Dak Prescott & Tony Pollard's Perfect Drive For Touchdown || 8 Things I Noticed


  1. Voch Lombardi

    Voch LombardiHace un mes

    Gallup is fading not stacking. With him going towards the sideline dak has to put it on him not in front of him

  2. Jason Talarowski

    Jason TalarowskiHace 20 días

    That safety was way too far away if Dak leads Gallup correctly. That could’ve been a touchdown right there. Another point; you made the mistake of giving credit to Connor Williams for his block on Pollards touchdown run. If Williams can hold his block pollard wouldn’t have been touched until he made contact with the secondary. Williams got ripped down and fell

  3. Affordable Sticks

    Affordable SticksHace un mes

    Good point

  4. J&H

    J&HHace un mes

    Y'all are crazy

  5. Backpack Lands

    Backpack LandsHace un mes

    Exactly, the safety would’ve smacked Gallup if he was lead

  6. Mel Wood81

    Mel Wood81Hace 16 días

    Tony Pollard will get in the game against the Giants and OUTSHINE Zeke's performance. And if Zeke is NOT a hater already, he will QUICKLY become one.

  7. Jay Rock

    Jay RockHace 19 días

    Written missed the block as well

  8. El Towbar

    El TowbarHace 29 días

    Haha this guys calls it good

  9. Mystictristen T

    Mystictristen THace un mes

    Tony pollard still not better than zeke

  10. Nintengo 1985

    Nintengo 1985Hace un mes

    Conor got him an ass now

  11. Nintengo 1985

    Nintengo 1985Hace un mes

    Ok I see it now, I wasn’t buying into any rb who couldn’t run between the tackles. What a great run with beautiful balance.

  12. Randy Rana

    Randy RanaHace un mes

    do a video on darwin thompson

  13. Brandon Belona

    Brandon BelonaHace un mes

    So your going to glorify a rb in reality the cowboys have been elite at that position for years that’s not the problem the problem is weak qb play & predicable play calling

  14. Bob Adams

    Bob AdamsHace 26 días

    To give the other readers a heads up for a fair chance to bypass your half-baked thoughts, kindly change your name from Brandon Belona to Branded Bologna.

  15. godspeed

    godspeedHace un mes

    Dak can improve slightly on a the deep ball that's it ... Our offensive coordinator is gone so we don't got to worry about predictability anymore

  16. Brandon Belona

    Brandon BelonaHace un mes

    Bro u trippin if you think it’s gone be that easy to move down the field on the rams 1st team defense you are sick in the head

  17. Dan Blatt

    Dan BlattHace un mes

    Great breakdown, once again thank you Voch 👍

  18. Trevor Augustus

    Trevor AugustusHace un mes

    Which one would y’all draft first in fantasy, Pollard or Gallup? (Who has the Better shot at having a great year).

  19. John Mathis

    John MathisHace un mes

    Man, did you see #52 wiff on the block that Pollerd scored on. That's not good! Pollerd still broke the tackle and scored. That is good! #52 has got to get some nasty behind his blocks. He is the week link on an absolutely amazing offensive line. If he or McGovern could get on the same page as the other 4 starters, that line could be historic.

  20. John Mathis

    John MathisHace un mes

    Pollerd is definitely running behind his pads!

  21. Bob Adams

    Bob AdamsHace 26 días

    His knee and pads, yes. His hip and shoulder pads, no.

  22. Keala K

    Keala KHace un mes

    8:45 look at Witten throw his guy to the ground in the backfield. .

  23. Adrian Holmes

    Adrian HolmesHace un mes

    Pollard is cool but he is no zeke

  24. Jacobo

    JacoboHace un mes

    Zeke who?

  25. Beebs

    BeebsHace un mes

    Call me crazy but Dez Bryant is still a FA and Romo did not re sign with CBS. Is it possible that Romo and Dez can return next year if Dak stinks it up this year and doesn't get signed?!? Dak didn't get signed yet. Just saying 🤷‍♂️

  26. Beebs

    BeebsHace 25 días

    @Bob Adams Um, ok !

  27. Bob Adams

    Bob AdamsHace 26 días

    O.K. You're crazy! Thanks for the permission (and invitation) to make this well deserved proclamation.

