Death Investigations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. blairbushproject

    blairbushprojectHace 2 horas

    You should see the archeologists. They just put everyone in our family into cardboard boxes with labels. And then sell their funerary items after getting clearance by the FBI arts customs office into auctions in France forcing us to buy back our family’s stolen property. #BMAP

  2. Olivia White

    Olivia WhiteHace 3 horas

    Wait, I thought Tracy Morgan was dead

  3. Joachim Macdonald

    Joachim MacdonaldHace 6 horas

    Who polices the police?

  4. Lavender Love

    Lavender LoveHace 14 horas

    I cannot fucking believe THIS!! 🤦🏿‍♀️🤬😔 I’m emphatically dumbfounded right now! The amount of corruption in this country is...innocent people are being jailed and murderers with badges are retiring with benefits! 😮

  5. British Nerd

    British NerdHace 18 horas

    I go by my middle name.

  6. SealTeam Ryx

    SealTeam RyxHace 21 un hora

    "Okay! Look at it that way!" Lol that horrible coroner handled that like a boss! Hahah that's so awful... also, I'm a doctor so this is close to home... well when I say I'm a doctor, what I mean is I thought about going to veterinary school for a while. I didnt, but I realllllllyyyyyy thought about it and considered it. That counts right?

  7. NickelCityPixels

    NickelCityPixelsHace 22 horas

    Lol That is entirely too spooky...

  8. Gail Bull

    Gail BullHace 22 horas

    Is it just me or does Charles Harlan look like Archie Bunker? And doesn't allowing the dog to eat the body parts you brought home from work sound exactly like something Archie Bunker would do?

  9. mafiacat88

    mafiacat88Hace 23 horas

    I feel like the sort of person who volunteers to cut up corpses in their spare time with no prior experience or training other than "they want to" is *exactly* the sort of person you DONT want to be a coroner.

  10. crypto457

    crypto457Hace un día

    Coroners are elected and they don’t need medical training or know basic anatomy? Just how many serial killers evade justice because the pathologist in question can’t tell the difference between a lung and penis?

  11. Three Jewels

    Three JewelsHace un día

    That soda ban in NYC really did its job on the worldview of sodas.

  12. icet99 804

    icet99 804Hace un día

    Hahahah single glade plug in totally missed that lmfao

  13. Nick Asbury

    Nick AsburyHace un día

    Fuck usc haha

  14. Charlie Gittins

    Charlie GittinsHace un día

    I actually enjoyed Forever 😅

  15. shortperson20

    shortperson20Hace un día

    That parcell guy should be in prison, and charged with all the investigations he botched

  16. john anastas

    john anastasHace un día

    This is amazing

  17. Benjamin Hume

    Benjamin HumeHace un día

    It troubles me how many people get their news from asshole comedians, whether Fox News or Jon Oliver

  18. Faolin Siannodel

    Faolin SiannodelHace un día

    Does anything actualy get funded in the US? Other than the military i mean.

  19. Lincoln Rockwell

    Lincoln RockwellHace un día

    Ill keep my 3.75 thanks

  20. Adventure!Media

    Adventure!MediaHace un día

    Hey, 'Forever' was a great show. It should have been renewed for a season 2.

  21. Eric Lowe

    Eric LoweHace 2 días

    This is a common American problem. Many are anti tax and anti government. If Americans paid more taxes, they would robust public services. Imagine if they had public funded healthcare! Or maybe I'm just a communist...

  22. BethAnn Mayberry

    BethAnn MayberryHace 2 días

    I feel like this should be addressed on Ask A Mortician. #WhereMyFellowDeathlingsAt

  23. Kalil Illinois

    Kalil IllinoisHace 2 días

    Who needs play dough when daddy brings home THE BRAIN OF A SERIAL KILLING VICTIM

  24. Captain Doomsday

    Captain DoomsdayHace 2 días

    You need a massively-overpriced university degree to get a job that'll actually support a family, but any egregious criminal scumbag can get into government jobs and erase the traces of their own crimes. Cool.

  25. XauriEL Zwaan

    XauriEL ZwaanHace 2 días

    As a Canadian, the idea that positions like coroner, sheriff, and district attorney are staffed via elections rather than via, I don't know, people being hired based on having the right qualifications for the job seems utterly absurd.

