Chef Tries HIDING Burnt Meat From Gordon | Hell's Kitchen


  1. Sum Gai

    Sum GaiHace 19 horas

    I love how gordon acknowledges these kinds of big eater customers lol

  2. twesley724

    twesley724Hace un día

    Hell’s Kitchen’s food must be expensive.

  3. Brian B

    Brian BHace un día

    I finally quit burning popcorn in the microwave, I think I’m ready to go on this show!

  4. Devin Vasquez

    Devin VasquezHace un día

    I swear Gordon over reacts just a tad 😂

  5. James Tangman

    James TangmanHace un día

    Where's the fucking *m A s H E d P o T a T O*

  6. Fire Attack

    Fire AttackHace un día

    The lady’s face at 0:07 is like. 👁 👁 👃🏻 👄

  7. Nick Sacco

    Nick SaccoHace un día

    Why didn’t she just throw them out

  8. valko96

    valko96Hace un día

    At least that one dude called himself a donkey and saved Gordon some time

  9. Kyaw Thu

    Kyaw ThuHace un día

    Sumo wrestlers must make alot of money if these guys ordered the entire menu at Hell's Kitchen

  10. acolytetojippity

    acolytetojippityHace 2 días

    did...that dude just refer to himself in the third person? with a single letter?

  11. My Road To Pixar

    My Road To PixarHace 2 días

    2:25 he was about to say two sumo wrestlers😂😂😂

  12. CRISCO

    CRISCOHace 2 días

    Girlfriend: Makes dinner for me Me: 4:41

  13. Niall C Keady

    Niall C KeadyHace 2 días

    it must be hilarious for the customer to see someone die over the dish they just sent back

  14. Michael Howe

    Michael HoweHace 2 días

    I’m honestly so surprised that Ramsay has never gotten fucken swung on yet.

  15. Castello

    CastelloHace 2 días

    I now there are 2 of them but they are eating like a FUCKING horses ! EPIC hahaha :D

  16. Thom George

    Thom GeorgeHace 3 días

    “how can someone so fat slice meat so thin” crickey, Gordon is going us brits proud 😂

  17. 19 66

    19 66Hace 3 días

    I hate it when a table of sumo wrestlers comes in and orders the whole menu

  18. bill gardener

    bill gardenerHace 4 días

    what B I G D I C K ENERGY

  19. The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver Moon

    The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver MoonHace 4 días


  20. Mia and Hannah We live far away - I’m mia

    Mia and Hannah We live far away - I’m miaHace 4 días

    I feel bad because he said her was fat

  21. Sasha Berry

    Sasha BerryHace 4 días

    I love your food contagious

  22. Elle Poynton

    Elle PoyntonHace 4 días

    “I know there’s only two of them there, but they eat like FUCKING horses!” In the near distance, the wrestlers feel their ears burning.

  23. Avery Ricco

    Avery RiccoHace 5 días

    Danny is a the literal definition of Doofus.

  24. Avery Ricco

    Avery RiccoHace 5 días


  25. Chiefs-30- Ti

    Chiefs-30- TiHace 5 días


  26. DrewTheAwsom

    DrewTheAwsomHace 5 días

    Those were some fake ass sumo wrestlers lmao

  27. Cresent and star

    Cresent and starHace 5 días

    In the middle of service make sure the ovens and machine at correct temperatures

  28. Cresent and star

    Cresent and starHace 5 días

    Crooked Coleen

  29. Rio Rampage

    Rio RampageHace 5 días

    I really wanna taste Danny's weed😂😂😂

  30. Cammie Ritchie

    Cammie RitchieHace 6 días

    4:21 anyone else see the hickey

  31. iiSimply Fairy

    iiSimply FairyHace 6 días

    I would cry so hard in this show

  32. Nostalgia

    NostalgiaHace 6 días

    I’d legit hate to work here

  33. Hamzah Abdallah

    Hamzah AbdallahHace 6 días

    Eat your cereal

  34. TokuTokuSaikyou

    TokuTokuSaikyouHace 6 días

    Eh calon sarjana balik lagi dong

  35. Ice_wallow-come 673

    Ice_wallow-come 673Hace 7 días

    2:05 they really put a wig and outfit on that fat guy to make him look like a sumo wrestler even tho he’s just a regular fat male, who is hungry😒

