Can it Keurig? - Ten Minute Power Hour


  1. Inkling

    InklingHace 31 un minuto

    Gmm and Game Grumps.... same vibes.

  2. eins2001

    eins2001Hace un hora

    That Papa John's dipping sauce mix is RACIST

  3. *ñ å d ÿ â h *

    *ñ å d ÿ â h *Hace 14 horas


  4. Ze 'Lectrode

    Ze 'LectrodeHace 23 horas

    Ten Minute Power Hour, the redundantly named show, that's ironically 15 minutes long!

  5. Jaylooker

    JaylookerHace un día

    Mashed potato are great

  6. Alexandra Martinez

    Alexandra MartinezHace un día

    I've been watching all these power hours for days haha

  7. Princess Random

    Princess RandomHace 2 días

    They have done a lot of gross stuff on this show, but this is the first TMPH episode that genuinely made me gag with that Papa Johns soup

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty ShacklefordHace 2 días

    Imagine if Arin and Sam Riegal ever did a promotion TOGETHER...

  9. roguemousey

    roguemouseyHace 3 horas

    I don't think the world can take that. Would pay to see it tho

  10. Big Orange Country

    Big Orange CountryHace 3 días

    Something about when Arin says “ little tomato paste” had me dying of laughter.

  11. Barry Benson

    Barry BensonHace 3 días

    Papa John will ride into war chugging a large glass of Papa Johns special sauce on his day of reckoning

  12. Delzanzius

    DelzanziusHace 3 días

    The day of reckoning is coming

  13. funx24x7

    funx24x7Hace 3 días

    Arin: "...It's good!" Dan: "No." Dan: **tries it** Dan: _"It's good"_

  14. allen ruhga

    allen ruhgaHace 4 días

    liked it just for the add bit at the start!

  15. TheReaperFoxx

    TheReaperFoxxHace 4 días

    i was just told to get an anti hacker and data miner program ..... by a hacker?

  16. Ery Throzyt

    Ery ThrozytHace 4 días

    "Let's try mashed potatoes with gravy and beef flavor" (Oh no!) "That's really good!!!" (I want that)

  17. katherine pfister

    katherine pfisterHace 4 días

    ARIN: Keurig is for tea coffee and mashed potatoes. I’m dying right now

  18. Vocanimeify

    VocanimeifyHace 4 días

    This Keurig is gonna have to be burned after this

  19. A proud bean

    A proud beanHace 4 días

    14:22 that was an adventure of flavor

  20. Palmer Gerry

    Palmer GerryHace 4 días


  21. Dex Antares

    Dex AntaresHace 5 días

    14:23 - Dude.... these guys are gonna die of what can only be called "intestinal rebellion." D:

  22. Lunar Apocalypse

    Lunar ApocalypseHace 5 días

    “Flat lacroix” So... water?

  23. DoctorInk20

    DoctorInk20Hace 5 días

    14:23 "I dunno, lad. It's like no cheese I've ever tasted."

  24. Oliver Scott

    Oliver ScottHace 5 días

    just because it can keurig doesn’t mean it should keurig

  25. Darrian Weathington

    Darrian WeathingtonHace 5 días

    The weird thing is im eating that exact same instant mashed potatoes... out of a cup... made in a Keurig... in a dark corner.

  26. Teddy Slone

    Teddy SloneHace 5 días

    The thing is, I got a commercial for the Keurig right before telling how good the product is, than I watched this video. Please god cure me of my eye diabetes.

  27. Yami Smol

    Yami SmolHace 5 días

    So basically every sleep over at some point when you run out of things to do

  28. Yami Smol

    Yami SmolHace 5 días

    No joke my little sister had a "will it fry" thing with her friends during a sleep over

  29. Jason Roberts

    Jason RobertsHace 5 días

    Will it Keurig?

  30. JManPlays NotForKids

    JManPlays NotForKidsHace 5 días

    Is arin wearing his wife's hair?

  31. dedede feedldee dee

    dedede feedldee deeHace 5 días

    *Arin Hanson, A Married Man:* "let's cook with fucking microwaves and coffee machines. Give me ALL the sauces"

  32. QueenZiaBoss

    QueenZiaBossHace 5 días

    We all stan a hacker Arin

  33. Movies Over Matter Productions

    Movies Over Matter ProductionsHace 5 días

    It's like... (why o why guys!) X-D

  34. KurroKiri

    KurroKiriHace 5 días

    That was actually the best sponsor clip I've seen in a long time

  35. Maggi

    MaggiHace 5 días

    Dans toe thumb triggers me

  36. Kant Drawl

    Kant DrawlHace 6 días

    Hey ESreporter? Stop suggesting these idiot millennials to me.

  37. Chaunce T

    Chaunce THace 6 días

    Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! Can it Keurig? - Ten Minute Power Hour fail to pilot your own ship, don't be surprised at what inappropriate port you find yourself docked. The dull and prosaic will be granted adventures that will dice their central nervous systems like an onion, romantic dreamers will end up in the rope yard.” “I don’t know what understanding myself is. I don’t look inside.I don’t believe I exist behind myself.” “The pressure “to do something“ here is like the superstitious compulsion to make some gesture when we are observing a

  38. Nick Cole

    Nick ColeHace 6 días

    I honestly thought using a keurig to make soups and other just add water dinners was a good idea, college kids would love it

  39. Jobbernowl

    JobbernowlHace 6 días

    1 minute sponsor for the Grump man himself, knowing the money bags that's gotta be an easy 50k.

  40. Alfonso Cardoso

    Alfonso CardosoHace 6 días

    “Let’s have a Christmas Morning” Me: *wondering if Dutch Bros is still open*

  41. Billy Cross

    Billy CrossHace 6 días

    is good game coming back?

  42. Violet Vulpix

    Violet VulpixHace 6 días

    Arin, upon ending this episode: Let's never be, creative again!