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Charlie Puth, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran Greatest Hits Playlist - Best Pop Collection Songs 2018


  1. filteris rosa

    filteris rosaHace un día

    Loved it

  2. Cruzada uc uc

    Cruzada uc ucHace 8 días


  3. Cruzada uc uc

    Cruzada uc ucHace 8 días


  4. AnIsH GuRuNg

    AnIsH GuRuNgHace 9 días

    Charlie puth is the best

  5. Lagu Indonesia TERBARU

    Lagu Indonesia TERBARUHace 11 días

    Ditempatkan di tempat yang paling mulia❤

  6. 정다원

    정다원Hace 13 días


  7. Anila Enxhi

    Anila EnxhiHace 15 días


  8. Margret Smith

    Margret SmithHace 16 días

    I like BRUNO MARS’S SONGS 😁😁😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤪😆😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁

  9. md mahafuzrahaman

    md mahafuzrahamanHace 19 días

    love me justin biber

  10. Wellington da GTR

    Wellington da GTRHace 19 días

    Propagandas do inferno

  11. Alex Platini

    Alex PlatiniHace 20 días

    Charlie puth tutta la vita

  12. Emmanuel de Noronha

    Emmanuel de NoronhaHace 28 días

    Why so many ads bro?

  13. Sena Motors

    Sena MotorsHace 29 días

    Ed Sheeran is the king Bruno Mars is the prince Charlie Puth is the prime minister!!!!!!

  14. Lit LT channel

    Lit LT channelHace un mes


  15. มิ้น คิ

    มิ้น คิHace un mes

    How long

  16. Angie Aguirre

    Angie AguirreHace un mes

    Me ase llora estas música

  17. 전전선화

    전전선화Hace un mes

    앙 기모티

  18. coco bim

    coco bimHace un mes

    HELLO this is Maya from London + she is 0 years old each like makes + 1 year older pls let her grow up

  19. Mila Bitangcor

    Mila BitangcorHace un mes

    Bruno mars voice is very special quality, i really like it and charlie also😊😊😊

  20. The blue Skull

    The blue SkullHace un mes

    Who do u think is the best... bruno mars,maroon 5, shawn Mendes or ed Sheeran... comment down below

  21. The blue Skull

    The blue SkullHace un mes

    Dont comment if u dont want to

  22. Marcio Carvalho

    Marcio CarvalhoHace un mes

    Muito comercial e propaganda ...

  23. gondrong semarang

    gondrong semarangHace un mes

    i like it

  24. Ike Robbins

    Ike RobbinsHace un mes

    I’m 65 and still diggin good music

  25. Tunde Sitah

    Tunde SitahHace un mes

    มึงโฆษณาบ่อยไปละ ยูทูบ

  26. Chelo Cordero

    Chelo CorderoHace un mes

    Ed sheeran looks like a cat if he has a beard

  27. TSM_StreamSniper

    TSM_StreamSniperHace un mes

    all good

  28. 도마니아

    도마니아Hace un mes


  29. Fernando Silva

    Fernando SilvaHace un mes

    Mano pra mim eles são os melhores cara nem um e melhor do quer o uotro

  30. Salaar Sikander

    Salaar SikanderHace un mes

    Best trio ❤❤ ed Sheeran tho❤

  31. Ilene Laugen

    Ilene LaugenHace un mes

    you played just the way you are twice

  32. Karin Hsu

    Karin HsuHace un mes


  33. Zulma Feliciano

    Zulma FelicianoHace un mes


  34. Zulma Feliciano

    Zulma FelicianoHace un mes


  35. lê oanh

    lê oanhHace 2 meses


  36. Taetae ARMY

    Taetae ARMYHace 2 meses


  37. Min Asistido

    Min AsistidoHace 2 meses

    New subscriber here subback

  38. Jessica Kie

    Jessica KieHace 2 meses

    Favorites How long dangerously We don't talk anymore One call away See you again Attention Mostly I like Charlie puth because his VOICE IS AMAZING