  26. james88

    james88Hace 2 días

    USA truly is the best country ever

  27. Fleurs Sv

    Fleurs SvHace 2 días

    Lmao the USC line

  28. h7opolo

    h7opoloHace 2 días

    people with authority are scum. they abuse their power for personal gain.

  29. h7opolo

    h7opoloHace 2 días

  30. Tanu Hudson

    Tanu HudsonHace 2 días

    Searched how to become a coroner in Australia because I have a health-related degree thought would be a good job. You need to be a Magistrate Judge and most have a double degree in the topic. Should probably go to America

  31. gretchen baker

    gretchen bakerHace 2 días

    He’s got to keep them warm

  32. gretchen baker

    gretchen bakerHace 2 días

    I almost became Angelia Jolie

  33. EFantasic

    EFantasicHace 2 días

    Huh. I'm a little ashamed I thought coroners where medicaal doctors. 😦

  34. Sushant Saklani

    Sushant SaklaniHace 2 días


  35. emily young

    emily youngHace 2 días

    squirt is delicious

  36. moonmoonbirdcpt

    moonmoonbirdcptHace 2 días

    I only have TREE-FIFY

  37. a d

    a dHace 3 días

    trump 2020

  38. Poker Face

    Poker FaceHace 3 días

    9:30 poor Dr. Harlan. His dog ate the body's spleen and kidney, while the cat got his tongue!

  39. Benda Allan

    Benda AllanHace 3 días

    I like to get high to this

  40. Anaphriel

    AnaphrielHace 3 días

    I had my heard set on being a forensic pathologist when I finally decided to up and go to college. Then, spent some time looking at the roadmap. Almost 12 years of schooling. So, I got my Journalism degree instead...shit, me and John have a lot in common.

  41. Ankou

    AnkouHace 3 días

    jon should do a video on chiropractic

  42. Sam Sipe

    Sam SipeHace 3 días

    Dont come at squirt

  43. Inmate Harley

    Inmate HarleyHace 3 días

    I live in the UK and this is literally my dream job. I can only hope they're better about it over here

  44. Inmate Harley

    Inmate HarleyHace 3 días

    @Mark Walker Little bit.. more geek tbf

  45. Mark Walker

    Mark WalkerHace 3 días

    Jessica Chubb your dream job? You must be a bit of a goth!

  46. Joy Augustina Petinrin

    Joy Augustina PetinrinHace 3 días

    5:30 those romantic stories about the small town sheriff also being the ME now makes sense!

  47. Scribonius Thursday

    Scribonius ThursdayHace 4 días

    What does "almost became a doctor" _mean_ if you didn't at least flunk out of medical school? hahahaha

  48. Scribonius Thursday

    Scribonius ThursdayHace 4 días

    Even 1,000 wouldn't seem like enough for over 300,000,000 people. There are 10,000 working philosophers associated with an academic body in the US. _Philosophers._

  49. MarkEdwardRom

    MarkEdwardRomHace 4 días


  50. Dean

    DeanHace 4 días

    love this guy! =D

  51. virusguy5611

    virusguy5611Hace 4 días

    So... who immediately googled Hugh Grant's name to make sure John wasn't just making things up? And then promptly had a laugh?

  52. Jacqueline White

    Jacqueline WhiteHace 4 días

    If you read novels by Kathy Reichs or Patrica Cornwell you will know that coroners are elected and can be anybody, it’s pretty scary.

  53. Ryan T

    Ryan THace 4 días

    Looks like another problem related to too many people and not enough money spread around. I guess that makes the solutions being spread more money around somehow, or having people just die and do less to prevent that? I guess we know what the decision was.


    OWLofATHENSHace 4 días

    America is a joke of a country

  55. Nick Lamb

    Nick LambHace 4 días

    One reason to have coroners, by the way, is to separate out the problem of "Why did this person die and what should we do about that?" from the question a forensic pathologist is best equipped to answer which is "How did this person die?". For example the answer to the second question might be "They were crushed to death when a cement truck fell on top of the railway train they were travelling in". That's interesting, thanks Ms Forensic Pathologist, but now I want other answers your medical knowledge isn't relevant to. A coroner, like a judge (so let's hire _lawyers_ to do this job) can hold a court and have witnesses talk about the events surrounding the death and come to conclusions like "Hey, we should have a rule that says a road bridge over the railway needs proper walls not a stupid wooden fence". The UK has coroners, but it also has forensic pathologists to tell the coroner how people died.

