Christina Aguilera Tells Kelly They Are 'Twins Separated At Birth' | The Kelly Clarkson Show


  1. Lisette Nicole'

    Lisette Nicole'Hace 35 minutos

    Christina girrrrlllllll♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Lisette Nicole'

    Lisette Nicole'Hace 38 minutos

    Christina still look poppin

  3. Lisette Nicole'

    Lisette Nicole'Hace 38 minutos

    Thats was sup both good singer

  4. Nina robbins

    Nina robbinsHace 40 minutos

    Let your guests FINISH talking Kelly before you interrupt! Not subscribing ugh!

  5. Natalie Rice

    Natalie RiceHace 3 horas

    I just love Kelly's energy, I could talk with her all day. Before depression really set in, I was such an energetic person like her growing up. I talked a lot, & loudly, lol. But my mom, & other folks, always told me to be quieter, that I talked to much, that I was annoying, I became really insecure & started watching what I say & how much I talk to people. I made myself just be quiet, sometimes so much so that I wouldn't even engage with people at all, just go stand/sit by myself, scared to say too much or the wrong thing or scared people would think I was annoying. I wish people had just seen me like they see Kelly instead, just bubbly, fun, friendly, & energetic, & just appreciated me for that. Wish I could be like that again, but after 10 years of battling depression I turned into a different person, unfortunately. I used to be an extrovert, a social butterfly, talking to everyone in the room, making friends with strangers, now I'm so introverted & quiet, thinking everyone is judging me & they're thinking I should just shutup & no one cares anyways. It's kinda sad. I see Kelly & it makes me think how I would've turned out if I'd had a history of people supporting me & appreciating me for who I am, rather than putting me down & shutting me up. Love you, Kelly! Don't ever shutup! Lol!

  6. Dan G.

    Dan G.Hace 3 horas

    Love how Kelly talked a lot of stuff. She’s like the person you never get tired of talking to!

  7. Maureen Wagg

    Maureen WaggHace 5 horas

    lmao I wouldn't walk away from ya Kelly! You are my peeps girl. Nope not walking away, listening closely.

  8. She is a Survivor

    She is a SurvivorHace 21 un hora

    Christina beautiful lady and beautiful voce 😍💕💕💕

  9. Lateshia Childs

    Lateshia ChildsHace un día

    I havent watched Kelly show yet, I look like it is a great show. I love Christina I'm a huge fan of her music.

  10. Yolanda Johnson

    Yolanda JohnsonHace un día

    Finally they lost that baby weight look so good and mature and healthy

  11. Sandra P.

    Sandra P.Hace un día

    When two girls talk...😂😂😂

  12. Feeling Random

    Feeling RandomHace un día

    I am smiling listening to their interaction. Lol so comfy

  13. Flora Kay

    Flora KayHace 2 días

    Christina is like a white haired kardashian with a crazy amount of talent

  14. Maureen Wagg

    Maureen WaggHace 5 horas

    She has class...that is not Kardashian at all. Christina is talented...also, not Kardashian. So nope.

  15. Yonathan Angel Salazar Tamez

    Yonathan Angel Salazar TamezHace 2 días

    farrah moan its that you!

  16. qwayne

    qwayneHace 2 días

    Omg they're hilarious together. I need more of thissss

  17. SunShine

    SunShineHace 3 días

    I love Chris especially her bowlegs soooo sexy

  18. Deebee Daydreamer

    Deebee DaydreamerHace 3 días

    "Are you sad in your mansion?"🤣🤣

  19. Raine G

    Raine GHace 3 días

    She looks so great for 38

  20. DaOneFame only

    DaOneFame onlyHace 3 días

    Xtina and Kelly had so much fun doing this interview!! So natural.. 😍😍

  21. Koya Bim

    Koya BimHace 3 días

    I hope Demi Lovato would be here.

  22. Thomas Bowers

    Thomas BowersHace 3 días

    Kelly + Xtina collaboration right now!!

  23. Jessica Turner

    Jessica TurnerHace 4 días

    Kelly - I miss the 90's too - awesome year for music and life X

  24. Justjt Asjr

    Justjt AsjrHace 4 días

    Yes twins like in a BIG way! 😂🤣 they are not talking about their singing stuff. They are talking their weight 🤣✌🏻

  25. Rochelly Benjamin

    Rochelly BenjaminHace 4 días

    Kelly would you let her talk ? Hahahahaha

  26. Pampam I Am

    Pampam I AmHace 4 días

    Cristina is unrecognizable. I thought it was Kylie Jenner.

  27. lindsaysimplyliving

    lindsaysimplylivingHace 5 días

    Why did she ruin her face? It's so sad.

  28. Renay Parrack

    Renay ParrackHace 5 días

    Her fake ponytail is Killin me.

  29. Greeneye dreamer

    Greeneye dreamerHace 5 días

    I love the energy in this interview! Keep this up Kelly...great job!!! I didn't walk away from this..lmao subscribed!

  30. Heather R

    Heather RHace 5 días

    Kelly!!!! Let your guest talk....:(

  31. M K

    M KHace 5 días

    Awww...poor little rich girls..

