Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!


  1. Christina Archer

    Christina ArcherHace 2 horas

    Omg Ryland just hit 4M congrats!

  2. Declan Thacker

    Declan ThackerHace 2 horas

    *I half expected him to buy Shane as an escort for the cat...*

  3. rogah taylah

    rogah taylahHace 3 horas

    i think ryland is going through his midlife crisis

  4. Tristan Dennewitz

    Tristan DennewitzHace 3 horas

    Finally, a gay couple that doesn't go around going like "I should get lgtbq privileges". I'm okay with lgtbq+ people, just not the people that are annoying about it

  5. lucy duffy

    lucy duffyHace 3 horas

    Make Trisha a bridesmaid their engaged 💍

  6. pewdiepie gold

    pewdiepie goldHace 3 horas

    When you buy everything for your cat then you fuck your cat afterwards

  7. Rado Satur

    Rado SaturHace 4 horas

    Not really the most opportune time for a cat video now, is it...

  8. underella

    underellaHace 4 horas

    Congratulations on 4 million subscribers oooo 💓💕💖💘💞💝

  9. Caveman Cart Cart

    Caveman Cart CartHace 4 horas

    Run Cheeto run! Shane might jizz on you again

  10. Cruz .s

    Cruz .sHace 6 horas

    Congrats on 4 million💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💞💞

  11. Avital Sign

    Avital SignHace 7 horas

    this video should be called what to do when you have too much disposable income 😂

  12. Bianca's kawaii World

    Bianca's kawaii WorldHace 7 horas

    This reminds me of cat valentine when she bought things from sky store Who els remembers that episode of victorious

  13. Luke Terrell

    Luke TerrellHace 7 horas

  14. Agnes Dodd

    Agnes DoddHace 7 horas

    Oh my gosh I can’t wait until you hit 4 million subs you are so awesome!

  15. SailorKittyGuardian

    SailorKittyGuardianHace 7 horas


  16. Vassy Gentcheva

    Vassy GentchevaHace 7 horas

    This was very cool video!:)

  17. zachbrown2002

    zachbrown2002Hace 9 horas

    I love Cheeto videos!

  18. Kim Hawkins

    Kim HawkinsHace 9 horas

    Shane: " a Neverland for cats..." Me: 😳 **foreshadowing?!** (Just kidding, Shane! 😂 Love ya, mean it!)

  19. Dougnut Dexter

    Dougnut DexterHace 9 horas

    Shane’s face in the thumbnail is me every time I see something over 20$

  20. Kaisa Suga

    Kaisa SugaHace 10 horas

    13:11 omg i thought my dog was the only one haha

  21. Larry Ramsey

    Larry RamseyHace 11 horas

    Why not give some money back to some of the people who watch and make you money. Like picking random comments and giving money thru PayPal. Pay it forward.

  22. Unknown YT

    Unknown YTHace 11 horas

    I cummed on my cat

  23. Maggie Kettlewell

    Maggie KettlewellHace 11 horas

    When a dog poops somewhere that they are not supposed to they are telling you something is wrong

  24. eww feelings

    eww feelingsHace 11 horas

    _don't you just love watching grown up men licking from a flower fountain and trying to get his pets to do the same because this is the quality content i like_

  25. eww feelings

    eww feelingsHace 12 horas

    _Shyland is finally canon! Now I just need a few dozen boxes of pizza and wait for the wedding._

  26. Mary Tabor

    Mary TaborHace 13 horas

    You literally (my life) give me life (literally) in the morning!! I love you so much 😊😊😊

  27. Nora xxx

    Nora xxxHace 13 horas

    Shane’s little me’s during the video are the reason why I live😌😂

  28. Brooke Reyes

    Brooke ReyesHace 15 horas


  29. TJ photography

    TJ photographyHace 15 horas

    Dope aviator nation shirt

  30. Tally Evans

    Tally EvansHace 16 horas

    You know when you see an ad and wanna spill tea about it in the comments but then realize that you... can’t 😐

  31. Jam kawaii Gacha making

    Jam kawaii Gacha makingHace 17 horas

    I don’t have a cat but I like them

  32. -Athstetic Sunflower-

    -Athstetic Sunflower-Hace 17 horas

    Congrats Ryland!!!

