Dark Phoenix | Final Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


  1. Kyle Howard

    Kyle HowardHace 19 minutos

    Remaking the worst Xmen movie, what could go wrong?

  2. jena

    jenaHace 20 minutos

    Jean and Scarlet Witch are my favorite superheroes

  3. Andolite

    AndoliteHace 20 minutos

    If Jean is getting the Pheonix Force in this movie, what was the burst of power in Apocalypse?

  4. Varun Kumbhare

    Varun KumbhareHace 21 un minuto

    Nicce, now i don't need to go the theatre 😂

  5. DC Fishing

    DC FishingHace 23 minutos

    Who else is here because of Sansa Stark?

  6. MrFester

    MrFesterHace 24 minutos

    Glad Disney is going to close the book on this train wreck and shove it in a dark hole. Then not open it up for another 4 to 6 years.

  7. Cham Lotte

    Cham LotteHace 24 minutos

    So Jean is an enemy protagonist?

  8. Rui dcosta

    Rui dcostaHace 24 minutos

    So the reason for all her destruction is cuz “it feels good”?

  9. Kaus King

    Kaus KingHace 24 minutos

    Huh... we all know how it ends Wolverine steals the show. The ultimate x men.

  10. Junior

    JuniorHace 25 minutos

    Nice, so it’s a reboot. Looks like Disney’s just testing the waters for the incoming X-Men MCU merger

  11. orang bego

    orang begoHace 26 minutos

    0.12 Docking scene interstellar.... "No, Its necessary."

  12. Seanel Mortega

    Seanel MortegaHace 27 minutos

    Jean: are you threatening me? Magneto: That's right Brie Larson: is that a personal attack or something

  13. Patrick Mativo

    Patrick MativoHace 30 minutos

    gonn' be lit

  14. Leo Rautenberg

    Leo RautenbergHace 31 un minuto

    I just want them to finally let beast loose

  15. Duy Lê

    Duy LêHace 33 minutos

    good trailer, indeed.

  16. Being Bud Entertainment

    Being Bud EntertainmentHace 33 minutos

    Awesome 💥esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-7D5waJ5TYMo.html

  17. MorningStar Kematch

    MorningStar KematchHace 34 minutos

    Haven't we already seen her kill Professor and then get killed by Wolverine? Or....what is this? A different take or before she went crazy?

  18. Kevin Phoenix

    Kevin PhoenixHace 35 minutos

    Are you threatening me, master Jedi?

  19. Jack Frost

    Jack FrostHace 35 minutos

    Spoiler Professor X will change personalities at the end of the movie kill all of the mutants. Just because.

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  22. GD SiNgh

    GD SiNghHace 37 minutos

    it really means no GOT anymore kids, she got a new job

  23. XxDuffnotfuddxX

    XxDuffnotfuddxXHace 37 minutos

    Sooner the reboot the better

  24. edchanful

    edchanfulHace 37 minutos

    This is look promising but idk... Trailer can be deceiving... remember every good trailer turn out to be mediocore / bad movies Last stand Jean got manipulated by Magneto in her own house n killed Prof X Dark Phoenix Jean got manipulated by Alien race n killed Mystique I really want to see the Phoenix talk to Jean not randomly possesed Jean out in the space like in the comic

  25. MCFLY

    MCFLYHace 38 minutos

    I really hope it’s not bad but I have a feeling it’s gonna be hot Garbage!

  26. MELATHONO 777

    MELATHONO 777Hace 40 minutos

    esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-z1Bw14qd_04.html check this out ASAP

  27. kjdnyhmghfvb

    kjdnyhmghfvbHace 41 un minuto

    Phoenix: who are you? Emma frost maybe: the better question is who are you *slice* Assassin: A girl is Arya Stark...and you were too slow.

  28. Crysha Covers

    Crysha CoversHace 41 un minuto

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  29. GaHyun Hwang

    GaHyun HwangHace 42 minutos

    Are you threatening me? That's right ITS TREASON THEN

  30. Ahmad Sohail Badakhsh

    Ahmad Sohail BadakhshHace 43 minutos

    Imagine if wolverine be in movie too

  31. Hakman Tim

    Hakman TimHace 43 minutos

    Who’s so excited for a possible epic Quiksilver scene?!?!

