DEBUNKED: 6 Criticisms Of 'The Game Changers' Documentary


  1. JD Fuller

    JD FullerHace 4 meses

    Enjoyed the documentary and in true Tim Ferriss fashion, started on a vegan/plant based diet since watching the Game Changers a couple weeks ago. Recovery time after workouts has dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. Still building mass from workouts and am not tired during the day. So far, so good.

  2. UnCommon Sense

    UnCommon SenseHace 9 días

    John Foster well if someone’s sentence structure helps you ignore mountains of research showing the effect of a plant based diet, then I am guessing you are about to be naturally selected out of the gene pool anyway.

  3. John Foster

    John FosterHace 9 días

    Hard to accept a conclusion from someone who doesn’t have a clue to put a sentence together.

  4. UnCommon Sense

    UnCommon SenseHace un mes

    Ariel Venner the reason is that a properly planned red meat diet doesn’t exist. Unless heart disease is what you are planning for.

  5. UnCommon Sense

    UnCommon SenseHace un mes

    Kevin Miller not exactly dummy. Variation of the digestion within a given species, not so much

  6. Kevin Miller

    Kevin MillerHace un mes

    @UnCommon Sense exactly, an animals anatomy plays a huge factor in what they can eat. My anatomy is different from yours which is why it works for you and not for me. Thank you for proving my point :)

  7. Jay Lyons

    Jay LyonsHace 3 días

    The movie "Forks over Knives" adds to the validation of Vegan health benefits too.

  8. haystack101010

    haystack101010Hace 4 días

    Oh no protein is in the dirt I just eat a half a cup a dirt a day to get all my gains.

  9. Lewis Roche

    Lewis RocheHace 6 días

    You can eat meat and vegetables. Have a mixed diet. As a society we need to cut down on meat. But we don’t need to stop eating meat

  10. Anto B

    Anto BHace 7 días

    Haha this is funny, your bones will wither in the wind along with your souls. Enjoy your veggies sheeple, those who can see with eyes and soul shall drink blood, as it has been, as it will always be. Be warned the damage you cause to your mind, body and soul in this unnatural process is irreversible, it would be wise to reconsider your choice before your brain decays further. Do not abandon the ways of your forefathers on the whims of the sickly and sad.

  11. Scott Gaines

    Scott GainesHace 8 días

    Cox have 3 stomachs, that's why they can get nutrients from grass that humans cannot. The logic used here would make you think you can live on grass. Good luck with that...

  12. Free Housing Project

    Free Housing ProjectHace 9 días

    Proof! Americans are obese... enough said. Every Vegan I know is in great shape! Meat, diary and sugar are horrible for you. This is proven.

  13. Vegeek 1

    Vegeek 1Hace 9 días

    Animals are the middle men.. Animals make non bioavailable food bio-available. Even if you only eat chickens eggs its much less risky for your health than going all out vegan. Muscles (the seafood) are a great healthy addition to a mainly plant based diet. Diet should not become a religion.

  14. btc_real

    btc_realHace 10 días

    I’m not a vegan but I support the film. I eat mostly plant food. But recently I incorporated more red meat, removed all fruit and simple carbs and my arthritis is gone. That took me by suprise. I’m still trying for figure out why that is. Are there any vegans who had relief on their arthritis through plant food? What did you eat? I really would like to try them as I don’t like the idea of eating a lot meat.

  15. Mark Badoer

    Mark BadoerHace 10 días

    This was very useful and informative. I recently watched The Game Changers and find this background info very helpful. Thanks!

  16. Paul Cocco

    Paul CoccoHace 14 días

    keep fighting the falsehoods! Real men go vegan and stand up for what's right.

  17. akameel

    akameelHace 18 días

    Admittedly, the documentary was very well done. Perhaps a plant-based diet is good for athletes and those who want gross strength like a bull, i.e. for the muscles. For the brain however we see different story from nature. In the animal kingdom, intelligent animals are almost for sure eat other animals too. Humans, dogs, chimpanzees and even crows.... So I will stick to my normal diet - 80% plant-based and 20% animal. A child is born with the instinct to suckle milk which is animal-based. I trust nature.

