Chris Brown - No Guidance (Official Video) ft. Drake


  1. Donna Crenshaw

    Donna CrenshawHace 3 horas

    I don't want to play no games ayeeeee

  2. aj Perkins

    aj PerkinsHace 3 horas

    You think when cris brown os writeing his song he dances with head phone while the dj just makes a instrumental around his dance!

  3. Donna Crenshaw

    Donna CrenshawHace 4 horas

    Freaky yeah

  4. Corey Hanson

    Corey HansonHace 4 horas

    Feb 2020


    SPOILED DESHace 4 horas

    Chris Brown is so talented & is able to provide the most entertaining videos. I love him!

  6. Suree Nk

    Suree NkHace 4 horas

    new era snap back hat Douche bag 😂😂😂 teams

  7. melissa fisher

    melissa fisherHace 5 horas

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  8. ijusdontknow Jones

    ijusdontknow JonesHace 7 horas

    Drake went 🐉 ball Z on him 😂🤣☠️

  9. hacker gacha

    hacker gachaHace 8 horas

    Okay I'm on Chris browns sight got it girll

  10. Rodney Ochimas

    Rodney OchimasHace 8 horas

  11. Smitty Sacks

    Smitty SacksHace 8 horas

    Videos like this make me miss 106& Park!!! We need that back for the culture!! This is hands down one of the best videos! Liked how they manned up!!! The only thing that would’ve made this video better, would’ve been if Drake bust out the hotline bling dance!!Orrrr... if Rihanna would’ve made a 5 second cameo at the end!

  12. LAMONT Allen

    LAMONT AllenHace 9 horas


  13. Eddie Lombera

    Eddie LomberaHace 9 horas

    Crazy how Chris brown was coming up when I was in middle school and drake when I was a sophomore, to this day they’re still doing it big! Big props to both of them 👍

  14. Roberta Franco

    Roberta FrancoHace 9 horas

    Show essa música. Adorooo ❣❣

  15. I awakening

    I awakeningHace 9 horas

    I'll take Drake over Chris. Chris has a great voice but he's a bitch ass for beating on woman. Drake looks like he could fuck the shit out of you real good. Lol he eats the chochie while Chris forces you to suck his dick with his cocky attitude. Lol

  16. Arianna Heath

    Arianna HeathHace 9 horas

    Are you guys friends in real life

  17. Arianna Heath

    Arianna HeathHace 9 horas

    Drake was better he is my favorite and chris brown was good to you guys are both my favorite ones I like you guys the same

  18. Michel Andrade

    Michel AndradeHace 10 horas

    2:20 😋😋

  19. LV Christian

    LV ChristianHace 11 horas

    I like The dance battle

  20. Jaffer Ali

    Jaffer AliHace 11 horas

    I really wanted to see drake dance tho

  21. Janet Breen-Washington

    Janet Breen-WashingtonHace 11 horas

    Chris looks like he's auditioning for Mi Vida Loca

  22. you

    youHace 11 horas

    Yes Chris Brown!!!!!! Come back to us, we love you!!!!!!!

  23. Linda Arthur

    Linda ArthurHace 12 horas

    I'm sorry but Chris and Drake cold but them niggaz corney AF....

  24. Quest Infinity

    Quest InfinityHace 12 horas


  25. Touch by Samuri

    Touch by SamuriHace 12 horas

    ❤💕💞 YOU GOT IT.

  26. Javion Covington

    Javion CovingtonHace 13 horas


  27. Emily Silva

    Emily SilvaHace 13 horas

    só eu pensei em um confronto para quem fica com Rihanna "nenhum dos dois ta com Rihanna ,so imaginei alto kkkkkkkkk"

  28. ACnolimits

    ACnolimitsHace 14 horas

    this mothefucker...I can be watching him dancing all day long

  29. Fola the ProVerbalizer

    Fola the ProVerbalizerHace 15 horas

    8:48 really though Chris Brown ACTUALLY DOES have a mean face

  30. Monique Booth

    Monique BoothHace 17 horas

    My cut

  31. Danielle Gaskins

    Danielle GaskinsHace 17 horas

    LOL!!!!! hahahahaha!! Hilarious!

  32. Jatin Rathore

    Jatin RathoreHace 17 horas

    Video doesn't fit in this song...Who else thinks??

  33. Andzia Zach

    Andzia ZachHace 18 horas

    Can't believe Drake did that to Rihanna, what a di**head.

  34. Justin Ball

    Justin BallHace 19 horas

    the winner is obviously drake

  35. Kerry-Ann Masters

    Kerry-Ann MastersHace 20 horas

    But Chris dance good

  36. Kerry-Ann Masters

    Kerry-Ann MastersHace 20 horas

    Drake dance bad eee

  37. Paolla Rogoski

    Paolla RogoskiHace 20 horas

    Amei os dois ❤️

  38. sport goal

    sport goalHace 21 un hora


  39. 김승제

    김승제Hace 22 horas

    구멍동서끼리 함께한 하모니♪♬

  40. Erika

    ErikaHace 23 horas

    LMAO Drake what you doin'? :'-D I think he got dance battle confused with Street Fighter.

  41. UnstableMan

    UnstableManHace un día

    Rihanna broke drakes heart, Breezy broke rhianna’s jaw

  42. tamekia harris

    tamekia harrisHace un día

    The next Chris Brown

  43. Derek Lanere

    Derek LanereHace un día

    I meet u At The fashion show mall wen i was 17 an shook your Hand u Cool Peoples

  44. lynsie.bear

    lynsie.bearHace un día

    *Just realized that Aubrey gave Chris the Naruto RASENGAN move!* 😂🙇😂 I'm late, I know 😂😂😂

  45. Suree Nk

    Suree NkHace un día

    i know how you feel, you belong bro.. Perceived as

  46. Tiffany Ortiz

    Tiffany OrtizHace un día

    I DON’T WANNA...

  47. Have a good day !

    Have a good day !Hace un día

    Why drake is acting like a panda(po) in kungfu panda movie.

  48. Stephanie Barnes

    Stephanie BarnesHace un día

    Oh how I Love Drake 💞💕💞💝💝

  49. kdn mickie

    kdn mickieHace un día

    F around give you my last name love that verse😍

  50. Jocelyn Alvarez

    Jocelyn AlvarezHace un día


  51. Chino thaKiko

    Chino thaKikoHace un día

    This video is fire 📛🔥🔥🔥

  52. Jessica Malave

    Jessica MalaveHace un día

    Smh no one seem to realize alot of the videos and music is based on actual events. So hows is that called hating. Hating when shade come from people with no actual experience. Mhmm I guess ill be 6nine then mhmm. 🤔🙅‍♀️

  53. Joseph PICKETT

    Joseph PICKETTHace un día


  54. Nismo Frompismo

    Nismo FrompismoHace un día

    Chris brown is daddy asf

  55. Theoricia Oor

    Theoricia OorHace un día

    Chris defeat drake

  56. Jesika Rabbyt

    Jesika RabbytHace un día

    Who can learn Chris moves just by watching Me 🖐️

  57. Games Wares

    Games WaresHace un día

    Parece que o drake aprendeu a dançar com o naldo benny. Kkkkkkkk

  58. Cranyz

    CranyzHace un día

    wife beater

  59. Marvelous

    MarvelousHace un día

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  60. Jesse James

    Jesse JamesHace un día

    Black excellence.