Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #5


  1. Zaky Zidny

    Zaky ZidnyHace 9 horas


  2. Jeffrey King

    Jeffrey KingHace 14 horas

    WTF!!! 😳

  3. Jayden Walsh

    Jayden WalshHace 17 horas

    How did the grandma get in the room

  4. easy building 16

    easy building 16Hace un día

    Did he say god eats children and the girls went to a nother planet to get dummer

  5. BastianCOOL 100

    BastianCOOL 100Hace un día


  6. Handsome Boy

    Handsome BoyHace un día

    "Big Black Butts"

  7. Spencer Merrick

    Spencer MerrickHace un día

    11:27 who else saw the hand on the remote

  8. jj gg gameing

    jj gg gameingHace un día

    why other bean watch these i hate this im repoting

  9. el diablo free fire

    el diablo free fireHace un día

    Oh my god

  10. Cherry The Kitsune

    Cherry The KitsuneHace un día

    dark humor best humor

  11. Yanping Wu

    Yanping WuHace un día


  12. Shaik Shaz

    Shaik ShazHace 2 días

    This is some dark humor thing

  13. Lili Hao

    Lili HaoHace 2 días

    This is the most funniest shit ever 11:51

  14. Olesea Pilihovscaia

    Olesea PilihovscaiaHace 2 días

    Türkler niye yazmiyo

  15. Jay Anonymous

    Jay AnonymousHace 2 días

    13:14 is when the child was scarred for life

  16. Jay Anonymous

    Jay AnonymousHace 2 días

    The commentary guy for the space one was funny as fuck 🤣💯 His come backs for this child was amazingly funny but fucked up

  17. Alondra Hernandez

    Alondra HernandezHace 2 días

    "dick tucker" i literally skipped it. SO NASTY

  18. OZking Gaming

    OZking GamingHace 2 días

    I just noticed that theres a lot kf jokes about suicide and death

  19. Jalissa Rodney

    Jalissa RodneyHace 2 días

    Grandma: what ever you do don’t go into the room on the left Boy: uhh okay *opens it* Boy: gasp Grandma: I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME IN HERE Boy: AHHHHHHHH

  20. Jason riley

    Jason rileyHace 3 días

    Give a like if allb there video are crazy 👻👻👻

  21. isabella Cubero

    isabella CuberoHace 3 días

    NO!! The baby!

  22. Saint

    SaintHace 3 días

    sad opposite day

  23. Moodi playz03YT

    Moodi playz03YTHace 3 días

    You're ânes ? 😂

  24. Animation Life

    Animation LifeHace 3 días

    #1 what about the ones you dropped on the ground?

  25. Ice Hino Z

    Ice Hino ZHace 3 días

    Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider.. Boys go to Venus to get a bigger pe-

  26. ابو احمد الرشيدي

    ابو احمد الرشيديHace 3 días

    من عميق الي مثلي لايك

  27. Daigorou大五郎

    Daigorou大五郎Hace 3 días

    Please tell me What do this animations mean.😭

  28. Ioannous P

    Ioannous PHace 4 días

  29. God's Favourite Moron

    God's Favourite MoronHace 4 días

    8:14 Rob voted for Hitler

  30. Comic Maker Briggs

    Comic Maker BriggsHace 4 días

    0:41 that must have hurt for the baby’s crotch.

  31. Ramsey Schaefer

    Ramsey SchaeferHace 4 días

    54 MILION VIEWS?!? 😱😱

  32. Tristan Senf

    Tristan SenfHace 4 días

    10:40 100% you telling me no ones died on the space station or on the moon.

  33. Matt Naderman

    Matt NadermanHace 4 días

    God doesn't eat children, you demonic creepy jerk.

  34. Waterfall asmr

    Waterfall asmrHace 4 días

    5:06 doh

  35. muhammad azid

    muhammad azidHace 5 días


  36. Edison Mcquarters

    Edison McquartersHace 5 días

    10:35 us***

  37. Edison Mcquarters

    Edison McquartersHace 5 días

    8:59 what the fu

  38. David Shamonsky

    David ShamonskyHace 5 días

    She had two other chances she dropped two coins on the floor

  39. Harry Sancrant

    Harry SancrantHace 5 días

    I just had to put my 13 yr old dog down last week that fucking hurt to watch when they did that shit

  40. God's Favourite Moron

    God's Favourite MoronHace 5 días

    Am I seriously the only person who understands the pasta and meat balls alien reference, it's something from Futurama. 10:56

  41. davit sadoevi

    davit sadoeviHace 6 días


  42. Nate L

    Nate LHace 6 días

    The people that work at explosm are messed up

  43. Main Man

    Main ManHace 6 días

    Now I fell like I’m going to die

  44. Otavio Henrique

    Otavio HenriqueHace 6 días

    I like potatos

  45. gisele draw

    gisele drawHace 6 días

    Cadê os br ?

  46. Duc Nguyen

    Duc NguyenHace 7 días

    dark humor i like it

  47. palmieres

    palmieresHace 7 días

    If Dick Tucker actually tucked properly he'd be a hell of a lot better secret agent.

  48. Alucard Santra Di deus

    Alucard Santra Di deusHace 7 días

    Astronauts have died in space, so not 100% of deaths happen on earth.

  49. Alucard Santra Di deus

    Alucard Santra Di deusHace 5 días

    @Zack Edwards I get what you are saying but... It really isn't 100%

  50. Zack Edwards

    Zack EdwardsHace 5 días

    It's just been three Russians, so it's basically 100% if you are talking about all of human history. The three that happen off earth are so small as to be considered a rounding error.

  51. Xxzeb

    XxzebHace 7 días

    The olny bad part of the vid was sad dog part

  52. 大貓

    大貓Hace 7 días

  53. Ian J Banks

    Ian J BanksHace 7 días

    3:59 how is that one sad??

  54. Bruno Helpa ribeiro

    Bruno Helpa ribeiroHace 8 días

    3:58 punheta

  55. Aaron Wharton

    Aaron WhartonHace 8 días

    Keep out of the room

  56. calebzdino _

    calebzdino _Hace 9 días

    Boy just went fully erect on a missle

  57. Tik Tok planet

    Tik Tok planetHace 10 días

    Dead baby

  58. Zidane Adnane

    Zidane AdnaneHace 10 días

    You foul

  59. brittany gutierrez

    brittany gutierrezHace 11 días

    Why did they kill the dog 😢 it was it’s time to go then 😟

  60. KingstonZerr Official

    KingstonZerr OfficialHace 11 días

    15:54 whu does this warm my heart?

  61. EQOV ldis Mama

    EQOV ldis MamaHace 11 días

    3:59 :)

  62. Silvia Parrales

    Silvia ParralesHace 12 días

    It’s not girls as boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider