Chiefs vs. Chargers Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2019


  1. Lui Follower

    Lui FollowerHace un día

    I just realized this game was played in the Estadio Azteca

  2. sheena garrison

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    MICHOACANO512Hace 8 días


  4. Cristian Mancillas

    Cristian MancillasHace 8 días

    Rivers regardless if he never gets a ring, regardless if he isn't the best qb out there. Basically this guy is still a legend, and he's still putting up numbers. Although Drew Brees is better and I wish Chargers never let him go.

  5. jesse garcia

    jesse garciaHace 9 días

    This is how many times the play clock ran out but the referee let it slide: ⬇

  6. Smelly KID

    Smelly KIDHace 9 días

    Rivers is pro-creation. Birthed so many interceptions

  7. Brad Dilley

    Brad DilleyHace 9 días

    It's kinda funny how nobody notice that rivers interseption to Mathieu was a massive delay of game

  8. Don Emigholz Jr.

    Don Emigholz Jr.Hace 9 días

    Chargers had to abandon the Run game because the refs were throwing flags like confetti. The Chargers were running threw the Chiefs but for some reason the NFL refs did not want the chargers running the ball. Maybe it was eating up too much of the clock thus limiting the commercials on TV? Or Rivers throwing interceptions boosted the TV ratings? Or five yards and a cloud of dust makes for a boring game and the Mexican fans prefer passing? I do not know the reason but I know very rarely did they show the foul or lack of foul on replay.

  9. The Great Chain

    The Great ChainHace 9 días

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  10. Peter atwan

    Peter atwanHace 9 días

    As a chargers fan that catch at the end by mike Williams but he was in bounds and the clock stopped

  11. Jesse Garcia

    Jesse GarciaHace 9 días

    Opera: You get a you get a you get a car! Rivers:I like my way better it's:you get a you get a you get pick!

  12. Yeet Memes

    Yeet MemesHace 10 días

    The bears should of took mahomes

  13. Joe Regan

    Joe ReganHace 10 días

    6:58 "Wild SHADY used DOUBLE-TEAM! Wild SHADY's evasiveness rose."

  14. breezesurfer

    breezesurferHace 11 días

    The chargers will never go anywhere with Rivers as QB. Must get rid of him to ever have a chance at success.

  15. Kelvin Lamont K

    Kelvin Lamont KHace 11 días

    People talk about Matt Ryan and Eli Manning, but I swear Rivers is always struggling. Phillip will throw you a free one.

  16. Devon Reaws

    Devon ReawsHace 12 días

    people sleep on sorenson. that dude is goood.

  17. Brad Dilley

    Brad DilleyHace 9 días

    He has tremendous heart but tends to get beat often that being said he is still one of my favorite chiefs

  18. Default Mackey

    Default MackeyHace 12 días

    Chiefs fans like Chargers fans comment

  19. prodigy513

    prodigy513Hace 12 días

    McCoy's juke at 6:57 is just absurd


    STANLEY CUPHace 13 días

    Pistol Pat rides again

  21. Fro-nominal 414

    Fro-nominal 414Hace 14 días

    What happened to the chargers that dominated the packers ? Do they still exist ?

  22. pakshi nk

    pakshi nkHace 14 días

    Plesse subcribe plesse

  23. Masterchi

    MasterchiHace 14 días

    Rivers will be in the HOF one day!! OF INTERCEPTIONS!! 🤣🤣

  24. Saleh Muhammad

    Saleh MuhammadHace 14 días

    Tinju bebas wanita

  25. doriver노트북분해전문가

    doriver노트북분해전문가Hace 14 días


  26. C Connors

    C ConnorsHace 14 días

    Go Pats 🤪

  27. Kankoro Bakoro

    Kankoro BakoroHace 14 días

    Chiefs have more fans than Chargers in their own stadium

  28. Beau Peterson

    Beau PetersonHace 14 días

    Damn PR is a turnover machine right now.

  29. Mary Pippen

    Mary PippenHace 14 días

    The chiefs are my favorite I live in Missouri.

  30. Andrew Jones

    Andrew JonesHace 15 días


  31. D K

    D KHace 15 días

    11:00 Rivers should've caught the ball and then should've thrown it. Someone like Rodgers or any other highlight playmakers would've.

  32. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAllHace 15 días

    Great win


    ANDY JONESHace 15 días


  34. D N

    D NHace 15 días

    Felipe Rios in effect

  35. Amex Den

    Amex DenHace 15 días

    Its amazing how when the game ends at midnight and the video comes out at like 2:00 am the next morning when I see the highlights on my computer, it already has over a million views. Its unbelievable, make this blue if you agree.

  36. Joe Regan

    Joe ReganHace 16 días

    this third-world playground turf gonna end careers, we gotta stop this mexico game nonsense

  37. Tea Lusional

    Tea LusionalHace 16 días

    GO CHIEFS!!!

  38. Andrew Jones

    Andrew JonesHace 16 días


  39. Conner Thrasher

    Conner ThrasherHace 16 días

    The Chargers never have change for a dollar because they are only good for 3 quarters.

  40. Emanuel Rubio

    Emanuel RubioHace 16 días

  41. Howard Strike

    Howard StrikeHace 16 días

    Rivers literally throws every way except the norm