Conan Visits The Offices Of "Death Stranding" Creator Hideo Kojima - CONAN on TBS


  1. Tim

    TimHace 2 horas

    just imagine if guillermo del toro has the body of Senator Armstrong

  2. Ben Parker

    Ben ParkerHace 3 horas

    "he's delivering a pizza, and you know what. Its gonna take longer than 30 mins" yup that's Death Stranding

  3. Celtic Fox

    Celtic FoxHace 7 horas

    3:44 How did son of a...

  4. just some guy

    just some guyHace 8 horas


  5. richeyrich81

    richeyrich81Hace 10 horas

    that's so awesome that Conan is actually in the game!

  6. spider pig

    spider pigHace 11 horas

    I have the otter hat!

  7. Maria D'Amelio

    Maria D'AmelioHace 17 horas

    oh gosh, this man is funny!

  8. Trey Robertson

    Trey RobertsonHace un día

    Still disappointed silent hill didn't get remade like planned

  9. The All American Bad Boy

    The All American Bad BoyHace un día

    Kojima is the Keanu of video games

  10. Carlos Castanheiro

    Carlos CastanheiroHace un día

    I found you in the game LOL. At first I thought it was Michio Kaku LOL. But it was the otter genius, get it?

  11. Your Brain

    Your BrainHace un día

    Conan needs to bring bill burr along on one of these remotes.

  12. 한창희

    한창희Hace un día

    3:44 "He's delivering a pizza"

  13. Connor solid

    Connor solidHace un día

    We need a FUNKO Hideo Kojima

  14. Brandon Young

    Brandon YoungHace un día

    Wow Kojima!! Awesome game I just bought it and played it’s a really Good Game! Bro

  15. MerySunshine

    MerySunshineHace 2 días

    3:44 "He's delivering a pizza" *Kojima starts laughing because HE KNOWS*

  16. UBI fan

    UBI fanHace 2 días

    OMG Hideo has a toy collection I think him and I could get along well

  17. Jesse H.

    Jesse H.Hace 2 días

    Waiting for that clueless gamer...

  18. Charlotte Hamilton

    Charlotte HamiltonHace 2 días

    Norman Fetus!

  19. Zekai Guo

    Zekai GuoHace 3 días

    when you realize conan and kojima are at the same age...

  20. Mike Faller

    Mike FallerHace 3 días

    I loved Metal Gear games, I was eagerly awaiting Silent Hills. I have the utmost respect for Hideo Kojima but Death Stranding just looks terrible to me though.

  21. Yongwook Woo

    Yongwook WooHace 3 días

    Dude Conan and Kojima same age.

  22. superImpious

    superImpiousHace 4 días

    This game is currently out and has become my life for the time being.

  23. 16-BitPixelDude

    16-BitPixelDudeHace 4 días

    conan isnt into video games at all, he said once. so why is he talking about such?

  24. Track'n Joy

    Track'n JoyHace 4 días


  25. Mixing Factory86

    Mixing Factory86Hace 4 días

    Death Stranding Parody by MixingFactory86 -

  26. Demnetor

    DemnetorHace 4 días

    Theres a new star wars game Please have Jordan in clueless gamer

  27. Black Sheep

    Black SheepHace 4 días

    conan: "Hes delivering pizzas" actually hes not wrong doe since there is a mission that orders you to deliver pizza

  28. Mopmipmup

    MopmipmupHace 5 días


  29. PolarPhantom

    PolarPhantomHace 5 días

    When Conan was completely right about the Pizzas.

  30. jono walker

    jono walkerHace 5 días

    BEST ... GAME ... EVER

  31. Shayne Rowe

    Shayne RoweHace 5 días

    Lol that was cool

  32. MisatoMadeRamen

    MisatoMadeRamenHace 5 días

    I love kojima

  33. Abbey Roadster

    Abbey RoadsterHace 5 días

    Thanks for the Otter hat, Coco!

  34. Irodoku Puzzle

    Irodoku PuzzleHace 5 días

    Hideo is on the beach, that's why he doesn't age

  35. Mike S

    Mike SHace 5 días

    Kojima has a messed up mind, its like someone lucid dreaming on acid. His characters are bizarre and stories even more bizarre, the guy needs to get laid more often.

  36. M Iqbali

    M IqbaliHace 5 días

    Mike S why u mad

  37. t3ddyRUXpn

    t3ddyRUXpnHace 5 días

    You're a glorified UPS worker. Enough said.

  38. JR Master

    JR MasterHace 6 días

    To think that someone has the great opportunity of meeting Hideo just like that and nothing "interesting" happens... So many people in the world would kill just to have a simple chat with Kojima. but let's admit it, King Conan can do whatever the hell he wants. This is just Conan being Conan. I love him and I love Hideo.

  39. C Joe

    C JoeHace 6 días

    What gamer chair they using in the office?

  40. skitmo lmao

    skitmo lmaoHace 7 días

    I love how Hideo's face looks : 😐

  41. Carlos Castanheiro

    Carlos CastanheiroHace 7 días

    Im playing the game and it is EPIC!

  42. Jack The Ripper

    Jack The RipperHace 2 días

    wow the fanbase of the game is just split on it,some thing its complete garbage and some thing its a masterpiece,but lets admit it has flaws but the game is meant to be played slowly and with patience and not just rush through everything cuz you cant