Cuco - Feelings


  1. Haellecks

    HaellecksHace 2 días

    cuco just got a fucking stand lmao

  2. Jorge Moreno

    Jorge MorenoHace 5 días

    No manches. Cuco eres fan de Zoé? They recorded Fin de semana at same location. Check out

  3. gisel

    giselHace 12 días

    what if the shadowy people are actually ghosts and tge= died and we are watching this in the after death way and thats how we loo doing randmon things and there is always those ppl near us @jenny im scared and also high help

  4. Sarah Leath

    Sarah LeathHace 13 días

    Cuco x cafetacuva

  5. V a l e r i a Olivera

    V a l e r i a OliveraHace 15 días

    Jajaja no sé pero me recuerda mis domingos en casa estoy en plan gato xD

  6. ultra catfart

    ultra catfartHace 16 días

    Cuco x boy Pablo

  7. Chris Jovel

    Chris JovelHace 16 días

    I love you cuco!!! I’m a big fan bra !!

  8. Gaby Hernandez

    Gaby HernandezHace 20 días

    watching this while high. AMAZING

  9. QuAn

    QuAnHace 23 días

    I wanna trip off what he trips off nowwwwwww😤

  10. Lisa Guller

    Lisa GullerHace 24 días

    The b a s s at the end 2:43 is the most amazing sound I've ever heard please cuco release some tabs

  11. ClaudiaDoberman

    ClaudiaDobermanHace 25 días

    I laughed when the dude covered his eyes .

  12. denisse rodf

    denisse rodfHace 28 días

    I gotta from my way back home🎶❤

  13. Linn Dragmire

    Linn DragmireHace un mes

    Zoé- Fin de semana

  14. Alex Ate a Taco

    Alex Ate a TacoHace un mes

    When your mom doesn’t let you go outside with your friends.

  15. The Kinky Alpaca

    The Kinky AlpacaHace un mes

    if i was gay

  16. Keishawn Begay

    Keishawn BegayHace un mes

    VEVO finally noticed him YES!!!

  17. Ricardo .L

    Ricardo .LHace un mes

    Who's going over a heartbreak? You're not alone

  18. Marisol Guillen

    Marisol GuillenHace un mes

    am i the only one that thinks this sounds like talent show by wiz kalifa?? love cuco tho 😍

  19. Denise Garcia

    Denise GarciaHace un mes

    Bro is it weird that I’m like in loveeee with him 😉🤪😘🥰🥰🥰

  20. Lil Pepe

    Lil PepeHace un mes

    you guys realize this is just talent show by snoop dogg right

  21. Miguel R

    Miguel RHace un mes

    As a 21 year old i can say it gives me such Nostalgia to an Era my Eyes have Never Seen.

  22. MEZA Meza

    MEZA MezaHace un mes

    There's an very similar house in Ajusco, Mexico city (has a labyrinth). im wondering if this video was recorded there.

  23. Brandon Staats

    Brandon StaatsHace un mes

    Cuco and joji need to make a song together

  24. david Sánchez Fernández

    david Sánchez FernándezHace un mes

    Un genio mexicano!!!

  25. Rory McDermott

    Rory McDermottHace un mes

    all of Cuco's music videos are like drugged up fever dreams and they work

  26. Diego Montiel

    Diego MontielHace un mes

    Its like house music but better

  27. grace rodriguez

    grace rodriguezHace un mes

    This whole time I thought my phone was lagging

  28. Udopia Records

    Udopia RecordsHace un mes

    This video is too damn dope man, wtf me and Cuco need to link up already

  29. cronohiki

    cronohikiHace un mes

    Saludos Cuco

  30. CSerial

    CSerialHace un mes

    Me minding my own damn business while listening to Cuco casually cause he's G: My friends: Omfg why you sad?! Me: >:L

  31. Luiz Lupus

    Luiz LupusHace 2 meses

    She's bealtiful, manx

  32. Miguel Garcia

    Miguel GarciaHace 2 meses

    I love you cuco, your songs have helped me, when I have a girlfriend, when we brake up, when I am sad, with your songs I feel that I'm alive, I feel that someone understands everything I feel, my dream is to go to one of your concerts, so my name is Miguel and I understand english ;), not 100% but if I understand, ahre

  33. Alexnadra Rangel

    Alexnadra RangelHace 2 meses


  34. JO WORLD

    JO WORLDHace 2 meses

    I LOVE THIS SONG, and I was just at his concert last night! ❤️

  35. 𝒃𝒆𝒍

    𝒃𝒆𝒍Hace 2 meses

    I don't know how to describe the feeling of this song. It's too great.

  36. Martin R

    Martin RHace 2 meses

    I’m getting BeeGees, Barry White, and Stranger Things vibes. I love it.

  37. hi human

    hi humanHace 2 meses

    1:25 he really said boi


    DAVID VIEIRAHace 2 meses


  39. Pope Abibe

    Pope AbibeHace 2 meses

    this was posted the day I broke up with my ex, what a fitting coincidence *sigh*

  40. nancy luna

    nancy lunaHace 2 meses

    highly suggest this mans videos when on acid or shrooms great time in there