  56. MK Piatkowski

    MK PiatkowskiHace 2 días

    I think Canada runs on the same system.

  57. William MARDER

    William MARDERHace 4 días

    Hey John you thank you know I know this is an important story to but maybe you could talk about 9/11 Justice, the Society of Jesus in America and abroad and maybe the illegal Central Banking Mafia? Maybe we could tie the thoughts to the Federal Reserve illegal Central Bank in America? Could you talk about the definition of fascism? And how our USA / Vatican foot fits right in the shoe? Think you could mention about how fascism all comes from the Vatican and the royal families of the Vatican which is the Society of Jesus from which all tribulation on Earth is man-made? Hey are you controlled opposition also? let's connect the dots please throughout the stories because Armageddon is coming fast at the hands of the Jesuits , and we're out of time and Jimmy Dore blocked me from his live chat room so he's controlled opposition also! Here in America we need one celebrity to stand up and show us they're not indoctrinated and use the proper terminology. Have you noticed no one has not even Jon Stewart to an empty Congress? I'd have been all over that. Which one of our candidates I mean the Dems of course... Maybe they're not your candidate I won't assume. You know Jesuit Stephen Colbert and all that controlled opposition crap. Anyway which one of our Democratic candidates of the whole grotesque lot is banging their fist on the table every day for 9/11 Justice and to expose the Jesuits as the source fascist regime here? What's that I hear crickets? it's up to us! Remember the Carnation revolution in Portugal 1974 they expelled fascism without a shot fired, by raising Collective Consciousness to a critical mass. The parallels are perfect and this is our time! Get with it or be condemned as controlled opposition amusement. Bread & circus for a coward and lazy citizenry. Oh yeah then there's the woefully willfully ignorant root of all evil Jesuits, almost left them out.

  58. William MARDER

    William MARDERHace 4 días

    Thank you thank you thank you for connecting the link to the life insurance people. More f****** Jesuits. What would prevent life insurance agencies from buying these Corners to give them a certain amount of suicides especially if the policies are big?

  59. William MARDER

    William MARDERHace 4 días

    Shawn Parcells looks like an obvious Jesuit assassin. Did you find a Guy Fawkes mask anywhere? You know Guy Fawkes was a Jesuit assassin also and he was probably a coroner since he founded the Spanish Inquisition? Abraham Lincoln warned us and the Jesuits are goofy and they are here and they are in control and we need to get the country back at all levels thank you for showing the dirty underworld of the Jesuit coroner

  60. Caniche Enrage

    Caniche EnrageHace 4 días

    In France, we have had a corps of civil servant doctors specialised in "legal medicine" working in close cooperation with the judiciary since the 1600s. Of course, for that, as for public transports, healthcare and so on we have to "suffer" imposition, or as you'd call it, "theft".

  61. Poker Face

    Poker FaceHace 3 días

    What do you mean imposition and theft

  62. William MARDER

    William MARDERHace 4 días

    Abraham Lincoln tried to warn us about the Jesuits Google and read what he wrote and he wasn't afraid to call them out by name. Seriously people it's time to clean house and the election is not going to be the answer. Remember the Carnation revolution in Portugal 1974. They expelled fascism and the stupid Goofy. Jesuits like these.

  63. William MARDER

    William MARDERHace 4 días

    These people are all Jesuits lying their asses off that's what they do

  64. William MARDER

    William MARDERHace 4 días

    So if your number comes up with the Society of Jesus you can be sure that there won't be a good autopsy. No justice besides being dead

  65. William MARDER

    William MARDERHace 4 días

    Now I know why I don't bother with hairdressers! Creepy

  66. William MARDER

    William MARDERHace 4 días

    Welcome to America, the vatican's death and Corruption machine.