  33. Hi I am Duck

    Hi I am DuckHace 18 horas

    Who else also came to see people talk about the engagement

  34. Blake Holtz

    Blake HoltzHace 18 horas

  35. Taylor Montgomery

    Taylor MontgomeryHace 18 horas

    I personally love a good Unboxing Ryland so please bypass Shane and proceed to buy everything you want and unbox it thankx

  36. Hunni Mckenzie

    Hunni MckenzieHace 19 horas

    It tells me when Cheeto shits Omg I am dying

  37. Marcie Sechrest

    Marcie SechrestHace 19 horas

    You should have used the red dot laser. No cat can resist the red dot

  38. Cristina Aguilar

    Cristina AguilarHace 20 horas

    The litter robot is legit a game changer.

  39. Peggy Jackson

    Peggy JacksonHace 20 horas

    Ahhhh I love it!

  40. Garrett Smith

    Garrett SmithHace 21 un hora

    I hope their is a nut cleaner for Cheeto for once Shane was done with it

  41. larissa nava

    larissa navaHace 22 horas

    Omg I was cracking up so hard when ryland got so excited over chetto peeing

  42. girl bye

    girl byeHace 22 horas

    *Ryland being a rich but lazy queen for **26:14*

  43. Paige Zakem

    Paige ZakemHace 22 horas

    Cheeto is bougie

  44. Joe Berry

    Joe BerryHace 23 horas

    How do you buy an advertisement?

  45. Tony Hardy

    Tony HardyHace 23 horas

    I was absolutely convinced that Ryland was gonna shit in that litter box to show cheeto how it is done.

  46. Toade Bee

    Toade BeeHace 23 horas

    Ryland sounds like he's fucking losing it

  47. Super Sapphicorn

    Super SapphicornHace 23 horas

    Can you plz ask Shane why he has not been rec

  48. Alexis Schaffer

    Alexis SchafferHace 23 horas

    I'm so happy for you and Shane for your engagement! You guys are a great couple!

  49. Nightcore Court

    Nightcore CourtHace un día

    Look up Dog farts cat pukes It’s very funny

  50. toshie the elephant

    toshie the elephantHace un día

    I'm not throwing shade cause your an amazing youtuber but you should wax your stomach

  51. IWant ToWonder

    IWant ToWonderHace 4 horas

    +toshie the elephant, I guess I just find waxing stomach hair unnecessary. I don't think I've ever heard of most people waxing it in general. Whatever floats your boat though.

  52. toshie the elephant

    toshie the elephantHace 7 horas

    +IWant ToWonder I just am looking at it and I think that there is too much hair and you can like wax anything

  53. Number 4

    Number 4Hace 9 horas

    I’m a woman and I ain’t even wax my stomach

  54. IWant ToWonder

    IWant ToWonderHace 12 horas

    Who tf waxes their s t o m a c h ?

  55. Kristi Griswold

    Kristi GriswoldHace un día

    Ryland and Shane... HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Raysa Mae

    Raysa MaeHace un día

    Ryland being excited about the fact that his cat was pooping, is all I ever want to aspire to in life.

  57. Quinn Allen

    Quinn AllenHace un día

    Nobody: Ryland: sLuRpPp

  58. CoolioChee

    CoolioCheeHace un día


  59. RaccoonEggsDad

    RaccoonEggsDadHace un día

    Sex Products show up *Shane Smiles and stares at the cat then winks*

  60. Sophie Patron

    Sophie PatronHace un día

    why is Shane making fun of Ryland for being this stuff when he built a movie theater for his cat...

  61. I’m a Anginator

    I’m a AnginatorHace un día

    I have the catit water fountain and my cat won’t drink it when the flower is in it but he will when it’s not

  62. Luke got Your toes

    Luke got Your toesHace un día

    I thought you were going to buy a condom for Shane Dawson to use with the cat

  63. spilled.tea.

    spilled.tea.Hace un día

    cheeto and ryland finally speak out about shane

  64. King Ryan

    King RyanHace un día

    Well I guess Shane should be in a cat advertisement.


    JOHNNY JOHNNYHace un día


  66. Noelle Fisette

    Noelle FisetteHace un día

    Can you do the I buy my dogs everything they touch in petco video please!?

  67. Alisha Hird

    Alisha HirdHace un día

    Life goals are to spoil my cat like this

  68. Panic At The Larry

    Panic At The LarryHace un día

    my mom has the same water bottle ryland was using H-

  69. iWolfy_MC

    iWolfy_MCHace un día

    I like unboxing videos Shane ):

  70. Sarah Wilson

    Sarah WilsonHace un día

    i love how your so frikin hyped over cheeto peeing in a box 😂

  71. christian tannwr

    christian tannwrHace un día

    is shane alright?

