CRYPT TV'S Scariest Monsters Explained


  1. FoundFlix

    FoundFlixHace un año

    Thanks for watching guys! To see all these terrifying monsters for yourself, check out this playlist!

  2. Blue Matter

    Blue MatterHace 8 días

    You should do another video about the crypt tv monsters including the brute.

  3. Nikolas Mace

    Nikolas MaceHace 3 meses

    Can you look at Godzilla Planet of the Monsters???????

  4. Xellos Makuzo

    Xellos MakuzoHace 4 meses

    FoundFlix Can’t we just call Mordeo what it actually is, you know...a wendigo?

  5. Nikolas Mace

    Nikolas MaceHace 4 meses

    Can you look at Godzilla Planet of the Monsters????????????

  6. Jannis Ck

    Jannis CkHace 4 meses

    A book made of wood..... Really?

  7. Lapis Angel

    Lapis AngelHace un día

    It's 20:20

  8. C F

    C FHace 6 días

    Scariest monsters! Crypt tv: *Hold my beer.*

  9. John Galvany

    John GalvanyHace 8 días

    is there a man version of aponi like a-dogi lol but still

  10. I like horror films

    I like horror filmsHace 9 días

    3:58 *flashback to the kids at the movie cooties*

  11. Emanuel F.

    Emanuel F.Hace 12 días

    The birch is a spriggan from TES Kinderfonger hypno from poke-mon The thing in the apartment the sleep stalker scp Mira idk what to compare it to pretty original Aponi reminds me of Azura Amordio reminds me of the wild hunt the power or ability that can be summoned by the wood elves Ice cream truck remind me of a scp I read before it was a living ice cream truck that asked for different prices every customer 5¢ or your nips


    YING_YING JAGERHace 12 días

    "the girl showing him the finger" IM DEAD XD

  13. Hutson Greene

    Hutson GreeneHace 13 días

    The scp is part of the MCU

  14. Alyssa Albuquerque

    Alyssa AlbuquerqueHace 14 días

    12:03 looks like he is trying to find the right fingers to put on him, seeing has he doesn't have any fully grown fingers

  15. Brianna Hardy

    Brianna HardyHace 15 días

    I got 2 adds

  16. stan vixx

    stan vixxHace 16 días

    we stan the feminist witch

  17. Sabrina

    SabrinaHace 17 días

    Also why not just buy a box of ice cream from the store?!?!

  18. Sabrina

    SabrinaHace 17 días

    Mordeo is literally copy and pasted legend of the wendigo.

  19. Sabrina

    SabrinaHace 17 días

    0:12 hey parasyte dat you?

  20. AllyOJustice

    AllyOJusticeHace 20 días

    Mira makes me think of Illuso and Man in the Mirror from JoJo part 5, even though the stand doesn’t replace whoever it drags into the mirror as much as it traps them there to kill them where they can’t defend themselves.

  21. riley beutler

    riley beutlerHace 22 días

    Aponi is def my favorite she’s amazing

  22. GaurdianDown

    GaurdianDownHace 24 días

    How am I the only one who's triggered about no Look-See on this list!?!?!?

  23. Soushi YC

    Soushi YCHace 23 días

    He has an entire episode dedicated to that

  24. Jenna Mattern

    Jenna MatternHace 25 días

    Part 2 pls

  25. Aiden MB

    Aiden MBHace 25 días

    The thing in the apartment looks like scp-096

  26. Darkangxl

    DarkangxlHace 25 días

    It wasn't in the video but the mimic was one of the few crypt monsters that actually kept me up at night. It made every noise and voice you'd hear eerie and unsettling, reminding you of the creature.. That and it was just one creepy looking mother fucker

  27. DerRussischeZug V4

    DerRussischeZug V4Hace 27 días

    The kinderfänger is German im am German rip

  28. SSsnipe r

    SSsnipe rHace 27 días

    The ice cream man has no fingers. I mean , he's has very short that seems like they were cut

  29. Unicorn Vomit

    Unicorn VomitHace 27 días

    he mispronounced mordeo several times

  30. Renald Music

    Renald MusicHace 28 días

    The mirror monster looks incredible !!

  31. Enterprise Chan

    Enterprise ChanHace 29 días

    Is it just me or does the idea of all of these monster just one day started to fight each other in a full on Civil War. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  32. TheNerdyGamer

    TheNerdyGamerHace 29 días

    I thought the ice cream man made the ice cream out of the finger water

  33. Ari the Snowman

    Ari the SnowmanHace un mes


  34. michael ashby

    michael ashbyHace un mes

    aponi is a feminist's wet dream should clarify some feminists not all see all men as oppressors and as such aponi would have a field day if one of them got a hold of her power

  35. Joanne Mckay

    Joanne MckayHace un mes

    Is it trew

  36. Diff3rent

    Diff3rentHace un mes

    I know Monster Cinematic Universe is a jab at Marvel, But the current name of the new American Godzilla movies is Legendary's Monsterverse So congrats on hitting the nail right on the head, even if you were aiming for a different nail


    NATHAN BEDOYHace un mes

    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Foundflix I love ya man but it is a recorder NOT A FLUTE!!!

