Dave Chappelle Finds Out His Son Smokes Weed | Netflix Is A Joke


  1. Myslik

    MyslikHace 2 días

    Only Chappelle can make hittin a juul look cool

  2. Tyler Surber

    Tyler SurberHace 3 días

    He has a way of pulling you in and dropping a bomb on you.

  3. Chas Stack

    Chas StackHace 3 días

    jacking off and not finishing

  4. rolling_stoner

    rolling_stonerHace 4 días

    I bet any rich guy 10,000 bones that dave chapelle can grow mad hair..no barber

  5. rolling_stoner

    rolling_stonerHace 4 días

    I'm guessing David never did got that sac surgery

  6. Joshua Lowe

    Joshua LoweHace 4 días


  7. Joshua Lowe

    Joshua LoweHace 4 días

    Dave Charles hairline looks sabotaged

  8. Nautilus1972

    Nautilus1972Hace 4 días

    He rips off Billy Connolly here talking about his distinguished dick .....

  9. John Hauryluke

    John HaurylukeHace 10 días

    He is a genius...

  10. Chris Thomas

    Chris ThomasHace 14 días

    What a fucking beautiful soul this man is. Incredible insight.

  11. tejas lawne

    tejas lawneHace 16 días

    Cant see him get old😟

  12. Herosennin

    HerosenninHace 18 días

    Just listen how quiet it gets when he says: ' I see my age in my children.'

  13. Jo Co

    Jo CoHace 20 días

    Remember when his show was on TV and people got along? The good old days. Thank god he's back.

  14. Anthony Saetern

    Anthony SaeternHace 21 un día

    He's so fucking good from the start to the end.. always closes up everything so well... The king of comedy . DC

  15. Grown Talk

    Grown TalkHace 21 un día

    Funny how people's heads tends to shrink a bit the older they get but this doesnt apply to Dave for some reason.His co** obviously shrunk but not his head..huh..interesting.Im exact opposite

  16. Silvafox

    SilvafoxHace 22 días

    Fuck Kevin Hart overrated ass he not fucking with Dave Chappelle

  17. Nitesh Singh

    Nitesh SinghHace 23 días

    This nigga is hillllarious

  18. Bahman Sadeghi

    Bahman SadeghiHace 23 días

    Dave Chappalle is the GOAT period.

  19. Bubbha Jay

    Bubbha JayHace 23 días

    The way Dave articulates his humour is genius, He is a true master of premise, build up and delivery, that last joke was so well written and thought about it it's execution is beautiful. Dave Chappell isn't a comedian, He is an artist of language. That was fucking amazng. Still Killing Them Softly

  20. Magic Handz

    Magic HandzHace 23 días


  21. Tashjian Simms

    Tashjian SimmsHace 23 días

    Bruhh 💀😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Ward Diablo

    Ward DiabloHace 23 días

    He learned from his crackhead father

  23. Andre Essie

    Andre EssieHace 23 días

    But an empty house, that's some cold shit

  24. Cha Chong Ching

    Cha Chong ChingHace 24 días

    I see ed sheeran in the audience.

  25. Sandy Degrandis

    Sandy DegrandisHace 24 días

    An empty house "that's some cold shit" lol

  26. postman445

    postman445Hace 24 días

    That’s what I’ve just done. 😂

  27. Ravi R. Chudasama

    Ravi R. ChudasamaHace 24 días

    Who else took this video seriously

  28. Robert Craighead

    Robert CraigheadHace 24 días

    Ha, Ha, Ha... That's good.

  29. D Tox

    D ToxHace 25 días

    No.1 comedian of ALL time .

  30. stephen capillas

    stephen capillasHace 25 días

    Funny and sad it’s a universal experience

  31. SRK OPD

    SRK OPDHace 25 días

    People claiming he's cloned are brainwashed into the hole fear the system propaganda, they want you to believe they can control you but YOU have the power to change things. He's not cloned, you can still hear random high pitched noises from his voice sometimes when he's talking. Smoking all them cigarettes and getting older has made him sound like that. He's been forced to carry on doing all these Netflix specials and stand ups because of the industry. Check out Dave Chapelle whistleblower.

  32. DynamesLockon21

    DynamesLockon21Hace 26 días

    It’s bad parenting and he’s being a hypocrite, the son probably knows the father smokes and wanted to do the same.