  18. Mister Mister

    Mister MisterHace 18 días

    Speaking of bias... who funded The Game Changers??!! Oh yeah, a vegan supplement company! Pot calling the kettle black much?!

  19. lorenaolivo2003

    lorenaolivo2003Hace 18 días

    Thank you for making the film, since watching the documentary I have become plant base and have changed my children’s diet to plant base too. I feel better and I also know that I am doing a service to our planet by not consuming animals.

  20. Zane Albert

    Zane AlbertHace 19 días

    What do you think about this independent documentary?

  21. Sam Sam

    Sam SamHace 21 un día

  22. Daniel Orum

    Daniel OrumHace 26 días

    James Wilks is so prepared its almost scary.

  23. Living Harmony

    Living HarmonyHace 28 días

    In response to the one suggestion that Arnold wouldn't have become a multi time Mr. O if he had been a vegetarian. I have no evidence of what is going on now in the Mr. O comps but I submit that Arnold, or any athlete who has won since Arnold's days would not have won without steroids. He admits to their use and many others have as well. So the point isn't meat vs. veg... it's drugs vs. no drugs. As one who has had primarily a plant based diet, I can say without hesitation, veg is definitely the way to feel better and rid your body of a host of diseases..

  24. Wolfsoro

    WolfsoroHace 28 días

    It sounds like we need more non bias research. It seems like both sides like to discredit each other's findings based on who funded the research. They then assume that they cherry-picked the data and only published what was beneficial for their cause. I'm not going to exclude Harvard University form not having an agenda.

  25. Giovanni Brown

    Giovanni BrownHace 29 días

    Really want to see documentary soon... Of course there's negative feedback. People are getting healthy and living longer. This way of eating was supposed to be for the super rich elite so they can live as close to immortality as possible. They're PISSED about this being used by "us" (the poor slaves they've made their $ off the backs of) so of course they're gonna shut it down ANY way they can... Or try anyway... Super sick world we live in...

  26. IDK

    IDKHace un mes

    I guess it’s only one way to know try it

  27. rokker333

    rokker333Hace un mes

    By far the greatest joke is this "middleman" argument. Does anyone really believe this? Cows have a completely different metabolism, they have a different anatomy (guts). They eat tons of grass. And they are producing proteins with an amino acid profile that is much closer to the one we have.

  28. Gregory Keet

    Gregory KeetHace un mes

    yea, im 48 years old and stay away from all meat products, do it, for yourself.

  29. El nino

    El ninoHace un mes

    movie light weight trash. mr wilks is living with tunnel vision and has built an echo chamber around himself

  30. John Lodge

    John LodgeHace un mes

    Yes I good comment about information coming from companies with interest in their own products. like pea Protien.??? who sponsored the film?

  31. UnCommon Sense

    UnCommon SenseHace un mes

    John Lodge did you hear pea protein mentioned in the film? I have been vegan 2 years and have no need for pea protein. So how could this be the driving profit motive when only 3% of the American population is vegan? That is a stupid justification to keep your bad habits. The end.

  32. Steve Reisman

    Steve ReismanHace un mes

    While recently on vacation, I read Michael Greger's "How not to diet" and then watched The Game Changers....I am fully willing to openly admit that I was straight-up TERRIFIED into becoming vegan (now on day 5 in fact). I think these people feel that the 'ends justifies the means' and the information is substantially misleading and little short of either scare tactics or just people trying to find their way, by controversy, into the spot light. In doing research, I've now met SEVERAL people who used to be vegan or vegetarian (ranging from 6 months to 7 years) and the long term results weren't favorable; there are plenty of vegans turned back to eating meat and it wasn't because they craved a good BBQ; they had trouble maintaining their physique, performance of had health-related issues. I think the honest take-away is that we need to eat LESS animals products and we need to eat these products from sustainable sources that are not fed grains or injected with hormones and antibiotics. More overly, we need to get the F away from refined carbs and refined fats (sugar, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, trans fat, etc). It's almost more important what we don't eat then what we do eat....but either way, the public does NOT appreciate over-hyped and inaccurate science-hyped scare tactics!

  33. cvsWebDesigns

    cvsWebDesignsHace un mes

    I eat mostly veggie, with some beef. Have been looking a vegan for a while due to a cardiac issue. The one criticism I have heard which makes sense is the digestive tract. While comparing a true herbivore vs a true carnivore shows more than just the length of the intestines. Stomach(s), teeth and pH get into it as well. The case is made while we are not carnivores, we are omnivores. We have low pH stomachs and moderately long digestive tracts. How do The Games Changers respond to that criticism? My bias is we need to almost become vegans, but not give up meat totally. Another thread has pointed out the "vegan" Okanawian diet. In researching this they are "mostly" vegan, but still consume animal products. So while the research is there for almost any choice you need to do the "testing" yourself.

  34. cvsWebDesigns

    cvsWebDesignsHace un mes

    James Griffin I know the arguments and am working through them. Gone vegan now for a week and seems fine. I tend to believe we are adapted as an omnivore. Need mostly veggies, with meat to fill the gaps. Tend to believe the Bible got it right 3500 years ago;) Vegan is the Daniel Fast.

  35. James Griffin

    James GriffinHace un mes

    What the digestive system looks like may indicate something, but is irrelevant in the face of actual outcomes. However, everything I have seen that tries to make the argument we aren't well adapted to eating plants compares humans to ruminants like cows. How does out digestive system compare to frugivore apes? I don't know but it demonstrates the point.

  36. Pedro Santos

    Pedro SantosHace un mes

    Great interview! Being a vegetarian for a month now and loving it And on sports it really has helped a lot, more consistent and performing for a longer period of time without getting tired.

  37. brian woodward

    brian woodwardHace un mes

    So Hollywood was involved. Big deal. Special Forces eat meat for quick results necessary for battle, and why use gladiators at all.

  38. UnCommon Sense

    UnCommon SenseHace un mes

    brian woodward what quick results moron. Your body uses protein, carbs and fat. What do you think there is an express digestion for meat?

  39. Daniel Rana

    Daniel RanaHace un mes

    I love the game changers but I have to say the gladiators were slaves not highly priced and respected fighters

  40. James Ruport

    James RuportHace un mes

    I’m glad I got off of a vegan diet, generally feel a lot better now

  41. Brent Erickson

    Brent EricksonHace un mes

    As a nutrition enthusiast I found the info compelling and plan on giving it a try.

  42. banner0920

    banner0920Hace un mes

    Sorry... You didn’t debunk anything. Your criticism of the Men’s Health article was the same criticism he had of your so called...studies. Keep searching for answers, that’s great, I’m all for it. So before everybody gets offended, just chill. It’s ok.

  43. Enzo Sperandio

    Enzo SperandioHace un mes

    Sorry nope, my health is way to important to go on a vegan diet. Propaganda won’t work on me.

  44. Enzo Sperandio

    Enzo SperandioHace un mes

    ..... so let’s assume corruption in the other side and assume we’re angels is basically his extremely bias opinion.

  45. sel724

    sel724Hace un mes

  46. luckystrike

    luckystrikeHace un mes

    Yeah.. James Carmeron doesn't have an investment agenda at all. They all just want to make money and will sell you snake oil to make it.

  47. Wolf Wiber

    Wolf WiberHace un mes

    The Game Changers was an awesome documentary and was what started me on my own Vegan journey. That was two months ago. I have never felt better in my life. Also have not had this much joy in cooking for years. A heartfelt 'Thank You' to James Wilkes for this amazing documentary.

  48. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch CargoHace un mes

    I'm a meat eater but this film tells the truth. I admire those who have gotten away from eating meat. This is an excellent interview. I am trying to get away from meat but it is not easy so I understand why there are those fighting this. Wilkes - not just a great job but also an important film for all mankind - thx

  49. Gabriel Kind

    Gabriel KindHace un mes

    I ask this to James as a life-long vegan who was (mostly) persuaded to go back to veganism after watching this film and looking into the citations: How can we justify having those burrito "studies" in the film? They seem to HEAVILY water down the point that they're making (a thesis which I believe in). It's an N=3 study where such a small change is made (just one burrito) and lots of other relevant factors don't seem to be controlled (the other 3/4 of their diets that day, physical activity, hydration being most relevant). I was sad that this wasn't addressed here, because I saw that as one of the weakest points of the film for me and smelled like horrible, performative pseudo science-- even as I was watching it I knew the film would be attacked for it. Again, I loved the film, agree with the premise, and just really want to see these points substantiated before their brought out as evidence (maybe they have been elsewhere, I don't know).

