Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #24


  1. Kori Censhin

    Kori CenshinHace 19 horas

    3:18 was my favorite 😊👌🏾

  2. Cube Mechanic

    Cube MechanicHace un día

    4:07 OH NEPTUNE!

  3. bananarama

    bananaramaHace un día

    Poor the kid or man in this world named jimmy wiliams :/

  4. Daniel Bojorquez

    Daniel BojorquezHace un día

    This is damn funny to watch like to agree ⬇️

  5. Life with Andre and friends

    Life with Andre and friendsHace un día

    Do you realize that most of the population of men in cyanide and happiness are Bald!

  6. every day

    every dayHace un día

    Jimmy Williams has my vote

  7. J.B.

    J.B.Hace un día


  8. Ally Kayyy

    Ally KayyyHace 2 días

    A 5 year old fart in a jar? ... the timeline doesnt add up here d00d. 96 was forever ago.

  9. Ally Kayyy

    Ally KayyyHace 2 días

    Okay is the Jimmy Williams guy the same one that narrated Here Comes Dr. Tran because holy shit the resemblance.... ahhh Dr. Tran... Eats hickory smoked horse buttholes... *from a CUP*

  10. gd rager 9874

    gd rager 9874Hace 2 días

    The princess who ate the legs is a cannibal

  11. annoying dino

    annoying dinoHace 2 días

    It was sad to see his mother cry im unsubscribing

  12. Cowboy Jack

    Cowboy JackHace 3 días

    The way he said I lied

  13. Daryl King

    Daryl KingHace 3 días

    And didn't tell anyone IT WaS JiMmY WIlliiaMs

  14. Reptiles Kingdom

    Reptiles KingdomHace 3 días

    Must be a Monday

  15. Communist Bacon

    Communist BaconHace 6 días

    The girl who ate the sandwich at 9:17 ate the toothpick and was unharmed

  16. Jerel Beckem

    Jerel BeckemHace 6 días

    Or should I say dummy test

  17. Jerel Beckem

    Jerel BeckemHace 6 días

    Everyone is a ragdoll

  18. юлия скиданенко

    юлия скиданенкоHace 6 días


  19. normalguycap

    normalguycapHace 7 días

    Which of these compilations is actually good?

  20. Dylan Maxwell

    Dylan MaxwellHace 7 días

    10:12 I found a tumblebutt

  21. Katey Watkins

    Katey WatkinsHace 7 días

    Yea same jimmy is a creep dew kinda made me sick his face is........ugly and he talks creepy

  22. TerracatHero

    TerracatHeroHace 7 días

    Jimmy williams, wants to build a wall

  23. Bailee Elaine

    Bailee ElaineHace 8 días

    Thus tumblebutts were born

  24. Bailee Elaine

    Bailee ElaineHace 8 días

    I d k h I t f I got here from Eminem’s new dropped album It started like this Eminem’s new dropped album Nick cannons Eminem diss track where he’s only writing dis songs for himself & em isn’t paying attention until he dropped No Regrets & at 2:00 he shot nick without touching his gun Mac Miller’s songs dropped & now I’m here How is this relevant? Lol

  25. Melissa Randles

    Melissa RandlesHace 8 días

    When I saw the one with a wheel I wanted to roll around inside a holahop (sorry I don’t know how to spell hola hoop)

  26. Moochelle Vibing

    Moochelle VibingHace 8 días

    What did u guys get in ur report card? If u do school..

  27. Josh Mitt

    Josh MittHace 8 días

    I'm jimmy Williams and I'm gonna prove this message...

  28. Adam9415 Muazam

    Adam9415 MuazamHace 9 días


  29. BabyCakes

    BabyCakesHace 10 días

    Pretty tasty huh Dwaahhhhh what the fuu

  30. Gaming BlackHat

    Gaming BlackHatHace 10 días

    I'm rich Bench !!

  31. fearlessoraine12

    fearlessoraine12Hace 11 días

    Y’all notice how fart in a jar Marty strangely looks like the book wrong that took over a family

  32. Gavyn Coble

    Gavyn CobleHace 11 días

    This is not funny but I’ll watch it anyway

  33. The ugly Green train

    The ugly Green trainHace 12 días

    Mean dad

  34. Jordan Taylor

    Jordan TaylorHace 12 días

    I love the "mUsT bE A moNdAy" guy😂😂

  35. Lian studios 2019

    Lian studios 2019Hace 13 días

    What The nuke check The menú and splote

  36. Jeremiah Jones

    Jeremiah JonesHace 14 días

    They Use Chip Chapley As Every Newsman

  37. Sol Sal

    Sol SalHace 14 días

    The holy shit

  38. Lukas Tarabay

    Lukas TarabayHace 15 días

    Butt roller (that’s what I thing they called them) 10:12

  39. Landon Truskoski

    Landon TruskoskiHace 15 días

    I saw a tumblebutt

  40. RainbowDashing Animations

    RainbowDashing AnimationsHace 15 días

    That was a serious deep throat

  41. Kori Censhin

    Kori CenshinHace 19 horas


  42. Snowfang00

    Snowfang00Hace 16 días

    0:37 made me burst out laughing


    RAMIL AGUSTINOHace 16 días

    That is so silly

  44. Wumpus

    WumpusHace 16 días

    12:21 on the top right you can see half a jar

  45. Jonathan Rugsted Hansen 3A Anna Trolles Skole

    Jonathan Rugsted Hansen 3A Anna Trolles SkoleHace 16 días


  46. kassemfysal39

    kassemfysal39Hace 17 días

    Don said bid woerd

  47. Ticket Llamas

    Ticket LlamasHace 17 días

    7:08 illinois for you

  48. clickbait worrior jacob

    clickbait worrior jacobHace 17 días

    what taste is air

  49. Adam Ahmad

    Adam AhmadHace 18 días

    And all of that is how I met your father

  50. Neo Metal

    Neo MetalHace 19 días

    You guys make me feel uncomfortable

  51. Mickey 1029

    Mickey 1029Hace 19 días

    I skip 20 seconds and jimmy said im a bad money.

  52. JustMe356

    JustMe356Hace 19 días

    “Must be a mondaaay!”

  53. Jeremiah C

    Jeremiah CHace 20 días

    Jimmy william is donald trump

  54. Giovani Mendoza De La Cruz

    Giovani Mendoza De La CruzHace 20 días

    10:12 tumblebutts

  55. Adreana Cannon

    Adreana CannonHace 21 un día

    It was only wats in 4th grade fart in the you no hahahaahahahahahahahahahahah

  56. NubFN

    NubFNHace 21 un día

    *i ‘ m r i c h b e t c h*

  57. Yawa Sewonou

    Yawa SewonouHace 21 un día

    Cringe rlly cringe 😆😆

  58. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron HernandezHace 21 un día

    Jimmy Williams reminds me as dounld trump

  59. Maz3rLaz3r

    Maz3rLaz3rHace 21 un día

    “I’m Jimmy Williams and I approve this message.”

  60. Marzipan Plays

    Marzipan PlaysHace 21 un día

    7:04-7:39 is my school at every single one of those schoolwide meet ups in the gym. Why? Religion.

  61. Cool dude

    Cool dudeHace 21 un día

    2:09 7 hear old me when I find $20

  62. Daniel Lehmann

    Daniel LehmannHace 21 un día