Candy - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts


  1. Nicholas Lackey

    Nicholas LackeyHace 9 horas

    did anyone else see the sign in the beginning that said “Grocery Mart”

  2. Sir Flemeington

    Sir FlemeingtonHace 16 horas

    Lunk isn’t funny

  3. Tyler Garrett

    Tyler GarrettHace un día

    these ads blow

  4. Boryoku Tekina

    Boryoku TekinaHace 3 días


  5. Chilio. Ceo of Chill Corp

    Chilio. Ceo of Chill CorpHace 4 días

    Ooo I get it Toddlers would hold their breath till their parents buy them the candy But instead she turned into a fish to convince the parents

  6. Jett Johnson

    Jett JohnsonHace 4 días


  7. Skala Darrell Godeater

    Skala Darrell GodeaterHace 4 días

    I want candy, I want candy, I want candy , I want candy, I want candy ....

  8. Benjamin Lehman

    Benjamin LehmanHace 5 días

    Just put her in the tank with the live lobsters, most grocery stores have them.

  9. Mohamed Fathi

    Mohamed FathiHace 6 días


  10. Brian Kristofer Perez

    Brian Kristofer PerezHace 7 días

    Uh, is it just me or does the dad look liek chip chapley?

  11. Jared Cardillo

    Jared CardilloHace 7 días

    0:53 I thought it was gonna be a normal episode but where the hell did that come from!

  12. Hjramna Ramna

    Hjramna RamnaHace 8 días

    I don't get it

  13. Ricky Williams

    Ricky WilliamsHace 9 días

    Talk about a fucking throwback.

  14. Omar Ibarra

    Omar IbarraHace 9 días

    0:53 O GOD WTF

  15. mr Banana

    mr BananaHace 9 días


  16. Just Alex

    Just AlexHace 12 días

    Is that a blonde Princess Moarbucks?

  17. Revolving Dragon

    Revolving DragonHace 13 días

    Who else remembers animorph?

  18. Shit Head

    Shit HeadHace 13 días

    0:46 me in prison after the cops took my meth

  19. Lisa Fellabaum

    Lisa FellabaumHace 15 días

    Will some one tell me what the girl said at 0:45 to 0:48 please?

  20. Kaylee Ward

    Kaylee WardHace 16 días

    If that was my child, she'd get whooped!

  21. Isaiah Hughes

    Isaiah HughesHace 17 días


  22. Ntxoo Thoj

    Ntxoo ThojHace 17 días

    Lunk never gets old...

  23. adrian moreno

    adrian morenoHace 18 días

    Lunk be skipping leg day

  24. Lea Skondin

    Lea SkondinHace 20 días

    I want candy. listen to your mother dear. I want candy! (X3) I WANT CANDY!!!!! *Transformed by Fish*

  25. EC Animates

    EC AnimatesHace 20 días

    Talk about a fish out of water

  26. Official Disney Club

    Official Disney ClubHace 21 un día

    Most of us might be allergic to sugar, so Allison is also the right person who does eat a lot healthy.

  27. Jose Toral

    Jose ToralHace 23 días

    Fish can actually survive several minutes to even hours after being taken out of water in all honesty you could've finished shopping and strapped her back in the car

  28. Bse-Dtron

    Bse-DtronHace 23 días

    0:59 chokes on 🍆

  29. LoveuGAGAforever

    LoveuGAGAforeverHace 23 días

    Cyanide and happiness needs to be on adult swim

  30. JoNatHan K

    JoNatHan KHace 24 días

    Animorph ?

  31. ZekromDJ5000

    ZekromDJ5000Hace 25 días

    Honestly if I saw that Damn thing In my living room I would stomp on it till it was a small pink stain

  32. Spaghettiman

    SpaghettimanHace 25 días

    I seriously did not get the joke until I scrolled down into the comments.

  33. no love

    no loveHace 25 días

    ...........huh? i dont get it lol

  34. Carolina Buhler

    Carolina BuhlerHace 26 días


  35. joshingyou299

    joshingyou299Hace 26 días

    Can we nickname c&h Strattera and ADS

  36. Odd Gaming

    Odd GamingHace 29 días

    If I were the parent I would let her suffocate cause she is not going to have her way

  37. Eva Pretzel

    Eva PretzelHace un mes

    Animorph? Goosebumps? Those are book series

  38. Ian Clum

    Ian ClumHace un mes

    GoAnimate in a nutshell

  39. Jon Hart

    Jon HartHace un mes

    ok now i want to see a goosebump

  40. Big Mouth

    Big MouthHace un mes

    I would put her a water bottle

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  43. SuperiorAgent

    SuperiorAgentHace un mes

    Can't believe Chip Chapley got a polymorph daughter

  44. Opoku Emmanuel

    Opoku EmmanuelHace un mes


  45. Ancient Warrior

    Ancient WarriorHace un mes

    Sure holding breath seems weird but my big sister smacked her head on the floor when she was 3

  46. Michael Tapia

    Michael TapiaHace un mes

    L O N K


    XXXCUBIxXxDHace un mes

    Papular movies: 0:15 CinemaSins: 0:19

  48. Mini Cup-a-cakes

    Mini Cup-a-cakesHace un mes

    Bubbbles....dat u!

  49. A play

    A playHace un mes

    Glupi ste

  50. chris justice dreemurr

    chris justice dreemurrHace un mes

    Hindu religion in a nutshell

  51. King_galaxy_creeper YT

    King_galaxy_creeper YTHace un mes

    CANDYYYYY edit:shes a spoiled brat

  52. BoiledMushroom

    BoiledMushroomHace un mes

    Yeetus the fetus

  53. Lea Skondin

    Lea SkondinHace un mes

    Girl turned into of the Fish. Lol

  54. Tru Carter

    Tru CarterHace un mes

    Please go on Netflix

  55. Tyler Tomlinson

    Tyler TomlinsonHace un mes


  56. Schazmen Rassir

    Schazmen RassirHace un mes

    Congratulations, guys, you've come up with a whole new level of parenting hell.

  57. Anonoymous User

    Anonoymous UserHace un mes

    At least shes not a magical girl

  58. Joe S

    Joe SHace un mes

    26 seconds of this 1 minute 26 second sketch is an add


    NICOLE REDDENHace un mes

    Damn that girl needs some spanking

  60. kattastic9999

    kattastic9999Hace un mes

    If she's an Animorph then she's committed war crimes