  39. Jazael Prudencio

    Jazael PrudencioHace 2 meses

    I hate Ed sheeran he's ugly

  40. Jazael Prudencio

    Jazael PrudencioHace 2 meses

    the one I liked was [00:00:00] and [00:03:17] also [00:11:08

  41. Sukma Yanti

    Sukma YantiHace 2 meses

    Perfect songs

  42. Emma VEVO

    Emma VEVOHace 2 meses

    to chorando de tantas maravilhas, o bruno é o melhor claro

  43. Alanood Alturki

    Alanood AlturkiHace 2 meses

    On 30:19 it says photograph but it replayed just the way you are

  44. massa mathurin

    massa mathurinHace 2 meses

    sensationnal song

  45. Swapnil Mishra

    Swapnil MishraHace 2 meses

    Thank u very much for beautiful songs

  46. ポンポイ

    ポンポイHace 2 meses

    good 🙂

  47. Eismantas Eismantas

    Eismantas EismantasHace 2 meses

    copers from aciu tau veriga

  48. Michelle Wright

    Michelle WrightHace 2 meses

    love these song I like this artist

  49. ソソヒ

    ソソヒHace 2 meses

    한 곡당 광고 한개면 너무 심하지 않냐

  50. สุขเสม เสมสุข

    สุขเสม เสมสุขHace 2 meses

    ความสุขชาวนครสวรรค์ ห้าห้าห้า

  51. Target automotive

    Target automotiveHace 2 meses

    soo bad song

  52. Siti Haryati

    Siti HaryatiHace 2 meses

    Tai lu. 1 lagu lewat ikln Ikln mulu krja lu

  53. Harnel Jungjungan

    Harnel JungjunganHace 2 meses

    Siti Haryati

  54. Junry Flores

    Junry FloresHace 3 meses

    More songs

  55. M00N

    M00NHace 3 meses


  56. ANN LRST

    ANN LRSTHace 3 meses

    Oh yes bruno mars❤️

  57. Rommy Brengmann

    Rommy BrengmannHace 3 meses

    I love U guys.. and I really love all ya songs..very good combination....simple great👍👍👍 love u guys😘😘😘..i really enjoy it.

  58. Rizky Ramadhan

    Rizky RamadhanHace 3 meses

    I like how long

  59. Stephan Holzer

    Stephan HolzerHace 3 meses


  60. Por Kub

    Por KubHace 3 meses

    โฆษณามึงจะเยอะไปไหน? 👎

  61. Stephanie Wood's

    Stephanie Wood'sHace 3 meses

    Bruno mars 12.grenade ❤

  62. 허신영

    허신영Hace 3 meses


  63. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild ClayHace 3 meses

    i love song

  64. Stetlee van Huyssteen

    Stetlee van HuyssteenHace 3 meses

    This amazing, I LOVE IT :)

  65. third pictures

    third picturesHace 3 meses


  66. third pictures

    third picturesHace 3 meses


  67. third pictures

    third picturesHace 3 meses


  68. 이주하

    이주하Hace 3 meses


  69. Edwin Vizmanos

    Edwin VizmanosHace 3 meses

    Ahhhhh count ON me me and my bffs favorite , I MISS HER :(

  70. España Música

    España MúsicaHace 3 meses

    I know who covers these songs because I made this collection

  71. Nissa Rizza

    Nissa RizzaHace 3 meses


  72. Swohyun My

    Swohyun MyHace 3 meses


  73. lead리드

    lead리드Hace 3 meses

    한국인은 좋아요 ㄱ


    RATRI KHAMPHANHace 3 meses


  75. catbug catbug

    catbug catbugHace 3 meses


  76. Natalie Ramirez

    Natalie RamirezHace 3 meses

    No Photograph?

  77. samiha akhter

    samiha akhterHace 3 meses


  78. Música en Inglés

    Música en InglésHace 3 meses

    Exelente música y muy bien treabjo sigan asi !

  79. Peachy min

    Peachy minHace 3 meses

    56:27 reminds me of something..

  80. Roisin Gallagher

    Roisin GallagherHace 3 meses

    #twins me too

  81. I_love_ Kween

    I_love_ KweenHace 3 meses

    Too many ads, even while in the middle of the song. 😔😤

  82. MG Kim

    MG KimHace 2 meses

    Yeh very busy in listening to this album to stop ads!

