Cardi B Carpool Karaoke


  1. Brandon Sanchez

    Brandon SanchezHace un hora

    Worst one

  2. Plague Doctor Yami

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    *SUB TO LEON LUSH* #LeonLush

  3. Plague Doctor Yami

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  4. Divine Tarot

    Divine TarotHace un hora

    She looks so let down singing be careful with me.

  5. mikita beauty

    mikita beautyHace un hora

    how she taking care of kulture with those nails please teach me my nails look like shit 😫😫😫

  6. Perla Ayelen

    Perla AyelenHace un hora

    she's so fucking gorgeous🔥 that energy sisss

  7. Michelle Lopez

    Michelle LopezHace un hora

    Lol I love her!!!! That older man too: "are you available?" 😂😂😂😂

  8. Italian Huni

    Italian HuniHace un hora

    She's back booyaaa

  9. Anonymous furler

    Anonymous furlerHace un hora

    I'm a fan. Just saying. I hope cardi have her own TV sitcom

  10. youare followers

    youare followersHace un hora

    why the fuck are you all entertaining this whore ugly bitch. No talent, just STD's. Foh you filthy whore. And all you motherfuckers that gas her up are losers. You should all get fucked.

  11. Vanessa Gonzalez

    Vanessa GonzalezHace un hora

    13:22 when you want to be nice for older people 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Joey Norton

    Joey NortonHace un hora

    Cardi is just awesome

  13. Twinkle1702

    Twinkle1702Hace un hora

    I m old for this sorry! I m Backstreet boys, nsync, Mariah carry, Boyz 2m Men génération !

  14. Alyce Salaman Sanchez

    Alyce Salaman SanchezHace un hora

    They should have a whole show of just them too

  15. Kyeran Nisbet

    Kyeran NisbetHace un hora

    Love how she uses a water bottle as a microphone😂

  16. Andre

    AndreHace un hora

    where is offset

  17. Antonia McLean

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  18. DosDev

    DosDevHace un hora

    2:56 kid is wearing prestonplayz merch lmao


    GILBERT SUBIZAHace un hora

    Part 2 please

  20. Ja

    JaHace un hora

    The cutest when she was at the nursing home 💗

  21. Jesus Gabino Flores Oviedo

    Jesus Gabino Flores OviedoHace un hora

    La version gringa de escorpion al volante

  22. Javier Vazquez

    Javier VazquezHace un hora

    4:19 tho 👀

  23. Agmoney20 Agmoney20

    Agmoney20 Agmoney20Hace un hora

    Offset a fagot for doin her like dat 😭

  24. david flowers

    david flowersHace un hora

    I Will want to Shakira in carpool karaoke

  25. George Alexander Hichez

    George Alexander HichezHace un hora

    Awww 😍😍😍😢😔👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  26. li jie gameing 122

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    #love card B

  27. li jie gameing 122

    li jie gameing 122Hace un hora

    I am 8

  28. Zarko Pecanac

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    Where is our society going... Sad

  29. Ivan Silva2018

    Ivan Silva2018Hace un hora

    Number 1 on trending

  30. Yungwild American

    Yungwild AmericanHace un hora

    Knew the words to this but not to lady Gaga’s karaoke 😑

  31. Dina Martinez

    Dina MartinezHace un hora

    i love her so much

  32. saira jabbar

    saira jabbarHace un hora

    She and nikki minaj dont like these bitches

  33. Kiara Nunez

    Kiara NunezHace un hora

    Cardi driving omg🤣🤣🤣

  34. sandi 88

    sandi 88Hace un hora

    I ❤ U Cardi B😭😭😭

  35. Boon Doggle

    Boon DoggleHace un hora

    Lot of white people here talking in ebonics lol

  36. Kevin H.

    Kevin H.Hace un hora

    #1 in Germany

  37. DJ Lady Dior

    DJ Lady DiorHace un hora

    I've Always Loved Cardi But I Lover Her Crazy Ass Even More Now 😭😂😍This Episode Was 🔥🔥🔥

  38. Gissy Romero

    Gissy RomeroHace un hora

    Who else is about to listen to cardi b's music

  39. dave junges

    dave jungesHace un hora

    Damn she is next level trashy

  40. Your Momma

    Your MommaHace un hora

    I AM THE BIGGEST Cardi B HATER EVER and I'm always defending Nicki Minaj buuuutttt ever since Nicki started dating mr murderer rapist and her making those comments to Ariana the other day I'm SOOO DONE plus this was funny and cute.. I'm officially a Cardi Fan.. her silly ass grew on me, I cant even see Nicki being this fun and goofy. Shes too damn stuck up and always just wants mfs to kiss her ass.

  41. can i get 1000 subs with no vid

    can i get 1000 subs with no vidHace un hora

    omg welcome to gang boo and yea she is stuck up like ur not the shit nikki take it down

  42. HaleyJ Johnson

    HaleyJ JohnsonHace un hora

    Who was lowkey waiting to see if he was gonna say the n word when they was singing, “An im quick cut a “n” off so don’t get comfortable”.

  43. God pigeon

    God pigeonHace un hora

    13:13 offsite, gonna cry in the car

  44. writer77

    writer77Hace un hora

    Guess she was literally grinding her way up!!