  50. jkpope

    jkpopeHace un mes

    It is hard to argue results... #6-F8#k off this isn't about what sex you are it is about living healthy

  51. roslyn salazar

    roslyn salazarHace un mes

    Animal eaters will say anything to defend how they live!

  52. Doug

    DougHace un mes

    Re: the comment about Arnold never becoming Mr Olympia if he had not eaten meat. Let’s be crystal clear - that sport is full of steroids. That is how he became “Mr Olympia” in a sport that is distorted & hypocritically disfunctional at the moment. Joe Weider is indirectly responsible for thousands of women & men destroying their organs (& ultimately physical, emotional, & mental health as a result) by not eliminating steroid use from this sport. The irony of this destruction is fucking awful!! Bodybuilding is a tough sport that takes immense determination & dedication and in depth knowledge of the human anatomy, diet, & rest. These athletes would have (and will) rise to the healthy standard if steroids are eventually regarded as a betrayal to their dedication & commitment (face it - they are.) Eliminate the bullshit.

  53. ducati1199r

    ducati1199rHace un mes

    Why don’t you accept the truth

  54. Ramon Rodriguez

    Ramon RodriguezHace un mes

    Trained for 4 decades, been vegetarian for 1 year... body feels fantastic, body feels lighter for it... brain feels energised... One other thing I have been reading is the growing epidemic of cancer in China which never existed before as it does now, the correlation is the affordability of meat now that China is no longer a poor nation. Not only has cancer exploded but different regions have been more predominant in different cancers and the find was these different regions were eating different types of meat. Regardless of the negatives of being a vegetarian for some, meat causes cancer.. fact.

  55. Esteban Andres Villanueva

    Esteban Andres VillanuevaHace un mes

    Clone 2 human babies, keep them isolated from the world, make one vegan, the other only meat and analyze their results.... then murder them.. shhhhh conspiracy secrets

  56. Laughing Out Loud

    Laughing Out LoudHace un mes

    I actually enjoyed this documentary because it showed legit men eating plant based and it wasn't all hippy lefty style. Am seriously considering reducing my mest and dairy intake now.

  57. adi sarwar

    adi sarwarHace un mes

    Love it , I have cut back meat & cut out sugar ( sorry to pharmaceutical companies I don’t want to be your customer)

  58. Eddie Yan

    Eddie YanHace 2 meses

    Look up "ex vegans" on ESreporter for actual feedback from people who went through this ...

  59. Jim M

    Jim MHace 2 meses

    Cool discussion! Well the *insider info* sites I follow that have proved their info matches my experience and much more, solid info, says the following are some key compelling points on the subject of going vegan, from my memory in a nut shell: -For some blood types(the newer blood types-combos?) human bodies must have some meat in their diet, they simply can’t go full vegetarian or they will be very weak and ill. -Going vegetarian can be difficult for someone’s body who has eaten meat for many many years, so not recommended. -Meat is Very nutritious for our human bodies as our adult mind machines untamed addicted obsessive thinking consumes energy, converting our body’s muscle which must be replaced. But of course too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Plus we need to reduce for the coming increases in populations to reduce the environmental footprint of raising animals. -Animals should be raised and live and killed humanely. -Currently many humans eat much more meat than is necessary, we should cut back. -A consistent 5 years diet that is high in vegetables can reverse our aging for up to 10 years total lifetime max. -Plants are also alive, that’s kind of why we call what comes out of our rear ends the same thing and it smells the same whether we are eating animals or plants, we must kill for us to live and that fact simply stinks as we all know. In our distant evolutionary future this will end. -Many people over eat because of a subconscious fear of dying. Also: -Don’t over eat in one sitting. Learn to really listen to when your body is hungry and eat but stop eating as soon as it has had enough. -There are many body types, so we all look different and our different bodies have different needs. -Eat junk and highly processed and fast food in moderation, no more than say twice a week. -Half our world’s humans are starving living on around $3 a day so the other half of humans will struggle with too much weight because we are in a polarity system that is not yet based on equality for all. -Our mind machine that fully activates in our adulthood, creates emotional weight from its obsessive internal thinking so we then gain F.ile A.llocation called weight because we are waiting to write it out of us through proven holistic SF writing methods. But unfortunately few adults are aware enough to ever stop and consider that our con-sciousness is a con. -If we focus our obsessive thoughts on a fat area of our bodies will protect that area even more from our damaging mind machine and so hold onto the fat even more. Take care of yourself

