California shooting: 4 killed in backyard gathering ambushed by gunfire


  1. The Giants 85

    The Giants 85Hace 3 días

    Cant even watch football in the back of the yard anymore ! Yikes.

  2. The Strangler

    The StranglerHace 11 días

    Some cleaning....nice

  3. Jay Ricco

    Jay RiccoHace 14 días

    Them there gun laws working

  4. Wicked ZeroOne

    Wicked ZeroOneHace 16 días

    I want to Elect my own family for this type of shooting please. No payment necessary. Do it for free. To show how much I hate them #CalvaryChapelLagunaCreek

  5. Shoudday Cha

    Shoudday ChaHace 16 días

    Oh. So now the Democrats are trying to get the Hmong Community to vote for them on the 2020 election huh? As an Hmong Asian Male I notice that the Democrats and the mainstream media don't even care about us Hmong Asians or the Hmong Community. Now all the sudden Democrats and the mainstream media start caring? I'm sure Democrats and mainstream media cares about about OUR VOTES then our community.

  6. JLT Yes

    JLT YesHace 17 días

    Just so you know, Chinese government shot a citizen HK protestor point blank in the chest. The citizen is dead. Look it up because this happened last week. HK people can not arm themselves to protect themselves from oppressive police. People in America want to ban guns. Reference the police in HK, the la riots, and citizens that have stopped shootings and robberies thanks to their fire arm, as to why citizens should be allowed to arm themselves.

  7. your son's juicebox

    your son's juiceboxHace 15 días

    Exactly. Not to say what’s happening there is good at all, but it IS a perfect example right now of why citizens should at least consider bearing arms. What’s being demonstrated in Hong Kong, can very well happen in the US, and the citizens have to be able to defend themselves.

  8. Bobby

    BobbyHace 17 días

    Just another normal day in America. Whatever. No one cares. Thank you veeeeery much. lol XD

  9. broke duece

    broke dueceHace 17 días

    Fresno needs to have a dedicated Asian gang force.. And i must say, and like all cases, those killed are always the innocent ones...

  10. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan NguyenHace 17 días

    Does this sound similar to Clint Eastwood movie "Gran Torino". Hmong gang. Gran Torino is a great movie if you have not seen it.

  11. Chapman Fitness

    Chapman FitnessHace 18 días

    Dang.. by the end of this year, all shooters are going to be dead or behind bars at this rate.

  12. Audrey Echols

    Audrey EcholsHace 18 días

    Golden May God bless you and your family Truly you and your family Are added to my My Prayers God bless you and your Throughout the Holidays Coming up Be vigilant and Obedient too The Lord Our God is Able God bless you and your family God bless you and your family....

  13. Audrey Echols

    Audrey EcholsHace 16 días

    God bless Each and Everyone 🙏 Blessings

  14. Volo

    VoloHace 18 días

    Can you imagine spending just another night watching football with your friends, talking about what your’re doing tomorrow, about your plans to meet with your family next week.... But this happens.

  15. Joshua David1

    Joshua David1Hace 18 días

    Fresno is ghetto

  16. your son's juicebox

    your son's juiceboxHace 15 días


  17. Zac Lodro

    Zac LodroHace 18 días

    Alot of idiot partisan hacks in the comments. This could've happened anywhere you brain dead pos. Its already happened in Texas, Oklahoma, Cali, Nevada, etc...

  18. Baer 5000

    Baer 5000Hace 18 días

    AMERrica=fortnite map

  19. Shayne L

    Shayne LHace 18 días

    freedom USA gunshot everyday🙊

  20. dan smolen

    dan smolenHace 18 días

    Weren't happy with the score it sounds like. Don't bet football,or roll dem bones kid's...

  21. Kevin S

    Kevin SHace 18 días

    Lol this though gun laws working just great 😂🤣😂🤣dumb liberals

  22. CoolAidVomitter

    CoolAidVomitterHace 17 días

    "this though gun laws" 2 mistakes within 4 words....impressive.

  23. DM Wanderer

    DM WandererHace 18 días


  24. Crystal Panicali

    Crystal PanicaliHace 18 días

  25. Henry Wu

    Henry WuHace 18 días

    Dear Americans, if Trump or the government does not implement stricter gun laws, we need to start shooting at them, lets make them our target. In the first place, they are failing to Make America Great Again, its time to abolish our government, time for revenge

  26. your son's juicebox

    your son's juiceboxHace 15 días

    Yeahhh gun laws won’t change anything. California has the strictest gun laws in the country and they still have gang problems and murders. The whole narrative that guns are the problem simply isn’t true, it is the PEOPLE. Something like this could very well have happened with a knife.

