Can Lost Twins Find Each Other Without Communicating?


  1. Ava and Emma

    Ava and EmmaHace un hora

    7:05 Ethan has something on his hand lol

  2. Eesha Matharoo

    Eesha MatharooHace 11 horas

    12:15 Graysons laugh😍😩

  3. Darshini Vijay

    Darshini VijayHace 14 horas

    I really think you guys are and it was sooo cool that Ethan found Grayson in the wood maze thing.

  4. Devon_is_here_lol

    Devon_is_here_lolHace un día

    to the 2k people who disliked... . . . you are DISGRACEFUL humans and you make me cry

  5. B G

    B GHace un día

    24:10 this makes me so happy 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Ashley Guillory

    Ashley GuilloryHace un día

    My daughters literally run into each other. I feel like they'd nail this challenge 🤣

  7. Ivan Alexey

    Ivan AlexeyHace un día

    this is so fake lmaoo

  8. Delaney Garcia

    Delaney GarciaHace un día

    Ethan said the cheetah was really speaking to him and in the fortune telling video they said a cheetah was one of their totems

  9. Breklyn Bartels

    Breklyn BartelsHace 2 días

    My mom is an identical twin. There have been times when my mom and her twin would come out of their respective houses wearing the SAME outfit! They live in different states now and it still happens. It is absolutely crazy. 😱

  10. Blake Altman

    Blake AltmanHace 2 días


  11. Blake Altman

    Blake AltmanHace 2 días


  12. Demetheglass

    DemetheglassHace 2 días

    Why is Grayson hotter

  13. FsH flashy

    FsH flashyHace 3 días

    Grayson left right right right left Ethan left right right left left? Nani? How? I think it goes in circle I guess...

  14. Beth Lovesyu

    Beth LovesyuHace 3 días

    Yes I think so!!

  15. Perez Family

    Perez FamilyHace 3 días

    I think with less options to choose from they actually do have telepathy The 2 tests they got wrong was because there was too many options

  16. Gacha Bailey

    Gacha BaileyHace 3 días

    Now i want a freaking twin.

  17. Nurit Ben-Harav

    Nurit Ben-HaravHace 3 días

    Im a twin, I know what u mean. my twin hurt herself at school and i was home and i started to feel really weird and felt pain in my leg so i called her and asked her if she was ok and she said that she got hurt on a trip in the same spot that i felt the pain in my leg and we were not even close to each other. It happend so many times when we just felt weird and somthing happend to one of us and the other one felt it or that we were just thinking about the same thing. Its weird as f.

  18. BekkiBicci

    BekkiBicciHace 3 días

    I kinda think you are if such a thing is possible! I’m not a twin but there was a weird coincidence from my childhood involving my brother who is two years younger than me. He somehow broke his left leg at his friend’s birthday party, and I simultaneously felt a pain in my left leg (in around the same spot) even though I was miles away and didn’t even know he had broken his leg until a few hours later. It was pretty weird. And even though we live in different cities now, we’re still really good at buying each other gifts that we just happen to need right at the time. Definitely think it would be interesting to try some of these tests with him!

  19. Chris Pirolo

    Chris PiroloHace 3 días

    Yes you are telepathic.

  20. Lillian Ellis

    Lillian EllisHace 3 días

    My twin died and i get random thoughts. Is that my twin ??

  21. Grace Eness

    Grace EnessHace 6 días

    Twin telepathy is an actual thing. My best friends r identical twins and they can stand in separate rooms and write down the same object

  22. Pearl Plays Roblox

    Pearl Plays RobloxHace 6 días

    Nuhkya Smith I feel like whenever someone does a like this if you love grayson comment nobody gives a shit about Ethan but when you commented who loves Ethan everyone was mad Nuhkya SmithI feel bad people are like this to you

  23. _.Natalie._

    _.Natalie._Hace 7 días

    what kinda babysitter just lets the kid run away & not go after them 🤣

  24. Iya yellow

    Iya yellowHace 5 días

    A chill one.

  25. Makayla Ward

    Makayla WardHace 8 días

    Wait..... does that mean u have half a brain. If so it explains alot!!! 😂😂😂 just kidding love u guys.

