Christina Aguilera Tells Kelly They Are 'Twins Separated At Birth' | The Kelly Clarkson Show


  1. rita rabaa

    rita rabaaHace 27 minutos


  2. Trima Frank

    Trima FrankHace 2 horas

    Jlo left the chat

  3. xoPanchitaxo

    xoPanchitaxoHace 3 horas

    Why hasn't their been a song with Christina and Kelly?? THEY WOULD SMASH IT

  4. Dibin Shahi

    Dibin ShahiHace 7 horas

    Always did get confused between these two


    OREO FOR YOUHace 14 horas

    She's so pretty 🥺

  6. PinkJinx 89

    PinkJinx 89Hace 17 horas

    Y’all need to do a song together pretty please💕

  7. Ansh A

    Ansh AHace 4 días

    I can’t imagine kelly having drama/issues with anybody lol

  8. SammySingally

    SammySingallyHace 4 días

    Somewhere out there Ellen started mischievously smiling at 3:59 (start listening from 3:55).

  9. MK Luna

    MK LunaHace 7 días

    Wait Kelly has a show?

  10. Love Always

    Love AlwaysHace 7 días

    I'm loving listening to Christina talk!

  11. princess conseula

    princess conseulaHace 8 días

    Her head is large

  12. Izwan Mohd. Isa

    Izwan Mohd. IsaHace 8 días

    Miss Independent wrote by Xtina ❤️

  13. Anisa Sharif

    Anisa SharifHace 8 días

    Xtina is so pretty, her beauty doesn't fades...

  14. rickma235

    rickma235Hace 9 días

    Duet please!!!!!

  15. Katalia j

    Katalia jHace 10 días

    I love them both ,and I think whoever in Kelly's show ,become humble and honest in the show

  16. Lila Montoya

    Lila MontoyaHace 10 días

    Whats wrong with her lips.....

  17. Nazeeme

    NazeemeHace 11 días

    I love Christina but that ponytail siiiis

  18. Deny DenyHace 12 días

    Twin Queens..!!!

  19. Jeffrey J

    Jeffrey JHace 13 días

    How much plastic surgery and injectables did Christina have done to her face???? smdh

  20. North Land

    North LandHace 14 días

    kelly, ugghhnnoying. tone it down.... Plz allow the guest being interviewed to have their "moments / responses after u ask them a question". < without, u constantly > interrupting...making the interviews become annoying. I can only stand watching you for like 20 seconds at a time then I must retreat from the blabby nonsense

  21. Neil Rivera

    Neil RiveraHace 16 días

    Christina gave Kelly her song "Miss Independent" Kelly owes Christina BIG TIME! 😂

  22. bbymemo

    bbymemoHace 17 días

    Pls have Demi on the show 🙏🏻🙏🏻😭

  23. fizayzachary

    fizayzacharyHace 19 días

    Omg this suddenly reminds me of that time "Hurt" and "Because of You" topping the charts in about the same year. Sweet sweet time!

  24. M. H.

    M. H.Hace 20 días

    Kelly, ilu, but you got be quiet for one sweet second😂❤️

  25. Benika Jimo

    Benika JimoHace 21 un día

    Christina looks like a pretty Bratz doll 😍

  26. Neilton Farias Filho

    Neilton Farias FilhoHace 21 un día

    Christina was jealous Sabrina Parlatore in Brazil 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Anynonomus Person

    Anynonomus PersonHace 21 un día

    They both talk really fast and don't let each other talk, they are twins

  28. Yajie Liu

    Yajie LiuHace 23 días

    What happened to Christina, she looks sooo much like Cher now (in comparison when they did the movie together?)

  29. WomackFanFile

    WomackFanFileHace 26 días

    I love them, but they talk over each other too much 😀

  30. LBloggie Awakened

    LBloggie AwakenedHace 27 días

    Xtinct and this plastic face she looks like everyone else now

  31. Irene Felix

    Irene FelixHace 29 días

    Christina has the best voice ever!

  32. Juan Carlo Arias

    Juan Carlo AriasHace un mes

    Hello Kelly! How are you? I'm David from Nicaragua!!

  33. M Maples

    M MaplesHace un mes

    whispers "I'm a scrapbooker" 🤣😂🤣😂

  34. Single Mom Reality

    Single Mom RealityHace un mes

    Shes the white version of Lil Kim Oh my bad nevermind Lil Kim is white now..

  35. Cheri Cherry

    Cheri CherryHace un mes

    I wish Christina could have gotten a few more words in.

  36. Andrew Alvarado

    Andrew AlvaradoHace un mes

    I love Christina SO much! Just don’t like those lip injections they were already perfect 😍

  37. tomgallowitz

    tomgallowitzHace un mes

    If Christina was a mentor on Kelly’s team on the voice they be unstoppable

  38. Beatriz Ferreira

    Beatriz FerreiraHace un mes


  39. J M

    J MHace un mes

    Christina Aguilera she’s an amazing vocalist but if you take a look at her hair it’s yellow in certain parts and platinum in some parts but fuck she’s that chick

  40. GuigoMasca

    GuigoMascaHace un mes

    twin fake B's

  41. Top Notch Talk

    Top Notch TalkHace un mes

    Such a nice interview.

  42. Noah Smith

    Noah SmithHace un mes

    Yass, queens. Two legends! ❤️

  43. PJ Allen

    PJ AllenHace un mes

    "I'm a scrapbooker" 😂😂😂 I love her

  44. Billy & Louie

    Billy & LouieHace un mes

    as a twin my self I can definitely say these two are twins

  45. Pedro Carrazana

    Pedro CarrazanaHace un mes

    They needed to blend that ponytail

  46. Xtina Mess

    Xtina MessHace un mes

    She's such a cutie ♡

  47. Mar S.

    Mar S.Hace un mes

    I love Kelly Clarkson, but dam girl let your Guest talk. Remember, why Tyra Banks show got canceled.

  48. John Patrick Olayvar

    John Patrick OlayvarHace un mes

    Please have Meryl Streep as guest 😍😍 I think that would be crazy af.

  49. Jessica Sena

    Jessica SenaHace un mes sunnyside graduation 2019 my daughter sang 8 mins in she was nervous but she sounded beautiful she sang in front of 14,000 people

  50. Mary Gomez

    Mary GomezHace un mes

    Two great singers!!!...I always sing their songs...!!.. YES 🙌

  51. Kimara Mensa

    Kimara MensaHace un mes

    We..just let it repeat gotta be supportive. All time fan. Fantastic! To and for both.

  52. dana102083

    dana102083Hace un mes

    I didnt even recognize christina in the thumbnail..eep

  53. vitola1111

    vitola1111Hace un mes

    Man, Kelly’s really good at this.

  54. Blessed life with Deidra💯

    Blessed life with Deidra💯Hace un mes

    Hey Kelly, I need a size 6 in that blue dress please. I just love itttt.

  55. Ale Shep

    Ale ShepHace un mes

    Christina looks AMAZING! And she is super FUNNY

  56. Roxanne Cecala

    Roxanne CecalaHace un mes

    KC needs to let her guest speak without interrupting , there is nothing more annoying than two people speaking over one another.

  57. jaydel3

    jaydel3Hace un mes

    her style isn't a traditional interview. She approaches guest and have conversations rather than an interview. Interview is formal, and you have a set of questions you want to ask. Conversations are just back and forth feeding off one another with no real rules.

  58. Stephanie Arvin

    Stephanie ArvinHace un mes

    I love how they are fangirling over each other!

  59. Carey Andrud

    Carey AndrudHace un mes

    Kelly is African and Caucasian inside and out

  60. Luis Garcia

    Luis GarciaHace 2 meses

    You guys should watch this in 2x speed 😂

  61. Courtney Whatmore

    Courtney WhatmoreHace 2 meses

    Kelly!!! Let her answer your’re just waiting for your turn to talk again. Oh well, still love ya