Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #13


  1. Tom the Cat

    Tom the CatHace un día

    12:04 The things ESreporterrs will to do get likes

  2. Honey Badger

    Honey BadgerHace 14 días

    1:46 Fucking SCP 096 irl?

  3. Lizzy Land

    Lizzy LandHace 15 días

    That bastard really hurt that horse and I wanna punch his frisking face in lol

  4. Lizzy Land

    Lizzy LandHace 15 días

    The first one was hillarious

  5. Rejoice Dogood

    Rejoice DogoodHace 18 días

    Please can you do more episode this 2020?

  6. Doctor Blood Studios

    Doctor Blood StudiosHace 19 días

    6:50 yadoT eripmE 032 - 885 - 800 (Empire Today Backwards Jingle Nutshell) just a Joke Okay Guys

  7. Onuegbu Chidimma

    Onuegbu ChidimmaHace 21 un día

    A man laugh at him

  8. Onuegbu Chidimma

    Onuegbu ChidimmaHace 21 un día

    A man laugh at him

  9. Onuegbu Chidimma

    Onuegbu ChidimmaHace 21 un día

    OMG 😱 he pushed instead of pulling

  10. FearTheBirds -

    FearTheBirds -Hace 22 días

    8:32 1723 furries are invented colorized

  11. Kiarash Mohebbi

    Kiarash MohebbiHace 23 días


  12. Perfect Timer

    Perfect TimerHace 23 días


  13. Perfect Timer

    Perfect TimerHace 23 días


  14. Cole Ward

    Cole WardHace 25 días


  15. Izzy Gonzalez

    Izzy GonzalezHace 26 días

    Bone collector is Denzel Washington

  16. night howl

    night howlHace 26 días

    The last one was brutal

  17. emmanuel welch

    emmanuel welchHace 28 días

    They do a lot of dime shit on this😂😂😂😂

  18. CatGamer0380 Gaming

    CatGamer0380 GamingHace 28 días

    Wonder if the video got age restricted

  19. Yoongi Min

    Yoongi MinHace 29 días

    i like the song

  20. 10k subs challenge I upload hacks and lyrics

    10k subs challenge I upload hacks and lyricsHace un mes

    Well yes I am the watcher

  21. Uvuvwevwevwe onyentenyyevwe ugwembwem osas

    Uvuvwevwevwe onyentenyyevwe ugwembwem osasHace un mes


  22. Chance Peters

    Chance PetersHace un mes


  23. JustMe356

    JustMe356Hace un mes

    11:01 literally every YTer when they run out of ideas

  24. TheUltimate Uchiha

    TheUltimate UchihaHace un mes

    ...............WT....!!!! (find out next time on dragon ball z)

  25. Renad Alwahibi

    Renad AlwahibiHace un mes

    10:26 ok we anderstand🌚💔

  26. Kenassa Tucho

    Kenassa TuchoHace un mes


  27. Angel Hernandez

    Angel HernandezHace un mes

    2:08 Yup... a professional

  28. Anvesh Naik

    Anvesh NaikHace un mes

    9:58 Denzel Washington?!

  29. Darth Maul

    Darth MaulHace un mes

    Wait the firefighter is chinese but hes speaking japanese

  30. GamerFreak 3110

    GamerFreak 3110Hace un mes

    1:40 ok sure romantic 1:45 holy crap thats dark and what a left turn

  31. kdhgeh kaysgw

    kdhgeh kaysgwHace un mes

    i don't get pull

  32. RCA

    RCAHace un mes

    It is not possible to watch one of these without scrolling down to the comments.

  33. Darth Maul

    Darth MaulHace un mes

    RCA nope


    KAYNIAK PLAYZHace un mes

    "here to honor the 5 fire fighters before us" I only saw 3

  35. Bogdan o5

    Bogdan o5Hace un mes

    Wtf îs wrong with this chanel =DD

  36. banana man

    banana manHace un mes

    8:22 you see surfs up penguin

  37. Faze Judd

    Faze JuddHace un mes

    The poor hourse

  38. The Great Deviljho

    The Great DeviljhoHace un mes

    9:49 at .25 speed

  39. Jaspers Lalonde

    Jaspers LalondeHace un mes

    Morgan Freeman is no backup Denzel Denzel is backup Morgan Freeman

  40. Andrew Kang

    Andrew KangHace un mes

    Oh the horse tho....

  41. Carolyn Beard

    Carolyn BeardHace un mes

    Wate 50 mile man died in part 1...

  42. Ozkilla

    OzkillaHace un mes

    Hardcore way to get likes

  43. Kacchan Bakugou

    Kacchan BakugouHace un mes

    8:54 THE 50MPH MAN

  44. Ice Kenshin

    Ice KenshinHace un mes

    6:20 That's gotta be the most aggressive fist pump of all time😂

  45. Trumps Diarrhea

    Trumps DiarrheaHace un mes

    Anybody see the bonus clip at the end

  46. Brianna Sobers

    Brianna SobersHace un mes

    So basically what their saying is that you'll lose your head of you make puns logic

  47. Drayne Lazaro

    Drayne LazaroHace un mes

    2019? Anyone?

  48. ĐÊVÍŁ

    ĐÊVÍŁHace un mes

    1:43 WTF!😂😂😭😂😂

  49. B_U_T Full Moni

    B_U_T Full MoniHace un mes

    I feel bad for the hors

  50. gin westler

    gin westlerHace un mes

    At 1:12 who else zoomed in just to get the pro tip??

  51. Gabriel Buchman

    Gabriel BuchmanHace un mes

    If anyone wanted to know the message on the picture at 5:47 it says I'm loopy for dinner

  52. Norma Harper

    Norma HarperHace un mes

    Butt clentcher

  53. TronicXD BOI

    TronicXD BOIHace un mes

    6:02 that's where I live

  54. Marto Taty

    Marto TatyHace 2 meses

    Your all mad here

  55. Marto Taty

    Marto TatyHace 2 meses

    Ps. I need weed

  56. CooL08 ???

    CooL08 ???Hace 2 meses

    Where's waiting for the bus 3?

  57. Dylan Aragon

    Dylan AragonHace 2 meses

    0:24 Can I learn that trick?

  58. Josh Taylor

    Josh TaylorHace 2 meses


  59. rojer_dr

    rojer_drHace 2 meses

    Now at the part we’re it does ding ding dong ton and at the ending I burp

  60. JCORP

    JCORPHace 2 meses

    But the horse.... Uhah

  61. Pikachu gaming Stevens

    Pikachu gaming StevensHace 2 meses

    On the death match one it would have been funny if instead of a death match the dog was his love match

  62. RipLokx

    RipLokxHace 2 meses

    1:49 *i mean its most women*