China is erasing its border with Hong Kong


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    We've released a video explaining the recent demonstrations rocking Hong Kong, as citizens there protest against the government's proposed bill that would allow extradition to China. To get the latest on the current situation, you can watch the video here:

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  3. Vincent E Stone

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    THANK YOU for EXPLAINING very clear The HISTORY of the WHOLE situation between HONG KONG AND CHINA. PLEASE continue with MORE VIDEOS. BLESS YOU VOX & STAY SAFE !

  4. 。あはめづ

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    he missed a very crucial point that he said very falsely about how HK is not so important to China right now. In fact if HK would fall into chaos with military intrusion to the protests, the whole Chinese economy would fall along with it. HK is the gateway of China to the outside world and if its economy would fall so would China, so don't take percentages blindly with no common sense. That's something he just copied and pasted without thinking. No offense

  5. Wong Keong

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    This people protests for freedom,l don't think so,they destroy everythings,People's scare to go out and even can't get to work ,Are you sure this is the correct way for freedom, Please use you common sense,Vox

  6. Levin Soh

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    GET Him a pay rise.

  7. theStormaftertheCalm

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    VOX is a flavor of PBS

  8. Eric Yuan

    Eric YuanHace 10 horas

    yeah yeah yeah, everything, if relate to China even a lil bit, is bad, I get it.

  9. 道法自然

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  10. Rass Bombo

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    This is a flawed interpretation of the reality. HK is a part of China, yes, he said that but what he didn't say also is that HK is rich because of China, HK people built up HK and thrived despite the British. What is happening in HK is only natural, China will continue to consume HK and eventually HK will look a lot like China, that is inevitable. HK is after all, a part of China, and a small part, a very small part. Those who can and want to, should move elsewhere, to Latin America, to Africa, or to the West. Go open up Chinese restaurants all over the world!

  11. 3nterprise Official

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    This video is super “pro-china”

  12. Blue Ocean

    Blue OceanHace 16 horas

    No matter how many bad things done by the CCP, separatism is not tolerated by any Chinese, because we wont forget a century of humiliation and how deeply harmed by separatism . 1.4 billion Chinese support the ccp (or any government) for the unity of China. those separatists won’t ever get a chance

  13. peggy hui

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    This is a very informative, powerful piece of work, it is also sad and yet in some way a love story, love for life, for freedom, l for democracy. Thank you for uploading it.

  14. asspartacus

    asspartacusHace 18 horas

    There’s no one could save HK. They are about to be doomed.

  15. Conspiracy2Riot

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    Hong Kong belongs to China & these CIA backed protestors will be sorry they worked with the US to trash their region. They are traitors. And they are all middle class ...this is NOT a real working class revolution.

  16. The Frontlines

    The FrontlinesHace 21 un hora

    I, as a Brit, stand with the protestors.

  17. Umer Asghar

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    I dont all hail china

  18. Yukino またヤ Miku

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    China government trying the citizen to forget tianamen square massacre Citizens: remembers* *tears*

  19. An Indian

    An IndianHace un día

    Namaste Dhanyvad.


    BABYBOYSMASHHace un día

    only china who brainwashes every one

  21. Longam Tomba

    Longam TombaHace un día

    The title should be : US erasing it's border with New York .

  22. Frank Sun

    Frank SunHace un día

    Hong Kong belongs to China.

  23. zzz

    zzzHace un día

    So, which one is better? British colonization or Chinese rule?

  24. xin yu

    xin yuHace un día

    they just want something they don't know about it. Do they really know how to run a city or a country?

  25. Americans need Americans to care.

    Americans need Americans to care.Hace un día

    So....... does this mean Taiwan is also China?

  26. Rob RocknRolla

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    Protest has gotten so out of hand today. Taken over by hooligans. HongKong government has failed to protect the rest of its citizens. Beijing should have stepped in weeks ago.

  27. xiao che

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    hongkong would be in annex in china soon no one could stop that even the britsih and the UN, even UN cant stop chinese claiming an island in south china sea whats more in hongkong it does belong to china originaly

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    Umbrella ☂ corp

  29. Crusader Boy 9000

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    Psshhtt CCP forgot Macau exists too

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    1:14 Song is nice, what song is it

  31. Thomas chudy

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    F china

  32. mv0921_ _

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    Vox do kosvo and how it's Serbian since 1300s do that pls unless u get killed

  33. Zach Henrichs

    Zach HenrichsHace un día

    Vox almost sounds Republican here...... I thought they would have taken the LaBron James stance on this issue... It's nice to see actual reporting being done. Keep it up please!

  34. Kaki Game

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    Imagine crossing the bridge with your car and trap in the middle of storm.. haha.. final destination baby!!

  35. mutzikatzi1

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    First a was "Wow Vox is fast, they already made a video about Hong Kong because of the protests" Then i saw the upload date. And then I got even more worried for Hong Kong...

  36. Grudo Yugin

    Grudo YuginHace un día

    That's what I thought. China has been planning this for a long time.