  67. Paul Sorensen

    Paul SorensenHace 4 días


  68. Christopher Freeman

    Christopher FreemanHace 4 días

    "Playing dead" is a perfect triple entendre

  69. Roland Berger

    Roland BergerHace 4 días

    9:25 did he just say "2020 Interview"? I thought the guy would run for president :D :D

  70. WhichDoctor1

    WhichDoctor1Hace 4 días

    What is it with the USA and electing random people to positions that require training, qualifications and impartiality? You elect judges, sheriffs, medical examiners, probably a bunch of other things I haven't even heard of. I know you're all "America = democracy" but you have to draw a line somewhere.

  71. Gilly Mac

    Gilly MacHace 4 días

    "That is, quite frankly, too spooky." 😆

  72. Monty Parata

    Monty ParataHace 4 días

    Always wondered where my dog runs off to... turns out he's an Arkansas coroner.

  73. Omar Alor

    Omar AlorHace 4 días

    This show is kind of like Adam Ruins Everything.

  74. Ethan Smeets

    Ethan SmeetsHace 4 días

    ...but not as shit.

  75. Caitlin Jrerve

    Caitlin JrerveHace 5 días

    Glenn Close!!!!!

  76. Riasat202

    Riasat202Hace 5 días

    Sigh... the US is one depressing cesspool!

  77. TheRedRaccoonDog

    TheRedRaccoonDogHace 5 días

    Why are coroners elected? WHY?!

  78. Gareth Elmslie

    Gareth ElmslieHace 5 días

    @giraffeneckmark usc roast

  79. Alexander Bouraad

    Alexander BouraadHace 5 días

    Lots of people use their middle name instead of first name, actually. Famous people too. Brad Pitt is actually WILLIAM Brad Pitt. Ashton Kutcher is actually CHRIS Ashton Kutcher. The middle name just sounds better than the first name.

  80. DeMause

    DeMauseHace 5 días

    I think that is him suppressing a smirk at 9:43

  81. Luna Emerson

    Luna EmersonHace 5 días

    How does it get so bad? In Canada we have coroners, and you don't need to be a physician neccessarily, but at the very least you need to attend university and take courses in embalming, examination and biology and complete a program in order to be qualified.

  82. Illyia Svara

    Illyia SvaraHace 5 días

    Ah the USA the only place that pretends to be developed and free but is quite honestly one of the least free and least developed countries.

  83. Asch Hast

    Asch HastHace 5 días

    John Oliver sucks. Biggest cuck ever.

  84. poida66

    poida66Hace 5 días

    I seem to say this every time I watch a Last Week Tonight video, but I’ll say it again. Why is America completely incompetent at everything?

  85. Finwaell

    FinwaellHace 5 días

    "Greatest country on earth" indeed😂

  86. TheFleeingPhoenix

    TheFleeingPhoenixHace 2 días

    @A literal flap of cheese I agree on both points and am pleasantly surprised to find you so reasonable after such a malicious opening comment. I did not mean "they do it too" as an excuse, just reality and context. Evils unseen are incurable. Discussions like this are a sign of a healthy nation, not the opposite.

  87. A literal flap of cheese

    A literal flap of cheeseHace 2 días

    @TheFleeingPhoenix If the improvement actually happens, that is. "They also do it" is not an excuse.

  88. TheFleeingPhoenix

    TheFleeingPhoenixHace 3 días

    Are you really so naive that you think these things don't happen elsewhere? There's no coroner's dungeon in Russia? The difference is that we self-assess and improve. Indeed we are the greatest.

  89. Mad Mar

    Mad MarHace 5 días

    Old Guy: There is no way to tell how he died. Me: Personally, my money's on 'burned in a car behind a police station'

  90. Mad Mar

    Mad MarHace 23 horas

    @Brodan Quennell No problem.

  91. Brodan Quennell

    Brodan QuennellHace un día

    Mad Mar sorry, my bad man, don’t know how I messed that up, just an idiot here

  92. Mad Mar

    Mad MarHace un día

    @Brodan Quennell I didn't mean it wasn't an accident, I was just making a joke about the video. It is supposed to be obvious. That is the joke.

  93. Brodan Quennell

    Brodan QuennellHace un día

    Mad Mar that’s obvious, and while it doesn’t look good, the coroner was right, there isn’t any way to tell how the fire started, which is why he labeled it as an accident

  94. Mad Mar

    Mad MarHace 2 días

    @Mentally Awakened This is from the video.

