Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 37 Years Mercedes 280 SL


  1. Jeevan Namboodiri

    Jeevan NamboodiriHace un hora

    Awesome job! Grandpa’s expression was speechless

  2. bilal tariq

    bilal tariqHace un hora

    Thats greats

  3. Patrick Calija

    Patrick CalijaHace 2 horas

    15:01 air vent in the suit :D

  4. R CC

    R CCHace 2 horas

    Having sons like that makes life worth living and going through all the hardships of life...

  5. Psycho Killer

    Psycho KillerHace 3 horas

    Teacher : You cant smell pictures Me :

  6. Dinesh Tomar

    Dinesh TomarHace 5 horas

    Awesome video love from India

  7. Supercar Hitchhiker

    Supercar HitchhikerHace 8 horas

    The way he closed the door shows that nothing’s made like it used to be

  8. Techy Things & More

    Techy Things & MoreHace 9 horas

    It's barely kept for 1 year there😒

  9. RandomOlogy93

    RandomOlogy93Hace 12 horas

    What happened to all of these good looking cars

  10. William Nihsen

    William NihsenHace 13 horas

    That is amazing

  11. Denard Tynes

    Denard TynesHace 14 horas

    He look shocked

  12. gman57op

    gman57opHace 14 horas

    now sell it and buy an inline 6 corvette!!! well that might cost too much buy a v8 vette

  13. Imagine7

    Imagine7Hace 14 horas

    16:23 I was born in 81 *I have shirt older then that* I’m ded XD

  14. Nicholas Baker

    Nicholas BakerHace 15 horas

    Your as old as my mom

  15. Anthony Brown

    Anthony BrownHace 16 horas

    That was so cool to see how happy his dad was! ♥️💯

  16. M

    MHace 17 horas

    Some random guy: "CLEANING DIRTIEST JORDANS EVER" AMMO NYC: *hold my steam machine*

  17. NovaDelta

    NovaDeltaHace 18 horas

    good feel right here

  18. John-John Pascual

    John-John PascualHace 19 horas

    Any Branch or Extension Company here at Van Nuys 91405 California? I need your service for my BARN FINDS!

  19. weebee22

    weebee22Hace 21 un hora

    Loved it !!! Awesome video

  20. Tường Phạm

    Tường PhạmHace 23 horas

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  21. Matt

    MattHace 23 horas

    I just bought an 07 mustang at age 20. I hope to give it to my son or daughter one day.

  22. Ron

    RonHace 23 horas

    Rant on: Why do people call it "dead paint"? It is not DEAD! It was never alive, therefore, it cannot die. It is oxidized, as you say. Rant off. Great videos and an excellent source for DIY'ers.

  23. Alec @ Fabspeed

    Alec @ FabspeedHace 23 horas


  24. Broly tha Dawg

    Broly tha DawgHace un día

    This guy has 40 year old shirts LOL I imagine I'll have those too at that age

  25. 튀김우동

    튀김우동Hace un día

    정말 멋져요 기술이 짱임 구독누름. 저도배워서 하고싶어요. Good

  26. Osamu Miyajima

    Osamu MiyajimaHace un día


  27. Sbongumusa Khumalo

    Sbongumusa KhumaloHace un día

    This. was. so. therapeutic. 😌

  28. Zack Boss

    Zack BossHace un día

    His dad is 83 and is still working.....’Drops mic’

  29. Leul Georgis

    Leul GeorgisHace un día

    Please leave it as original as possible. Original unrestored is better for this beauty

  30. Mickey Bauer

    Mickey BauerHace un día

    15:28 they kinda look alike =)

  31. Michael Randolf

    Michael RandolfHace un día

    07:55 "Eagle Talon restoration"? That's a fucking throw away car. I hope some Saudi Oil mogul's son paid for that crap? Ludicrous. This guys grand kids won't appreciate this car & TRASH IT. Mark my words. You do not give a CLASSIC car to a "grand kid". FACT.

  32. Linda power

    Linda powerHace un día

    lol if you had a son would you do this for him like to tell meh

  33. Michelle Villanueva

    Michelle VillanuevaHace un día

    Random person: wow nice car man how much did it cost? Him: dirtiness.

