China is erasing its border with Hong Kong


  1. Vox

    VoxHace 22 días

    We've released a video explaining the recent demonstrations rocking Hong Kong, as citizens there protest against the government's proposed bill that would allow extradition to China. To get the latest on the current situation, you can watch the video here:

  2. Captain Sarcasm

    Captain SarcasmHace 19 horas

    It is China, so they should have to follow the same laws and punishments. Otherwise they'll end up like us and Europe with I guess you'd call them peed on snowflakes. They are yellow.

  3. Jabian Chan

    Jabian ChanHace un día

    it happening again in lived in HK

  4. hj lombard

    hj lombardHace 5 días

    V jou

  5. Dinesh Pratap Singh Rathore

    Dinesh Pratap Singh RathoreHace 7 días

    Not able to find song for last 5 seconds of violin? Please tell. Already checked out all songs in credits.

  6. VGM

    VGMHace 9 días

    Extradition? Looks like by that bookstore part in this video they are already kidnapping them.

  7. CoolGuyWithAHat01

    CoolGuyWithAHat01Hace 2 horas

    If only the rest of China was like Hong Kong...

  8. Bruangkoko Krasniqi

    Bruangkoko KrasniqiHace 8 horas

    Taiwan and South China Sea are next

  9. Char T

    Char THace 10 horas

    Excellent documentary. Straight to the point. No BS

  10. Everything

    EverythingHace 12 horas

    Hey sir what's your nationality? Im a Hong Konger. A what? A Hong Konger.

  11. Tom Paratube

    Tom ParatubeHace 15 horas

    I'm surprised at this reporter's ignorance. It shows in his putting the word "China" on the Hong Kong's side of the border (0:14): it should be "Hong Kong - China's Special Administrative Region". There's nothing "weird" about this border, which is both a physical as well as a political border due to Hong Kong's status as a 99-year-lease British colony, lease expiration in 1997 and Basic Law period's expiration in 2047. The word "weird" should be changed to "unusual". What is truly weird is this Vox reporter's ignorance of history. I lived and worked here for 2 years in the mid 90's, and the Hong Kong people I knew referred to themselves as Hongkongers rather than Chinese.

  12. Anthony Thompson

    Anthony ThompsonHace 17 horas

    You gotta fight for your right, 2 party...

  13. Captain Sarcasm

    Captain SarcasmHace 19 horas

    7.3 million Hong Kongers vs. China's about 1.4 billion. Not good odds. Plus while looking this up, I found out there's almost as many people in India. How do they fit all those people in there. There must be a lot of gas stations, 7-11's and taxi cab drivers. It's not racist if it's true.

  14. 墨白

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  15. dage wang

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  16. Jack Lee

    Jack LeeHace un día

    Law in Hong Kong: you can attack the police if you wish. Law in China: don't waste with criminals. In 2047: criminals please migrate to the West to carry out your crimes.

  17. Parth Bijalwan

    Parth BijalwanHace un día

    Hah... Almost all of the Chinese new generation don't know about what happened in China, those video footage they must be thinking are of other countries.

  18. zhengyu lu

    zhengyu luHace un día

    So everyone knows the end story, 2047, Hongkong will be one normal city of China. will you prefer one day you wake up and everything changed, or changes step by step in decades? It's more important to think about: Why the bad bad China can grow so strong? why the westen countries can only use mouth to help Hongkong now? Why the people live in China not support Hongkong people?

  19. StarZu

    StarZuHace un día

    Hong Kong is part of China... Obviously it is Republic of China

  20. Greg Harrison

    Greg HarrisonHace un día

    The fact is very simple: cities around HK is going up, but HongKong is going down. the Gap is smaller and smaller. Keep good relationship with mainland is the best way to slow down this process , which is good to HK people. Choose the opposite way to against China can only speed the process. and HK is going to be a third tier china city eventually. Smart HK people shall do the right thing , not to against the trend.

  21. shaopeng wang

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  22. Amani Michael

    Amani MichaelHace un día

    How you going to ask "what happens when you erase a border?" but in the first few seconds you already said "it divides China from.. China" .. 🙄 If you are going to be working in journalism and connecting millions of people to your ideas, you need to start with a critical perspective on how nuanced, how subtly political (and harmful) your commentary actually is. The language you are using is irresponsible, especially in such a layered conversation.

