Cheap Couple Share A Toothbrush And Dental Floss | Extreme Cheapskates


  1. WOLFGANG !!!!!!!!!

    WOLFGANG !!!!!!!!!Hace 5 horas

    At 4:58 they said they were parents

  2. Demoy Mowatt

    Demoy MowattHace un día

    God knows why he haven't given them kids, they would die!

  3. Byleth Eisner

    Byleth EisnerHace un día

    I buy stuff at the 99 cents store that is cheap

  4. NK Allday

    NK AlldayHace 2 días

    They look dirty and nasty. Fuck this bitch is ugly as fuck as well.

  5. Grace Lee

    Grace LeeHace 2 días

    Cremations are cheaper than a burial 🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. Grace Lee

    Grace LeeHace 2 días

    If you wanna save more money, just don’t shave!!!! 😂 than you can make free Christmas sweaters at the end of the year!

  7. Toby Luigi

    Toby LuigiHace 3 días

    WTF this couple needs Jesus

  8. ShayJay

    ShayJayHace 4 días

    They probably reuse each others toilet paper too 🤢

  9. Darren O'Hara

    Darren O'HaraHace 4 días

    Why did he keep calling them parents? Do they have children? I just realized she is pregnant. Look at her stomach

  10. Shemeji Alich

    Shemeji AlichHace 5 días

    TOOTH BRUSH...🙄🙄🙄 get a life

  11. Renee Duncombe

    Renee DuncombeHace 5 días

    her: you know men die before women also her: *dies in some other way before him* wow! does she not pay attention to the world around her other than men dying before the woman (age wise)

  12. Yassa Morad

    Yassa MoradHace 5 días

    How do they pay their bills ??

  13. Mia Benitez

    Mia BenitezHace 5 días

    How can she just assume he dies first

  14. 《Joaquin Jr 》

    《Joaquin Jr 》Hace 5 días

    You can literally get free a toothbrush

  15. Sasun _

    Sasun _Hace 5 días


  16. ToXic Krafty YT

    ToXic Krafty YTHace 6 días

    This is jack on BBC news now here with shelly and early this morning a man kills his wife after she refused him a chip

  17. Journeys with jenee

    Journeys with jeneeHace 6 días

    When you floss it supposed to get stuff out of your teeth not put stuff in your teeth

  18. ConsensualNonConsensual

    ConsensualNonConsensualHace 7 días

    I was waiting for them to say “Why use the toilet to pee, when bushes are free!”

  19. brittany dummett

    brittany dummettHace 7 días

    Omg you owe me 15 cents for that one chip hahahaha what the actual fuck

  20. brittany dummett

    brittany dummettHace 7 días

    25 dollars for a pack of razors bitch what razors are you buying lol

  21. Michael DeSanta

    Michael DeSantaHace 8 días

    They literally planned their own funeral

  22. Abby Dreher

    Abby DreherHace 9 días

    There is a difference between cheap and dirty, and these people are just plain dirty.

  23. Divinity Seymour

    Divinity SeymourHace 11 días

    Dang, this couple really are cheap. I feel pretty happy for them tbh, guys stop bullying them and just let them be.

  24. Get Noob

    Get NoobHace 11 días

    Bruh this women’s face is red asf

  25. Scream Bloody Gore #DeathMetal

    Scream Bloody Gore #DeathMetalHace 12 días

    They share a toothbrush & dental floss Germs- am I a fucking joke to you

  26. Era Playz

    Era PlayzHace 12 días

    Walmart. 4 TOOTHBRUSHES FOR A DOLLAR y’all need JESUS 🤮🤮🤮 25 dollar razors... where the fuck are you buying your razors from???

  27. Pizza Roll

    Pizza RollHace 13 días

    Dafuq is this

  28. Ilongga Spain

    Ilongga SpainHace 14 días

    Omg how about if she get pregnant?

  29. Бейбинур Т

    Бейбинур ТHace 17 días


  30. Laura McGee

    Laura McGeeHace 18 días

    what about a bacterial disease? From a couple SHARING A TOOTH BRUSH!??

  31. Evelyn Ackley

    Evelyn AckleyHace 18 días

    I hate this so much you

  32. Gurpal singh

    Gurpal singhHace 18 días

    Y the hell are they shopping and worrying for their funeral now????

  33. Flynt Nightshade

    Flynt NightshadeHace 19 días

    3 words for you guys. CHEAP AS FUCK

  34. Mohammed Khan

    Mohammed KhanHace 19 días


  35. Tommy boi #87

    Tommy boi #87Hace 19 días

    I can’t wait for the news when they die

  36. R4gaming 123

    R4gaming 123Hace 20 días

    It’s like when you first watched the video you think that something crazy but is about to happen and then you just see that they’re taking an ordinary shower and you’re like oh come on that was a waste of a click

  37. R4gaming 123

    R4gaming 123Hace 20 días

    Why is it that at the first 10 seconds of the video it starts off with this romantic music and then you realize that they’re not even doing anything romantic I guess

  38. Julia Torrez

    Julia TorrezHace 21 un día

    These fuckers are dumb they can get everything they need at the dollar tree and still be cheap

  39. Miriam T.

    Miriam T.Hace 21 un día

    this is so extra

  40. sam meregildo

    sam meregildoHace 21 un día

    so are you telling me... what she uses on her body... he uses on his face?... what abt when she needs to shave her pussy-