  37. Allen Duckburger Mizmowitz

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    The sixth demand should be to dismantle this bridge .

  38. Daði Hrafn

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    4:34 nice

  39. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. TrumpHace un día

    Hmmm. Seems like Hong Kong wishes they had a way to keep China at bay... OH well, there is no possible way on earth of doing that I guess!

  40. HOO WOO

    HOO WOOHace un día

    we shenzhen people warn hk people, stay away from our city, stop take our jobs and social warfares from our city govenment! you didn't pay any taxes! stop sending children to our city to take our locals opportunities! BTW! Catalonia independence leader already escape abroad and others were sent int jail by Spanish government! I didn't see any WOM condemn them!

  41. 시골멍멍이

    시골멍멍이Hace un día

    Free hongkong!!!!

  42. Nicolas Salazar

    Nicolas SalazarHace 2 días

    If it is an agreement and if it is broken wouldnt that also break the agreement of handing over Hong Kong to mainland China?

  43. Marie joan Banasan luis

    Marie joan Banasan luisHace 2 días

    My heart goes out to Hong Kong people.

  44. MerelMystery

    MerelMysteryHace 2 días

    What I dont understand is why China is putting so much effort into this if HK is only a very small part of their economy now? Is it becausr they think they can turn things around? Or because they just want what they think is "theirs"

  45. carlzg14

    carlzg14Hace 2 días

    Hk citizens must accept the fact that motherland China is now taking over, no point pushing back.

  46. hardik sinha

    hardik sinhaHace 2 días

    why is Chinese government doing this, Hong Kong is already a part of China then what else do they want?? useless chaos.

  47. hardik sinha

    hardik sinhaHace un día

    @Shay45 i don't think so, but i actually don't know so can not say you are wrong but as Hong Kong is an Chinese state just like other states, so there might be a state government body but the central government will be same so again as i said earlier useless chaos. This is just waste of resources, time and money.

  48. Shay45

    Shay45Hace un día

    Hong Kong has a completely different government and way of life and China doesn't like that.

  49. TEAMOE

    TEAMOEHace 2 días

    I hate your fuckn editing on hong kong

  50. Kj Kit

    Kj KitHace 2 días

    Well documented, well done!

  51. 凯皓

    凯皓Hace 2 días

    Those polices are not coming from main land😂😂😂

  52. Rakesh Thampi

    Rakesh ThampiHace un día

    Only the orders are from main land China

  53. xu wallance

    xu wallanceHace 2 días

    The whole population in guangdong are speaking cadonnese, it’s not a unique language to Hongkong only

  54. xu wallance

    xu wallanceHace 2 días

    Did British give any freedom to Hongkong during its occupancy?

  55. X BILLY

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  56. matthewweaverworks

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    ☂ resistance. ❤️ 🇭🇰 🗽 ✊🏽

  57. J.R. Vasquez

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    When Emperor Xi Jinping says "That's enough, end it", on that day it will be over.

  58. Dina Karimi

    Dina KarimiHace 2 días

    This was extremely educational. Thank you

  59. David Dacus

    David DacusHace 2 días

    At 8:52 who is she?

  60. legal canada

    legal canadaHace 2 días

    the multiparty system of the United States IS deeply flawed. And China's one party system and state influence in economy is exactly why China has surpassed US in most major metrics like infrastructure, innovation, sciences etc (economy soon to follow, but already passed w/ GDP in PPP) plus why they were able to lift 850m people out of poverty in 3 decades. America is a failed state.

  61. Utkarssh B

    Utkarssh BHace 2 días

    What bout Macau

  62. Revan2017

    Revan2017Hace 2 días

    How foolish. Those people don't even realize they are being used by US and EU to form unrest in China and reduce its political and financial influence. Kudos to CIA though. A job well done.

  63. Mandela Onchwati

    Mandela OnchwatiHace 2 días

    War is coming

  64. Vlad Pufagtinenko

    Vlad PufagtinenkoHace 2 días

    China is already quietly taking over Russia. One dictatorship taking over another. Who cares.

  65. subash rai

    subash raiHace 2 días

    It is very good to all citizens to make one border with Hong Kong because Hong Kong is belongs China.

  66. I live Again

    I live AgainHace un día

    Hong Kong doesn't owe you losers anything lol. Taiwan is the real China btw.

  67. Jocelyn Poesnecker

    Jocelyn PoesneckerHace 3 días

    I praise and thank God Almighty. I ask God humbly to Guide, Bless and Protect God's true believers.

  68. Li SK

    Li SKHace 3 días

    Take out the word "massacre" for Tiananmen square

  69. Federico Lucchi

    Federico LucchiHace un día

    The Western Media doesn't want the truth to be known.

  70. That Weird Kid From High School

    That Weird Kid From High SchoolHace 3 días

    So vox is pro China and anti Hong Kong. Nice....

  71. Joseph Zecca

    Joseph ZeccaHace 3 días

    makes me want to play dynasty warriors =D

  72. orange70383

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    I don't believe a word of it.

  73. Meetch

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