Can This Chef Make Marshmallows Fancy? • Tasty


  1. Ellicia Antido

    Ellicia AntidoHace 6 horas

    Petition for Eugene to cook with Rie, make it fancy with alcohol HAHAHAHA.

  2. Zyra Shalette

    Zyra ShaletteHace 7 horas

    Love you RIE!!! ❤️☺️🌼😍😍

  3. Ver Jonez

    Ver JonezHace un día

    Do the rules ever change?

  4. Lisa Luijkman

    Lisa LuijkmanHace un día

    But she iss sooooo professional! She made this beautiful dish in 30 minutes out of marshmallows AND hand wisked heavy cream!!

  5. TONKOTSU666

    TONKOTSU666Hace un día

    Dear Tasty, i think we could do without the producer crudely screaming from behind the camera

  6. Ariana Playz

    Ariana PlayzHace 2 días

    Was I the only person who thought they were actually gonna bring an alligator?😂😂

  7. cookies in a jar

    cookies in a jarHace 2 días

    you could give her fricking gold coated caviar and she can make it fancier

  8. inayahs toy review

    inayahs toy reviewHace 3 días

    Are you alone in this video

  9. Delaney Young

    Delaney YoungHace 3 días

    You should do a show where you try and make sweet foods into a savory food/dish and savory foods into a sweet food/dish!

  10. Vaine Rikiau Castle

    Vaine Rikiau CastleHace 5 días

    Wheres the alligator?

  11. Adriana Liz González

    Adriana Liz GonzálezHace 5 días

    Hi Tasty!! I want chef Rie to make fancy chicken!!

  12. Sieam Suisiak

    Sieam SuisiakHace 6 días

    Sooooo I put some vodka to my mashed potatoes. Just for some taste

  13. Ninniez Gr8

    Ninniez Gr8Hace 6 días

    Did the producer (not Rie someone off camera) they called Hannah and Ryan (the people who came on to test the food) alligators. Because at 3:23 they were like, "We got an alligator!" so.... is it hannah or ryan

  14. Miss Bean

    Miss BeanHace 7 días

    Am I the only one that realized at 4:18 she said one cup instead of two, as she was pouring the whipping cream..?

  15. Neko chan

    Neko chanHace 9 días

    This looks like something u would order in a burgoise restaurant

  16. Konoha Miyagi

    Konoha MiyagiHace 9 días

    9:36 When ever his guy is in the video with Rie I get this vibe that he’s trying to correct her pronunciation

  17. Tiffany Wing Yu Wong

    Tiffany Wing Yu WongHace 10 días

    at first i thought they were actually gonna bring in an alligator

  18. XXenedo _

    XXenedo _Hace 10 días

    How long do you bake the cookies and what temp? I want to make this

  19. Mandeep Kaur

    Mandeep KaurHace 11 días

    I love u Rie... When i come home after a long day, your videos make me happy. It's like the most relaxing thing to watch😘

  20. mystic wolf

    mystic wolfHace 11 días

    Rie: puts alcohol Me under age for alcohol : WUT W W WUT

  21. Boring Videos

    Boring VideosHace 13 días

    I didn't see an alligator :(

  22. Cindy Trinh

    Cindy TrinhHace 14 días

    Rie’s star ingredient: ⭐️ ALCOHOL ⭐️

  23. Anh mnus Hg kom prokan

    Anh mnus Hg kom prokanHace 14 días

    Buzzfeed: Marshmallow moose with rum Masterchef US: deconstructed s’mores Masterchef Canada: Hot cocoa with marshmallows Masterchef Australia: ‘I made a forbidden marshmallow’.

  24. Noxon Gaming

    Noxon GamingHace 15 días

    I am an ADULT, I, Do, What, I, Want. - Rie

  25. Tay Hughess

    Tay HughessHace 15 días

    I love her make it fancy videos 😭

  26. Challenger Brothers Aguiar

    Challenger Brothers AguiarHace 15 días

    Rie never makes something fancy without alcohol

  27. Eirene Chan

    Eirene ChanHace 16 días

    100ml heavy cream 14 - 15 marshmallows 115g of unsweeten choco 1 cup of whip cream 2 tsp of rum Is it correct, Rie? If it is, I'll be able to make it at home.

