CRYPT TV'S Scariest Monsters Explained


  1. FoundFlix

    FoundFlixHace un año

    Thanks for watching guys! To see all these terrifying monsters for yourself, check out this playlist!

  2. Monoluk Taalak

    Monoluk TaalakHace 3 meses

    You should do another video about the crypt tv monsters including the brute.

  3. Nikolas Mace

    Nikolas MaceHace 6 meses

    Can you look at Godzilla Planet of the Monsters???????

  4. Xellos Makuzo

    Xellos MakuzoHace 7 meses

    FoundFlix Can’t we just call Mordeo what it actually is, you know...a wendigo?

  5. Nikolas Mace

    Nikolas MaceHace 7 meses

    Can you look at Godzilla Planet of the Monsters????????????

  6. Jannis Ck

    Jannis CkHace 7 meses

    A book made of wood..... Really?

  7. Nabeel AlMulla

    Nabeel AlMullaHace un día

    which 1 I'm interest on? hands down, Look-See

  8. Mason Williams

    Mason WilliamsHace un día

    The second is pretty cute


    YOURか TRASHHace 2 días

    That first monster abd me would be bff's

  10. Venus Fly trap

    Venus Fly trapHace 3 días

    Now i know what those circles were that Sam and Colby were so scared about

  11. Emali Somali

    Emali SomaliHace 3 días

    Please make a scary picture warning before showing the actual picture

  12. Kya Lazz

    Kya LazzHace 3 días

    The Mordeo is basically a wendigo and damn I hat the Native American folklore my friend told me because I live in Wisconsin aka one of the states they’re supposedly living in Haha my child self was terrified

  13. Sinister Memes

    Sinister MemesHace 4 días

    Alright, its 3:25 am, and I have decided it's a terrible idea to watch this.

  14. Chado Just a man

    Chado Just a manHace 5 días

    Geralt would love this universe also the Birch sounds and looks like a lushen

  15. Tristan Kruger

    Tristan KrugerHace 5 días

    I like the idea and mysteriousness of the monsters but i hate these absolutely sick gore of humans being killed its honestly disturbing and it takes a phycopath to find it entertaining to watch a human suffering...

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  17. icy SPARTANS

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  18. bloody mary

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    So there it was where lady gaga takes her character # the birch

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  20. JULIO Ack Keles

    JULIO Ack KelesHace 6 días

    Still not fully revealed

  21. Alex Neumann

    Alex NeumannHace 7 días

    Mira killing the boyfriend is very reminiscent of the opening seen from the anime parasyte

  22. Clabi

    ClabiHace 8 días

    btw you pronounce the "a" in "kinderfanger" like in the name max which is mentioned a few seconds later. its a word play on the german word "kinderfänger" which is translated to : child catcher.

  23. Kevin Dad

    Kevin DadHace 8 días

    isnt every book made entirely of wood :^)

  24. Sophiedopey98

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    lol my last name is burch and our family has a giant birch tree in our backyard. will she protect me too?

  25. Haunted tundra Xz

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    I love crypt tv

  26. WolfDog_

    WolfDog_Hace 9 días

    8:45 she touch a 'stone mask' 9:33 she aquire a 'stand' Is ThIs A mUdAfAkiN jOjO rEfFeReNcE!?

  27. Olivier LUISIN

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  28. O pep

    O pepHace 9 días

    all the kids getting ice cream are whiteys lol

  29. Chunky Ragu

    Chunky RaguHace 10 días

    Mira Is fooking momo.

  30. Demonreaper Kit

    Demonreaper KitHace 11 días

    Can you explain more of the crypt tv videos

  31. Johnny Spurlock

    Johnny SpurlockHace 11 días

    Aponi should only be scary to you if you know ur shitty to women

  32. JR R

    JR RHace 11 días

    Donnie darko's cousin......the Mordeo!

  33. Gavin Shreve

    Gavin ShreveHace 11 días

    Mira the ripoff demogorgon

  34. Momin Butt

    Momin ButtHace 11 días

    That ryuuk chibi in the background tho 😂

  35. golgo 13

    golgo 13Hace 13 días

    didnt know crypt tv has been around that long, just heard of it

  36. Evan Reeder

    Evan ReederHace 13 días

    Fuck aponi

  37. Fake Fan

    Fake FanHace 13 días

    What if the ice cream man made the Look-See

  38. Theo Preston

    Theo PrestonHace 14 días

    *A small price to pay for some ice cream.*

  39. Aleph 72

    Aleph 72Hace 14 días

    I'd like to see Mordeo and The Birch interact in some way. Actually, this video has been out for a while now, so I may go check on that.

  40. Adonan the Stoic

    Adonan the StoicHace 14 días

    I think the ice cream man's music probably puts them under a spell. No sane person is going to chop of their finger for ice cream. Not to mention, they could just buy some from the store.

  41. Antoine Pinnock

    Antoine PinnockHace 15 días

    Terra is the actual crypt tv version of Mother Nature

  42. Komplett Random

    Komplett RandomHace 15 días

    The Apartment Thing Scares the Shi*h out of me Boy i Don,t Think i can Walk in my house at night for now

  43. Gustaf Mannerheim

    Gustaf MannerheimHace 15 días

    Crypt TVs stories are often way more complex than movies. I still don't fully get the story of the witch which protects women after watching it for the 3rd time.