  32. Rnjebus

    RnjebusHace 44 minutos

    It feels so weird seeing the Dark Phoenix story without Wolverine

  33. kjdnyhmghfvb

    kjdnyhmghfvbHace 45 minutos

    Jean: Are you threatening me? Magneto: That's right... Jean: ARYA!!!

  34. Deb Banerjee

    Deb BanerjeeHace 47 minutos

    who else missing #Wolverine ... & the last part when he had to kill her cz she became so destructive (#XMenTheLastStand)..

  35. Aliasgar Shakir

    Aliasgar ShakirHace 47 minutos

    Only Jon Snow can stop her!

  36. kjdnyhmghfvb

    kjdnyhmghfvbHace 48 minutos

    There is still too many elements missing for me However I see they are finally incorporating the Phoenix Force and JEAANNNNN!

  37. chaos control

    chaos controlHace 49 minutos

    Eustace bagge- she's still a stupid girl

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    Neko RiasHace 50 minutos

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  39. Johnny

    JohnnyHace 51 un minuto

    for sure she's HOT ^.^

  40. SomeRandomGuyOnTheInternet

    SomeRandomGuyOnTheInternetHace 51 un minuto

    Why's every marvel character flying out to space now?

  41. utubebroadcaster

    utubebroadcasterHace 53 minutos

    Cersi now doesn't stand a chance to rule the iron throne!

  42. Prime Brawl Stars

    Prime Brawl StarsHace 53 minutos

    1:21 a movie is good if there's a quicksilver in it!

  43. just a boy

    just a boyHace 53 minutos

    let me do you one better = where is question ? yeah, I will do you one better = what is the question ? i will do you one better = why is question ?

  44. nik 227

    nik 227Hace 54 minutos

    Tbh mcavoy could have played an amazing legion with those split personality and all

  45. CJ

    CJHace 55 minutos

    jessica chastain YES

  46. nik 227

    nik 227Hace 55 minutos

    So 2 years after this movie professor x went from mcavoy to stewart

  47. Miyamoto Rinji

    Miyamoto RinjiHace 57 minutos

    I don't know sansa is this powerful

  48. just a boy

    just a boyHace 59 minutos

    drax is standing so incredibly still . no one can see him.

  49. TajimaMunenori

    TajimaMunenoriHace 59 minutos

    Jean: "Scott!" Scott: "Jean!" Jean: "Scott!" Scott: "Jean!" Jean: "Scott!" Donkey: "Donkey!"

  50. Jaldeep Tipale

    Jaldeep TipaleHace un hora

    I have always loved what 20th Century has done with Marvel. But, this one seems to be a while lot of evil explosions and lot less story!

  51. Rahat Khan

    Rahat KhanHace un hora

    Thanks for showing the entire movie dickheads

  52. Sreerag A Nair

    Sreerag A NairHace un hora

    bring logan back🔥thn i will watch for him😍 wolverine 😎

  53. George Lezama

    George LezamaHace un hora

    I’m definitely gonna see this

  54. Lord Gong

    Lord GongHace un hora

    I thought this wasn't coming to theaters god it looks bad

  55. Microwave Burrito

    Microwave BurritoHace un hora

    Trailer Maker:How much should we spoil in the trailers? Director:Yes

  56. carlos fitchett

    carlos fitchettHace un hora

    Ugh, did they just show the entire movie in these 3 trailers??

  57. bulletkeddy

    bulletkeddyHace un hora

    Recycled story. Come on!

  58. Charlie Willis

    Charlie WillisHace un hora


  59. Itsyourboyfox fox

    Itsyourboyfox foxHace un hora

    What the heck is she Darth vader

  60. Oz Lopez

    Oz LopezHace un hora

    After this received terrible movie review from a screening, and actor not getting along with the director, it is confirm this will be the last xmen movie.

  61. Ace Silla. Ilano

    Ace Silla. IlanoHace un hora

    The girl at 0:40 That's *LIFE WITH MAK* she's doing some ASMR with Jean

  62. KiIowatt

    KiIowattHace un hora

    Well I don't have to go see it now, thanks trailer.

  63. Cox

    CoxHace un hora

    Really hope this isn’t Stan Lee’s last cameo

  64. Sure Spirit

    Sure SpiritHace un hora

    phoenix should take out thanos. Not that no name character..

