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David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J Balvin - Say My Name (Lyric video)


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    +Fatou Kouma iccciiii

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    jonatas jeferson jeferson Simm eu sou do Brasil

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    +Lisa Simpson wanted 2 see her face in this vid

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    LOVE 😘😘

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    Casual song

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    Good !!

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    Ewwww why are they naked

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    great hit!!!!!!

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    Alguien español??

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    La del pajon parece un pitufo pero mas feo muy feo

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    Can someone tell me the name of the girls? Its for a school work that im doing

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    Is this suppose to be a thanos parody?

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    Muy vien

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    En la parte de jbalvin pense que era mordiendo mis labios veras :v y no era esperas xd

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    Say my name ,nhac hay quá , dung lúc toi chia tay

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    :3 hola ) hi grils bos :V ) Alguien de costa rica pura vida gente

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    Why the girls are painted of blue?

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    If you love me let me hear 💔

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    I love this song

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    Es mordiendo mis labios "veras" no esperas

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    Bebe Rexha = Say My Name.. Cheryl = Call My Name.. Akcent = That's My Name.. Lady Gaga = Don't Call My Name..

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    +Army Girl V no, I'm from Bengal

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    rojina khatun hey r u an Assamese

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    No entiendo ni un carajo like si tú también

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    TURKLER burdamı

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    so beatiful song my fovorite song:)

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    I memorized i

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    Hello l love SAY MY NAME

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    Alguien habla español??????😑😁

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    O my god how many likes👏👏👍

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    Oigan nadie noto que en la parte que canto j balvín dice mordiendo mis labios veras que nadie mas esta en mi camino y en veras pusieron esperas jajajaja soy la unica que lee o que???😂😂

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    Sia' s voice

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    Pal station ananı sikeyim

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    What is this???? Tell me!

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    The girl looks like she doesn't know the lyrics lip syncing it, and her tongue sticks out too much and it makes me cringe Edit: 0:52

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    Me encanta esta canción, ¿quien la escucha en marzo 2019??

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    Amei amei não sai da minha cabeça

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    I dont like your faces its creepy i dislike it unsubcribe it discussting cretures

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    pretty cool

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    Why the girls are nude

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    Es una copies este video

  55. jade ppteam

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    As una copies este video

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    My favorit music

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    Algum Brrr

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    It so calls me I mean like Leayla people try but fail the first few weeks

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    Alguien hablá español ?😓😓😓😓

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    When teachers in school can’t pronounce your name

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    Love this ❤️ song

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    Okay so I came here from a fight from a gacha video and they were saying its designer TAKE THAT KAIT!! >:3

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    I find it so cringy when the camera is way up to their mouth and they are saying “say my name”

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    Eeeeeys its she!!!!

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    0:35 it's 5 minute craft's girl?

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    It's so ugly never watching this video again

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    Said my name let me here you

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    For me let me see

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    69 million views

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    This is gross. Why the women can't have clothes?!

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    When you make up an excuse to make a music video

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    Srbija ima li nas?

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    This song makes me dancing

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    Did Bebe And Nicki Already Colab?

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    Oh okay

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    In no broken hearts

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    Tú son tú da felicidad y la ganas de bailar y gozar. ....

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    My style rock bottom right corner of the goal from close range to the bottom right corner of the goal came from

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    Why are the people purple sometimes is it like the lighting or something??????!!!

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    qui vient des anges 11???

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    the girls in this video are so awkward.. and the lip part is cringy as hell

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    Listen her voice carefully , man she is killing me😍😍

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    god song

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    Яка песен

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    And 3:44

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    The best was 1:30

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    Say my Name -Heisenberg

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    J Balvin's part traduction: Listen to me say your name From Medellín to London When i call you evilness answers Doesn't answer when, only where You let go, about forbidden you're addict An addiction you know how to control And u let go, the hottest in the dance floor Everything u have to show, ¿Why do they give it? Biting my lips you'll see That nobody else is on my way Nothing haves why to matter, Leave it behind, you're with me Biting my lips you'll see That nobody else is on my way Nothing haves why to matter, Leave it behind, you're with me Yeah i speak spanish n' english