Can Lost Twins Find Each Other Without Communicating?


  1. Brandon

    BrandonHace 4 horas

    I fuckjn love y’all

  2. Meighan Burke

    Meighan BurkeHace un día

    Grayson looks stupid

  3. Dev Shah

    Dev ShahHace un día

    Bastards did intro for 7 mins

  4. Caleb Lehmann

    Caleb LehmannHace 2 días

    Me and my friend alway end up at the same place and say and do the same things

  5. Bernadette Ortega

    Bernadette OrtegaHace 2 días

    YES! you guys are definitely telepathic. The art and the trail. Amazing.

  6. bailey dixon

    bailey dixonHace 4 días

    Yes i think you are

  7. Kaicia Easter-Marsh

    Kaicia Easter-MarshHace 6 días

    What is Gray thinking about that he doesn't want E to know??? Just saying...

  8. Clara Robinson Morgan

    Clara Robinson MorganHace 6 días

    Twin telephathy can really suck tho

  9. Awesome Dancer14

    Awesome Dancer14Hace 8 días

    11:06 love that they spelled Grayson wrong 😂

  10. Heather Collins

    Heather CollinsHace 8 días

    You both went to the canyon. I say yes

  11. Sofia Slorach x

    Sofia Slorach xHace 8 días

    27:34 look how shocked Grayson looked when e was explaining???😯😯

  12. Abbey Burnham

    Abbey BurnhamHace 10 días

    Did anyone else think Grayson look really annoyed at the end when E called him when he was in the car hahah

  13. Tayler's Action Figures

    Tayler's Action FiguresHace 11 días

    0:36 grayson's face tho

  14. Sia Black

    Sia BlackHace 11 días

    Longest Intro ever! 😂


    SAMANTHA VALDESHace 13 días

    It’s either telepathy or they just share the same brain cell 😂🤣 I love them so much hahaha

  16. kennedy arthur

    kennedy arthurHace 13 días

    Dude I was SCREECHING when they chose those fucking paintings! Why is no one making a bigger deal? That was literally so cool... That's probably so normal for them though.. The intuition is strong with these two ;) ♥


    LEME REZZHace 13 días


  18. Gus Jackson

    Gus JacksonHace 14 días

    My twin and I are the same way

  19. Stevie Aguirre

    Stevie AguirreHace 15 días

    " I don't want you to know what I am thinking all the time"

  20. Mackenzie Medeiros

    Mackenzie MedeirosHace 16 días

    I think you are like 50% telepathic

  21. Savvy Draws

    Savvy DrawsHace 16 días

    Grayson: Cover your ears so you can’t hear anything Also Grayson: LISTEN!

  22. isaac madrid

    isaac madridHace 16 días

    I think it’s a good story

  23. DavetheCapriSun

    DavetheCapriSunHace 16 días

    Ethan: *Dramatic tone of voice and music* Grayson: I was curled up in a ball on the ground under some leaves.

  24. Alexisgama 101

    Alexisgama 101Hace 16 días

    Summer🤩 Summe😍 Summ😃 Sum😊 Su🙂 S😐 Sc🤨 Sch😮 Scho😥 Schoo😫 School😭

  25. Mia & Lilly_Plays _Games

    Mia & Lilly_Plays _GamesHace 16 días


  26. Axsthsic

    AxsthsicHace 16 días

    I think your maybe telepathic because all of them were either dead on or close, and the last one the places both kinda had something to do with graysons car, soooo

  27. Isobel Shepard

    Isobel ShepardHace 17 días

    they didnt show the paintings at the end :,)

  28. Ross MacKinnon

    Ross MacKinnonHace 20 días

    test 2 is so fake oml

  29. travis fowler

    travis fowlerHace 22 días

    FBI open up

  30. Tatiana Franco

    Tatiana FrancoHace 24 días

    Look up calircognizance

  31. Alannis Vallarino

    Alannis VallarinoHace 25 días


  32. Kris Heck

    Kris HeckHace 25 días

    You guys are for sure

  33. Njoool Sul

    Njoool SulHace 26 días

    I think you are! there's something that's happening to me and my best friend it is insane like can you believe that we wore sweatshirts that look so similar and that happened pretty much EVERYTIME we wear it! like if I wore it she wears it and we see each other at school later you know

  34. Trevor Powell

    Trevor PowellHace 27 días

    I think me and my twin brother have telepathy more than you guys because we have done all those things before and we did it but yes you guys are telepathic definitely

  35. ker _

    ker _Hace 29 días

    i have some twin telepathy with my twin sister too!

  36. lexnikolle

    lexnikolleHace 29 días

    "I think it makes the goose stand up on my bumps"😂😭

  37. Savannah Seyler

    Savannah SeylerHace un mes

    Is it just me or do the twins seem a little bit like stoners

  38. Michael S. Brooks

    Michael S. BrooksHace un mes

    2 out of 4 ain't bad!

  39. omayradc

    omayradcHace un mes

    It’s cute how optimistic Ethan is with the menu order challenge lol.

  40. Morgan Guttu

    Morgan GuttuHace un mes

    I think Dolan twins are telepathy in many different ways in such as finding the other twin in the public places.

  41. Summer and Paige

    Summer and PaigeHace un mes

    Twins are made of the same egg but it splits apart

  42. Holly's Life

    Holly's LifeHace un mes

    audioslave in the background!

  43. Dakota_ Myst

    Dakota_ MystHace un mes

    My twin finishes my sentence and I say the same thing as her the next day and we say the same thing at the same time and have the same dreams..

  44. Nia Magnargino

    Nia MagnarginoHace un mes

    3:03 HAHA

  45. Leyla Fawdry

    Leyla FawdryHace un mes

    the merrell twins are more telepathic but you to are telepathic

  46. Jibatheunicorn Periot

    Jibatheunicorn PeriotHace un mes

    i think your telepathic

  47. Young Manne

    Young ManneHace un mes

    We were separated when we were still very young, my brother, my twin and I. Inasmuch as you can separate one being. We were torn apart.... thrown to opposite ends of the continent

  48. Dandy Dynasty

    Dandy DynastyHace un mes

    Grayson:left right right right left Ethan : left right right left left

  49. Reedy 101

    Reedy 101Hace un mes


  50. Bernadette Ortega

    Bernadette OrtegaHace un mes

    Wow totally incredible!

  51. Aphmau & Friend’s

    Aphmau & Friend’sHace un mes

    Am I the only one who said we’re back when they did

  52. Teresa Boyd

    Teresa BoydHace un mes

    Why am I the only one that notices the six minute intro

  53. kendall jone

    kendall joneHace un mes

    0:51 did no one notice that ethan said supposed wrong he sais sup o syd

  54. Dueces Exuses

    Dueces ExusesHace un mes

    Go to 21:13

  55. Just Gaming

    Just GamingHace un mes


  56. Random

    RandomHace un mes

    This must be so cool 😱✨

  57. Danssyne Roberts

    Danssyne RobertsHace un mes

    WOW!Do a another one

  58. Tavia Hetzel

    Tavia HetzelHace un mes

    Grayson: it's weird to think we once had the same brain. Me: did y'all skip the 7th grade ?

  59. Arnau Xicoy Casaramona

    Arnau Xicoy CasaramonaHace un mes

    i obviously belive u, basiclaly cause im also a twin

  60. Ethan Hatfield

    Ethan HatfieldHace un mes

    I think they were on to something when they said they have half a brain each. “Just a joke no hate”