Can This Chef Make Marshmallows Fancy? • Tasty


  1. Nork Mork

    Nork MorkHace 8 horas

    Alvin!! Where is the giant marshmallow for Rie??

  2. Jaziyah Gray

    Jaziyah GrayHace 9 horas

    Rie: I’m adult I do what I want Me: Period Hoe!

  3. Lyss 36

    Lyss 36Hace 22 horas

    Who heard "hi I'm rite I'm a pasty producer"

  4. Shreya Dutta

    Shreya DuttaHace un día

    I like rie now 😍😂😂

  5. Beth Rowe

    Beth RoweHace un día

    “And......RUM” lol

  6. Nina Rossi

    Nina RossiHace un día

    the fanciest so far! i wish i could try it!!

  7. Erin Fox

    Erin FoxHace un día

    Idea for tasty make ot fancy.. Frozen pizza.. Make it fancy challenge

  8. Cherry Mercedes

    Cherry MercedesHace un día

    Does anyone know the piano music playing at 4:32 - 4:50

  9. Brianna Lindsay

    Brianna LindsayHace un día

    Leave it to rie to mix alcohol and marshmallows 😂

  10. Renee Amador

    Renee AmadorHace 2 días

    I love watching thus videos!!! Please make more!

  11. The Creeper King

    The Creeper KingHace 2 días

    Imma say it, marshmallow is literally fluffy simple syrup with a thickener

  12. The Creeper King

    The Creeper KingHace 2 días

    1. Rice crispy 2. Marshmallow 3. Rice crispy treats

  13. Shaila R

    Shaila RHace 2 días

    If marshmallows are the main ingredient shouldn’t they use it through out the dish instead of using it like once?

  14. Harley Gude

    Harley GudeHace 2 días

    She is a weird kind of attractive

  15. Arpita Bharangar

    Arpita BharangarHace 2 días

    Now Im hungry help

  16. Vitamin K

    Vitamin KHace 2 días

    I love Rie

  17. Papadopoulouedora Papadopoulou

    Papadopoulouedora PapadopoulouHace 2 días

    Where is the alligator

  18. Noor kashif

    Noor kashifHace 2 días

    I love Rie speciality that she uses alcohol in everything that she cooks with 😂❤️👍

  19. Grihtha Garg

    Grihtha GargHace 3 días

    want her to make cookie dough fancy

  20. Mary Xiong

    Mary XiongHace 3 días

    Do an episode where Alexis and Rie switch roles! They’re both so talented!!! I wanna see what they come up with!

  21. Mey

    MeyHace 3 días

    “Don’t add alcohol if you’re underage” I don’t think I’m gonna be hammered after two tablespoons 😂😂

  22. Shuk-Ting Chan

    Shuk-Ting ChanHace 3 días


  23. RebelBelle

    RebelBelleHace 4 días

    Everything is fancy with alcohol

  24. Mvy Bby

    Mvy BbyHace 4 días

    I'm keto and eat 90% lindt chocolate alllll the time. It's not as bad as Rie made it appear to be.

  25. Sara Cox

    Sara CoxHace 3 días

    To some people, almost pure chocolate can be really astringent. I could probably eat it but definitely wouldn't like it

  26. Aaron Smith

    Aaron SmithHace 4 días

    Lol I thought it said start the glock omg omg😐🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  27. alua1262

    alua1262Hace 4 días

    Make hot Cheetos fancy

  28. Micah Lau

    Micah LauHace 4 días

    No offense, but the "make it fancy" thing annoys me for some reason.

  29. • PixelChu! •

    • PixelChu! •Hace 4 días

    A great chef once said “I’m an adult. *I do what I want,”*

  30. alena

    alenaHace 4 días

    They should have her make microwave meals fancy

  31. Wendy Witt

    Wendy WittHace 4 días

    Where's the alligator?😂😂😂😂🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

  32. Hey Ya!

    Hey Ya!Hace 5 días

    Rie you should leave buzzfeed and start your own channel,you’re amazing !

  33. Majdah _Shaiba

    Majdah _ShaibaHace 5 días

    I want to see rie and Chris Morocco from BA kitchen together

  34. YeahIKnow YouDont

    YeahIKnow YouDontHace 5 días

    She always has liquor as ingredients for the food she'll make

  35. Veronica A

    Veronica AHace 5 días

    I love Rie. Shes the best!!!!!!

  36. Roxy Roo

    Roxy RooHace 5 días


  37. Roxy Roo

    Roxy RooHace 5 días

    Rie :marhmarow Me :its marshmellow

  38. amrypooins

    amrypooinsHace 5 días

    i swear shes an alcholic

  39. karol josif morcillos

    karol josif morcillosHace 5 días

    Overall, it is very fancy but the gold thingy made it fancier! I super love Rie! 😍🧡

  40. Beth Trotter

    Beth TrotterHace 5 días

    They spelled dessert wrong in the captions

  41. Lyd Gil

    Lyd GilHace 5 días

    Where is Claire?... oh :p

  42. Cake At Stake

    Cake At StakeHace 5 días

    I like rie, like if you agree or you don't like rie and if you don't like rie then I don't like you

  43. Lexii_Shawol

    Lexii_ShawolHace 5 días

    Your so cute

  44. Brionna Watkins

    Brionna WatkinsHace 5 días

    “And the raspberry...” 😂😂😂

  45. matthew c

    matthew cHace 5 días

    tasty is a good 70% of my feed and i’m ok with that

  46. Raisa Chow

    Raisa ChowHace 5 días


  47. Jini Basu BTS ARMY

    Jini Basu BTS ARMYHace 5 días

    9:41 "And the raspberry" That one friend 😂

  48. Kai Kai恺恺

    Kai Kai恺恺Hace 5 días

    Sooo...where's the alligator?

  49. Rena Whitlock

    Rena WhitlockHace 5 días

    Rie is the only acceptable part of buzzfeed and I will go to war over this

  50. Amy Ting

    Amy TingHace 6 días

    She put edible gold on it, also it was her private collection. Did they pay her for that?

  51. fandom goddess

    fandom goddessHace 6 días


  52. Livelifeto Thefullest*

    Livelifeto Thefullest*Hace 6 días

    I love the way she says kawaii😍

  53. Malik Saipani

    Malik SaipaniHace 6 días

    Sup dude

  54. that1yoshi •_•

    that1yoshi •_•Hace 6 días

    Does anyone get the feeling these videos gain more views when rie is in them?

  55. XOCoRi

    XOCoRiHace 6 días

    Rie: waves hand Make it FancyEveryone likes that

  56. Yoo Jin Mun

    Yoo Jin MunHace 6 días

    Make a big marshmallow

  57. Vanessa Perejan

    Vanessa PerejanHace 6 días

    Some times i dont know what rie is saying so i just guess


    GLAM BY ASHTONHace 6 días

    What is her @ on Twitter and insta?? She’s my absolute favourite 💕💕💕

  59. E perez

    E perezHace 6 días

    I love her! She’s so cute :)

  60. Aj Nonya

    Aj NonyaHace 6 días

    Wheres the alligator that was supposed to eat it?????????????? That's what I was waiting for

  61. AliTheRobloxPotato ÙwÚ

    AliTheRobloxPotato ÙwÚHace 6 días

    hater: you cat make THAT fancy can you? rie: YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL