Chris Rock's Opening Monologue


  1. Gaia Lea

    Gaia LeaHace 2 horas

    Chris Rock also gave advice to black people how do deal with police and not get kicked ass... Great advice! Hollywood elites are hypocrites!

  2. John Gotti

    John GottiHace 23 horas

    Chris has always has the best stand up because he's not afraid to offend.

  3. Servant Of Jesus Christ

    Servant Of Jesus ChristHace un día

    Chris you rock.....

  4. michael straughn

    michael straughnHace un día

    Chris Rock cemented his legacy with this clever performance.

  5. Japan's Truth

    Japan's TruthHace un día

    01. 「Japan」⇒「World Emperor」⇒「The Right」⇒ 「Roots」= Black / Africa 02. 「USA」 ⇒「Emperor's Son」⇒「Republican」⇒ 「Release」= Black / Jazz. 03. 「Anti」 ⇒「Anti-Emperor」⇒「Left / Liberal」⇒ 「KKK / Attack」= Black / Indian. 04. 「Anti」 ⇒「Left = Roosevelt」+「Dark CIA」⇒ Supported 「Nazis」⇒ Attacked 「Japan」

  6. Fer Lou

    Fer LouHace 2 días

    Race obsessed "Oscars"

  7. manue3l1976

    manue3l1976Hace 3 días

    To me Chris rock is the best comedian past and present, Bill Burr 2nd ...Dave Chapelle 3rd

  8. denzelsnipes69

    denzelsnipes69Hace 3 días

    You know he made them uncomfortable when you scroll down the comments and see conservative whites attempting to defend liberal white racism.

  9. Timothy Clarke

    Timothy ClarkeHace 3 días

    I love this comment section talking about Chris Rock having balls. He was paid to do this, Hollywood loves this crap. This was also during the Obama Presidency when they had the MSM airing and claiming white cops were shooting blacks all over the streets in America every night. Too bad whites males are shot at a statistical 2:1 ratio, PROPAGANDA!

  10. crecerperu ong

    crecerperu ongHace 4 días


  11. The All Power Team

    The All Power TeamHace 4 días

    Black Grandmothers swinging from the tree jokes Chris? The Meritorious Manumissions Act of 1710 is clearly still in effect.

  12. Johnny Knoxville

    Johnny KnoxvilleHace 5 días

    Any time Chris Rock wants to call out the Racist Hollywood Liberals, the choir says AMEN.

  13. tenhirankei

    tenhirankeiHace 5 días

    @9:50 George Clooney "I'm not sure myself. I was fixed up with this outfit. I kinda like it except for the idiot that thought it'd really stand out if I had a swan coming out my a**."

  14. Angel Messtanoffski

    Angel MesstanoffskiHace 5 días

    Hollywoood is Jewish & Liberal in the blue voting state. That's what makes it all messed up!

  15. nilomm

    nilommHace 6 días

    Best speech ever! So clever and witty!

  16. NezTV

    NezTVHace 7 días

    He didn’t pull this off.. this performance fucked his career up for 3 years... he is only just starting to bounce back.

  17. Axel Perez

    Axel PerezHace 7 días


  18. Dennis Beacham

    Dennis BeachamHace 7 días

    Chris did a fabulous job navigating the ship through tough waters!

  19. S H

    S HHace 7 días

    He is his own racist.



    I'm Mexican and even I felt uncomfortable...

  21. Jeff Ott

    Jeff OttHace 8 días

    Chris Rock said it best . . . . Fe-fi-fo figger . . . I hate a . . .

  22. Daniel santiago

    Daniel santiagoHace 8 días

    Ohh this guy whos joking about asia

  23. Ruben Perez

    Ruben PerezHace 8 días

    Movies suck. No one should win shit...

  24. Ruben Perez

    Ruben PerezHace 8 días

    11percent of the country black, yet they want 51 percent of the awards...🐂💩

  25. Allen Arreola

    Allen ArreolaHace 5 días

    Yeah its not only actors, producers, directors from the US


    STOP STOPHace 9 días

    Chris is a smoker.

  27. Mr Jones

    Mr JonesHace 9 días

    "Some people call it Creed, I call it Black Rocky!" LOL. Chris Rock may have done a lot of shit films for nearly 30 years but his stand-up comic performance is as sharp, biting and relevant as anything you've ever seen. Truly a comic legend in his own lifetime. Some of the looks of the top actor's faces was priceless lol

  28. Joel JeeZ

    Joel JeeZHace 9 días

    8:28 Tchalla crying

  29. Ruxi Sjixa

    Ruxi SjixaHace 9 días

    Best comedy actor

  30. Eder Saul

    Eder SaulHace 9 días

    Whining whining

  31. A space being

    A space beingHace 9 días

    Blacks really havent built any new stars to get invested in Kevin hart is in practically every movie that comes out and those are just silly comedy movies the only black actor that I'd pay to see is Denzel maybe a few others but that's it cant complain about not getting any roles when you arent drawing at the box office. Leo is one of the biggest actors in the world of course hes going to get big roles I mean common sense. Black Panther did do well but that's because its a marvel based movie all marvel movies do well other then that I haven't seen anything impressive from black actors and that one movie about the black boxer with Sylvester Stallone forgot the name is such a unoriginal played out type of film that has been done so many times over no originality in these movies give me someone who is actually really good and I'll watch them right now I haven't seen anything to rave about from black actors and it seems like they are more interested in TV shows anyway like Empire and other TV shows that feature only black actors.

  32. corey goree

    corey goreeHace 9 días

    This dude seems like a stick in the mudd but dawg pookie aka Chris Rock has been as cold bloody at word play as Jay Z since the mid 90's that was CLASSIC...... But as a comic u shld be able to say and talk a lil shyt and ppl shld laugh at they self....

  33. Übermensch

    ÜbermenschHace 10 días

    There’s just a larger population of talented white actor relative to blacks... no racism

  34. Rene Rivera

    Rene RiveraHace 11 días

    OMG I cannot stop laughing...

  35. Ibrar Ali

    Ibrar AliHace 11 días

    No one can entertain quite like Chris. Not sure about his message though, still seems a bit Liberal. Not honest enough.

  36. Kel0390

    Kel0390Hace 11 días

    Seeing black people whining like this is really embarrassing.

  37. senghor

    senghorHace 12 días

    He used a race sat navigating

  38. Christophe, Mitchito Darmon

    Christophe, Mitchito DarmonHace 12 días

    And that’s how black people cultivate their own racism...

  39. Liam Patrick

    Liam PatrickHace 12 días

    I don't know what to make of this.

  40. jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt Turner

    jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt TurnerHace 13 días

    Yeah..... fact , some White people , aka the Klan , don't have to kill up Black people no more , go to prison these days , Blacks killing each other way more than klan did . They learned their problems would take care of each other , more than ever . It's a win win , dumb asssss's . All's well that ends well . Oh well . Satire at it's most profound .

  41. Chuck Stark

    Chuck StarkHace 14 días

    Oscars should have watched Casino Royale. Producer: Chris "stop touching your ear". They will find out we're feeding you the script.

  42. Kao Phillips

    Kao PhillipsHace 15 días

    Did yall hear john legend laugh @ 4:57

  43. Kao Phillips

    Kao PhillipsHace 14 días

    @Joshua Dallas ok lol

  44. Joshua Dallas

    Joshua DallasHace 14 días

    Kao Phillips that was Chris rocks laugh. It was perfect timing though.

  45. Masky

    MaskyHace 15 días

    Omg his voice id kill for that

  46. Alejandro E

    Alejandro EHace 15 días

    The faces of the whites dudes .... priceless !! Chris !!!

  47. Jon Paul

    Jon PaulHace 15 días

    This is what black privilege looks like

  48. TallCoolDrink

    TallCoolDrinkHace 15 días

    How about Asian? They get table

  49. Marco Anorico

    Marco AnoricoHace 12 días

    Dont bring up Asians.... Chris' monologue will lose its charm lol.

  50. Michael Hawkins

    Michael HawkinsHace 15 días

    I did no that there's different types of racis i was taught racism was racism simple as that

  51. Donald Shimkus

    Donald ShimkusHace 15 días

    Absolutely amazing! A black person speaking for 10 minutes without once saying motherf----r. Truely an incredible moment in history.

  52. Ben Toney

    Ben ToneyHace 15 días

    Chris still funny 20 years later smh

  53. Sam Geurdi

    Sam GeurdiHace 16 días

    “Rocky is a science fiction movie” lmao

  54. Walter Montaz

    Walter MontazHace 16 días

    This is the reason why USA has so many racism issues. They’re fighting hate using hate. Disgusting.

  55. ¤T'CHALLA¤

    ¤T'CHALLA¤Hace 16 días

    C.R. is a great comic....but unfortunately ..... the topic of racism.....which DOES NOT exist in the way fake news networks like CNN/MSNBC make it out to be. Hollywood is not what is used to be.

  56. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneHace 16 días

    Damn it he's got huge Balls ....

  57. Yahye Tahlil

    Yahye TahlilHace 17 días

    3 years later and it still gets me🔥

  58. ace boogie

    ace boogieHace 17 días

    I'm black n this is embarrassing

  59. Sam Lyons

    Sam LyonsHace 17 días

    Very Funny Racist

  60. Claren Dennis

    Claren DennisHace 18 días

    Bigger claps was for the joke about will Smith making 20 mil in wild wild west, which I didn't know he made that, but damn near nobody clapped at the in memoriam joke...

  61. D C'mon

    D C'monHace 18 días

    Chris, looking forward to you being the host in 2020!

  62. McDoogle

    McDoogleHace 18 días

    Damn that was a whole bunch of garbage

  63. Edub One

    Edub OneHace 19 días


  64. Lauren

    LaurenHace 19 días

    Brave. Just tellin the truth to their faces.

  65. joeolcay

    joeolcayHace 19 días

    This Monologue should win the Oscar for -best Script-

  66. Dakota Martin

    Dakota MartinHace 19 días

    Fuck off im Republican just put my never scared homie here each time

  67. Dakota Martin

    Dakota MartinHace 19 días

    Is Hollywood racist I just can't vote the way I want no big deal......stilll listening to democrats

  68. Dakota Martin

    Dakota MartinHace 19 días

    Fuck em all

  69. joshua hackert

    joshua hackertHace 19 días

    all these celebs can go fuck off

  70. joshua hackert

    joshua hackertHace 19 días

    ha fucking ha black people this and that how about most of of struggling to make ends meets black and white bullshit about the middle class

  71. joshua hackert

    joshua hackertHace 19 días

    they dont know what the real world is ......chris rock talking about black struggle ur a fucking idiot

  72. joshua hackert

    joshua hackertHace 19 días

    fuck all the rich hollywood fuckers

  73. joshua hackert

    joshua hackertHace 19 días

    look up how rich is chris rock

  74. joshua hackert

    joshua hackertHace 19 días


  75. joshua hackert

    joshua hackertHace 19 días

    jay look at how many black actors are reach

  76. joshua hackert

    joshua hackertHace 19 días

    racists omg thats suck shit how many black actors are rich

  77. William Morelock

    William MorelockHace 20 días

    Wow.. a place where we elected a black president. And black people making millions in the movie business, including Chris Rock.. and he wants to basically call all white people racist because there wasn’t a black nominee... this is America’s complaint?? More proof it’s the greatest country on earth for ALL people. God bless America

  78. lakendra biggins

    lakendra bigginsHace 20 días

    This is “funny” at its best!! 😂😂

  79. KEKE 1515

    KEKE 1515Hace 20 días


  80. Ammar Z

    Ammar ZHace 20 días

    Rocky is a science fiction movie LOoOOL

  81. Rorey 90

    Rorey 90Hace 21 un día

    Most people there clapping out of discomfort. Just trying not to look racist.

  82. j Dee

    j DeeHace 21 un día

    Talk about laughing your azz off. My goodness!!!

  83. Farbod Pirouz

    Farbod PirouzHace 21 un día

    Chris Rock is a legend. Up there with Louis and George.

  84. MrYellingdingo

    MrYellingdingoHace 21 un día

    7:15.. 'White athletes are as good as black athletes... ' Not to bust your bubble but Klitschko held the heavyweight belt the longest. Soooo... oops. jus' a little? This is the first vid I've ever seen where Rock jus' looks pathetic.