  38. radmad W.

    radmad W.Hace un mes

    4:53 Salad Fingers is that you?!

  39. Chiseled Medal2

    Chiseled Medal2Hace un mes

    The thing is literally just a more badass version of Salad Fingers

  40. Carlos Wright

    Carlos WrightHace un mes

    Look see is the best so far

  41. Linda Bailey

    Linda BaileyHace un mes

    5:43 no thats not a "GROUP" of people that is a MTF containment unit

  42. OoGa bOoGa ToOgA gOoGa

    OoGa bOoGa ToOgA gOoGaHace un mes

    The Mordeo and the Look-See are the coolest monsters 100% I still like the others though

  43. lord Frieza

    lord FriezaHace un mes

    Crypt TV is very much like what an SCP television show would be like. you wouldn't want it to focus on one group of characters it would be more like the twilight zone where every episode had a new story to tell with perhaps a few reoccurring roles due to the fact that it's in the same universe and the way groups of interest in the foundation function in the SCP universe. there could be episodes where k class scenarios happen but like when most of those happen in the readings things just get set back right somehow and no one's the wiser to the infinity of death that is behind them and ahead of them.



    Who else saw those Circle things in Sam and Coby video?

  45. Superdameonglitchy4 Denovchek

    Superdameonglitchy4 DenovchekHace un mes

    __ (scp ) \ __ /

  46. Jose Soria

    Jose SoriaHace un mes

    Aponi vs Mira would be sick

  47. keik

    keikHace un mes

    I'd assume the Ice cream man is collecting fingers for himself (and posssibly others as he has so many), because he has no nails and short fingers.

  48. TheGamingChemicals

    TheGamingChemicalsHace un mes

    one question: R U A HIPPY? (no offence)

  49. Detestedbog415

    Detestedbog415Hace un mes

    Ever fought a Witcher?

  50. Amanda Morgan

    Amanda MorganHace un mes


  51. Archostic

    ArchosticHace un mes

    The birch is a nimf i think

  52. Tired Creativity

    Tired CreativityHace un mes

    What happens when they run out if fingers? That's why we have toes

  53. Reshab Reddy

    Reshab ReddyHace un mes

    The one please video is about how much parents sacrifice for children

  54. Skoochers

    SkoochersHace un mes


  55. spidey central

    spidey centralHace un mes

    Aponi looks like a power rangers villain

  56. EpicScout476

    EpicScout476Hace un mes

    FoundFlix it’s Mordeo not Mordeow

  57. Wednesday.K. Dahmer

    Wednesday.K. DahmerHace un mes

    Totally love the Aponi/Stoneheart look! She has some kind of Voodoo vibes which I totally admire... And the Birch seems to be very protective too... I love the idea that older family members can protect their children and grandchildren without being on earth anymore... My grandma would have given me such a protective ghost too if she could....

  58. grant ashe

    grant asheHace un mes

    9:52 feminism, HELL YEA

  59. BigRussianBoi71

    BigRussianBoi71Hace un mes

    The birch doesn’t seem like a monster

  60. Xray

    XrayHace un mes

    Rule 34 artist shaking over the birch

  61. Brandi M

    Brandi MHace un mes

    The Birch is beautiful and artistic in a horrifying way. Love her.

  62. Razo120

    Razo120Hace un mes

    "Book completly made of wood" -WOW Cant even imagine how is this possible :O

  63. Blockman Go TRDHarvey

    Blockman Go TRDHarveyHace un mes

    Isnt ICE CREAM MAN an scary movie

  64. 2fly215

    2fly215Hace un mes

    The Birch is super creepy and The thing in the apartment.

  65. Phoenix Gaming

    Phoenix GamingHace un mes

    Maybe the ice cream man is a manifestation of human greed

  66. m. harrison

    m. harrisonHace un mes

    That bloody Mary monster look vicious

  67. Dreadlight Gaming Official

    Dreadlight Gaming OfficialHace un mes

    1:50 and 10:09 - Birchs Stick in the Mordeo's Woods

  68. Bryce Olin

    Bryce OlinHace un mes

    The 2nd one is a place that Sam and Colby went and exsplored

  69. Ender 12234r

    Ender 12234rHace un mes

    Mira:why are u very fancy and I am not Look-see:because I wear dark shut and my shoes are polished Mira:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  70. Jon the Misunderstood

