DanTDM Presents 'The Contest' (Official Trailer)


  1. Kitty Curl

    Kitty CurlHace 2 días

    Oof if only it was coming neat me :/

  2. GD Spongebobdab

    GD SpongebobdabHace 3 días

    Pls the philippines

  3. Pearl Magix

    Pearl MagixHace 5 días

    Dantdm:Hope to see you in the contest! Me:I live in singapore...

  4. abdur rafay

    abdur rafayHace 7 días

    I think U mean universe

  5. LegoWormNoah101

    LegoWormNoah101Hace 7 días

    Arboarian - strength Talonian - speed Artcican - stamina

  6. Tracy Anderson

    Tracy AndersonHace 9 días


  7. Seema Shrivastav

    Seema ShrivastavHace 9 días


  8. crying pikachu

    crying pikachuHace 10 días

    Dan I went did you see me I was at the left side in Glasgow Scotland btw the show was great can't wait for your next one

  9. andy kennedy

    andy kennedyHace 10 días

    I went yesterday to see you! Me and my friend loved it

  10. Exantho

    ExanthoHace 11 días

    I literally don't know what the heck I would be out of the three tribes. I'm not strong, I'm not fast and I defiantly don't have lots of stamina. There should be a 4th tribe, for geeks and nerds. That's what I would be in. But since I live in Australia, I don't think I'm gonna travel to the other side of the planet, just to watch one show. I don't think so.

  11. Peter Fay

    Peter FayHace 11 días

    Ok ok.... I SAW THE SHOW IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Manchester c:

  12. Paco Torres

    Paco TorresHace 11 días

    WE ALL LOVE YOU DANTDM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The panda man Cool man

    The panda man Cool manHace 11 días

    I’m talonian

  14. Leafy Jr - AMP

    Leafy Jr - AMPHace 12 días

    Dan! I Just Got Home From The Contest And I’m Very Tired,It Was Amazing Though Keep Up The Good Work!! You Can Beat PewDiePie!!!

  15. RBX_R3f0cus

    RBX_R3f0cusHace 12 días

    I sense a discord hypesquad reference

  16. Ollie Rowe

    Ollie RoweHace 12 días

    I’m going!

  17. Phil G

    Phil GHace 12 días

    My favourite part was when you played against the krakanax

  18. Phil G

    Phil GHace 12 días


  19. Phil G

    Phil GHace 12 días


  20. Maxwell Oldfield

    Maxwell OldfieldHace 12 días

    dude i've seen this in manchester and WOW!!!

  21. DB095

    DB095Hace 12 días


  22. DB095

    DB095Hace 12 días


  23. Jamie Shawcross

    Jamie ShawcrossHace 13 días

    Just got back from taking my young son to this in Manchester and he loved every second of it. You made his, and a lot of kids nights. Top stuff

  24. Mellolover77

    Mellolover77Hace 13 días

    I was there it was so much fun!!!!!

  25. The kernel Kookies

    The kernel KookiesHace 14 días

    I’m red

  26. KillerKraken YT

    KillerKraken YTHace 14 días

    If I could join I have stealth soo Idk what that is but I don't have strength or stamina but speed maybe...

  27. Rubber Ducky Face

    Rubber Ducky FaceHace 14 días

    The end music was so intense ._.

  28. La Lisa

    La LisaHace 15 días

    Dantdm! My little brother did a dab and he is a dab police!

  29. Gabriel Combs

    Gabriel CombsHace 16 días

    Will 'The Contest' be on ESreporter?

  30. Mila Londt

    Mila LondtHace 16 días

    Sorry. I meant Artica not articles.

  31. Sir Parker

    Sir ParkerHace 17 días

    Whats on the back side of the planet? Another tribe? Plz for the States

  32. Sir Parker

    Sir ParkerHace 17 días

    Ths United States

  33. KingCharles111

    KingCharles111Hace 18 días

    Is it going to air on a TV channel?


    MINECRAFTMAN78Hace 18 días

    What about the 4th evil tribe (I went to the show

  35. Keira Hodges

    Keira HodgesHace 19 días

    YA-( realises i live in northampton/england ) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  36. James Edmonston

    James EdmonstonHace 19 días

    None as the wolf

  37. James Edmonston

    James EdmonstonHace 19 días

    Blue won

  38. Krazykentboy

    KrazykentboyHace 19 días

    Well done Arktikan for winning at Wembley

  39. ben01623

    ben01623Hace 19 días

    i went to show AWSOME BTW

  40. Fenela Saldana

    Fenela SaldanaHace 20 días

    I m not from uk i live in philippins

  41. A_NoobLel Gaming

    A_NoobLel GamingHace 20 días

    Dan you did GREAT!!!!!!

  42. The JesterJosh

    The JesterJoshHace 20 días

    In 1000 years will a youtuber named JakeTEM Jake the emerald minecart

  43. Triple Life Gaming

    Triple Life GamingHace 21 un día

    Dan I would love to go but sadly I won’t be able to make it I’m sorry....

  44. Helvetica Animations

    Helvetica AnimationsHace 21 un día

    Arctikan tribe yeet

  45. Daniel Escano

    Daniel EscanoHace 21 un día

    Although I’m not from the UK, neither live there. But my parents bought tickets for the contest as an Easter gift.

  46. Maria Boat

    Maria BoatHace 22 días

    I live really close to the uk but don't have the money to fly there :(

  47. Afaneh Family

    Afaneh FamilyHace 23 días

    How do u get tickets ?

  48. xxpro3366

    xxpro3366Hace 23 días

    I can not go because I live in the .u.s

  49. xxpro3366

    xxpro3366Hace 23 días

    This is fake

  50. Lia Colours

    Lia ColoursHace 23 días

    I want to go ;[

  51. Janethegreatest Roberts

    Janethegreatest RobertsHace 23 días

    I'm going on the tour on 6 of July !!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🙃🙂🙃🙂

  52. Felicia Widjaja

    Felicia WidjajaHace 23 días

    I'm in artikan tribe boi who is with me and what tribe are u in?

  53. Timothy Styles

    Timothy StylesHace 22 días

    Felicia Widjaja me