  44. Ayy Lien

    Ayy LienHace 16 días

    Crypt doesn’t have story just gore and nice effects

  45. TheAnonymousGuy

    TheAnonymousGuyHace 17 días

    Anyone notice the bricks lab in front of the house in the ice cream man short? I wonder if that means anything?

  46. Sunny

    SunnyHace 17 días

    So her name is Mira Mira ? is no one gonna comment on the fact that it sounds like Mira Mira on the wall ?

  47. Joe Pa

    Joe PaHace 18 días

    The Birch is what all bullied children fanticise of having.

  48. Wolfe Addams

    Wolfe AddamsHace 18 días

    the ice cream man is perfect just as it is. nothing more needed. it's just eerie enough to unsettle. Michael Berryman is awesome as always & u can just tell he was enjoying himself playing the character.

  49. Shehin Muhammad

    Shehin MuhammadHace 18 días

    3:10 putin

  50. Hinomoto

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    Non CGI monsters? 10 times scarier 👍🏽

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    The thing is the best hacker ever

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    Good thing I live in a house and keep the lights on

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    AcTuAlLy ThAt'S a ReCoRdEr NoT a FlUtE

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  55. Otto Von Bitches

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    Gonna need Havel's ring for all this shit.

  56. Xinxai Thao

    Xinxai ThaoHace 20 días

    Do a lot tales from the crypt

  57. Zynouger

    ZynougerHace 20 días

    "Handing over a book that appears to be made up completely of wood" Yes.

  58. Bird Throwing Gang Signs

    Bird Throwing Gang SignsHace 20 días

    I bet if you get a whole body part and give it to the Vender in One Please (e.g. leg, arm, etc.) you get to choose what ice cream you want as well choosing how much because you know finger = one popsicle, body part = whatever you want. ',: )

  59. Babbleplay

    BabbleplayHace 21 un día

    Mirror was not one I liked; it kinda felt like 'ooh, scary stuff with no established rules.'

  60. MohawkJonIs1311

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    Why do I always choose to watch this video before bed?

  61. Yeet

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    When they run out of fingers, move onto the toes

  62. Tim Marcel Paul

    Tim Marcel PaulHace 21 un día

    BTW "Kinderfänger" is German lol

  63. An Ton

    An TonHace 21 un día

    Deadpool want some ice cream😂

  64. That guy Over there

    That guy Over thereHace 22 días

    What if a woman is abusing another woman? Like those four congress women that hate pretty much anyone and everyone? Or an abusive mother? What if the abusive woman is only abusive because she was abused? I have SO MANY QUESTIONS :0

  65. Derhan Sun

    Derhan SunHace 22 días

    where can i watch this??

  66. Ya boi Dxr1n

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    why was the mom cutting her finger off the scariest part for me lol

  67. Supercoopdog09

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    Milk and cookies has the birch symbol on the Xmas tree

  68. cRiSpY hOnEy

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    Aponi is just a stand from joko

  69. ghostBoo aj

    ghostBoo ajHace 23 días

    The thing: that picture on the lady's wall is a old style painting that is based around cannibalism. A ship called the Medusa traveled off path and ended up killing a bunch of people once some people created a raft to try and make it to shore

  70. De Oppresso Libtard

    De Oppresso LibtardHace 23 días

    Most books are "made completely out of wood". Y'know... paper.

  71. Necrodeus chan

    Necrodeus chanHace 24 días

    Kinderfänger* (or Kinderfaenger)

  72. your mother

    your motherHace 24 días

    4:37 will never use my phone at night again

  73. Fatties09

    Fatties09Hace 24 días

    Doesnt anyone wish they had a big buddy like the Birch to protect them when they were growing up? I sure do.

  74. Sleepless

    SleeplessHace 24 días

    Shelley is the best!

  75. Jeff Honeycutt

    Jeff HoneycuttHace 25 días

    Where do u see these horror stories at?

  76. Ded Man

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  77. Ded Man

    Ded ManHace 26 días

    4:58 that there is most certainly a rape face

  78. White American Male

    White American MaleHace 26 días

    must.. protect.. wemen...

  79. Frost Rusher

    Frost RusherHace 26 días

    Waiting for Poods to publish a video

  80. Lucas VanderKwaak

    Lucas VanderKwaakHace 26 días

    Is it just me or does the thing in the apartment look like scp-106

  81. UNIxquee

    UNIxqueeHace 26 días

    What i don't understand is that why can't the parents just buy their child ice cream from the store???

  82. Ash main forever Or die

    Ash main forever Or dieHace 26 días

    Mira mira is a btech hanged man (from jojo) like if u agree

  83. Kpop sucks fight me

    Kpop sucks fight meHace 27 días

    8:13 omg she’s so pretty

  84. Chemdogg and Friends :b

    Chemdogg and Friends :bHace 28 días

    Der Kinderfanger is a modern Version of der Rattenfänger von Hameln ^^

  85. Apex _

    Apex _Hace 28 días

    On a second look, the icecream man is missing the tips of his OWN fingers. So much detail, but you can miss it on a single watch.

  86. sanchy panchy

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    Apex _ that’s pretty obvious honestly

  87. rxyo - mxques

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    Me: *Brushes hair* Mira: *Appears in house* Me: HIPPITY HOPPITY GET OFF MY PROPERTY!