Cheap Couple Share A Toothbrush And Dental Floss | Extreme Cheapskates


  1. Marino Glavičić

    Marino GlavičićHace 35 minutos

    Bogati vi ste bolesnici

  2. Sebastian Roman

    Sebastian RomanHace 47 minutos


  3. Jason Cruz

    Jason CruzHace 49 minutos

    Hell nah these people are goss

  4. Jules Toland

    Jules TolandHace 56 minutos

    15 cents a chip ?!

  5. Nicholas Le

    Nicholas LeHace un hora

    One chip for 15 cents wow

  6. Billy DaBossman

    Billy DaBossmanHace 2 horas

    Sad cxnts

  7. Fickle

    FickleHace 2 horas

    Weirdos 😂

  8. Brenda Saavedra

    Brenda SaavedraHace 3 horas

    I am surprised that they will buy a casket. I thought they going to burn there bodies and put the ashes in a cheap container.

  9. Beach Vibes

    Beach VibesHace 4 horas


  10. Dimitri Zeigler

    Dimitri ZeiglerHace 5 horas

    Pfffffjf on their date night they talk about their exspeses

  11. Potato Ghost

    Potato GhostHace 9 horas

    You can’t tell me that you didn’t think he was throwing up in the thumb nail

  12. B Houston

    B HoustonHace 11 horas

    Next they'll give birth to a sociopath 😳

  13. KAOnekiCEpovi

    KAOnekiCEpoviHace 12 horas

    bro wtf u can buy brush fo 2bucks😑i will send u money

  14. JessieRulez

    JessieRulezHace 12 horas

    I stand in the shower for 10 mins before I actually wash myself. How the heck can they only have 2 mins in there ? Sometimes it take 2 mins for the shower to actually get hot.

  15. Lewi Ami

    Lewi AmiHace 18 horas

    So if she can't share snack it is dream to give berth for her?

  16. aj skolnik

    aj skolnikHace 18 horas

    What the fuck

  17. Marco Polo

    Marco PoloHace 19 horas

    They are not parents they have no kids

  18. xAndrewPls

    xAndrewPlsHace 19 horas

    sharing a toothbrush and floss? might as well not even brush & floss at all

  19. Lilly Crowley

    Lilly CrowleyHace 19 horas

    Hold up.. did anyone think abt the fact she shaved her pits with the same razor that went straight onto that guys face.. oof and what store do you go to where razor cost 25 dollars wth

  20. JJT Productions

    JJT ProductionsHace 20 horas

    Those razors must be made out of gold if they’re 25$

  21. Kirsten Beach

    Kirsten BeachHace 20 horas

    I think the fuck not that is nasty as hell

  22. Jolly Knight

    Jolly KnightHace 21 un hora

    i would feel bad if they had children the burden would be put on them

  23. Jgb7707!

    Jgb7707!Hace 22 horas

    Dats nasty bruh

  24. TheZandriaShow

    TheZandriaShowHace 23 horas

    This shit tickles me 😂😂

  25. Hawa Farah

    Hawa FarahHace 23 horas

    What the fuck is up with these people o my goodness hell no

  26. Hawa Farah

    Hawa FarahHace 23 horas

    They are fucking disgusting

  27. neely spencer

    neely spencerHace un día

    That is grim 🤮

  28. Daniel Song

    Daniel SongHace un día

    My family of four uses a whole bottle of shampoo in a week

  29. Beverly Nesbitt

    Beverly NesbittHace un día

    he would spend 15 cents for a chip but wouldn’t spend 99 cents for floss😂😂

  30. I liKe CrISps

    I liKe CrISpsHace un día

    Why does wife use everything before the husband deep down I know she think it's nasty

  31. Abby M

    Abby MHace un día

    *n o h a n k y p a n k y*

  32. ventiadi

    ventiadiHace un día

    they probably reuse condoms

  33. Megan Forde

    Megan FordeHace un día

    They share the shower and shampoo but she has a face full of makeup

  34. lala Sanchez

    lala SanchezHace un día

    U can get the toothbrush and the floss at the dollar tree for a dollar

  35. Athan Burnett

    Athan BurnettHace un día

    I will not want to live like that I cant enjoy my life because I'm to busy studying about my money. I mean duh your adults but your still so young but its really cheap. Its kind of rediculous! I mean come on your going to be dead why the f**k you still worrying about that!

  36. Dua I دعاء

    Dua I دعاءHace un día

    6:52 his face sums up everything

  37. Dua I دعاء

    Dua I دعاءHace un día

    I’m pretty sure they gonna bill their kids everything, how many time they pee, diapers and everything ^^ if they have kids

  38. Dua I دعاء

    Dua I دعاءHace un día

    They share bacteria New level of disgustingness

  39. Vennessa Leota

    Vennessa LeotaHace un día

    Omg r u guys sick?? (No offense) geeeezzzz can u at least share snacks and NOT share one toothbrush nd floss.