  60. Genuine Turf

    Genuine TurfHace 2 meses

    Eat quality meat and eat quality vege/fruit/nuts etc and you’ll be fine. One or the other by itself is not the answer its a point of view as not to kill animals. Fair enough everyone is entitled to an opinion but people hate being force fed any ideology. James seems a good fella but the activists out there are seemingly mental and don’t do the vegan movement any good. Humans aren’t herbivores and never have been. Our bodies have evolved to eat both over thousands of years. Do we eat too much??? Probably yes which is a valid point but do we eat none at all....... bit extreme

  61. riquelmeone

    riquelmeoneHace 2 meses

    I have a serious question, what exactly does “plant-based” include and especially exclude? It would be interesting to know what the plant-based burgers, cheese and so on are actually made of. Because it is one thing eating vegetables but it is another thing eating genetically modified ingredients which I do not know where they actually come from. Isn’t soy already a victim of the vegan success? The industry is not stupid and produces soy in an unnecessary way similar to livestock. I am seriously interested in knowing plant-based food that I can actually trust. For example eating these saitan-steaks, is that a good idea? And what about the resources necessary for growing and harvesting avocado and cashew nuts? Just interested. Really liked the movie.

  62. smont

    smontHace 2 meses

    Every study that says meat is unhealthy was financially backed by a vegan or animal rights ppl. Fact

  63. Armor1Gmail

    Armor1GmailHace 2 meses

    Meat proponent says: "Name me 1 person that has been vegan for over 10-15 years without severe medical problems." I say: "Go to a Seventh Day Adventist community and meet the vast majority of the people there."

  64. RedRyu Hood

    RedRyu HoodHace 2 meses

    What I have a problem with, is that this movie doesn't include people like me with digestive problems. Vegetables literally hurt me. I went carnivore for my personal issues and it has helped a thousand times over. I think creating a good or bad diet narrative is dishonest. Plant based works for some, keto works for some, carnivore works for some. Why create a reason to hate each other more? That's not healthy! Junk food is not good no matter what diet a person eats. Why not focus on that? And yes, money is important and a driving force for humanity. To say it's not is also dishonest, hence the saying "follow the money", you'll find out people's/industry's motives.

  65. Yauheni Pyrkh

    Yauheni PyrkhHace 2 meses

    hmm, Jackie Chan, anyone seen him in the film? He is one of the producers and James says he is in a film kinda at 8.06 but i guess i missed him ...

  66. pudge27t

    pudge27tHace 2 meses

    Listen to your body. I say try it for a week & see how you feel.

  67. Rahlm Rawji

    Rahlm RawjiHace 2 meses

    Going vegan was the best decision I made in my life, I recover much more quickly from exercise

  68. Dirty Bae

    Dirty BaeHace 2 meses

    you might have had some credibility to vegan only diet. (somehow not taking racial genetics into account WHATSOEVER) But when you were funded by the plant industries and catered to politically correct. We should have had more women in our movie jargon. It makes the movie creator seem more agenda based than research based.

  69. Dirty Bae

    Dirty BaeHace 2 meses

    how can someone even make the claim in a study, replace the animal fat with plant fat ... Mortality goes down by 18%. If you do the reverse it goes up 18%. So you are telling me there is a perfect spread of 36% across the board? It just lines up mathematically to be that exact? How do you even gauge the risk of death did you really monitor the meals of 20,000 humans across different genetic and racial diversity and see how their deaths linked up? Does a bullet wound count? I want the actual data many control studies have uncontrolled variables they do not take into account.