  45. can i get 1000 subs with no vid

    can i get 1000 subs with no vidHace un hora

    who else was dying when the guy asked if she was looking for a significant love how sweet lmao

  46. Nikki95

    Nikki95Hace un hora

    How can yall really hate on her? She lovely :)

  47. Tom Fletcher

    Tom FletcherHace un hora

    @13:20 shoot your shot my guy. Shoot your shot

  48. thekindredspirit

    thekindredspiritHace un hora

    I didn’t understand most of what she said

  49. Can’t think of a name

    Can’t think of a nameHace un hora

    Best carpool karaoke yet!! Holyyyy 😍😂

  50. Lynn Lover

    Lynn LoverHace un hora

    Lol this was like the only video where he messed up some of the words from the artist 🙄

  51. Ivan Silva2018

    Ivan Silva2018Hace un hora

    I love this

  52. SadBoy

    SadBoyHace un hora

    No entiendo nada pero lo veo por que soy piola

  53. Ilesha Douglas

    Ilesha DouglasHace un hora

    When she sang be careful with me she definitely was thinking about this current shit

  54. Dariuxee

    DariuxeeHace un hora

    She is soo cool

  55. Romell Harris

    Romell HarrisHace un hora

    Damn can we get BEY after this?! Lmfaoo

  56. Deebo865

    Deebo865Hace un hora

    Bro she literally retarded... stay in school kids

  57. Ray Marquez

    Ray MarquezHace un hora

    James really know the lyrics okurrr bacardi

  58. Boricua Alma

    Boricua AlmaHace un hora

    I Just Love Her! She's So Real & Naturally Funny! LOL...

  59. Alaina Bentham

    Alaina BenthamHace un hora

    They was fronting on the kid yerrr 😂😂😂

  60. Thejman335

    Thejman335Hace un hora

    😂😂this is hilarious 😂😂

  61. Prod. by NightTime

    Prod. by NightTimeHace un hora

    Check me out for beats!ídeo-Q6lX276FHdk.html

  62. reck millz

    reck millzHace un hora

    I love cardi ❤️

  63. Kaylah Matano

    Kaylah MatanoHace un hora

    *IVE NEVER CLICKED ON A VIDEO SO FAST* 😱 LOL *When Cardi was tryna drive I was wheezing *

  64. Sandra Lopez

    Sandra LopezHace un hora

    This made my night😂

  65. Edwin Cordero

    Edwin CorderoHace un hora

    Offset is gonna be mad cuz the old guy is trying to take he’s place 😂

  66. Isaiah Frierson

    Isaiah FriersonHace un hora

    My asshole hurts.

  67. Nadia Wilson

    Nadia WilsonHace un hora

    She should be in a comedy movie

  68. IAmNotKaiden

    IAmNotKaidenHace un hora

    Does anyone else want to slap the shit outta her

  69. Tatiyana Sutherland

    Tatiyana SutherlandHace un hora

    10:33 is when cardio realized she was leaving offset

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    Sub to me

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    Anuel AA

  72. Sammy Rivas

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    This my fav carpool 💛💛💛💛yaaaas cardi!

  73. aaron contreras

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    Anuel AA

  74. アルミンボコラレル

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  75. made tarasinta

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    Anne marie please

  76. MarcinGarrix

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    GOOD MORNING BITCH!!! hahahaah I died


    LUIS ABASKARHace un hora

    Cardi b is the qweeeen

  78. Nicki B

    Nicki BHace un hora

    Captain America ain’t got time for this ish. She ain’t playin’ the piano!? I’m out!

  79. yikes butt

    yikes buttHace un hora

    She’s so ny but she’s hella chill lmao.

  80. thekindredspirit

    thekindredspiritHace un hora

    We ask for Brendon Urie and you give us Cardi B

  81. aaron contreras

    aaron contrerasHace un hora

    Bad bunny

  82. thekindredspirit

    thekindredspiritHace un hora

    We ask for Brendon Urie and you give us Cardi B

  83. kevin prakoso

    kevin prakosoHace un hora

    Chris brown pleaseee!!!!

  84. aaron contreras

    aaron contrerasHace un hora

    Bad bunny

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    Dude. Lol

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    if u see this comment follow @lulsuicide on instagram

  87. kd iv

    kd ivHace un hora

    if you’re not leaving this videos with a smile on your face, idk what’s wrong w u

  88. Eric orozco

    Eric orozcoHace un hora

    “Biggest selling female” say it louder for the bitches in the back

  89. Savage Da Clown

    Savage Da ClownHace un hora

    lowkey thought he was finna play a migos song

  90. MAC 10

    MAC 10Hace un hora


  91. Danielle Jones

    Danielle JonesHace un hora

    Cardi her own hype man 😂

  92. breezy bell

    breezy bellHace un hora

    Cardi was so nice to that old man xD

  93. Contos de Gabi

    Contos de GabiHace un hora

    Comes to brazillllllllllllllllllllll ♥

  94. xxBree xx

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    #1 in America

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  96. Shay Alliah

    Shay AlliahHace un hora

    "im done w. You Hiiiyaaa"😂😂

  97. Olivia B

    Olivia BHace un hora

    I've never laughed so hard at a carpool karaoke

  98. Cyrenia Laihi

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  99. shuna83

    shuna83Hace un hora

    That was so cute love Cardi

  100. John Reese

    John ReeseHace un hora

    I'm Asian. Why does she look a little Asian to me?

  101. Christin Cooper

    Christin CooperHace un hora

    I love her 😍

  102. Sarah

    SarahHace un hora

    1:35 the absolute shade to dj self 😂 you know he's mad as hell that he slept on cardi

  103. xWolfJ415x

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