  26. Paola Gabriela Diaz

    Paola Gabriela DiazHace 8 días

    Yo si pienso que son telepáticos ❤️

  27. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMYHace 9 días

    19:00 i died 😂

  28. Elia Simon

    Elia SimonHace 10 días

    Telepathic? Nah. Siblings? Yes lol

  29. Meisha Gardner

    Meisha GardnerHace 12 días

    The thing is in the last challenge they were both moving if someone stayed put they would’ve found each other they’re not the same person but they’re very telepathic

  30. mancote

    mancoteHace 13 días

    why do they speak such broken english or thats LA?

  31. alysha waitman

    alysha waitmanHace 13 días

    I love you guys so much when ethan said yolk I died

  32. Sarah Alvarez

    Sarah AlvarezHace 14 días

    I’m super late and you probably won’t see this but yes I feel like you guys are telepathic. I think that you have to let it happen naturally. You can’t force it, when you think about it it doesn’t happen. If you look back on the video when you guys just listened to your feelings and thoughts it worked.

  33. Amara Isabel

    Amara IsabelHace 14 días

    The ending tho- Are we Telepathic? Who the fuck knows.

  34. Aretusa Manto

    Aretusa MantoHace 14 días

    Grayson: some sh*t's been happening! Ethan:...some stuff has been going on

  35. kaci13096

    kaci13096Hace 15 días

    Yesss i loved this!! We need a part 2!!

  36. Christopher Young

    Christopher YoungHace 15 días

    Maybe the telepathy only can stretch so far 🔮

  37. Savannah Studios

    Savannah StudiosHace 15 días

    Yes I think so

  38. BaoTran Tran

    BaoTran TranHace 15 días

    I think u guys are actually telepathic

  39. Turangi chase

    Turangi chaseHace 15 días

    LMAO this is soooo funny and cringy

  40. Victoria Fonseca

    Victoria FonsecaHace 16 días

    It’s funny how they think they were one goop that split into two

  41. Roxanne

    RoxanneHace 16 días

    This makes me wish my twin was still alive 🥺

  42. Tyler Cahn

    Tyler CahnHace 16 días

    couldn’t they j go to a store and liek buy 20 dollar paintings

  43. Mysvie

    MysvieHace 16 días

    ...because I was under the leaves :3

  44. Trista Post

    Trista PostHace 17 días

    Man that artist charges a lot. 25,000-50,000 dollars? Heck no

  45. Kiah Daisy

    Kiah DaisyHace 18 días

    12:08 ignore this

  46. Nani XD

    Nani XDHace 18 días

    Did no one notice when Grayson made his 4th turn was a right and Ethan went left yet they still found each other? NANIIIII?!!

  47. Aly Jo

    Aly JoHace 19 días

    idk why but I feel like this is fake

  48. KM

    KMHace 11 días

    yea me too my guts are kinda telling me that it is ... especially with the paintings??? the reaction ??? idk its a little ..... idk men haha lol

  49. Kitty Kat

    Kitty KatHace 19 días

    Anyone in 2019?

  50. Jillian Reid

    Jillian ReidHace 19 días

    I think this is a real thing Like I heard once that they closer your are with someone, the more you can predict what they will say next and sometimes simple actions. I can predict stuff my mom will say and do every day

  51. Ayanna Jones

    Ayanna JonesHace 20 días

    24:40 There is absolutely no reason why someone should look as fine as Grayson does when he drives, no FUCKING reason

  52. Amy Antrobus

    Amy AntrobusHace 20 días

    Why does Grayson look different in this 🤔

  53. Justin Charlton

    Justin CharltonHace 20 días

    But I love the Dolan twins so don't matter

  54. Justin Charlton

    Justin CharltonHace 20 días

    This kinda seems like a setup

  55. Bella Gia

    Bella GiaHace 20 días

    Who else thinks Grayson looks like one of the Jonas Brothers at the beginning?

  56. Katerine Zulko

    Katerine ZulkoHace 20 días

    It depends on the situation your in.

  57. neligirll3130

    neligirll3130Hace 21 un día

    Yall really are

  58. Coco Jimenez

    Coco JimenezHace 21 un día

    Him: I don’t want you to know what I’m thinking about all the time though bro. Me: what are you thinking about that you don’t want him to know about....😅

  59. Skye Ryan

    Skye RyanHace 21 un día

    Yes I think so

  60. Jason Barreiros

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  61. Inorganic Produce

    Inorganic ProduceHace 22 días

    The probability of Ethan finding Grayson, with 5 turns, with 2 choices each, is 1/(2^5) or 1/32 of a chance or 3.125% likely (I think)

  62. Dovydas Milius

    Dovydas MiliusHace 22 días

    I love yuo im from lithuainia