Christmas Stereotypes


  1. Harry Milner

    Harry MilnerHace 4 minutos

    Rko out of nowhere haha

  2. khush rajput

    khush rajputHace 2 horas

    am only here to see rage monster😂😂

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    69M Views Now we gotta wait for 4.20mil likes

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    This video have 69 mil views

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    you guys posted it on my month and day that is my birthday

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  7. Stephanie Rvas

    Stephanie RvasHace 15 horas

    You open it so fast you don’t even know who’s present it is

  8. Stephanie Rvas

    Stephanie RvasHace 15 horas

    You open it so fast you don’t even know who’s present it is

  9. Master Kaktus

    Master KaktusHace 16 horas

    I am Rage Monster 😀

  10. TwinAsians

    TwinAsiansHace 19 horas

    If you can read this.... you are gei

  11. Abba Simp

    Abba SimpHace 20 horas

    Does anyone else wake up at 2:30 AM on Christmas? lol....

  12. Aarzoo Maryum

    Aarzoo MaryumHace 20 horas

    So far I’ve seen 3 rage monster

  13. Yoshi FNAFplush

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    Some times I am like the rage monster.

  14. Random Videos

    Random VideosHace 20 horas

    We need Halloween Stereotypes! Like so Dude Perfect can see (if you want it too)

  15. Mrpiggyguy

    MrpiggyguyHace 21 un hora

    0:20 wut music is this?

  16. Afterlife Mind Wanderer

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    Who else is gonna watch this When it’s Christmas 2019 👇

  17. Jacob Matson

    Jacob MatsonHace un día

    Guys you broke your why? My brother lives you guys🙂

  18. Jacob Matson

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  19. Jacob Matson

    Jacob MatsonHace un día

    Rage monster

  20. Lazar Kovacevic

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    *doesnt destroy the little figures* *destroys a whole tv and a big decoration the big christmas tree*

  21. Gabrielle Raviolo

    Gabrielle RavioloHace un día

    I have a grampa named Dave

  22. MJS Soccer Productions

    MJS Soccer ProductionsHace un día

    The first stereotype is me on Christmas

  23. Logan Yang

    Logan YangHace un día

    Park stereotypes Halloween stereotypes Easter stereotypes Summer stereotypes School stereotypes Idk what else

  24. All Around Yugo

    All Around YugoHace un día

    Me 2019: Me: Me 2019:

  25. Casimus Prime

    Casimus PrimeHace un día

    Marketing: So, how much should we spend on The Rage Monster for this video? Tyler: Yes

  26. Madison White

    Madison WhiteHace un día

    That’s an Aussie Christmas

  27. Dave Toledo

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    This is how many people watched this in ber months at 2019 👇

  28. Vejune Vejas

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    Don't beg

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    Wow vietsub

  30. Gusest2676

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    I am Game Night My Friend Is The Rage Monster


    TRACEY R0DRiGUEZHace 2 días

    Grinch be like 4:36

  32. Fiddlinman_1 Plays Games

    Fiddlinman_1 Plays GamesHace 2 días

    I love the Biblically incorrect nativity line 😂

  33. Jane A

    Jane AHace 2 días

    hey tyler i know that bis suv is a mercedes benz

  34. Dj Jonny

    Dj JonnyHace 2 días

    When he rkoed the tree

  35. Luc Sutherland

    Luc SutherlandHace 2 días

    Absolute best part was when they were all laughing at Ty's cookies!

  36. Vejune Vejas

    Vejune VejasHace 2 días

    Don't come near TY when he is a rage monster.

  37. Eliah Rivas

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  38. Wrecked _-

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    The transition year was my birthday this year

  39. gagan gupta

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    Funnier than ever

  40. Allstar !!!!

    Allstar !!!!Hace 2 días

    You should make a soccer stereotype video

  41. Ryan TPG

    Ryan TPGHace 2 días

    Kinda like Texas but australia

  42. Darcy Davis

    Darcy DavisHace 3 días

    Texas Christmas is Australian Christmas

  43. GriefNinja26

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    Rage monster spares the nativity lol

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    We did it guys 69milion view yeah baby

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    This is how much moeny they spent on the rage monster 👇


    THEMAINPLAYERHace 3 días

    Texas Christmas Nailed it!!

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    I love u🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

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  49. Adam Looth

    Adam LoothHace 3 días

    The rage monster

  50. Rebeca Hidalgo

    Rebeca HidalgoHace 3 días

    7:30 is so true Texas Christmas

  51. Landen Brunke

    Landen BrunkeHace 3 días

    It would be supper funny to see a different person be the rage monster, because it would be funny to see how hard they would fail

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  53. duker75

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  54. duker75

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  55. Colin Goracke

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    Is Santa the Panda???

  56. Dj Heulin

    Dj HeulinHace 3 días

    Texas Christmas applies to lower south hemisphere (south Africa for instance)

  57. andrew scott

    andrew scottHace 3 días

    I am the early riser

  58. Julian Udala

    Julian UdalaHace 3 días

    😭I really liked rage monster but now he scares me. If you plan another steorotype makes sure no rage monster!😭

  59. Alec Cruz

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    Soccer stereotypes

  60. Joe Ingram

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    1:21 I always do that I get so excited lol

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    1 like 1 win for coby🤞🤞🤞🤞👍👍👍

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    How does that puppy even breath in that box

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    My dads trash dad

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    3:24 John Wick, amirite