David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair


  1. That betch

    That betchHace 38 minutos

    David’s such a goofball❤️

  2. Nerdy._.Potato GS

    Nerdy._.Potato GSHace un hora

    Aww David considers himself cute! I mean he's not wrong-

  3. Mellow

    MellowHace un hora

    Im thinking it’s Courtney Cox idk why

  4. superflash fangirl

    superflash fangirlHace un hora

    The person who asked the questions was 100% Natalie

  5. Savi Bagoria

    Savi BagoriaHace 4 horas

    You can see how pissed off he was when he said I’m super high!!

  6. fire proof

    fire proofHace 4 horas

    Can they just put truth or lie like camon why do i have to watch the thingy

  7. patience lunsford

    patience lunsfordHace 5 horas

    he a ten to me:(

  8. Nansi Shamoel

    Nansi ShamoelHace 5 horas

    How is he attractive in a weird way? He’s so attractive in a better than normal way.

  9. Xx_.Candice._xX

    Xx_.Candice._xXHace 6 horas

    David looked so uncomfortable and was about to cry bless him🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️

  10. Jocelin Maldonado

    Jocelin MaldonadoHace 6 horas

    I would cry if I met him

  11. Jocelin Maldonado

    Jocelin MaldonadoHace 6 horas

    I love him so much

  12. Sam Sam

    Sam SamHace 7 horas

    David looks like a snack in this video

  13. Emiliano Saavedra

    Emiliano SaavedraHace 8 horas

    I thought David was about to kill the man integrating him after he laughed about him being in tennis

  14. jaziel gutierrez ,hi

    jaziel gutierrez ,hiHace 12 horas

    Person asking questions:r u ok David:yea yea I'm good....u got any tissues

  15. Itz Echo

    Itz EchoHace 13 horas


  16. Kayla Mullins

    Kayla MullinsHace 14 horas

    David is 100% cuter than Cameron! & way more funny than the Dolan twins. ❤️

  17. Lauren Sinclaire

    Lauren SinclaireHace 16 horas

    "were you sad when your family ate your pets?" "no." oh-

  18. flaxseed

    flaxseedHace 17 horas

    if I'm being honest this interveiw was really messed up. they shouldn't have asked so many personal and exposing questions. david seemed really uncomfortable and even asked to cut the interview :((

  19. Zaliyah Savage

    Zaliyah SavageHace 20 horas

    “That’s not your girlfriend, correct” David: Ugh... SON OF A bitter ha! you thought i was going to curse let’s keep it pg please!!😂

  20. diablo 6

    diablo 6Hace 20 horas

    That "NoWa" at the end 😂

  21. Tea Gowton

    Tea GowtonHace 20 horas

    Seeing how uncomfortable and sad he was through some parts of this video made my heart hurt.. “are you happy” “yes” THAT WAS A LIE AND I FELT THAT.

  22. manyfrostbite 1

    manyfrostbite 1Hace 20 horas

    So did he smoke weed is he high in this video????

  23. Hanna van Etten

    Hanna van EttenHace 22 horas

    OMG his so cute i dont even know why he took it haha. I love you David you have such a positive mind set and make me smile and laugh until I cry in my saddest moments. Thank you

  24. wallacetf

    wallacetfHace 22 horas

    for all that effort, one of his videos does the same ammount of views

  25. Areeka

    AreekaHace 22 horas

    15:32 hes such a cutie

  26. wallacetf

    wallacetfHace 22 horas

    i just want to know how those needle pens on the lie detector dont run out of ink and produce a steady flow. imaine a biro doing that

  27. Maddie Jo

    Maddie JoHace un día

    why do i feel like david is getting interrogated and about to go off to prison or something😂😂😂

  28. Sub to me idk why

    Sub to me idk whyHace un día

    Ok does anyone else get those stupid magnum commercials all the time?? Ughh

  29. Chakrkai

    ChakrkaiHace un día

    Man he must be really good at lying because we obviously know Natalie is his high school crush

  30. Kaylee Smith

    Kaylee SmithHace un día

    i think when he said i want to keep that a secret he was talking about liza just a thought no hate

  31. charlotte

    charlotteHace un día

    so everytime it peaked it was a lie? sorry im confused lol

  32. Lock

    LockHace un día

    "I had 2 bunnies and than I moved and my aunt and uncle ate them."

