Cardi B Carpool Karaoke


  1. Alea Commodity

    Alea CommodityHace un hora

    The end of the video.... click this to see migos!.....I will not! You messed up offsets! Get your shit together and do right by your family! Your on time out!

  2. Jecca Mayumee

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    THICKY NICKYHace un hora


  4. Rose Gold

    Rose GoldHace un hora

    Aw she’s adorable

  5. Bl00dyBlue559

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    I don't really care about celebrities, but Cardi I wouldn't mind meeting her she's always happy and so energetic

  6. logano 17

    logano 17Hace un hora

    Gunter would probably treat Cardi better than Offset ever did.

  7. yawanah travis

    yawanah travisHace un hora

    I love nails oh

  8. Berto Rafael

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  10. Robyn K

    Robyn KHace un hora

    Gunther trying to get it. 😂😭

  11. Star girl

    Star girlHace un hora

    Watching cardi b knocking everything over while driving had me in tears fucking love this girl 😍

  12. mapanuring mata

    mapanuring mataHace un hora

    Ah she tried not to curse🤗

  13. harmela des

    harmela desHace un hora

    12:24 The black guy in the doorway is Offset's reaction to this video.

  14. 1016nurse

    1016nurseHace un hora

    She ain't scared of any bitch, but she scared of driving..eowwwww!!

  15. VI Legend

    VI LegendHace un hora

    B L O O D Y S H O E S

  16. ayoub aabid

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  17. April Thomas

    April ThomasHace un hora

    That was to damn funny 😂😂😂 those seniors like that ☺😍 Cardi funny to 😍😂😂

  18. alec cute

    alec cuteHace un hora

    I'm just here for you cardi b!

  19. Hi Bye

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    I need her confidence

  20. hjr bha

    hjr bhaHace un hora

    her nailes tho ewwww !!

  21. some blasian

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    She’s adorable 😂💛

  22. Chrislande Joseph

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    Love You Cardi you are so pretty

  23. Wezy ويزي

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    5:05 When You see A Zombie 😂😂😂😂

  24. Valerie Lee

    Valerie LeeHace un hora

    2:48 she so funny 😂😂😂 she gonna be great mother

  25. jo22k

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    Lmao i LOVED this 😂😆😆💃🏻👏🏼

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    CARROLLINE. _Hace un hora


  28. Baba aller Babas

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    Im sorry bruh

  29. Stephen and Maï

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  30. Baba aller Babas

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    This bitch Crazy man

  31. Odesta Singh

    Odesta SinghHace un hora

    This bishhh so dammm funny how can u not love her😍😍😍💕💕 nobody's perfect everyone make mistakes so stop heating her if u not perfect!!!! Love you cardi no matter what #faithful_fan 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  32. Ngawiki Harrison

    Ngawiki HarrisonHace un hora

    Probably the best Carpool Karaoke ❤️❤️

  33. shenell smith

    shenell smithHace un hora

    Her shoes killed me

  34. shenell smith

    shenell smithHace un hora

    How does he even know the lyrics 😂😂😂😂

  35. Rae Hugill

    Rae HugillHace un hora

    I love her so much

  36. justlikemegs

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    Her eyeshadow is banginggg

  37. ToastyFoods

    ToastyFoodsHace un hora

    Can anyone help me get 50 subs before 2019

  38. Gloria Ruiz

    Gloria RuizHace un hora

    I am in LOVE with her outfit. That color looks so fckin good on her.

  39. Kirk & Koki

    Kirk & KokiHace un hora

    James Corden can you do a carpool with Chris Brown🙏

  40. averys _bean

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  41. kunkun xx

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    I love you cardi💖

  42. Eric Anang

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    Did anybody else notice Jacques Slade at 0:50?

  43. Scarlette Pino

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  44. Risha Jacobs

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    I really enjoyed lookin at this... #teamcardib ❤

  45. Shawn Mendes Legendas

    Shawn Mendes LegendasHace un hora

    Cardi queen

  46. limpo maboee

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    She was feeling it when she was singing Be Careful

  47. atirah zara

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    Hahahaha this is so funny i love her

  48. федоров егор

    федоров егорHace un hora

    Вернись к офсету сучка

  49. ITHE BLACK GUN SMITH S&W 686 & 629

    ITHE BLACK GUN SMITH S&W 686 & 629Hace un hora

    I love this young lady😘❤️

  50. roxeirys romero

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    La amo es única

  51. GeekyMedia

    GeekyMediaHace un hora

    Classic Smithy

  52. Baby Girl

    Baby GirlHace un hora

    If only those old people knew who was in the room

  53. Alesha Lopez

    Alesha LopezHace un hora

    Lol love her

  54. Anima Aur

    Anima AurHace un hora

    James: You have 5 cars, but you cant drive .. whats the point of having them?? Cardi B : to take pictures with them Lmaoo #Legend

  55. Ian Sunjhoreea

    Ian SunjhoreeaHace un hora

    Can someone tell me the playlist in this video?