  33. Incognito

    IncognitoHace 26 días

    Another Russell Peters. Maybe funny 10 years ago. Definitely not now. Boring old spastic.

  34. Jango Fett

    Jango FettHace 26 días

    Not gonna lie. I was focusing on him ripping that juul so much that eventually he ripped it and I exhaled thinking I was ripping it lol.

  35. Cadillac Smith

    Cadillac SmithHace 27 días

    I mean was he shocked or sum..

  36. konatee Greg Morris

    konatee Greg MorrisHace 27 días

    Hahahahaha, Dave Chappelle is a great comedian

  37. Jordy Worley

    Jordy WorleyHace 27 días

    Love this guy

  38. somma pt

    somma ptHace 27 días

    Hilarious 😂, cheers from Portugal 🇵🇹

  39. Cj

    CjHace 27 días

    At least you can keep your life after demi god collemore

  40. Sabrina Doctor

    Sabrina DoctorHace 27 días

    Dave Chappell is Hilarious 😂 Mary Jane 🤣😂

  41. Sandor Dugalin

    Sandor DugalinHace 28 días

    Saying it in a nice way doesn't make you less of a hypocrite. This is well on the way to boomer humour.

  42. Hannah

    HannahHace 28 días

    I love that Dave uses comedy to make you think but also laugh

  43. Mark Basnight

    Mark BasnightHace 28 días

    He's going to kill himself with that vape thing. It's eroding his voice.

  44. Austin De Petris

    Austin De PetrisHace 28 días

    Chill w the juul Dave 😂 stick w the green

  45. KryptiiK

    KryptiiKHace 28 días

    Love Chappelle. But fuck you youtube i told you not to recommend this video because I HAVE SEEN IT BEFORE, yet here it is on 3/8 of my homescreen recommendations. anyone know of a site besides youtube? im sick of this companies.....algorithms

  46. JAW

    JAWHace 29 días

    How is my music? Good or bad?

  47. Leffall Jordan

    Leffall JordanHace 29 días

    Wait The poetry is from rolling papers? Please answer me Dave at (559)404-6955

  48. Snake-eyes

    Snake-eyesHace 29 días

    Yea Kevin's shit isn't exactly original me and my bro prophecie used to toke wit sean prince and told me to warn people he's a fraud before he passed he made a song about that shit LIGHT UP BEFORE LISTENING VOL.2 DJ Lex Money checc this shit out stay woke

  49. Fantasy World Radio

    Fantasy World RadioHace 29 días

    Best Comedian of all Time... ❤️

  50. Grant Warfield

    Grant WarfieldHace 29 días

    What’s the beat at the end though 👀

  51. Dead Hippie Productions

    Dead Hippie ProductionsHace 29 días

    Why the fuck do people keep comparing Dave Chappelle to Kevin Heart?

  52. shawn shawn

    shawn shawnHace 29 días

    “Better me then some kid” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. zoom doom

    zoom doomHace un mes

    He aint funny like he used too smh

  54. Frank J Ledesma

    Frank J LedesmaHace 27 días

    Pique Hernandez he’s actually better, probably not to you. The more you mature the more you’ll understand and appreciate his latest comedy.

  55. Luis  Ramirez

    Luis RamirezHace un mes

    To the people that pressed the down thumb. “ Your Moms a Hoe “ ... 🤣

  56. Josh Klutch

    Josh KlutchHace 23 días

    That or a Kevin Hart fan... or both.

  57. King Haitian

    King HaitianHace 23 días


  58. Kathleen Kimmey

    Kathleen KimmeyHace un mes

    “I just gave up in the middle like nothing happened” 😂😂🤪☀️🤪

  59. Carlos Galindo

    Carlos GalindoHace un mes

    Lmao. “It’s 1 o’clock in the morning, nigga! I am SHITFACED!” I did not expect that XD

  60. luish669

    luish669Hace un mes

    The shit he says hit so hard but it’s too funny 😂😂😂😂

  61. A_BruhMan

    A_BruhManHace un mes

    😂🤣 omg he’s the goat

  62. iHaveGreenCrack

    iHaveGreenCrackHace un mes

    He smokin a juul😂😂

  63. Teddy James

    Teddy JamesHace un mes

    Dave Chappelle use to be a great comedian. Now he's a child molester.