  34. It's Time

    It's TimeHace un día

    I will never understand why people cannot just get a car cover.

  35. waldinei neves duarte

    waldinei neves duarteHace un día

    Porque não encher os pneus e ligar o carro?

  36. Charles L

    Charles LHace un día

    If Id had a doctor 83 years old man I'd whoop his ass when the door was closed. straight send him out

  37. Beautiful World

    Beautiful WorldHace 2 días

    Coming home from work at 83 years old . . Wow. What a nice surprise for him 😊

  38. Jayne Bills

    Jayne BillsHace 2 días

    Beautiful job guys. Great son, so kind to his awesome Dad😊❤

  39. Kabena Gachachi

    Kabena GachachiHace 2 días

    15:27 and that, children, is what you call a million-dollar smile!!

  40. Jackson Muller

    Jackson MullerHace 2 días

    The way his eyes lit up when he saw the car cleaned made me happy

  41. Myrtle McNappy

    Myrtle McNappyHace 2 días

    I can't get my head around why ..but what an amazing video to watch !!

  42. The FoodBit

    The FoodBitHace 2 días

    Is there any link to the restoration video?

  43. jackaboi

    jackaboiHace 2 días

    Why would so many people dislike this? they worked very hard.

  44. watchdealer11

    watchdealer11Hace 2 días

    Holy cow

  45. Alan Hunt

    Alan HuntHace 2 días

    Thank you david and your dad...for sharing...

  46. MissGuided Me

    MissGuided MeHace 2 días

    Wish I was a grandkid NEED THAT CAR

  47. kit cat memez

    kit cat memezHace 2 días

    Bts of a barn find in forza

  48. djrandallp

    djrandallpHace 2 días

    My only question is WHY would you leave that car in your garage for 37 years?

  49. fractalife

    fractalifeHace un día

    apreciate what we are driving, maybe that was the last time it driven. -- I have motorbike at home,someday just like normal day I was left it in the garage for work, but time passed its 10 years already since that day without ride it anymore :-)

  50. Pedro Cardenas

    Pedro CardenasHace un día

    because he can......

  51. Mickey Bauer

    Mickey BauerHace un día

    Yep, if i had a classic, red Mercedes roadster i'd probably park it and never drive it again...

  52. G M

    G MHace un día

    He committed a serious crime with that car. So he hid it to hide his crime. 😵

  53. 6ix Mac

    6ix MacHace 2 días

    Tried to play off that fist bump @17:07 😂

  54. YEET Metz

    YEET MetzHace 2 días

    Bruh he was 46 yrs old

  55. Rudolf Carp

    Rudolf CarpHace 2 días

    Ein Traum. : )

  56. Kunal Tejwani

    Kunal TejwaniHace 2 días

    How much do you charge to fully detail cars similar to how you detailed this one?

  57. Blood in Blood out

    Blood in Blood outHace 2 días

    This is my dream car haha funny that I found this video

  58. Eduardo Martínez Osorio

    Eduardo Martínez OsorioHace 2 días

    I have a 102 degree fever and I’m watching two guys wash a car 😌😌

  59. Aaron Hopkins

    Aaron HopkinsHace 2 días

    Drove it for 10 years in 1972 huh? That's cool

  60. Kalyan Krishnan

    Kalyan KrishnanHace 2 días

    I am die hard fan on car restoration subject and can go extreme levels to get on to the nerve of car restoration. I own several cars including few luxury cars like skoda and Isuzu. Why the cost of cleaning and other resources used is not mentioned.

  61. A Khan

    A KhanHace 2 días

    Great decision on wearing tyvek and masks; rat dropping coz more epidemics and health issues than we realize; they're top carriers of long forgotten plagues and bacteria, just anyone at the CDC

  62. AwesomeisR

    AwesomeisRHace 3 días

    This is very satisfying to watch

  63. roshan235

    roshan235Hace 3 días

    That's why Indian celebrit DepWali 🤣

  64. TonyMontana127001

    TonyMontana127001Hace 3 días

    Отмыли зашибись. Но было бы круто, если бы его завели и прокатились. А то отмыли - и обратно в гараж еще на 37 лет. Неполноценное видео.