  23. TheIkawatay

    TheIkawatayHace un día

    It's always white peoples fault.

  24. ShiaGirl18

    ShiaGirl18Hace un día

    I love the soundtrack for the credits, especially at 14:03. Who composed it? I love the erhu instrument! It reminds me of The Legend of Korra.

  25. Windsong1 wong

    Windsong1 wongHace un día

    Let’s get it right. England waged war on China because China refused to allow England to sell opium in China ie Opium War. They forced China to give HK to England. HK is useful to china when it opened up. In Malaysia , all Chinese used to learn Cantonese,now everyone speaks mandarin. HK people are too obsessed with remaining independent whereas they can’t fathom that they are prospering because of China. All the Chinese in Asia are learning mandarin because they understand the rising China ..... unlike the HK who are like ostrich.

  26. Malcom X

    Malcom XHace un día

    Always Remember America and Britan like to Divide and Rule...Their democracy means weak and corrupt govt...Never get Influence by them.

  27. Brant Z

    Brant ZHace un día

    Isn’t it the truth that Cantonese is a dialect of Chinese language system? Dude......

  28. carlos romo

    carlos romoHace un día

    Whooooooooo merica

  29. Darryl Wikohika

    Darryl WikohikaHace un día

    Perhaps all the chinese living n chinatowns throughout the western world can also have autonomy from those countrys governments lets make chinatown n the whole of Sydney,Australia chinese controlled.n rename it hong kong fui

  30. Dunedain Ithilien

    Dunedain IthilienHace un día

    Povo dê Hong Kong RESISTAM!lutem pela sua LIBERDADE!🙏

  31. Eric Cai

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  32. zhengyu lu

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  33. Dung Nguyen

    Dung NguyenHace un día

    Hongkonger working hard to build hongkong great..China bad greedy just came and take over..supporting hongkong people standing up put China back to China

  34. zhengyu lu

    zhengyu luHace un día

    How? How old are you?

  35. Asha Hossain

    Asha HossainHace un día

    This is like history repeating itself in different coutries....if you’ ve ever read the bangladeshi history with pakistan you’ll know why

  36. williams dictator

    williams dictatorHace un día

    the bridge basically is not service for ordinary people,it’s for military force from mainland to hong kong to subdue people

  37. lupsaman

    lupsamanHace 2 días

    Every government is the citizens enemy.

  38. Darko Fius

    Darko FiusHace 2 días

    Sooner or later, all "violent" protester will be identified and subject of Chinese probe, who is behind of "push for violence". World community is already asking, what has London to do with it, there are number of "similarities" how London conduct business...if this is going to be with facts supported case, London, whose policies are lately grotesquely ill thought out, it might face Peking on the ground that it is not prepared to monouvre on nor it is capable of politically harming anybody but themselves...EU member states are by now supporting UK exit for good not to return at least not in this century, at least majority of states, fist is France's Mr. Macron as it positions france more dominantly, London become through its actions a display of spoiled brat, let them seak fortunes elsewhere, world is big and crow fly anywhere for that matter.

  39. yusuf lee

    yusuf leeHace 2 días

    Hong Kong is a part of China,no one country allow a people separate the territory!

  40. Demonetization

    DemonetizationHace 2 días

    In Singapore,we have been supporting Hong Kong,we may speak the same language as Mainland China,but we don't support its unfairness and aggression

  41. ryszard sokolow

    ryszard sokolowHace 2 días

    Hong Kong is the integral part of Peoples republic of China.

  42. ZincFold

    ZincFoldHace 2 días

    Not one mention of the opium wars. 😕

  43. infinitecanadian

    infinitecanadianHace 2 días

    Hong Kong was so much better off with the British. The British let them develop into a free part of the world, only to have it taken away.