  36. Deflecto _

    Deflecto _Hace 4 días

    He's most definitely a weeb. No doubt

  37. jesus najera

    jesus najeraHace 7 días

    2:28 The guy from behind just wondering: Is he talking about me ?

  38. wawa Elias

    wawa EliasHace 7 días

    i felt bad for L A , to have to carry someone like collene smh that lady has issues

  39. Howard CHUNG [09N]

    Howard CHUNG [09N]Hace 7 días

    gordans insults are so funny

  40. Juwariyah Jibrill

    Juwariyah JibrillHace 7 días

    L A: I know how to cook meat Gordon Ramsay: Really?we will see Gordon Ramsay:YOU DIDN’T EVEN CUT THE EDGES HOW CAN YOU COOK MEAT!?!? L A:... I don’t know how to cook meat 😭 Lol L A says she can cook meat but then gets her meat sent back

  41. jordy osinga

    jordy osingaHace 7 días

    Entire menu please,, 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣

  42. KillerCheetah YT

    KillerCheetah YTHace 8 días

    Why that lady in the beggining looking like a frog.

  43. Baaqy Ishaq

    Baaqy IshaqHace 8 días

    0:08 = O . O

  44. chocoalien

    chocoalienHace 9 días

    If something is not cooked enough just use “chef mic” 👍

  45. Emmanuel Adewale

    Emmanuel AdewaleHace 9 días

    Coleen: well I don’t think i did Me: why is there a milf on Hell’s Kitchen

  46. Deflecto _

    Deflecto _Hace 10 días

    I mean, I'd serve that to my dog. He'd friggin love some thinly sliced lamb chops

  47. Amanda Sa

    Amanda SaHace 10 días

    I’m surprised Gordon hasn’t been arrested for murder

  48. Gabriel Vincent

    Gabriel VincentHace 10 días

    It was rough maaaan. Bruh quit smoking pot on the job.

  49. Gabriel Vincent

    Gabriel VincentHace 10 días

    Imagine being so white you cry about a big piece of lettuce. Entitles whiny bitches lol.

  50. SolidVault

    SolidVaultHace 10 días

    “Look whats in my salad” Woman:👁👄👁

  51. Jesse Lenix

    Jesse LenixHace 10 días

    “I know chef they’re sumo wrestlers!”



    The oven gets too hot to warm, crack doors problem solved

  53. Munif A.

    Munif A.Hace 11 días

    "I would like the entire menu please." In a gordon restaurant? That's very cash money of you.

  54. Danni Eriv

    Danni ErivHace 11 días

    Danny looks like he's done some coke or something

  55. Jesse Renee

    Jesse ReneeHace 11 días

    When he said weres the fucking mashed potatoes I LOST IT HAHAHA

  56. TheResurrectionOfMars

    TheResurrectionOfMarsHace 11 días

    “How can someone so fucking fat slice something so fucking thin”

  57. LaughingEnder 11

    LaughingEnder 11Hace 11 días

    Im 12, i can cook meat.

  58. PanchitoKush Reyes

    PanchitoKush ReyesHace 11 días

    Chef Baldy snitched harder than 69.

  59. Gordon Ramsey's Beef Wellington

    Gordon Ramsey's Beef WellingtonHace 11 días

    *"chef ramdey"* Wot?!

  60. DrifttheOG Gaming

    DrifttheOG GamingHace 12 días

    Chinese Mr.beast 1:58

  61. cristopher wong

    cristopher wongHace 12 días

    0:04 -what's in my salad? -not all of it edible - *insert surprised pikachu face*