Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty


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    Bon Apetite much?

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    OMG I’m also from Singapore 🇸🇬 I thought I was the only one 😂🇸🇬

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    This is so cute n sweet recreating childhood memories

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    Isnt that... nastar? wkwk

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    I hate when that lesbian not rie eats,her mouth sticks out like stupid when she eats eww DISGUSTING

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    You're from Singapore !!!!! Me too

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    I’ve got a whole box of it sitting in front of me haha

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    omg singapore? im from singapore too :D

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    itu mah nastar gaes

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    My ideal Pineapple tart is a buttery tart with a GENEROUS AMOUNT of filling!

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    I loveeee pineapple tart I can't imagine leaving those delicious treats but it looks different

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    I love how much these cute lil cookies brought so much joy to you guys it makes me want to make them

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    "Do you think you can find me?" "Oh, I will" How sweet it is to hear

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    Luckily, I knew how to make this cookies 😂

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    Meh love u I live at Singapore too

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    Niki: who am I...? “Okay” Rie: ...Okay

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    Does anyone else wants to see Rie on Chopped?! MF QUEEN


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    YESSS!! I FRICKING LOVE pineapple tarts!!

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    Singapore! :)

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    We call it Nastar in here, Indonesia!

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    Bon Appetit knock off?

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    Who here is from Singapore?

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    Yea for pineapple tarts!

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    can y’all try making hi-chew 🥴

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    rie’s fckn annoying just follow the recipe!!!!!

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    Rie = Claire

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    It only makes me wonder if Niki and Rie knew about the layoffs when they made this video 😔

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    In indonesia we call that cookie "nastar" my mom make the best nastar 👌

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    Its a Nastar in Indonesia

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    I don't like pineapple tart but I don't know why I'm still watching this

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    people here are making cookies for fun and im here having trouble making cereal. ;-;

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    So cringe it made me uncomfortable

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    Pineapple tarts are nice but I’m so sick of it especially after eating a lot during Chinese New Year omggg

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    NIKI IS A SINGAPOREAN??? WTF I DIDNT KNOW. Hello fellow singaporeannn. How’s US citizenship?

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    In Malaysia, it was called 'tat nenas' 😍 I really love it and I eat it every Aidilfitri . One of my fav kuih Raya

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    rie is the cutest! and i love rie and nikis iconic duo! ^.^

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    Did she ever give the final recipe

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    is it just me or does nikki have some SERIOUS eyebrows today?

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    the eyebrows of the girl wearing white shirt bothers me hahaha

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    Rie is the Queen of Tasty! And I miss Niki. They need to quit fucking around and bring her back.

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    do a mint crap

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    "Oi oi oi, like this comment"

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    Please try to make an Indian dish

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    Are we just not going to talk about the flipping amazing animation at the beginning of the video?!? It was so adorable!!!

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    There are so many recipes for these things literally look up “pineapple tart Singapore “ and you get flooded with them

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    Rie meant the type of fibers as in little string in the fruits flesh but that other girl thought she was talking about fiber that makes you poop lol

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    When one of them laughed it sounded like a bird and it was so cute

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    "I have my aunt's recipe, it's a little vague." It resembles all recipes given to you by family if you're ethnic. "Mom but how much do you add?" "...I just throw it in" " measurement" "...why would I measure? You just throw it in until there's enough."

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    What is that beautiful music at the beginning of the video called?

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    She looks like the chef from ratatouille the one that falls in love with the boy

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    This makes me said knowing niki is gone

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    OMG how did i miss Niki is from Singapore. My extended family is spread over Johor & Singapore. I know exactly the Pineapple Tart she is talking about. It has a slight fibrous stringy texture but very soft and easily breaks. It's amazing haven't ate one in about decade. Last time i was in Singapore was 4 years ago. Awww.

  62. Neojhun

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    Huh the jam version, i know of one which uses Whole Candied then Stewed Pineapple pieces as the filling.

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    Hi from Singapore

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    I’m pretty sure this cookie is called NASTAR in indonesia. I used to make this cookie a lot with my grandma and aunty

  65. Muthia Zahra

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    And to make it looks flowery you can use fork and push it gently after shaping it into a roll of dough with a pineapple jam filling inside

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    why your pineapple tart got line over it one

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    Im allergic to pineapple 😵

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    Isn’t the cookie essentially a butter cookie? We also have those cookies during eid! 😊

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    I’m Indonesian and I think I kinda know what it tastes like, and for Indo viewers ini nastar bukan sih kalo di Indo?

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    Can’t you just...... look up a recipe or when your family visits or ask your mom

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    wait so they just took someone else's family recipe, barely changed it at all, and it was perfect... what was the challenge in this lmao like two of the only three things they changed were bad ideas that they went back on anyway so it was almost the exact same recipe

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    Nikki's eyebrows are so drawn

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    6:47 is the part where all of you are looking for

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    Do you use the baking trick where you gather the remaining dough (after using a cookie cutter) and roll and cut it out again? My grandma does that so we can have as much as possible.

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    Tasty should stop saying "this chef" should be "Can Rie"

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    Is Rie already married?

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    so you make a Nastar right?

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    You should show ur cooking skills to shef ramsay

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    Kue nastar toh.. emang enak

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    You aren’t even going to tell us wtf these are called?

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    That's "nastar" in Indonesia, you should come to my grandma's and try her nastar :)

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    The two should make porn.

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    Ching chong.

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    I made the recipe at home and it came out like the tarts in the video! They are very good and I recommend this to everyone!

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    Those look amazing! I might have to try this one

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    i need to know who edits these videos i love it so much

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    Love the animation at the beggining

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    so.....where can i get myself a rie?

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    this made me so happy!!!!

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    Anybody else hear ríes giggle and just go awww 🥰

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    I love them both but they don't seem to have good chemistry

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    Lesby action


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    Ladies and Gents this video has me in tears😭😭 So sweet💕💕

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    I hate that girl that’s not Rie she’s so frickin annoying I think I’m gonna get autism from watching her

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    i can eat pineapple tart all day .. its my favourite too and its not just for lunar new year but also during eid in Malaysia :-D



    and i remember making the tart once guided by my aunt .. we bake the filling which is on top of the dough and not separately. and you have to use the cookie cutter that has dent in the middle to hold the filling.

  99. Riccardo Agatea

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    That dough looks a lot like pasta frolla, and from both the recipe and the description I think it's basically that 😁 loving the international pasta frolla!!

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    Niki: Wow why are you so much better at this than I am? Rie: I paid a lot of money to go to culinary school. As a culinary student... I feel this

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    “I don’t.... Let’s not talk about it!” Me in class

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    Rie is BuzzFeeds mom

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    Maybe you guys haven't realized this, but on 9:38 Nicky just made a lifetime friendship promise to Rie that they'll be friends for very, very long time. It actually made my eyes water a bit. :')