  95. Craig Lopresto

    Craig LoprestoHace 5 días

    Fun fact!! The only person who can arrest a Georgia Sheriff is the coroner....this goes for many other states as well. How does that make any fucking sense?!

  96. Ed Ireland

    Ed IrelandHace 5 días

    Forever had so much potential and it got axed :(

  97. Anton van Boxtel

    Anton van BoxtelHace 5 días

    So, wait... The ingredients "Glenn Close" and "dogs" were available, and no references to 101 Dalmatians?

  98. Amber Kelly

    Amber KellyHace 5 días

    Law enforcement and forensic/medical positions should never be allowed by an amateur. There are thousands of cases all over America of murders, missing persons and other crimes that are completely solvable but have been screwed over again and again by sloppy investigations. That comes as no surprise when you can vote a member of the public to be your sheriff and your coroner. It’s a joke. It’s the sort of thing you expect in a third world country not one of the richest most powerful places in the world. This should be a huge issue with Americans

  99. BelieveInMatter

    BelieveInMatterHace 5 días

    I really liked Forever haha, it was a pretty good show

  100. Kelp Farming

    Kelp FarmingHace 6 días

    This limey DODGES TAXES on his New York Mansion apartment...and now lectures about QUOTAS for Female Equality? Pathetic

  101. ZT1ST

    ZT1STHace 6 días

    Given the reference to Game of Thrones, I kind of wished they had Sean Bean do the "We need good death investigation fundings". Something like: Sean Bean: "Look; we're all going to die at some point in life - hopefully later than soon. And when that happens, we need people to look at the body and determine the cause of death. Now, I die in a lot of films, as you may know, so I would formally like to ask that if I die, I do not get sent to a guy who was *almost* a neurosurgeon who does contracting out, and find out that my death certificate was mixed up with one of my movie deaths. You know, like gun shots being mixed up with the many arrow wounds as Boromir. Or the multiple times I died as double-o six. Or that German soldier who got stabbed with a rifle in War Requiem. Or that time I got pushed off a cliff by cows. Or have the death certificate say I didn't die because they mixed me up with Odysseus. The point is, if there comes I time where I die in real life, we need good death investigators with actual valid doctor credentials, and we need them for everyone." I mean, I know Ned Stark's been dead seven seasons now, but it would've made an interesting callback.

  102. Captain Phoenix

    Captain PhoenixHace 6 días

    New John Oliver video! I liked before I even watched it.

  103. Megan Cutler

    Megan CutlerHace 6 días

    It seems absolutely insane to me that anyone in this field could be elected into that position.

  104. Stewy

    StewyHace 6 días

    Parcell looks like the antagonist from the first season of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

  105. vaevictusdeus

    vaevictusdeusHace 6 días

    Shawn Parcellys(...Parcelease, Parceloochi?) looks, and fucking SOUNDS, like a lost Bruce McCulloch sketch from Kids in the Hall come to life. How the fuck is he real? It's like Jiminy Cricket got wasted and granted a "real boy" wish on an old gym bag full of sweaty tracksuits, axe body spray, and a 7-11 ham sandwich.

  106. Juwangsang

    JuwangsangHace 6 días

    There is a reason why grant dont go by mongo, and his name is hough mongous

  107. Poppy Kneegrow

    Poppy KneegrowHace 6 días

    We need 🦆y

  108. Allison Hart

    Allison HartHace 7 días

    0:43 I immediately recognized his voice as The Inquisitor from Dragon Age: Inquisition...only to find out i was totally wrong. wtf

  109. TheStigma

    TheStigmaHace 7 días

    Dr. Harlon at that moment (inside his own head): "If you don't shut your mouth boy, I'mma eat your spleen too..." Goddamn, that was more chilling than Hannibal - and the guy is real and at large. The US is one seriously fucked up place...

  110. manwiththestar

    manwiththestarHace 8 días

    2:14 "dick in a box" assuming gender, transphobia, santaphobia, hate speech?

  111. Minitaur

    MinitaurHace 8 días

    Coroners make anywhere from 48k and 72k... might need to rethink my career choices.

  112. Carter Rendon

    Carter RendonHace 8 días

    *whispers* Caitlin Doughty

  113. Marik Ishtar

    Marik IshtarHace 8 días

    no one has that any more