  33. Anuu Gombo

    Anuu GomboHace un día

    Why some of it is moving? Gee I was trying to figure out how that lie detector worked most of the time lol

  34. Hannah Chant

    Hannah ChantHace un día

    3:18 he’s so adorable

  35. Annie Bertolini

    Annie BertoliniHace un día

    David’s acting like he’s going to jail lol in some. It’s it was like it was a choice between life or death

  36. Frida Bäck

    Frida BäckHace un día

    David is the cutest person I’ve ever seen

  37. osho dhawan

    osho dhawanHace un día

    how do we now if its a lie or the truth

  38. Jasmine Grooms

    Jasmine GroomsHace un día

    “He’s a husband now and he has a family and he’s a child. That’s the type of person I would want to be with.” Lowkey want that to be my senior quote 😂

  39. Tiktokking67 11

    Tiktokking67 11Hace un día

    Davids so cuuuute

  40. Trystan Patton

    Trystan PattonHace un día

    I feel like people say "in a weird way" because David IS really attractive, but not like mainstream hollywood attractive, he's unique.

  41. Brownie Girl

    Brownie GirlHace un día

    it's so cute how when David tries to lie he smiles but tries to hide it

  42. Valerie Sotelo

    Valerie SoteloHace un día

    He is finnneeeee

  43. SnowLeopard Ash

    SnowLeopard AshHace un día

    This is sad

  44. Haley Smith

    Haley SmithHace un día

    I love David I loved that no he did at the end

  45. ItzLogan

    ItzLoganHace un día

    This is the most uncomfortable video I've ever watched

  46. James Kelley

    James KelleyHace un día

    Wow this made me so so uncomfortable for David he looked so sad with the questions and he obviously wanted to leave i hated the question with his friends that is such a way to start so much drama.

  47. CICI R

    CICI RHace un día

    I hate how uncomfortable DAVID was 😭

  48. ChloBear

    ChloBearHace un día

    i’m sorry but David’s skin? *F L A W L E S S*

  49. Thai Le

    Thai LeHace un día

    They ate my bunny😂

  50. 1k subscriber's with a pic of a god

    1k subscriber's with a pic of a godHace un día

    0:37 I died 😂😂😂

  51. Maggie Elaine

    Maggie ElaineHace un día

    Y’all the longer you get into the video the more high he gets and i canntttt

  52. Bleach Thooo

    Bleach ThoooHace un día

    Why would they even post this? David looks so uncomfortable

  53. Melissa Mitchell

    Melissa MitchellHace un día

    I had no idea who this guy was, but out of all of the VF lie detector videos, this one felt really different. This one felt a bit mean, the others felt more good natured.

  54. Elizabeth Wingate

    Elizabeth WingateHace un día

    That gulp he takes at 13:00

  55. Kit Cat

    Kit CatHace un día

    Reporter: “Did u ever slide into her dms?” David: laughs and gets all nervous David: “She has a bf” Me: laughs like a lunatic and wishes David would slide into her dms. 4:04

  56. Kit Cat

    Kit CatHace un día

    Anyone June 2019?

  57. Andres Caca

    Andres CacaHace un día

    Ayeeeee, immigrant gang

  58. Vicky 13

    Vicky 13Hace un día

    Dang I wanted him to ask david if he had a thing with Natalie

  59. Sn0K

    Sn0KHace un día

    "are you dating anyone at the moment?" "no" *THE NEEDLE SPIKES UP* me: Kowalski, analysis.

  60. Jakob Kipp

    Jakob KippHace un día

    4:17 i felt that part the hardest ..

  61. Jakob Kipp

    Jakob KippHace un día

    Lie detector guy: you won things in high school? David: yeah award for tennis Lie detector guy : * chuckle 3:15

  62. Filip Novakovic

    Filip NovakovicHace un día

    The people who interviewed him were pretty mean because he said can I go and there just like NO

  63. Arjeta Zeneli

    Arjeta ZeneliHace un día

    David dobrik is the cutest human being to walk this planet. Try and convince me other wise

  64. Mara Brennan

    Mara BrennanHace 2 días

    his face in the thumbnail gives me life

  65. M Jay

    M JayHace 2 días

    They didnt really blurr out the name of david's high school crush lol it's so obvious who it is.