    LOMAS MOTILALHace un hora

    Trending #1😉 I love Cardi so much❤

  57. Not so cool Litzy

    Not so cool LitzyHace un hora

    I love both cardi and nicki

  58. Katieli Malona

    Katieli MalonaHace un hora

    12:14 the old guy with the Captain America shirt is a Nicki Minaj fan(Barbz)

  59. jessica taitt

    jessica taittHace un hora

    This was so sweet love my girl

  60. sarnavar

    sarnavarHace un hora

    Cardi B love you 😍

  61. React with Amro

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    Drop the cardi B memes bois!


    CHINONSO VICTORHace un hora


  63. SwedlePOP

    SwedlePOPHace un hora

    Ooh her nails are scary

  64. xxGalaxy Gamer

    xxGalaxy GamerHace un hora

    Old man: Are you single,are you looking for a significant other? Cardi: Uhhhh umm Sure! Offset:This bish is bad and boujee 🤣

  65. Suanne Lie

    Suanne LieHace un hora

    I looooovvveeeee Cardiiii! Like how crazy she is🤩😂

  66. Hesam Rastbood

    Hesam RastboodHace un hora

    مدل مو

  67. York Town

    York TownHace un hora

    honestly, how do you affirmatively answer a "do you mind?" question? with a yes or a no?

  68. Emmanuel Maenda

    Emmanuel MaendaHace un hora

    Cardi B has my Love and respect..

  69. The_Boss_Jon 914

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    That's my wifey

  70. Libertie Barnett

    Libertie BarnettHace un hora

    I died when she was driving lmaoo

  71. richard munyao

    richard munyaoHace un hora

    she is from kenya africa..thts her origin

  72. Anthony Tamer

    Anthony TamerHace un hora

    Wow cardi - marry me

  73. Technical Itch & Current Value

    Technical Itch & Current ValueHace un hora

    I need kudos,just add stuff you wouldn't even think of adding to a critical playlist

  74. SpeakableGaming Plays

    SpeakableGaming PlaysHace un hora

    "U can't drive, so what's the point of having such cars"

  75. DeadOn Arrival

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    I just adooooooore her

  79. Gréta Rácz

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    I love this woman

  80. salam

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  81. leadmail12

    leadmail12Hace un hora

    I love Cardi B. A day in the life of Cardi B. Positive message to kids lol, learning to drive, dancing with seniors.

  82. DNT IGNR M

    DNT IGNR MHace un hora

    “Oh you can say that on tv” *MY LUNGS* Then she proceeds on saying some curse words jsjshsjahah

  83. Jerico Dela Peña

    Jerico Dela PeñaHace un hora

    Im not a huge fan of Cardi B. but after watching this video she got my whole respect to her and being a genuine person

  84. lowma2t9

    lowma2t9Hace un hora

    Not sure how either of these peoples are famous.

  85. Nalini Pillay

    Nalini PillayHace un hora

    *whoa you can say that on TV alright* CARDI 😂😂😂

  86. Chicken싱싱한

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    I love her so much Sister 😍👅

  87. Musu Suah

    Musu SuahHace un hora

    Finally cardi B

  88. Jay Craft

    Jay CraftHace un hora

    My third time watching this now lol

  89. ariel chris

    ariel chrisHace un hora

    I just love her!

  90. Daniël

    DaniëlHace un hora

    I want a carpool karaoke with Nicki 👅

  91. Alya Indrayana

    Alya IndrayanaHace un hora

    bro when he said « was in the room when it happened » i was like HAMILTOOOOOOOON

  92. antman3251

    antman3251Hace un hora

    If you don’t love Cardi something wrong w you!

  93. Choices LessVoices

    Choices LessVoicesHace un hora

    So tell me why me a Barb got emotional hearing her rap money.... I legit was happy for her and felt her energy 😝😝😝 owwwwww! I’ve decided I’m not going to feed into the negative energy surrounding her and if she wins a Grammy I celebrate that for her too 🎉

  94. Sunny Pereira

    Sunny PereiraHace un hora

    I haven’t laughed this much in a long! Haha

  95. juicejrc

    juicejrcHace un hora

    She lowered my IQ listen to her talk.

  96. The Trey King Show

    The Trey King ShowHace un hora

    Cardi has a very sweet loving personality and Thank You James for having her on your show - now back to singing.🎤

  97. Stephanie Gonzalez

    Stephanie GonzalezHace un hora

    When she said “Sure” to the old man, i lost it 😂😭

  98. Riley Benns

    Riley BennsHace un hora

    Gunter got me weak

  99. Xelena

    XelenaHace un hora

    I just had a baby and this is how I lost weight. 🌀🌀🌀

  100. Chris Vinblex

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    James blue eyes are so cool

  101. Bowas Sibale

    Bowas SibaleHace un hora

    Cardi B is the best

  102. Anunnaki 1

    Anunnaki 1Hace un hora

    Satanic goat lovers