  83. Toeshie S

    Toeshie SHace 3 meses

    Very nice 💙💙😘🎼

  84. Caitlin Boyle

    Caitlin BoyleHace 3 meses


  85. 23rumseyta

    23rumseytaHace 3 meses

    Lmao, the photoshop on Bruno.

  86. Alyssa Cremeans

    Alyssa CremeansHace 3 meses

    Alyssa. Mom

  87. Alyssa Cremeans

    Alyssa CremeansHace 3 meses


  88. fharel Muhammad al sherazy

    fharel Muhammad al sherazyHace 3 meses


  89. honda andy

    honda andyHace 3 meses

    the best song

  90. Shenje Rio Anonas

    Shenje Rio AnonasHace 3 meses

    I will send you some of all of your information and I’ll be sure that you will have them

  91. Shenje Rio Anonas

    Shenje Rio AnonasHace 3 meses

    §SHENJERIO _____@day for sharing this song i 💖 all of your songs I 💖 you guys

  92. Shenje Rio Anonas

    Shenje Rio AnonasHace 3 meses

    §SHENJERIO____@to be come back there are a lot to learn them to 💖

  93. Matty - NFT -

    Matty - NFT -Hace 3 meses


  94. Matty - NFT -

    Matty - NFT -Hace 3 meses


  95. zucvnmjhglñ yolapla

    zucvnmjhglñ yolaplaHace 3 meses

    El día viernes se o de cualquier forma no se ha enviado un mensaje de su respuesta saludos cordiales atte lic que tenga buen día viernes que se le notifica el día lunes a viernes en el que se ha mostrado tardecita noche y no es el día de hoy se ha mostrado que no se ha enviado desde correo no contiene el informe que te encuentres bien me ha llegado

  96. Tsendayush P

    Tsendayush PHace 4 meses


  97. My Trash

    My TrashHace 4 meses

    ITS REALLY GOOD its really really god ed and brono mars plas charlie puth

  98. Awesome Toys

    Awesome ToysHace 4 meses

    Go Ed!

  99. Ali sandy

    Ali sandyHace 4 meses

    I like all songs

  100. Maria Claudia Maraso Lovera

    Maria Claudia Maraso LoveraHace 4 meses

    Make a list of Shawn Mendes Charlie Puth Ed Sheeran

  101. Mutia Dwi Tania

    Mutia Dwi TaniaHace 4 meses

    like it .....

  102. Withaya Sisida

    Withaya SisidaHace 4 meses


  103. Jonibit Urbiztondo

    Jonibit UrbiztondoHace 4 meses

    I like it !this 3 artist is superb talented specially Bruno Mars😍

  104. Andini Aprilia

    Andini ApriliaHace 4 meses


  105. klári makkai

    klári makkaiHace 4 meses

    [00:00:00] - 01. How Long [00:03:17] - 02. That's What I Like [00:06:49] - 03. Perfect Duet [00:11:08] - 04. Finesse [00:14:44] - 05. Attention [00:18:16] - 06. Thinking Out Loud [00:22:59] - 07. Just The Way You Are [00:26:38] - 08. We Don't Talk Anymore [00:30:19] - 09. Photograph [00:33:59] - 10. When I Was Your Man [00:37:33] - 11. One Call Away [00:40:50] - 12. Grenade [00:44:32] - 13. Suffer [00:48:08] - 14. Happier [00:51:30] - 15. Count On Me [00:54:47] - 16. See You Again [00:58:39] - 17. Castle On The Hill [01:02:59] - 18. Locked Out Of Heaven [01:06:53] - 19. Dangerously ;-;

  106. inaz inez

    inaz inezHace 4 meses

    Masa the apollo gak ada

  107. Traamuwi

    TraamuwiHace 4 meses

    designer tách tóc ông Bruno Mars chắc cũng cực lắm nhỉ haha

  108. Aicila Lester

    Aicila LesterHace 4 meses

    Ed Sherman is my favorite out of all of them. 😁😁😁😁😁