  44. Rd Rz

    Rd RzHace 2 días

    if chinas train have unlimited pass to go anywhere mybe hongkonger like it to travel anywhere

  45. Angelica Miclat

    Angelica MiclatHace 2 días

    China is so big. Idk why they have to take over another place who is already functioning and doing well by themselves 😒

  46. Peng Qian

    Peng QianHace un hora

    ​@Angelica Miclat You don't know him, you don't know anyone in China and you don't know the whole history behind it. You are arrogant and ignorant for making assumptions that he just made an assumption that you don't know. HK was not good under british colonisation and didn't have freedom then. HK is not doing well as well by its own currently. It's mainland China's support that keeps them fairly good for the moment. China is the only country who care about HK because they see it as part of its own. China is doing well by its own. China is happy and functioning well the way they are. Western world is big enough and F**ked-up enough only to mind their own businesses and they don't have to take over, and annoy other palces where they are already functioning and doing well by themselves.

  47. KT Chong

    KT ChongHace 2 horas

    Because Hong Kong has always been a part of China, and it was only "leased" to the UK for 99 years. The lease expired, and then Hong Kong was handed back to China.

  48. Foster when

    Foster whenHace 17 horas

    Hong Kong's money, labor, water, electricity all come from the mainland. But Hong Kong doesn't have to pay taxes to the Chinese government.

  49. Angelica Miclat

    Angelica MiclatHace un día

    Rolando Cueva I know that but they are doing well by themselves. Why not respect that. Doing all these things just cause anger, hatred, and war. I mean hongkong is already doing well. It’s not like it’s threatening China or anything

  50. Angelica Miclat

    Angelica MiclatHace un día

    Samraat Bharat I know that but hongkong is alreadh happy and functioning well the way they are. If it comes down to economy, they can just work together. Doing this who’ll just cause anger, hatred, and war. Forcing people in doing things they don’t want to believe never results to anything good.

  51. Schmidty’s Kettle Corn

    Schmidty’s Kettle CornHace 2 días

    You in your video said hundreds were killed. I believe it was 1,000's of people killed. I think you should correct yourself.

  52. N De Asis

    N De AsisHace 2 días

    Please create a bridge to Philippines. It's a china province thou

  53. Y Sun

    Y SunHace 2 días

    A suggestion to the author: Please also introduce the history of voting rights before 1997 in HK so we know how much political rights HK people have by then, and why introducing of series of democratic laws just after the negotiations for extending lease failed... Please see the properly translated terms for the eviction law and see who is making the decision finally (HK local court, not mainland court, and they are voted locally, NOT appointed by mainland gov). I’m just curious why people can turn a blind eye to something that’s so obvious while be so spotty on others. Don’t make judgement on single source of information and think with your own brain rather than believe it directly as it is said.Personal options.

  54. Kenneth Dokus

    Kenneth DokusHace 2 días

    I wouldn't think mainlanders would want this. Hong Kong has food standards where lots of Chinese get powdered milk and alot of other stuff. Cause China will sell you plastic rice.

  55. Sally Mostafa

    Sally MostafaHace 2 días

    The British really ruined china , india , egypt and much more

  56. Kenneth Dokus

    Kenneth DokusHace 2 días

    That bridge will collapse in 20 years with Chinese materials. So will alot of China mark my words

  57. Ray Vincent

    Ray VincentHace 2 días

    Do Not Invest , Take Out All Investments in Japan! Forewarning ALMIGHTY! L.O.L.

  58. hao zhou

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  59. Elton Mzumala

    Elton MzumalaHace 3 días

    Poor Hong's Brits sold them off to the highest bidder. 😆😆😆 Instead of giving them their independence

  60. yannick930

    yannick930Hace 3 días

    One more example of the mess created buy English people in the world.

  61. yannick930

    yannick930Hace 2 días

    @Vic Villena If we don't look at the past we have a false representation of the present. I don't wish chinese government to control Hong Kong but Hong Kong is chinese.

  62. Vic Villena

    Vic VillenaHace 2 días

    Mess? get your head from the pass, this is now and their future. HK is created by their citizens and it is a jewel. and the english influence molded HK to what it is now.

  63. smufr

    smufrHace 3 días

    HK belongs to Winterfell

  64. Hayden Philbert

    Hayden PhilbertHace 3 días

    Hong Kong is China,all this talk is just air, it's time they realize that.