  40. Serenity Vermillion

    Serenity VermillionHace un día

    *These two are pitiful.They would rather share a whole lot of bodily germs that aren't supposed to be shared, but won't share in the household expenses.These two have taken being cheap to another level.* 08.19th.19

  41. Lean Gacha

    Lean GachaHace un día

    The woman looks like his mom

  42. Fatima

    FatimaHace un día

    They can just get a Fucken job

  43. Amelia Faust

    Amelia FaustHace un día

    Please say sike

  44. 80xbabyyy

    80xbabyyyHace un día

    They're ugly 😖😐

  45. OOF GANG

    OOF GANGHace un día

    Husband just died oh ya let’s throw him in a lake

  46. rose ashley

    rose ashleyHace un día

    Ew the toothbrush and dental floss Is GROSS

  47. leila ford

    leila fordHace un día

    Y’all mf nasty 🤢 it’s NEVER that serious 🤬

  48. Princess girl Princess girl

    Princess girl Princess girlHace un día

    Ewww this is so gross they floss with the same floss and share toothbrush that is so nasty 🤢

  49. Jenna Palencar

    Jenna PalencarHace un día

    share a razor? they seem like they would STILL share it even if one of them cuts themselves. who cares if they get an infection! who cares right?! even though you can go to dollar tree and get a pack of 3 for a dollar! who cares about infections right?!

  50. Vorah Kim

    Vorah KimHace un día

    Wait but aren’t those locks so expensive??

  51. daeef Sniper

    daeef SniperHace un día

    My shoes costs more than these people have spent their whole lifes

  52. Mira N.

    Mira N.Hace un día

    Hopefully sssniperwolf reacts

  53. M.banz.M 3

    M.banz.M 3Hace un día

    Lauren McDonald...hmmm, great🤠

  54. Angelplays 12

    Angelplays 12Hace un día

    there’s a thing called a job this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard 5:05 i dont won’t rick to die he will die soon WHERES THE BRAIN AT you too

  55. Jordan Smith

    Jordan SmithHace un día

    This video is making me MAD CAUSE THEY'RE SO DAMN , NASTY , CHEAP

  56. mango Alexia

    mango AlexiaHace un día


  57. Sabri Gazvoda

    Sabri GazvodaHace 2 días

    Well, until they are kinda eco friendly :/

  58. Savannah Amarchie

    Savannah AmarchieHace 2 días

    thats just disgusting

  59. A X D I L TM

    A X D I L TMHace 2 días

    These lot r retarded 😭😂😂

  60. GARBAGE Lunar

    GARBAGE LunarHace 2 días

    3:59 wtf is this

  61. Zamora Ava

    Zamora AvaHace 2 días

    I bet there so cheap that they'd ask a stranger to barry them in there backyard.

  62. James Powell

    James PowellHace 2 días

    i wanna know where the money is that they’ve saved

  63. Heba Rana

    Heba RanaHace 2 días

    “Parents” ????????!!!!!!!!!??!?!!?!!!!!!?!!?!!!!!??!!?!!!!!!???!!! ⬇️

  64. Anna Broome

    Anna BroomeHace 2 días

    *scrolls to comments*

  65. Stephen Sutcliffe

    Stephen SutcliffeHace 2 días

    Sharing bloodborne and orally transmittable diseases through hygiene products will cost far more than has been saved throughout their lives in the "for profit medical system' they live under

  66. E s s c e n c e

    E s s c e n c eHace 2 días

    One of them is Gonna contract Gingivitis and Wonder where the hell it came from

  67. STAN VAV dumb bi*ches

    STAN VAV dumb bi*chesHace 2 días

    Toothbrushes are literally not even 4€ from the cheap ones...🤢

  68. Nookie 123

    Nookie 123Hace 2 días

    Forget the casket just throw the body straight into the ground😂😂

  69. jimo moon

    jimo moonHace 2 días

    what a sad excuse of idiots! these two are NOT living, they are suffering, what is the point of life if all you do is pinch every penny, ALL the time! you are never really enjoying life! EVER, these people are mentally ill.

  70. woopsx

    woopsxHace 2 días

    2:41 okay, how much is a lock? One of those things, aren't they like 30$ or 15$?

  71. Farukh ali

    Farukh aliHace 2 días

    No that’s not cheap that’s just straight up disgusting

  72. Moe B.

    Moe B.Hace 2 días

    They worried about bills and shit they should live in a car or van or something with they cheap asses! They so nasty sharing a toothbrush!

  73. Nyalia Lindsey

    Nyalia LindseyHace 2 días

    In my head I am like floss is 99 cents and they don’t even at least wash the floss before the other person uses it

  74. Sakura Spike

    Sakura SpikeHace 2 días

    Im sorry but they're NOT okay .....

  75. PS

    PSHace 2 días

    Ok, how seriously disgusting they share a toothbrush and floss, that´s so unhygienic. Talk about taking it to far. Just utterly nasty, I must repeat.

  76. pure.water

    pure.waterHace 3 días

    I’m surprised they didn’t break up or divorce

  77. Natasha Nguyen

    Natasha NguyenHace 3 días

    Props to that guy for using an armpit razor

  78. Irshad Ahmadi

    Irshad AhmadiHace 3 días

    Protect your snak like your cookie lmao

  79. Anonymous 666

    Anonymous 666Hace 3 días

    Whats the point of saving if your dead. If u die than ball out

  80. Jesse Martinez

    Jesse MartinezHace 3 días

    There fucken stupid you can’t predict who dies first you never know you can die tmr or in 20 minutes only god knows when he thinks it’s your time