  65. Shiva sansiya

    Shiva sansiyaHace un hora

    We want wolverine 🐺🐺

  66. Cup of Tae with a little Suga and a Kookie

    Cup of Tae with a little Suga and a KookieHace un hora

    What is Sansa doing here? Isn't she busy enough to deal with Daenerys 😂

  67. Cap C

    Cap CHace un hora

    Sansa going nuts in this one brohhh!

  68. Faiz Says

    Faiz SaysHace un hora

    This gave me more cheer than the all endgame trailers.

  69. TGMG

    TGMGHace un hora

    JFC so many different adaptations... I rarely go to the movies so I ain't gonna see this... ruining my xmen man.

  70. juancho cano

    juancho canoHace un hora

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  71. Garfunkle

    GarfunkleHace un hora

    Brought to you by, Walt Disney Co.

  72. gamer_ 2689

    gamer_ 2689Hace un hora

    Deadass she got the phoenix power from space?? ight for sure

  73. blackwizard2208

    blackwizard2208Hace un hora

    is this the fourth trailer?

  74. Luv Kumar

    Luv KumarHace un hora


  75. Muhammad Ghiffari

    Muhammad GhiffariHace un hora

    Last xmen film series

  76. Swiftie all the way

    Swiftie all the wayHace un hora

    You know it’s good when Jennifer Lawrence is in there

  77. ivan

    ivanHace un hora

    wtf is Sansa doing???

  78. XsweetstarliteX

    XsweetstarliteXHace un hora

    Dark Phoenix, one of my fave comic story archs. It really solidified my distain for Professor X. He caged her mind 'cos he was afraid she couldn't control her power, or that she would use it against them. Not allowing her the oppourtunity to truely master it or choose, is unforgivable. Burn the bloody place down, Phoenix!

  79. Ntm A D A CmOut

    Ntm A D A CmOutHace un hora

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  80. shazadster

    shazadsterHace un hora

    see, now this is a better trailer.

  81. Sponge lol

    Sponge lolHace un hora


  82. Iqram Ali

    Iqram AliHace un hora

    the one name Logan

  83. Cesar Araujo

    Cesar AraujoHace un hora

    Dark reviews 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  84. Nick Nick

    Nick NickHace un hora

    *Dark phoenix vs Captain marvel* Who will win ?

  85. Anti-Hero Zero

    Anti-Hero ZeroHace un hora

    Me! :D

  86. Rajeshwar S

    Rajeshwar SHace un hora

    Sophie turner beautiest

  87. Ainz Ooal Pwn 229

    Ainz Ooal Pwn 229Hace un hora

    Yeah I'm gonna watch it. Lol. I plan on being very high though and I'm sneaking a Subway footlong in along with a bag of cheddar ruffles and two soft drinks. One mellow yellow or Sprite Berry and the other maybe an Arizona or a brisk. That I will drink first and refill with water during a restroom break.

  88. Patrick Pin

    Patrick PinHace un hora

    “When i lose control, bad things happen. But it feels good” Solid description of my relationship with tequila

  89. XAustinSky

    XAustinSkyHace un hora

    I'm glad they actually followed the comics this time for Phoenix's origin

  90. Ace Silla. Ilano

    Ace Silla. IlanoHace 55 minutos

    .. Only the space scene ... But the other scene is like a scene from the last stand

  91. full tv series online

    full tv series onlineHace un hora

    You know the story line is fucked when the have to explain origins this late in the series..

  92. MERK Instinct

    MERK InstinctHace un hora

    I knew Sansa had a dark side.

  93. Raj

    RajHace un hora

    Suggest a new song for the next slo mo Quicksilver scene please. imo, "while my guitar gently weeps" (slow version of course)

  94. Shahani Braga

    Shahani BragaHace un hora

    Wow, when are we gonna get a Jubilee or Rogue, or hell, Storm movie? X-Men live action film really is so blatantly biased...

  95. Richard Rootless

    Richard RootlessHace un hora

    Screaming in space of vacuum.

  96. iJOHNATHON white

    iJOHNATHON whiteHace un hora

    There we go Franchise Saved!

  97. chandru Ravi

    chandru RaviHace un hora

    Sansa stark

  98. Jyn Seng

    Jyn SengHace un hora


  99. Just Monika.

    Just Monika.Hace un hora

    Looking snazzy, Sansa.

  100. jack4xxnew

    jack4xxnewHace 2 horas

    Another feminist movie 😒

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  102. N33D 4 5LEEP

    N33D 4 5LEEPHace 2 horas

    Just make another movie that is R rated pleeeease!