  28. Valerio

    ValerioHace un mes

    2 Great RBs i wouldnt want either to ever Leave the Cowboys Itll be tough

  29. Laker Jay

    Laker JayHace un mes

    Can’t notice sh*t it’s week two preseason you dudes are crazy

  30. Joseph Garrett

    Joseph GarrettHace un mes

    Preseason is practice execute in practice means execute in games

  31. BOOM BRO

    BOOM BROHace un mes

    Dak still under through Gallup on 3 & 7 lol yes it was still back shoulder but it could have been in stride 🏃🏽

  32. used 2be

    used 2beHace un mes

    Dak with his starters vs rams guys that prob wont make the roster cut. Okay. Enjoy that fanboys

  33. used 2be

    used 2beHace un mes

    @godspeed his team has those. I'm sick of that bullshit. Name 1 thing dak is good at when it comes to throwing the ball

  34. godspeed

    godspeedHace un mes

    Cool story Dak has the most season wins coming in the league behind TOM BRADY...

  35. Chris Pierson

    Chris PiersonHace un mes

    I hate to bring reality to you but Dak Prescott and Tony Pollard were going up against the Ram B-Teamers so any A-Team offense would look alot better than they really are in those situations.

  36. Peter Dixon

    Peter DixonHace un mes

    When do they starting cutting down the 90-man roster?

  37. James Cramutola

    James CramutolaHace un mes

    DALLAS DIDN'T WIN LAST YEAR WITH ZEKE OR THE LAST TWO YEARS HE PLAYED BAD AGAINST Rams last year. zeke still has 2 years left on his contract I think Jones should see what Zeke does in 2 years before Zeke gets paid.

  38. Adam Johnston

    Adam JohnstonHace un mes

    I love the argument that we're playing lesser talent when we're without Zeke, Tyron Smith, Zach Martin and Amari Cooper. That's four pro bowlers missing from action.

  39. Joseph Garrett

    Joseph GarrettHace un mes

    @Brandon Belona 2nd winningest qb in NFL though

  40. Brandon Belona

    Brandon BelonaHace un mes

    Adam Johnston dak, cobb, witten, Gallup are starters bro show me a starter on our defense the end result in the regular will be exactly what’s it’s been when we play y’all in the regular season because your play calling is predicatabke & your qb sucks

  41. Cowboys Nation TV

    Cowboys Nation TVHace un mes

    Great vid Vocho

  42. Tyson Kemp

    Tyson KempHace un mes

    Good content Voch.

  43. Daz Capone

    Daz CaponeHace un mes

    What I noticed is Dak ant worth 40mill, 28mill at Best...

  44. King Thanos

    King ThanosHace un mes

    Cowboys are looking playoff bound again (packers fan)

  45. donald deluxe

    donald deluxeHace un mes

    I thought fans like you do not want us to be in the playoffs?

  46. Dj Cobbs

    Dj CobbsHace un mes

    Dak held the ball too long on that first play , witten could’ve got a easy 7 yards +

  47. David Evans

    David EvansHace un mes

    Mike White, played himself off the team, thank God for this revelation. It's what preseason about.

  48. Paul Brown

    Paul BrownHace un mes

    These guys get through one preseason game! And everyone seems to have lost their minds!🤯🤡🤪🥳🤠😬 I myself not impressed its preseason hello! Then Clown Jerry joke Jones say one of the most stupid things heard from a owner of the NFL!@#$ &*^÷ Zeke who? How smart are you really🤔 I think early dementia and Alzheimers kicking in! You guys can say what you want but the eyes and ears know better! Rather its a stunt or fact! It was so bad he should be careful when speaking again! I say go with Tony Pollard and the rest of those rookies and the words spoken will be eaten by you as for me I can't wait😳

  49. Marion Cade

    Marion CadeHace un mes

    haters real quiet!!

  50. Harley Johnson

    Harley JohnsonHace un mes

    Tony looked good, I'll admit. But he didn't run anyone over. Every tackle that missed him was at his feet. Which does mean great balance but there's no need to exaggerate and make it sound like he was running people over Zeke style. Still, great video man

  51. Michael Waterfield

    Michael WaterfieldHace un mes

    It hurts listening to you talk.

  52. Mann Made

    Mann MadeHace un mes

    Hey Voch, please show Mark Holmes how to edit videos! Final Cut Pro or better yet Adobe Premiere.

  53. Jersey Joe

    Jersey JoeHace un mes

    You've made a wonderful point about talent in preseason games. I never thought of it that way. Thanks!

  54. brandon lindsey

    brandon lindseyHace un mes

    I'm trying to figure out Tony P, people says he's Alvin K as you say, but is it safer to say like brian westbrook? BW had some power for sure and we all know how great of a receiver. I could be wrong, but wasn't BW more shifty than TonyP?