  28. Maryam Shabir

    Maryam ShabirHace 16 días

    Love rie 😍

  29. Fandom Trash

    Fandom TrashHace 16 días

    It's official, Rie is Chaotic Neutral

  30. SuperCool Bunny

    SuperCool BunnyHace 17 días

    Rie: Im adult. I do what I want. Producer: Ahahaha

  31. Keerthana Krishnan

    Keerthana KrishnanHace 18 días

    Rie has only 12 min left and she put the marshmallow in the oven for 15 min🤔and she had 2 min left for decorations🤔How is it possible?

  32. Samuel Choi

    Samuel ChoiHace 18 días

    anybody think “start the clock” said “start the glock”

  33. XLev450X

    XLev450XHace 19 días


  34. Z. R

    Z. RHace 20 días

    Lol when there's that man ria is always like welcome to whatever food land lol I love it

  35. Carl The Llama

    Carl The LlamaHace 20 días

    Does anyone know the violin music towards the end when she was finished

  36. Cynthia and Faezel

    Cynthia and FaezelHace 20 días

    There is no right or wrong way, just *whip*

  37. Jayiana Moody

    Jayiana MoodyHace 21 un día

    6:05 Rie : "12:30" me: it literally says 12:18

  38. Hailey Speck

    Hailey SpeckHace 21 un día

    Can you make Wendys chilli fancy next

  39. Mansi Karthik

    Mansi KarthikHace 21 un día

    Rie: I have about 5 minutes left. Also Rie: *Gives a detailed explanation on how to scoop ice cream with a spoon*

  40. Marlisa Shafira

    Marlisa ShafiraHace 21 un día

    I hate those i phone ads i was just watching and thattgt thing popped out 😡😡😡

  41. Christina Rue

    Christina RueHace 22 días

    I love Ryan's expression.. ❤️😆😆😆

  42. swanand deshpande

    swanand deshpandeHace 22 días

    I am thinking that I want to eat it!

  43. Kiyoko Senpai

    Kiyoko SenpaiHace 24 días

    What about the alligator

  44. Michaella Waickman

    Michaella WaickmanHace 26 días

    I love Rie

  45. Lucy Kim

    Lucy KimHace 27 días

    Make Rie a giant Marshmallow

  46. Ayroon Yeager

    Ayroon YeagerHace 27 días

    5:00 Don't we all

  47. jeepwrangler2828

    jeepwrangler2828Hace 27 días

    I would of made rice crispy Good enough for me

  48. Jorge Rojo

    Jorge RojoHace 29 días

    Wouldn't this be censored under The United States of America's double standard rule of showing alcohol publicly??? 🤔🤔🤔

  49. Lauren Lai

    Lauren LaiHace 29 días

    *"eDiBlE gOld FrOm mY pRiVaTe cOlLeCtIoN"* jesus rie be flexing

  50. Tegwen Jaimes

    Tegwen JaimesHace un mes

    I love Rie! She makes everything so fancy, I can watch her all day!

  51. Lvdy

    LvdyHace un mes

    No offense to my mom, but I want Rie to be my momma

  52. Prakshantee Umare

    Prakshantee UmareHace un mes

    Rie in make it fancy = eugene in no recipe challenge

  53. Sunset Watcher

    Sunset WatcherHace un mes

    Rie: “You don’t have have to use rum at all if you don’t like alcohol or.. you have anger issues.” 😂😂

  54. Globetrotting Girl Bridgette Madeline

    Globetrotting Girl Bridgette MadelineHace un mes

    imagine if she did bugs XP

  55. Emily Atkinson

    Emily AtkinsonHace un mes

    I looks so good yum

  56. babytae Hyung

    babytae HyungHace un mes

    Why is she so cute 😂😂😂

  57. Mushtaq Hussain

    Mushtaq HussainHace un mes

    maja nahi aya alligator to aya hi nahi

  58. JEPG

    JEPGHace un mes

    5:51 I’m An AdUlT, I Do WhAt I wAnT

  59. Anusha Dhakal

    Anusha DhakalHace un mes

    Rie : 2:05 Me : what?

  60. Pumpkin Butt

    Pumpkin ButtHace un mes

    I love how she pronounced “common foods “ 💝