  27. Steve ROGERS

    Steve ROGERSHace 18 días


  28. Tajah

    TajahHace 18 días

    People can’t go to school, go to a movie, go to a store, a festival, a concert or even have a simple football party these

  29. F U

    F UHace 18 días

    Why does god allow these bad things to happen!

  30. your son's juicebox

    your son's juiceboxHace 15 días

    Maybe cause he ain’t real 😳

  31. noah fick

    noah fickHace 18 días

    This is GANG violence! Not a mass shooting,!

  32. rem ee

    rem eeHace 18 días

    But cali has the strictest gun laws?

  33. Metaphysics

    MetaphysicsHace 18 días

    Frickin hilarious 🤣🤣

  34. randycruz4000

    randycruz4000Hace 18 días

    Wow I sure do wonder how this could have possibly happened. With all the strict gun laws in California.

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    BShynaz Legacy MovementHace 18 días

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  36. El Gran Toro

    El Gran ToroHace 18 días

    Love how people talk big about not having their guns taken away while the whole country is getting shot up, you lost, admit it, no one ever steps in WITH a gun to stop a shooting, there is no counter argument, it's time for change.

  37. your son's juicebox

    your son's juiceboxHace 15 días

    And you hear about the shootings, not robberies or stabbing, or murders, though shootings (which happen less often than the former crimes I mentioned) are always televised. It’s just pushing the anti-gun liberal agenda always shown by mainstream media. It seems it’s worked on you, sadly

  38. your son's juicebox

    your son's juiceboxHace 15 días

    Literally the Walmart shooting three days ago had an armed citizen interfere. The Las Vegas shooting (which updates are yet to arrive) had people in the crowd fire back. The statistics provided about the shooting regarding the firearm(s) and the amount of rounds simply don’t add up anyway. That argument is obsolete. California has the strictest gun control, and this happens. Just look into it. In Australia, all the guns were taken from the citizens, leaving them defenseless. The crime statistics DIDNT CHANGE. The gun deaths went down, obviously, but overall crime remained the same. Humans adapt. If guns are taken away, the criminals will still get a hold of them and/or use other weapons.

  39. yee boss

    yee bossHace 18 días

    It was NTF gang was the shooter

  40. The Gay Expat

    The Gay ExpatHace 18 días

    Right and we all know taking away the right to bear arms from law-abiding citizens will stop gangsters from having guns.

  41. Jordan DNB Cx

    Jordan DNB CxHace 18 días

    Another mass shooting... pathetic and no change to gun laws... you Americans are dumb.

  42. twentyfivetolife

    twentyfivetolifeHace 18 días

    Them Vietnamese drug trafficking organizations don’t play when it comes to their grow houses

  43. UnknownMasksW2serialirious

    UnknownMasksW2serialiriousHace 13 días

    thier hmong from china to north vietnam to laos and to Thailand

  44. Ben

    BenHace 18 días

    If I learned anything from 'Nightcrawler' Stories about gangs/criminals shooting each other isn't newsworthy But labeling it as a random neighborhood mass shooting sells very well in comparison They're just fishing for ratings as usual

  45. no name

    no nameHace 18 días

    Hope you are not confused all that is done by government itself to deprive citizens of their rights and make them helpless before totalitarian cyber state that is coming


    TOP EXPLOREHace 18 días

    I wonder if immigrants still want to invade America?!?🙃

  47. CoolAidVomitter

    CoolAidVomitterHace 17 días

    @TOP EXPLORE you got destroyed

  48. Zac Lodro

    Zac LodroHace 18 días

    @TOP EXPLORE How does it feel knowing that ESreporter co-founders Jawed Karim (A muslim) and Steve Chen (Asian) were non-white immigrants?

  49. Zac Lodro

    Zac LodroHace 18 días

    @TOP EXPLORE Keep telling yourself that


    TOP EXPLOREHace 18 días

    My family is Europeans . We came to America from the last century. I'm a CEO, I'm not a billionaire, and I bet you're not either.

  51. Zac Lodro

    Zac LodroHace 18 días

    @TOP EXPLORE How does it feel knowing that ESreporter cofounders Jawed Karim (A muslim) and Steve Chen (Asian) were immigrants...

  52. MTG|ASMR

    MTG|ASMRHace 18 días

    California rest in peace

  53. Leonard James

    Leonard JamesHace 18 días

    Asians? Get it right only southeast asians do this sh%$.

  54. Vortex

    VortexHace 18 días

    First the school then the Walmart and now this 😂. Alright America I’ll see you tomorrow. Be sure to notify tho!