍

  12. Turbø GAIMING

    Turbø GAIMINGHace 5 días

    Aah but thaat car is not running why

  13. Corby Dinsburger

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  14. AMMO NYC

    AMMO NYCHace 3 días

    ha no not this time. :P

  15. Corby Dinsburger

    Corby DinsburgerHace 5 días

    Love the background music. So melancholy.

  16. RunchRandaIsMyDad

    RunchRandaIsMyDadHace 6 días

    I have an entire warehouse facility FILLED of cars from back to 1930’s to 19990s covered in mold and dust and it’s so sad to me. I’d love to fix them up.

  17. AMMO NYC

    AMMO NYCHace 3 días

    shoot me an email. :)

  18. High Priestess

    High PriestessHace 8 días

    Red shiny car😁

  19. Adnan Asif

    Adnan AsifHace 8 días

    when u'll upload restoration video?

  20. Clint Hightower

    Clint HightowerHace 8 días

    Excellent work, wow just wow, you guys really brought that thing back to life. Watching a process like that is one of the many rewards of being a car guy, well done! Makes me want to do something like that on my channel one day.

  21. Rolling Art

    Rolling ArtHace 8 días

    I don’t think it needs a restoration. Drive as is!

  22. Anthony’s Slime and Putty Channel

    Anthony’s Slime and Putty ChannelHace 8 días

    1:10 I got it one piece at a time and it never cost me a dime.

  23. Tim Tritt

    Tim TrittHace 8 días

    Did I miss the part where you went back and said what was causing the "overwhelming smell"?

  24. Tim Tritt

    Tim TrittHace 5 días

    @여보세요Felix-Allen thx

  25. 여보세요Felix-Allen

    여보세요Felix-AllenHace 7 días

    Tim Tritt Mold and dead animals like rats and mice.

  26. Heavy J

    Heavy JHace 9 días

    Amazing work guys! And a touching story to boot!

  27. Tohru

    TohruHace 9 días

    Nah my room has more garbage than this car


    iWASLIKE YERRRHace 9 días

    Yeahhhh I'd take the impala haha

  29. 여보세요Felix-Allen

    여보세요Felix-AllenHace 7 días

    iWASLIKE YERRR I love classic impalas, my favorite is the ‘67 Impala

  30. Muhammad Junaid

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  31. Lil Fask

    Lil FaskHace 9 días

    it's not a good idea to leave it on the sun to dry

  32. wolf Productions

    wolf ProductionsHace 9 días

    You better get payed your this

  33. Kirby Antonio E. Beltran Jr.

    Kirby Antonio E. Beltran Jr.Hace 10 días

    How about the wheel

  34. LoyL MC

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    Regular people: *Watching the video* Me: *Looks for cursed comments

  35. wonderful doggo

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    Ah my eyes 😷🙈

  36. Kathleen May T. Surla

    Kathleen May T. SurlaHace 11 días

    That’s one cool car

  37. aires69uk

    aires69ukHace 11 días

    Disappointed to hear "always throw away your towels".

  38. Melinda C

    Melinda CHace 11 días

    I loved seeing dads response! I was 6 in 1981. Feeling kinda old.

  39. Uncle Gilbert

    Uncle GilbertHace 12 días

    1:53 Safety gear for mouse droppings lol

  40. Irfan Ullah Zarkoon

    Irfan Ullah ZarkoonHace 12 días

    Expression of Father ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  41. Miguel Herrera

    Miguel HerreraHace 12 días

    What kind of camera is this!!?

  42. SWET

    SWETHace 13 días

    How do I get you to detail my car

  43. Schem Simon

    Schem SimonHace 13 días

    You make exceptional videos, and you do a great job narrating what’s going on.

  44. E. R.

    E. R.Hace 14 días

    Did they ever get this restored?

  45. Spooky XD

    Spooky XDHace 14 días

    He says it’s been there for 17 years now it’s 38 ok Obama

  46. Yo Friend’s Uncle’s Nephew

    Yo Friend’s Uncle’s NephewHace 14 días

    Left hanging @ 17:03

  47. Christin Womack

    Christin WomackHace 14 días

    "Spider webs, mouse poop and acorns" 😂😂, idk why that made me laugh.

  48. AV TV

    AV TVHace 14 días

    damn the man is 83 and still works!! what man

  49. Default Boi

    Default BoiHace 14 días

    Why is this so satisfying😲

  50. abisavage30

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    What bout the tires

  51. Thursday Washington

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  52. DominiQue Arevalo

    DominiQue ArevaloHace 15 días

    Back at the garage and clean it for another 37yrs

  53. David Busch

    David BuschHace 15 días

    I love this vid, but still can’t understand how somebody can casually place a car into a garage and just ignore it, especially a classic like this.

  54. Arley Ramirez

    Arley RamirezHace 15 días

    Fino fino exelente nice 👍🏼

  55. Davaughn Lopez

    Davaughn LopezHace 15 días

    It’s crazy to think that when this guy bought this car in ‘72 (age 36) , he was still a whole 15 years ahead of my age now

  56. Davaughn Lopez

    Davaughn LopezHace 15 días

    This car is the exact same age as my father

  57. Aureli

    AureliHace 15 días

    Such a beautiful car.

  58. Mike Unsworth

    Mike UnsworthHace 16 días

    I hope "Dad" is still doing fantastic.

  59. a mess

    a messHace 16 días

    My father gave me the best of the best, and I hope I can provide him with even better than the best. He drives an audi right now that he won't let go of sooooo.... maybe that's what i need to do next.

  60. Ryan Sonnenberg

    Ryan SonnenbergHace 16 días

    When u trynna get grandads Mercedes

  61. Edward Chester

    Edward ChesterHace 16 días

    Absolutely no reason to throw away your towels cause of some mould. They can easily be cleaned.

  62. Mud Yuppy

    Mud YuppyHace 16 días

    Im a detailer.. you wash cars.. lol


    TORNADO SINGHHace 16 días

    Really very good job . lot of happiness u free of cost with ur work to Coustmer nice work love u from India Punjab 144514 😇😇😇

  64. RedStoneLogan YT

    RedStoneLogan YTHace 17 días

    The inside is probably the worst I’ve seen, but the outside is A TON cleaner then my truck is. I mean it’s not dusty or covered in droppings, it just has a lot a mud everywhere

  65. Yazmin Sant

    Yazmin SantHace 17 días

    Any updates?