Cuco - Feelings


  1. ju5tintolerant

    ju5tintolerantHace 2 horas

    i wanna mix this with some Steely Dan.

  2. Britt Lynn

    Britt LynnHace un día

    Just discover Cuco on Pandora and immediately fall inlove.

  3. Fernando Camarillo

    Fernando CamarilloHace un día

    This feels exactly like lsd lol

  4. Markfrostflame Literally god

    Markfrostflame Literally godHace un día

    Everyone talking about area 51 aliens but big brains know these are DMT aliens

  5. Ashin xavier

    Ashin xavierHace un día

    getting tame impala vibess !

  6. Kvng._eddy

    Kvng._eddyHace un día


  7. thamily Robles bastian

    thamily Robles bastianHace 3 días

    You’re a daydream:(

  8. r m

    r mHace 3 días

    Dam bro Don't ever lose your sound.

  9. Miguel B

    Miguel BHace 5 días

    This sounds like a sample of "Talent show" by wiz khalifa 😎🔥

  10. Serrano Pepper

    Serrano PepperHace 7 días

    Y’all niggas need to shut the hell up y’all annoying

  11. ORF_AV8TOR

    ORF_AV8TORHace 8 días

    Y’all ever seen someone on like vacation or something and felt you had a connection but you know you’ll never meet them again? Just asking for a friend...

  12. Igarachi Huapaya Q

    Igarachi Huapaya QHace 9 días

    Qué buena rola ....Cuco vuelve a Perú :'v

  13. Chance Jackson

    Chance JacksonHace 10 días

    Pouya brought me here

  14. Virginia Lopez

    Virginia LopezHace 10 días

    Best artist out of the world 😣

  15. Aura Muñoz

    Aura MuñozHace 10 días

    LSD :"3 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Femur Frula

    Femur FrulaHace 11 días

    Thanks Tame Impala

  17. Adam Barrientos

    Adam BarrientosHace 12 días

    Smokin a blunt rn listening to dis

  18. Caramel Cotton Candy

    Caramel Cotton CandyHace 12 días

    Does anyone know what genre this song is? And maybe could give me song recommendation like this song?

  19. jay girl

    jay girlHace 3 días

    They call it " bedroom pop". A couple of songs with this simular feel is " hydro" and " lover is a day" by the same artist

  20. Gil Contreras

    Gil ContrerasHace 12 días

    Cuco my homegirl loves you man haha. Shes always playing your music in her car. She was stressing because she was trying to get tickets to your concert here in san jose last week. Shes likes your number one fan.

  21. Jay The Bird

    Jay The BirdHace 12 días

    This nibba living in a Woodland Mansion

  22. Julianna Castellanos

    Julianna CastellanosHace 13 días

    This song is a such a mood because in reality this is a feeling. When something shitty happens so you get in a depressive state and only get high. But you get so high and have a massiveve trip. So everything is kind of just off put. Then your depression come back works with the trip and makes you see things and people. And hear voices that arnt there. But the feeling of just being high makes everything somehow feel safe.

  23. IPlayOnGamecube -

    IPlayOnGamecube -Hace 13 días

    This song tickled my liver with LSD

  24. Adrian Guerrero

    Adrian GuerreroHace 13 días

    Good song to trip acid

  25. redMOSK

    redMOSKHace 14 días

    he protecc he singg but most importantly . . . he slapp the bass

  26. Ricky

    RickyHace 14 días

    this shit hits different live ❤️

  27. X

    XHace 14 días

    Shrooms feels like this x2

  28. Davon Dawson

    Davon DawsonHace 14 días

    My favorite song in 2019

  29. Tom Vin

    Tom VinHace 14 días

    Cuco is so good! Thanks for the music man! If anyone's passing by and looking for new music, feel free to check out my debut song and video. Thanks in advance if u do :)

  30. b.L!

    b.L!Hace 14 días


  31. Yajaira Trapero

    Yajaira TraperoHace 15 días


  32. Yajaira Trapero

    Yajaira TraperoHace 15 días


  33. Sis Your Emo

    Sis Your EmoHace 15 días

    My alien: listening to this because they miss their planet 😔

  34. Robert Darling

    Robert DarlingHace 4 días

    Sis Your Emo Area 51 jokes arent funny anymore

  35. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer MorningstarHace 15 días

    Wiz Khalifa ft Snoop dogg

  36. rebelliousrebirth

    rebelliousrebirthHace 16 días

    love the lava lamp next to him

  37. Lean in my Coffee

    Lean in my CoffeeHace 16 días

    This song funky as hell and the visuals are even crazier 🔥


    TUPPERWAVEHace 16 días

    Finally, A E S T H E T I C

  39. Qimi Wan

    Qimi WanHace 16 días

    play this everytime ✨

  40. Jonathan Ramirez

    Jonathan RamirezHace 16 días

    When it started I thought it was mayer Hawthorne... 🤔

  41. DarrellLEE 1980

    DarrellLEE 1980Hace 16 días

    My Fav 👨🏻‍🎤

  42. Taylor Peterson

    Taylor PetersonHace 16 días

    Cuco on acid.