  55. gary robinson

    gary robinsonHace un mes

    Dark still has horrible touch, but in this day and age you don’t have to be perfect anymore. Most players are playing sloppy ball. Just playing consistently good to decent will get you 9-7 9 times out of 10.

  56. gary robinson

    gary robinsonHace un mes

    ThE football on the grounD anD the cowboys tackle just looks at it. Who cares if he “knew” it was a dead ball. Get the ball if it comes out



    Pollard is good but the greatness of Zeke will take away from him because Zeke is the crowd favorite but I see u Pollard

  58. Clayton Burrell II

    Clayton Burrell IIHace un mes

    Tony Pollard's running style looks alot like Tevin Coleman.

  59. Stacy Lynn Sutherland

    Stacy Lynn SutherlandHace un mes

    The first drive both teams had starters on the field offense and defense not every one of them but enough to make it worth while

  60. Michael Humphrey

    Michael HumphreyHace un mes

    This offense is has the perfect personnel to run a very balanced attack out of spread out formations! This line is one of the best and can give Dak the time he needs. I mean come on Witt on the outside by himself that play right there got me hyped about Moore and what he's trying to do!! Keep up the good work Voch!!

  61. rascol109

    rascol109Hace un mes

    u sound mad bias relax its preseason

  62. Tyler Smith

    Tyler SmithHace un mes

    We’re gonna have another Le’Veon Bell situation. Had all the power until the backup plays just as good 🤫

  63. Randy Savage

    Randy SavageHace un mes

    Gallup had to come back to the ball if dak hits him in stride thats 6.. gotta work on that dak

  64. Bob Adams

    Bob AdamsHace 26 días

    Dak, Gallup, Kitna, Moore and Garret realize that!

  65. J&H

    J&HHace un mes

    You really think dak looked good on that drive... 😂 let alone perfect

  66. J&H

    J&HHace un mes

    @godspeed put it in context

  67. godspeed

    godspeedHace un mes

    He was 4/4 sounds pretty perfect to me

  68. Erik Hopkins

    Erik HopkinsHace un mes

    It doesn't matter It's the preseason You're playing against backups

  69. Bob Adams

    Bob AdamsHace 26 días

    Really? When did they start using backup players in preseason games?

  70. Caleb Collier

    Caleb CollierHace un mes

    Illegal use of hands by Jason Witten

  71. Ronald Lassiter

    Ronald LassiterHace un mes

    Tony Pollard = Charlie Garner

  72. 5 Star

    5 StarHace un mes

    Pollard is better then Zeke

  73. Molith Vongphrachanh

    Molith VongphrachanhHace un mes

    Rams backups gave up 14 points

  74. 00 00

    00 00Hace un mes

    I pray Cowboys make Dak the highest paid QB because in a few years it will be a bargain when he'll show everyone he's better than Pat Mahomes.

  75. Zachary zamora

    Zachary zamoraHace un mes


  76. Deon C.

    Deon C.Hace un mes

    Love the breakdowns man. Keep em coming. I think Pollard is a solid back. Definitely will be our #2.

  77. Dame Watts

    Dame WattsHace un mes

    Listen this dude is a home run hitter at any time..If he has great blocking up front he's going to give other teams nightmares pollare is a different RB then zeke not stronger but more shifty.. Facts.. That's why Zeke had to lose weight it wasn't about a new contract all, that was all a front Zeke was going to get his money regardless they told him to lose some weight or the rookie is going to get the Rock...Great pick Dallas!!! We Them boys

  78. oneofspades

    oneofspadesHace un mes

    Good showing. Outcome not as important than the execution. Liked how Dak sees the field and how they ran their routes. Not really concerned with the opposition talent.

  79. Labor Movement

    Labor MovementHace un mes

    If Tony Pollar catches fire during the season and maintains momentum kiss Zek good bye. Dont forget Alfred Morris as well

  80. Bob Adams

    Bob AdamsHace 26 días

    You're a bit premature on that assumption. By the way, who the heck Zek?

  81. Bob Adams

    Bob AdamsHace 26 días

    @Adrian Holmes Seke? Seke and you shall find.

  82. Adrian Holmes

    Adrian HolmesHace un mes

    Man yall need 2 stop this he can catch fire all he want and i hope he does but seke is a generational back pollard is not

  83. LonesomeKnotEye

    LonesomeKnotEyeHace un mes

    ...... preseason......