Dakota Johnson Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair


  1. Takia Sharleen

    Takia SharleenHace 11 horas

    The blonde lady is disguisting...😑it was like a horror movie

  2. Strange Musafir

    Strange MusafirHace 21 un hora

    What is the result you don't tell what was the video we don't understand

  3. aashi

    aashiHace un día

    She so cute in that dress...

  4. gia mbh

    gia mbhHace un día


  5. Ella Preena

    Ella PreenaHace un día

    I love how that blonde woman said ...”yOuR gOnnA Be fInE” And Dakota immediately looked at the thing on her arm...I would’ve ripped it off and ran straight outta there cause... I don’t feel fine lady

  6. Hanna Davis

    Hanna DavisHace un día

    She is beautiful❤

  7. Tofu Said

    Tofu SaidHace 2 días

    Why does this video feel, unpleasant? It’s not Dakota, it’s more the questions/how they’re being asked, and the lady running the machine always making faces.

  8. Antara Debnath

    Antara DebnathHace 4 días

    I love dacota jhonsom

  9. Salina Smith

    Salina SmithHace 4 días

    i'd love to see a remake of her as cat woman.

  10. J QO

    J QOHace 5 días

    The blond lady LMAO why she say it like dat

  11. NaNa Po

    NaNa PoHace 5 días

    Why does the blond lady seem pissed, like you’re not doing much.

  12. Bailey Johnson

    Bailey JohnsonHace 6 días

    yOuR gUnNa bE FinE

  13. -Mad Hatter Bbie-

    -Mad Hatter Bbie-Hace 6 días

    I love how giggly she is

  14. Shaitan Devil

    Shaitan DevilHace 6 días

    Is she crying

  15. Payton Duncan

    Payton DuncanHace 6 días

    Are we not going to talk about how adorable she was at 3:23? She is one of my favorite actresses I want to meet her so bad.

  16. Nelson Messengue

    Nelson MessengueHace 7 días

    the guy asking question i can tell he's woke


    MIZA TECHHace 7 días

    You’re gonna be fine! Thats rude

  18. jocao2

    jocao2Hace 7 días

    The blonde looks dumb for taking the job too seriously

  19. hala dahmash

    hala dahmashHace 8 días

    This looks like an interrogation rather than an interview

  20. Ergest Ahmetaj

    Ergest AhmetajHace 8 días

    I love her so much 😍

  21. serg ig

    serg igHace 10 días

    longest 10 minutes in my life)

  22. lucifer morningstar

    lucifer morningstarHace 11 días

    every one here is so focused on the blode girl, they didnt noticed that dakota was lying when they asked her about her family being part of the illuminati.

  23. Breathe Music

    Breathe MusicHace 12 días

    The Real Question's were asked at the End...🌚


    HAMTAT AYYOUBHace 12 días

    we would do okay if we could actually know what the lines means.

  25. Lori Hyslop

    Lori HyslopHace 12 días

    ‘Let’s talk about 50 shades of grey’ *Needle goes crazy*

  26. !!MINA M!!

    !!MINA M!!Hace 13 días

    This was hella awkward and cringe tho like idk it wasn’t Dakota it was the other ppl

  27. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos DiazHace 13 días


  28. Sarina j

    Sarina jHace 14 días

    The blonde girl was a big fan of jamie dornan!

  29. ńaqq

    ńaqqHace 14 días

    how do you know?

  30. john fitzgerald

    john fitzgeraldHace 14 días

    This sounded like one of those ASMR videos.

  31. lol !

    lol !Hace 14 días


  32. Vittoria

    VittoriaHace 14 días

    people that know how to read the detector should do videos reacting to these tests. it would be very interesting to know how to read it and what it means

  33. Frodo H

    Frodo HHace 14 días

    She has the kindest face in the whole f..king world. every time i saw her videos i feel happy

  34. Prabhat Rai

    Prabhat RaiHace 15 días

    9:39 Normal but yet very cute expression of her

  35. Kiyo 626

    Kiyo 626Hace 15 días


  36. einsof

    einsofHace 15 días

    her an kurşuna dizilecekmiş gibi bakıo ahsjesd yazık lan

  37. einsof

    einsofHace 15 días

    she's taking her job very seriously. chilll duuuuuuude fjdjflgjttlg

  38. Victoria Claire Official

    Victoria Claire OfficialHace 17 días

    Deep. I like her

  39. TechImaginist [Vijay Malayil]

    TechImaginist [Vijay Malayil]Hace 18 días

    "You're gonna be fine" she said. Scary.

  40. yo wassup baby yo man baby

    yo wassup baby yo man babyHace 20 días

    her cute little giggles 🥺

  41. Scouting Legion

    Scouting LegionHace 20 días