  32. Arin B

    Arin BHace 5 días

    Tell me why i thought the thumbnail was kylie Jenner

  33. Conceal Don't Feel

    Conceal Don't FeelHace 5 días

    Christina Aguilera looks like she had some work done on her face. She is still beautiful just life and fame can change your appearance

  34. TheUnintendedchaos

    TheUnintendedchaosHace 5 días

    Aww I love this interview ❤️

  35. Al Fonse

    Al FonseHace 6 días

    Legend Christina Aguilera

  36. Vlogs with Ellie

    Vlogs with EllieHace 6 días

    Didn't she play in witches ?

  37. MonAmaja93

    MonAmaja93Hace 6 días

    she looks like kylie

  38. Marden Blanco

    Marden BlancoHace 6 días

    Who's been interviewed actually? 🤔

  39. Blessed Mrs V

    Blessed Mrs VHace 6 días

    They are so long lost sisters it's insane! ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Elizabeth Ashley Everhart

    Elizabeth Ashley EverhartHace 6 días

    Chris was really nice, Kelly kept talking over her.

  41. Rhiannon Sacks

    Rhiannon SacksHace 2 días

    Elizabeth Ashley Everhart i think she was excited to have Christina on if be a wreck

  42. Faisal Sabir

    Faisal SabirHace 6 días

    Congrats on the million hits. U 2 ARE THE BEST. can U invite book authors. U will turn the mind n soul UP

  43. Daniella Rose

    Daniella RoseHace 6 días


  44. Connor Rigg

    Connor RiggHace 6 días

    How didn't I know there was a Kelly Clarkson show?

  45. Lexi

    LexiHace 6 días

    Christina’s outfit looks so comfortable lol

  46. Alyson Kipp

    Alyson KippHace 6 días

    Remember when she did the haunted basement for her little brother from that “you think you know, but you have no idea, this is the diary of....” show on mtv back in the day 😵


    CARLA WALKERHace 6 días

    Christina is giving me Kardashian vibes

  48. The Winningest Duo

    The Winningest DuoHace 7 días

    They should do an album together

  49. x tOpe

    x tOpeHace 7 días


  50. Trump is Aslan

    Trump is AslanHace 7 días


  51. Supernaturally American

    Supernaturally AmericanHace 5 días

    @Trump is Aslan Yeah, I seen that. I figured she wanted to lose one more time before she was locked away in Gitmo for the rest of her unnatural life. All 2 years of it.

  52. Trump is Aslan

    Trump is AslanHace 6 días

    @Supernaturally American Madam Cyberhack is running agane. And she will lose again.

  53. Supernaturally American

    Supernaturally AmericanHace 6 días

    HELLS YEAH!!! Can't wait to see libs cry again! It's gonna be glorious.

  54. amethyst

    amethystHace 7 días

    I cant wait for the Addams Family movie! 😀

  55. Nikki Reign

    Nikki ReignHace 7 días

    I wish Christina would get over that horrible platinum blonde phase already. And that fake laugh.

  56. Supernaturally American

    Supernaturally AmericanHace 6 días

    Uh, that's her natural hair color genius. But yeah the laugh is pretty cringe. But she's always had that uppity diva thing about her, forced personality. She's a bit more relaxed here, but still not completely at ease. She still exudes that "holier than thou" vibe, which is toxic to be around. I'd 100% still smash though. KC too.

  57. Raymond Adams

    Raymond AdamsHace 8 días

    Christina looks stunning!!

  58. Supernaturally American

    Supernaturally AmericanHace 6 días

    She looks ridiculous here.

  59. Alma Palma

    Alma PalmaHace 8 días

    Kelly Remindes me of rosie o donnell

  60. Supernaturally American

    Supernaturally AmericanHace 6 días

    Lord no! Rosie is unbearable.

  61. Bridgette Halliwell

    Bridgette HalliwellHace 8 días

    Yall can tell Xtina likes Kelly's vibes so it went so natural talk for both of them. Love it

  62. Glory Rodriguez

    Glory RodriguezHace 8 días

    Omg ❤Christina!! I didn't watch and missed it! Now I'm going to have to start watching more often, can't believe I missed this! By the way Kelly, you and me are birthday twins😊

  63. Lea Nyland

    Lea NylandHace 8 días

    Maybe they could talk about how they both can give their weight under control lol

  64. V S

    V SHace 8 días

    I always loved Kelly Clarksons personality she comes off very normal and humble. I am guessing celebrities will flock to her for interviews because they would feel safe to talk to her another celebrity and she wont push their buttons like other interviewers.

  65. Supernaturally American

    Supernaturally AmericanHace 6 días

    Yeah, she's got charisma.

  66. chaelin lee

    chaelin leeHace 8 días

    This is demi lovato's wet dream

  67. Supernaturally American

    Supernaturally AmericanHace 6 días

    Mine too, and you can throw Demi in the mix as well. We'll find room for her.

  68. John haworth

    John haworthHace 8 días

    Who knew kelly clarkson was such a motor mouth.

  69. Supernaturally American

    Supernaturally AmericanHace 6 días

    Uh... Anyone that knows anything about her. She's always been a motor mouth.

  70. Christie Christie

    Christie ChristieHace 8 días

    I thought that was Kylie Jenner at first. They must go to the same plastic surgeon🤭

  71. I Stan OT4 JenChuLiChaeng

    I Stan OT4 JenChuLiChaengHace 8 días

    My Queens