Building a $58 Million NYC Apartment


  1. Tim R.

    Tim R.Hace 16 horas

    2:08 Germany - home sweet home ;-)

  2. michał botor

    michał botorHace 5 días

    (5:35) i'm calling your bluff, because i know you know the answer: wealthy people don't spend, they invest (i mean appart from some couple million change). they won't buy it for themselves, they will buy it for an opportunity of turning it into an exclusive penthouse/restaurant in which some lucrative handshakes will be exchanged.

  3. michał botor

    michał botorHace 5 días

    did he do you a favour, or did you do him? ;)

  4. Davide Castagno

    Davide CastagnoHace 6 días

    My biggest dream is living in a ny loft so if i had 58 million i would do it for sure

  5. Melissa Depew

    Melissa DepewHace 7 días

    There is no way on Gods green earth would i even attempt that!!!! My stomach did flip flops just watching you do it!!! Ugh!!!! 😳

  6. Eric H

    Eric HHace 8 días

    How much for the whole tower? I wanna buy the whole tower

  7. Dylan The Villain

    Dylan The VillainHace 9 días

    I'll give you 3 grand and I'll throw in a fart

  8. Google User

    Google UserHace 9 días

    I can't even afford a €58,000 home :(

  9. You7ub3_S7ar

    You7ub3_S7arHace 9 días

    58 million imagine how many boosted board that could buy

  10. partyrocker182

    partyrocker182Hace 13 días

    C. "I dont think i can live up this high" R. "Why?" C. "Why?!?" Lmao Idk if thats supposed to be funny or not but.. Come on, you know why

  11. Ethan M

    Ethan MHace 13 días

    I never knew what Ryan Seacrest actually did. Thought he was just one of those radio dudes..

  12. Ethan M

    Ethan MHace 10 días

    @Khal!d VEVO it actually isn't, tbh. I'm not into pop culture. I just knew he did the AT40 countdown pop-music show, and then I'd usually change the channel tbh

  13. Khal!d VEVO

    Khal!d VEVOHace 10 días

    I assume that is a joke lol 😂

  14. Carol Tassin

    Carol TassinHace 14 días

    With how gracious Medicare & retirement is, I'll have to think about it!!!!!

  15. 冯璟彧

    冯璟彧Hace 19 días

    Why this guy are so pop

  16. Mystic Studz

    Mystic StudzHace 19 días

    Mr Beast gonna take that in no time.

  17. Donovan Redd

    Donovan ReddHace 19 días

    So this is why that crane was up there

  18. Luc Laan

    Luc LaanHace 21 un día

    This appartement isn’t for a person with 58 million but for someone with 58 billion.

  19. spicecrop

    spicecropHace 22 días

    Ryan seems like the nicest douche bag in New York. "I sell at all price points" (with a genuine smile). I'm sure you do Ryan. I'm sure you do.

  20. StoneysWorkshop

    StoneysWorkshopHace 23 días

    I was wondering what that building is thanks for answering it

  21. Nick O

    Nick OHace 24 días

    58 million dollars????!!!?!?!!!? Holy shit

  22. That Gamer1337

    That Gamer1337Hace 26 días

    Imagine standing at the top, and you see a plane coming at you

  23. Wade Mu

    Wade MuHace 22 días

    not funny man

  24. Aashutosh Gandhi

    Aashutosh GandhiHace 26 días


  25. Mohamed Hedi Ammar

    Mohamed Hedi AmmarHace 27 días

    I'll Do it sure

  26. Hugo Karlsson

    Hugo KarlssonHace un mes

    Why do you have a Swedish man talking in one of your songs??? I am Swedish and I jumped!

  27. TriangleBob

    TriangleBobHace un mes

    So I made the playlist of your videos and vlogs but then I found a playlist of all your vlogs and then I clicked it I FOUND A HOLE NEW PLAYLIST

  28. Robert Modig

    Robert ModigHace un mes

    Fun with the swedish song mate

  29. Duborah Oya Bakr

    Duborah Oya BakrHace un mes

    Yo what's the Maintenance Fee? LOL

  30. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher JohnsonHace un mes

    & Then at Haftime You along with the musical Entertainment,Giant Drone Ride with Amazing Camera footage!!!! The ideas are endless. Casey is Now In Los Angeles!!!! LOL/LOL! Good Luck, Sir! Tremendous Opportunity in Front of You! CJ

  31. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher JohnsonHace un mes

    Hey Look Everybody, There HE IS!!! Maybe they could have you’re Boosted Board Waiting for You!!!! LOL!!! CJ

  32. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher JohnsonHace un mes

    Now that your in LA, How about Tandem Jump with An Army Ranger into Rams Game? Coupled with U-Tube I think that would be pretty Badddass!! CJ

  33. Michael Johnston

    Michael JohnstonHace un mes

    If I had 58 mill I would be using to take kids fishing. 58 mill would be so much better spent investing in the kids in the big brothers and sisters programs. The reward for helping kids would be so much greater.

