Coldplay - Orphans (Official Video)


  1. мега стар

    мега старHace 5 horas

    Как всегда лучшие! Обожаю ваше творчество!

  2. Bondan Dwi Cahyo

    Bondan Dwi CahyoHace 6 horas

    yg dengerin dari indonesia mana like nya

  3. benjamin kharwar

    benjamin kharwarHace 8 horas

    The dislikers are bad mofo’s🤪!

  4. IDK

    IDKHace 11 horas

    2:22 who is that girl???

  5. Joseph Lowry

    Joseph LowryHace 13 horas

    Four years after the other album, Coldplay is back in town.

  6. Sreeramya D

    Sreeramya DHace 14 horas

    How does this not have over 100M views! Its such a gem😭😭😭😭People literally don't value music like this 😭

  7. Amanda Wong

    Amanda WongHace 16 horas

    Love 🇨🇳

  8. Nvlogs

    NvlogsHace 23 horas

    Tonight this song was echoing in my head so I had to stop the video I was watching and was like “Hey siri play Orphans by Coldplay” I couldn’t resist it so I jammed out to my favorite band and the best band on the planet I freaking Love Coldplay!!!!

  9. Jessiane Muniz

    Jessiane MunizHace un día

    Nossa que álbum Coldplay ! Vocês são incríveis ✨ I Love You ❤️❤️🇧🇷❤️❤️

  10. Md. Rifat

    Md. RifatHace un día

    You can't hate cold play. It's a sin .

  11. Bhanu pratap singh

    Bhanu pratap singhHace un día

    Coldplay isn't just a band it's emotions

  12. The Thommy Kane Show

    The Thommy Kane ShowHace un día

    I bought this album hard copy. And it’s a shame that people don’t do it anymore. You open it up and they have all the sunrise song lyrics as black text on white background. Then on on the sunset side they have all the song lyrics as white text on the black background. The album has an intro and cool things happening between songs you don’t get on ESreporter. Like the bell that separates the sunrise from sunset tracks on the album. This record is magnificently genius. And when you treat music like an experience and listen to the entire album from top to bottom without interruptions, you can truly feel the intensity. Music is meant to be an experience. And when you just hear songs on ESreporter you lose out on all the little nuances that make this album so monumental. One of the best albums of all time. So glad my car has a CD player.

  13. Will Green

    Will GreenHace un día

    I don’t know what everyone’s problem is with this record. I think it is brilliant and as a Coldplay fan plus a classical music and oldies fan I am more than impressed with the experimental portion. My head almost exploded through the first half of the album when I had heard it the first time. I think the sunrise orchestral part and the when I need a friend choral are two off the most gorgeous things I have ever heard. I welcome the gospel and classical. I welcome change and I think Chris Martin is a brilliant genius at reinventing the sound and creating an atmosphere and a story.

  14. Ju ́s Memories

    Ju ́s MemoriesHace 2 días

    Palavras não são suficientes para definir...

  15. Dan Harrison

    Dan HarrisonHace 2 días

    Sounds like sainsburies Xmas advert from a few years back

  16. Zein Nh

    Zein NhHace 2 días

    The stories if syrians and what Happened to them deserves more songs and movies Stuff they could have never even imagined in movies has happened with people in cities under war, in the sea, going to other countries and starting up a new life from scratch

  17. Damlordpunt

    DamlordpuntHace 2 días

    Ok so no more Tours. Ok. I still LOVE their music!! They are actually putting their money were their mouth is. We need to have cyber concerts. Like a pay per view. I’d watch that even if I couldn’t see them live in my face.

  18. Roisin Kelly

    Roisin KellyHace 2 días

    Isn’t yer man at the end of the video one very lucky man-getting to watch them record the video 😍 🤤 #jealousmuch

  19. Bakaji Thakore

    Bakaji ThakoreHace 2 días


  20. Ashutosh Madhwani

    Ashutosh MadhwaniHace 2 días

    This is a special feeling...I joined the Coldplay fandom last year and now I get to witness this new album...I was following the updates about this album since their first post but was nervous to just start listening it... so I kept waiting for a proper moment to start listening the new album and it sounds soo magical like every Coldplay song.

  21. ALAN OLAN WALKER faus7295

    ALAN OLAN WALKER faus7295Hace 2 días

    Me encantaaaa

  22. koko ruyuk

    koko ruyukHace 2 días

    🇲🇨 love COLDPLAY ♥️

  23. TORSTEN Alps

    TORSTEN AlpsHace 2 días

    Their new Album is more than great ! Honestly i expected nothing else! ! It's Coldplay Folks! !!!! And I am sure that their music is able to heal the world oneday !!!!!!!!

  24. 에제키엘준

    에제키엘준Hace 2 días

    1987 : The Joshua Tree 2019 : Everyday Life

  25. Lucas C

    Lucas CHace 3 días

    His voice itself sounds like a classic.

  26. the bright side

    the bright sideHace 14 horas

    ichem_b_tourki my IG

  27. Amymcdxo

    AmymcdxoHace 3 días

    this is like great🥰

  28. milly L

    milly LHace 3 días

    Very unique style of music, I like how you do your own thing

  29. Ashwin Verma

    Ashwin VermaHace 3 días

    For those people who hate coldplay have a black hole in their heart

  30. BlackShox

    BlackShoxHace 3 días

    WooooW ilovit endlich zurück :)

  31. Vaibhav Karol

    Vaibhav KarolHace 3 días

    कोल्डप्ले 💕

  32. rahree

    rahreeHace 3 días


  33. Mesías Orozco Ic

    Mesías Orozco IcHace 3 días

    The 1:23 transition is called art! You're not human if you don't feel it.

  34. 얌냠

    얌냠Hace 3 días

    If you see this video on 144p, you might think "wow..."

  35. KCM

    KCMHace 3 días

    21st century NO.1 band

  36. Xi Jinping

    Xi JinpingHace 3 días


  37. Luke Saxton

    Luke SaxtonHace 4 días

    Song Sounds like a bunch of drunk dudes singing terrible at karaoke hahah

  38. W aynevevo

    W aynevevoHace 4 días


  39. Bryn Goldsmith

    Bryn GoldsmithHace 4 días

    My best song so far!! Fair play always loved cold play but I love this song so much!! Still an amazing band!! ❤️

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  41. Diana Linar

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