Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 4


  1. Alfred Santos

    Alfred SantosHace 3 meses

    Stauffer!😵 Blown away! That was amazing work. Keep up the great work and I’ll be honest, I don’t think your gonna find a dirty car than #roachmotel!

  2. Vela Bela

    Vela BelaHace 11 días


  3. Dortmunderjunge100

    Dortmunderjunge100Hace 17 días

    @Stauffer Garage Could you please tell me the Songnames of this video?! I love your videos!!! Greets from Germany 🤙

  4. way2sh0rt07grad

    way2sh0rt07gradHace un mes

    Back when I started driving I could have definitely given this car a run for its money lol.

  5. D Ross

    D RossHace un mes


  6. Ed Herdman

    Ed HerdmanHace un mes

    I still wouldn't sit in this lol. So gross I gotta close my browser out and flush the digital evidence lol

  7. xGAMERvPROx

    xGAMERvPROxHace un hora

    The people who had this car first dont deserve another car at all

  8. Karen Boag

    Karen BoagHace 2 horas

    If I was in that car for a second I would dumb 100 bottles of bleach on myself

  9. QueenGlooby

    QueenGloobyHace 3 horas

    #roachmotel omg this is crazy

  10. Camila Fajardo

    Camila FajardoHace 4 horas


  11. Leo Linford

    Leo LinfordHace 5 horas

    What music does he use in this video? Anyone know?

  12. Jaelyn McGruder

    Jaelyn McGruderHace 5 horas

    #roachmotel 🤮🤮🤮

  13. omar_fyz zz

    omar_fyz zzHace 8 horas


  14. Jason Courtright

    Jason CourtrightHace 10 horas

    i believe if I went that far removing panels and console, id just pull the carpet out and pressure wash it!!

  15. Echo Yetter

    Echo YetterHace 19 horas

    sooo satisfying #roachmotel

  16. Maran L

    Maran LHace 22 horas

    Do u charge by hr or by job?

  17. BoostedC6

    BoostedC6Hace 22 horas

    I puked

  18. Maran L

    Maran LHace 22 horas


  19. freak out

    freak outHace 22 horas

    Any idea for lether seats?

  20. Maran L

    Maran LHace 22 horas

    Imagine what their house looks like!!

  21. ABSARA Khmer

    ABSARA KhmerHace 23 horas

    How much did you spend on material for cleaning your car?

  22. MrsButtersworth82

    MrsButtersworth82Hace un día

    3:16 Did you vacuum the loose change too?

  23. s lee

    s leeHace un día


  24. Yolanda Sirri

    Yolanda SirriHace un día

    Wow! First off why would you buy something like that ? Second you did an amazing job OMG I was gagging looking at the carpet. Amazing work 😉 I can watch your videos all day. Did u ever get all the smell out with the oder bomb? Take care.

  25. Boston_Mama84

    Boston_Mama84Hace un día

    So satisfying to watch that nasty water go up the vacuum spout. Great job!

  26. douglas caldwell

    douglas caldwellHace un día


  27. Jorge Valverde

    Jorge ValverdeHace un día

    The most impressive transformation will be the engine ! If this was the inside can you imagine how bad that engine was treated!

  28. Ariz Ona

    Ariz OnaHace un día

    I work in a dealership. I am a car detailing technician. every little thing you show is useful! WOW !!!

  29. Chet Arthur

    Chet ArthurHace un día

    Can someone explain why you wouldn’t just take the carpets out to clean them? Wouldn’t it be less stress on your back and easier to get them truly rinsed?

  30. JustAGuy

    JustAGuyHace un día

    Who would ever let their car get this dirty. 🤢

  31. Amber Harris

    Amber HarrisHace un día

    If their car looked like this could you imagine their home.

  32. XinnOmega

    XinnOmegaHace un día


  33. Wolf Fortenberry

    Wolf FortenberryHace un día

    This makes me wonder what in the world their house looks like 😧

  34. Zahir Vega

    Zahir VegaHace un día

    No one ever does the roof?

  35. Victor Diaz

    Victor DiazHace un día

    Asi mismo estara la casa.

  36. Marc Evans

    Marc EvansHace un día

    Your channel is my therapy after a shit day at work good work bro 👍

  37. David Alvarez

    David AlvarezHace un día

    I bet either a super obese guy owned this or a girl

  38. Onyx Guard

    Onyx GuardHace un día

    I love watching these but I’m way too impatient to do even half as competent of a job as him.

  39. Angela Marie

    Angela MarieHace un día


  40. estefany mendoza

    estefany mendozaHace un día

    I had to pause and finish my food before watching this

  41. humble karaoke man

    humble karaoke manHace un día

    I've used a magic eraser a couple times, even use them on my leather interior to get them squeaky clean then condition afterwards.. even used a magic eraser and hot water to get a melted crayon out of a black leather seat that sit in the California sun for 18 months..

  42. SamGJ777

    SamGJ777Hace un día

    Filthy people.

  43. Dana Pearson

    Dana PearsonHace un día

    Looks lime a whole new and improved car

  44. Dana Pearson

    Dana PearsonHace un día

    #Roachmotel#you go I would never clean that it to disgusting 🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢it almost made me throw up

  45. Adriana Trobaugh

    Adriana TrobaughHace un día

    I always just use a magic eraser to get black shoe marks off of any of my panels and it works great. 💚💚💚

  46. Adriana Trobaugh

    Adriana TrobaughHace un día

    And gunk stuck on your steering wheel to

  47. Mike Rodriguez

    Mike RodriguezHace 2 días

    What song is that @11:59?

  48. YDR Bankz

    YDR BankzHace 2 días

    the REAL roach is at 2:04

  49. Lee Taeil

    Lee TaeilHace un día

    YDR Bankz that’s a cigarette butt

  50. t c s

    t c sHace 2 días


  51. A A

    A AHace 2 días

    The water being sucked out looked like giant cyst puss liquid

  52. Greesy Pickle

    Greesy PickleHace 2 días


  53. Joel Ortega

    Joel OrtegaHace 2 días

    Perfectly satisfying! Thanks!

  54. Vivienne Marshall

    Vivienne MarshallHace 2 días


  55. craggybag 7

    craggybag 7Hace 2 días

    I think you missed a spot lol kidding

  56. Oka Leka

    Oka LekaHace 2 días

    Really great work you are very appreciated 👍😊👍

  57. Oka Leka

    Oka LekaHace 2 días

    All above

  58. o k

    o kHace 2 días

    Imagine being okay with driving your car like this, you’re fucking weird

  59. Brock Naillon

    Brock NaillonHace 2 días

    How much was it sold for? 😮

  60. sam hasanov

    sam hasanovHace 3 días


  61. Ava Stiles

    Ava StilesHace 3 días

    Does he buy these cars clean them and then sell them or does he run a business?

  62. Marquis Walker

    Marquis WalkerHace 3 días

    bro ur amazing keep up the good work!!!!

  63. Laura Somebody

    Laura SomebodyHace 3 días

    Gotta wonder what your home looks like...does this ocd streak extend to there? 😊 Oh and #roachmotel 👍

  64. Fran K

    Fran KHace 3 días

    i just want to know what kind of people this are because i dont know anyone who is this disgusting

  65. Cooper Kiichler

    Cooper KiichlerHace 3 días


  66. trkcarz

    trkcarzHace 3 días

    Stumbled on your videos by accident, but man...glad I did! This is some awesome work and thanks a ton for sharing w/ us! Keep at it!

  67. Fifth Harmony

    Fifth HarmonyHace 3 días