  34. Kevin Sahlström

    Kevin SahlströmHace un mes

    a swedish song at 4:48. respect bro

  35. Jedikeri

    JedikeriHace un mes

    If I had that kind of cash...I'd go to the mountains. Decent sized house, some acreage. I'd be set. Living in a city the size of NYC. It's for the birds...

  36. Juris Blumfelds

    Juris BlumfeldsHace 23 días

    Jedikeri That would be a mega mansion, like a hotel, lol.

  37. Captain Nemo

    Captain NemoHace un mes

    Have your grandmaster buy it for you...

  38. FBI Agent

    FBI AgentHace un mes

    This guy looks like he wants to tear down an orphanage for a condo

  39. Renato S

    Renato SHace un mes

    6:40 better boobs kkkkkk

  40. Yourbrainon YOUTUBE

    Yourbrainon YOUTUBEHace un mes

    I'm with Casey, I wouldn't want to live way up there. All those people under you. If one person starts a fire and it spreads you are DEAD

  41. Emma Moschetti

    Emma MoschettiHace un mes

    Are you letting poor people move in? If so I would be a great candidate.


    YOYO YOOOHace un mes

    People dying because they dont have fresh water, the polution of the ocean and in generel is steadily increasing, we are loosing our planet but hey lets buy a 60mil appartment.

  43. Matt

    MattHace un mes

    that Ryan guy reminds me of Harvey Specter somehow.

  44. Fordawinman

    FordawinmanHace un mes

    Imagine if you forgot your phone in your car...

  45. heehehe hohohohaaahah

    heehehe hohohohaaahahHace un mes

    Im Rich look at me

  46. Andrej Colja

    Andrej ColjaHace un mes

    Love the smooth edits keep it up!!

  47. borderlord

    borderlordHace un mes

    Brownstone for a 10th of that anyday....or a 1930' s Art Deco built co OP style.

  48. Thellbro

    ThellbroHace un mes

    There’s a two unit apartment at 834 5th, and it’s also $58 mil. Just next to Central Park Zoo, it’s amazing!!!

  49. [plutoisnotaplanet]

    [plutoisnotaplanet]Hace un mes

    FUCK NO.

  50. DROZZY

    DROZZYHace un mes

    4:44 eyyyy swedish

  51. Raul Tanasuca

    Raul TanasucaHace un mes

    Christian Gray's home 😂😂😂

  52. Johnny test

    Johnny testHace un mes

    It’s okay if they fall, they have a helmet

  53. Shaco BA

    Shaco BAHace un mes

    senın ben yamuk ağzını sikeyım 11 m abonesı var bide şaka gibi :D

  54. Gourish Rane

    Gourish RaneHace un mes


  55. nasha latvija

    nasha latvijaHace un mes

    Usually guys in suit buy such an expensive apartment this time a guy with a skateboard (👍Casey)

  56. Alexander Borisenko

    Alexander BorisenkoHace un mes

    Money from the air. I do not think that it is healthy to live like that. More than that - it is silly. You know why is it soooo high? Cause they bought a tiiiiny piece of land close to the Central Park and to make more money per square feet they are climbing that high. It is not because: oh I am going to live at the top of NYC, among the clouds like a god. Come on guys.... it is shitty marketing and someones sick mind

  57. TickleMyBallsack

    TickleMyBallsackHace un mes

    For that money i can build 9 of the same building back home.

  58. Nick d

    Nick dHace un mes

    get david ramsey opinion lol

  59. Bill Smith

    Bill SmithHace un mes

    Kinda surprising the top floor is made of 2 x 4s. I bet the floor below is like $250,000 because you'd hear the guy up-stair's TV. Hell, you'd need a $10,000 broom to pound on the floor above and swing at the birds and bats that got in because some idiot left his windows open. I'm not gonna tell my date that " I almost live on the top, but I couldn't afford it." . Even a beginner, beginner, beginner pilot could find it. Nope, I'm stayin right here.

  60. Lollo Marito

    Lollo MaritoHace un mes


  61. Erkan torres

    Erkan torresHace un mes

    Very expensive for new york I prefer from bosphorus istanbul city more clean 😉🤨

  62. Glennster

    GlennsterHace un mes

    them workers have got some balls to work at that height"!

  63. SV Werder Bremen

    SV Werder BremenHace un mes

    I thought Casey will buy it 😂

  64. Ironman Tony Stark

    Ironman Tony StarkHace un mes

    Follow your heart brother!