    Jon the MisunderstoodHace un mes

    Maybe the Ice Cream Man turned the kids into monsters and if they run out of happiness they turn into one so their parents best course of action is do the Ice Cream Man's bidding to Sacrifice a part of them just for a single ice cream that can make a kids happy for the parents own survival

  71. Jon the Misunderstood

    Jon the MisunderstoodHace un mes

    Crypt TV vs. SCP Containment Squad That would be cool

  72. _Music boi

    _Music boiHace un mes

    It’s not a flute it’s more of a recorder

  73. Alakai 911

    Alakai 911Hace un mes

    For all : kinderfanger means childcatcher ....its german 🙃

  74. djextinct

    djextinctHace un mes

    Daughter: daddy can I get ice cream Dad: *cuts off finger* better be some good fucking ice cream

  75. BoHamッ

    BoHamッHace un mes

    The thing looks like a mix between a Cyst from KF and a Drowner from The Witcher

  76. Greysen Alfred

    Greysen AlfredHace un mes

    I hate the ice cream man so much

  77. Serenity Kitty

    Serenity KittyHace un mes

    honestly i dont think the looksee is very scary but still love to watch the looksee stuff!

  78. XRamGamerZ

    XRamGamerZHace un mes

    its not mor deo its mo dae o

  79. PineApple Squeeze

    PineApple SqueezeHace un mes

    Where are the scp task force when you need them

  80. Un1t

    Un1tHace un mes

    So Aponi is basically a Stand.

  81. Cheese on Toast

    Cheese on ToastHace un mes

    Why is the thing in the apartment basically salad fingers

  82. Jordon R

    Jordon RHace un mes

    With Mira, she was way more creepy than the first monster in Stranger Things i think it was called a Demogorron?

  83. God Lecks

    God LecksHace un mes

    The monster in 5:00 is like the shy guy the scp lmao

  84. A Comment

    A CommentHace un mes

    I think the mordeos makeup is waaay better than the wendigo

  85. yendor 187

    yendor 187Hace un mes

    Maybe 10 feet tall

  86. Nino Tria

    Nino TriaHace un mes

    How about that clown from that gory movie?

  87. Gamer2000

    Gamer2000Hace un mes

    The movie with the women becoming strong enough to be able to kill men was funny it made me thing of feminist and retarded women who wish and believe women can be just as strong as men xD that movie wans't even scary but funny

  88. Dino puppet

    Dino puppetHace 2 meses

    The birch is the purest and nicest creature

  89. Anne Pacheco

    Anne PachecoHace 2 meses

    the ice man is missing so fingers thats why

  90. rashawn evans

    rashawn evansHace 2 meses

    Thing an mordeo look awesome

  91. Basically 9

    Basically 9Hace 2 meses

    Epona and the birch are stands from JOJO bazaar adventure

  92. James Dudney

    James DudneyHace 2 meses

    Aponi is the strongest stand!

  93. Totally not Adolf hitler

    Totally not Adolf hitlerHace 2 meses

    Ok look if I was in that void thing and Mira trapped me there and I turned to see a punch of faceless things I would say ok time to die and just start fighting my way through them

  94. Rameli

    RameliHace 2 meses

    oh wow. A horror monster that’s an sjw, pretty scary man.

  95. Angh balahr

    Angh balahrHace 2 meses

    Is it just me, or is that ice-cream man missing all of his first finger segments, collecting the fingers as a way of having that part of him back again?

  96. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeahHace 2 meses

    Is Mira a good monster or a bad one? I am so confused

  97. Michael Tod

    Michael TodHace 2 meses

    All of their monsters are just rip offs of other movies creepypastas and stories. I'm not saying that's a bad thing they're really good at making a story but I don't think they can be seen as original

  98. UwU OwO

    UwU OwOHace 2 meses

    The ice cream man wants fingers because if you look at his hands he’s missing the tips Of his finger 😖😖

  99. feed the roomba

    feed the roombaHace 2 meses

    5:30 that scared the shit out of me

  100. MidgetBoi

    MidgetBoiHace 2 meses

    Uhm she looks like a human not aponi lol

  101. Rebecca Ortju

    Rebecca OrtjuHace 2 meses

    I think the thing in the apartment is an escaped scp monster

  102. Benjie Templado

    Benjie TempladoHace 2 meses

    oooooo. a pony.

  103. Jesse Maynard

    Jesse MaynardHace 2 meses

    Look-See's my fave

  104. Mishiro

    MishiroHace 2 meses

    Reminds me of Junji Ito for some reason

  105. alex ambersley

    alex ambersleyHace 2 meses

    "A pony"

  106. Xipe Totek

    Xipe TotekHace 2 meses

    I wish I never watched this video. I missed out on experiencing some cool shorts I wish I knew about before