  43. ioivOnne

    ioivOnneHace 17 días

    Hola. Me gustas

  44. Zack Stabbs

    Zack StabbsHace 17 días


  45. Jimmy Bob

    Jimmy BobHace 14 días

    Come Together - Beatles

  46. [name.]

    [name.]Hace 17 días

    these are the music classes ive been needing all my whole life

  47. Felipe Ramirez

    Felipe RamirezHace 17 días

    2:36 when you do acid for the first time

  48. Ava Svara

    Ava SvaraHace 17 días

    Dude is lit

  49. Sexy Potato

    Sexy PotatoHace 17 días

    Cuco looks like bbno$ and hobo j had a kid

  50. Oof

    OofHace 17 días

    3:10 💪🏽

  51. Ana Zer

    Ana ZerHace 18 días

    Cuco me chocas

  52. deyaneyra

    deyaneyraHace 18 días

    Cuco hace buena música🔥

  53. breanna

    breannaHace 18 días


  54. Partido

    PartidoHace 18 días

    parece o tawan ó doido

  55. Jr

    JrHace 18 días


  56. The wacky doober Doob

    The wacky doober DoobHace 18 días

    there is a special place in hell for the people who disliked this piece of heaven

  57. Shadow Girl

    Shadow GirlHace 18 días

    Mucha droga por hoy..... ;-;❤!

  58. sōsu —

    sōsu —Hace 18 días

    ESreporter só me recomendando coisa boa, pqp, q lindo

  59. Brian TwoDi

    Brian TwoDiHace 18 días

    Lo más

  60. Adrian Ponce Corral

    Adrian Ponce CorralHace 19 días

    Cuco ft Mac Demarco Make it happen

  61. Jessalyn Ivette

    Jessalyn IvetteHace 19 días

    Our kids are gonna be blasting this in 20 years.

  62. Brendan Vilchis

    Brendan VilchisHace 19 días

    he made it

  63. Juan Carlos Matias

    Juan Carlos MatiasHace 19 días

    The bass in this song is f ucking tasty

  64. Conchita C

    Conchita CHace 19 días

    Yo if you want a classically trained flutist to give you instrumental samples on this beautiful music HMU

  65. Kenny Ortiz

    Kenny OrtizHace 19 días

    Always gotta keep a blunt next to you 💀

  66. NoYouTimes2

    NoYouTimes2Hace 19 días

    Cuco: “A knock on my door I wonder who it could be?” *FBI Comes In Demanding for the aliens*

  67. The FLG

    The FLGHace 18 días

    i read this comment when he sings this part

  68. Yaya

    YayaHace 19 días

    La casa es la misma que sale en el video Luces fantasma de la Banda bastön 💕⚡

  69. The Joshua.Gonzalez

    The Joshua.GonzalezHace 19 días

    Cuco x boy Pablo 😎

  70. Shanae Ziranhua

    Shanae ZiranhuaHace 19 días

    Where is this house located at!! :( I saw it in Zoe's video too and now I'm going crazy trying to find it! LOL

  71. - WassabiGuy3224 -

    - WassabiGuy3224 -Hace 19 días

    I showed this tom a mirror. Now we’re both high.

  72. Miguel Melendez

    Miguel MelendezHace 19 días

    This sounds like that one wiz song I can't rememebr which one. But definitely in that ball park

  73. BigFatSushiRoll Vlogs

    BigFatSushiRoll VlogsHace 19 días


  74. human trash

    human trashHace 20 días

    *we don't deserve cuco*

  75. RuszoMalkuko

    RuszoMalkukoHace 20 días

    Why is this linked to Marilyn Manson - Disposable Teens?

  76. babyatziri

    babyatziriHace 20 días

    Was this filmed in Mexico City?

  77. Logan Atty

    Logan AttyHace 20 días

    if you don’t trip and listen to cuco you are missing out on a fuckin experience



    Cool cuco

  79. Doofs

    DoofsHace 20 días

    Does anyone know this genre of song?

  80. Hannah McGuire

    Hannah McGuireHace 20 días

    This gives me earfquake vibes for some reason

  81. Mayte

    MayteHace 20 días


  82. Johana Sandoval

    Johana SandovalHace 20 días

    Sad boi summer ya’ll 🖤

  83. zen ix

    zen ixHace 20 días

    gives me goosebumps ♥️

  84. Quickers Jimin

    Quickers JiminHace 20 días

    I vibe with anything this men release