  72. HayHayASMR

    HayHayASMRHace un día

    I want the litter robot sooo badddd!! I hate cleaning the litter so much. It’s encouraging that Cheeto liked it bc that means my cats might lol.

  73. bailey bear

    bailey bearHace un día

    Why hasn’t she been posting

  74. Jennifer Longauer

    Jennifer LongauerHace un día


  75. World Record Egg

    World Record EggHace un día

    This video shows cats rule over the world. I mean, just read the title!

  76. Nicole Weis

    Nicole WeisHace un día

    Why is he saying all wrong numbers

  77. jasmine welland

    jasmine wellandHace un día

    The litter robot is the only way I'll get a cat again

  78. jasmine welland

    jasmine wellandHace un día

    "You're making him poop in a robot 😂"

  79. _in my eye

    _in my eyeHace un día

    Good lord. You two do not understand cats. And yes, you do have to periodically clean the litter robot. You know, like you clean your toilet

  80. Mozarel

    MozarelHace un día

    3:33 that leaving neverland reference 🤡

  81. Brandon Brinker

    Brandon BrinkerHace un día

    You guys need to go back to the Cecil hotel or the underground tunnels from Shane's channel

  82. moka

    mokaHace un día

    Cheeto probably doesn’t need treadmill because he has so much space to run so doesn’t get bored

  83. moka

    mokaHace un día

    Cheeto needs a friend

  84. Shawna Boyce

    Shawna BoyceHace un día

    I fricking love Cheeto that cat reminds me of mine! Spoiled, Cute, Hates Me, and she is stubborn

  85. moka

    mokaHace un día

    I hope that robot doesn’t kill Cheeto... I would buy something like that if I could buy one that wasn’t electric and I could spin it myself every once in a while. Basically have it work the exact same way but by human leverage.

  86. moka

    mokaHace un día

    Ryland showing the fountain was hilarious

  87. SaladFlambe

    SaladFlambeHace un día

    lol you will not regret the litter robot. It's amazing.

  88. GodOf Destrction

    GodOf DestrctionHace un día

    You are now Shane Dawson's cat *Like to undo the curse*

  89. Sam Enright

    Sam EnrightHace un día

    I have the Catit fountain and my cats absolutely love it. They drink like 10x more frequently now but it took them like 3 days to get used to it

  90. Dina Barkar

    Dina BarkarHace un día

    I have that flower fountain and my cat loves it :)

  91. Mrs. seavey01

    Mrs. seavey01Hace un día

    The concerned "whats going on" melted my heart

  92. Holly Ellery

    Holly ElleryHace un día

    Whenever he signs of or something he uses the same sound as Shane Dawnson for his conspiracy videos *not spelt right*

  93. DelaGrande

    DelaGrandeHace un día

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  94. Britteniee Victoria

    Britteniee VictoriaHace un día

    cheeto’s kinda thiccy

  95. Tsuyu Asui

    Tsuyu AsuiHace un día

    Thicc like Thanos

  96. Hayden K.

    Hayden K.Hace un día

    Holy shit Cheeto is a fuckin fatass Just like me..

  97. khader fino

    khader finoHace un día

    gay ass nigga go hang yourself

  98. Dottie Babi

    Dottie BabiHace un día

    If you no ones gonna say it I will. I'm mad at the dogs cause Uno diarrheaed all over my clothes on the carpet next to the bed last night😂😂 when he said that I couldn't breathe

  99. Lulliloos

    LulliloosHace un día

    I HAVE A QUESTION. Did shane delete all his podcasts? I can't find them on soundcloud anymore. I mean I understand why because of his latest controversy but I really loved listening to them 😫

  100. caitlin hq

    caitlin hqHace un día

    The wedding will be magical. The queens are official!! 💗💗💗💗😭😭👏👏

  101. Jordan Owen

    Jordan OwenHace un día

    You should buy a cum flake scraper for the cat next vid

  102. Croft

    CroftHace un día

    Did the second dog ever get a name?

  103. AidenGallagher❤️

    AidenGallagher❤️Hace un día


  104. Matthew Koziorynsky

    Matthew KoziorynskyHace un día

    You should give it away you dont want shane to get it

  105. riss

    rissHace un día

    kinda unrelated but i used the honey discount for the first time and i’m genuinely shook at how cheap they made it?? now i’m jus here thinkin about all the money i’ve wasted online in the past