  66. ella sullivan

    ella sullivanHace 2 días

    David is having a strait up panic attack

  67. eniledam

    eniledamHace 2 días

    ok but why did he call zane a sellout??

  68. Dalilah Trujillo

    Dalilah TrujilloHace 2 días

    The discomfort caused by this test made ME uncomfortable like oh my god I was like stupidly uncomfortable

  69. H A C K E D H A C K E D

    H A C K E D H A C K E DHace 2 días

    Wow everyone has 1k and 4K and 2k likes I wish I can get that.. :(

  70. itztaylor avocado

    itztaylor avocadoHace 2 días

    I feel so bad for David... this makes me feel super uncomfortable.

  71. sarah herrera

    sarah herreraHace 2 días

    Looks like he’s being held against his will 😬😬

  72. Mariah Woods

    Mariah WoodsHace 2 días

    Seeing david like makes me really sad🤕😥

  73. L. Samone

    L. SamoneHace 2 días

    he was so uncomfortable. But hes soo silly. it made me blush

  74. madison j

    madison jHace 2 días

    How do I read this?............

  75. Swisscheese16 Wyles 2

    Swisscheese16 Wyles 2Hace 2 días

    Are these people trying to make every video creepy.

  76. Lilian Salgado

    Lilian SalgadoHace 2 días

    he smokes weed😱😱😨😰🌿🌿🌿

  77. har3024

    har3024Hace 2 días

    Donald trump joined the chat

  78. lil Berxyd

    lil BerxydHace 2 días

    person- Do you like Nat David-... goes off chart

  79. Please Don’t

    Please Don’tHace 2 días

    12:57 I’ll leave it there

  80. Audrina Jewell

    Audrina JewellHace 2 días

    I feel bad

  81. Sapphire Life

    Sapphire LifeHace 2 días

    I don’t like David anymore after this video

  82. Claire Barnett

    Claire BarnettHace 2 días

    i’m a nervous laugher too

  83. nataly

    natalyHace 2 días

    David is cute

  84. YourPapa Chase

    YourPapa ChaseHace 2 días

    you should of asked him if he would sleep with tana

  85. Cyber_ Reaper

    Cyber_ ReaperHace 2 días

    This gave me anxiety 🧢

  86. Blooshy and Klamma

    Blooshy and KlammaHace 2 días

    I felt the Liza and David brake up 💔

  87. Kadance Day

    Kadance DayHace 2 días

    *why did he get so nervous when they said are you high? is he????*

  88. Criselo Criscelo

    Criselo CrisceloHace 2 días

    Don’t say “Vlog sqaud” and not mention Zane!!

  89. i swear im not a fish

    i swear im not a fishHace 2 días

    How long is that paper?

  90. Carla T

    Carla THace 2 días

    He has a little pretty boy face

  91. Carla T

    Carla THace 2 días

    David is suuuuper cute

  92. ella nicole

    ella nicoleHace 3 días

    david is so cuteee

  93. leah

    leahHace 3 días

    i honestly feel so bad for David

  94. D Shukla

    D ShuklaHace 3 días

    3:20, vanity does have feelings!

  95. Sandy beach

    Sandy beachHace 3 días

    This is very uncomfortable

  96. Sara Slimani

    Sara SlimaniHace 3 días

    Idk why but this was rly fcked, like you could obviously see that he was suuuuper uncomfortable and that he wanted to break the interview a few times, like cmon

  97. Mackenzie Fezza

    Mackenzie FezzaHace 3 días

    I’m pretty sure David looks away almost every time he lies..

  98. Ahmed Jaber

    Ahmed JaberHace 3 días

    why does he keep sticking his tongue out in a weird way??

  99. Daredevil Dano

    Daredevil DanoHace 3 días

    13:12 David is scared af

  100. Ed the British Guy

    Ed the British GuyHace 3 días

    Wow David isn’t American? I never know.